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Found 8 results

  1. There's an "energy" downtown (especially along Main) that feels unique to our diverse, minimally zoned city. With the rail, Downtown Living Initiative, and popular eateries daring to set-up shop and stay open past business hours, the city's core is starting to feel less "business park" and more of an authentic place to experience urban life.
  2. The numbers are in.. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/2016/04/06/144320/houston-metro-ridership-numbers-for-2016-ncaa-final-four-are-in/
  3. HAIF transit enthusiasts, I bring to you this morning the most awesome thing ever! I give you the TRAVIC - Transit Visualization Client! http://tracker.geops.ch/ You can pretty much go to most cities and countries and just watch the movement of transit in a very slick visualization format. If it sees very slow thats because its actually working on realtime. The best way to really visualize it though is to speed it up x15 or x30. What is jarring is when you compare a city like New York, London, Paris, etc.... with transit in Houston and just how different and quite frankly dead it is. Whats even cooler is that its not just a fancy visual. You can click on any of the moving dots and it will show you the stops on the line itself and where it is heading.
  4. Anyone else going to the Cypress meeting? Just wondering who else is going. I know a few have already expressed interest. Location: Cypress April 23, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Tin Hall 14800 Tin Hall Road Cypress, TX 77429
  5. Morning everyone! So I thought it would be fun to challenge the community a bit. As a community that discusses so much about architecture/infrastructure it really seems a bit odd that I don't see a lot of forum submitted proposals or ideas for Houston, but not just some description of it or a post from a news source, but actual drawings or planning of these ideas. I know it's in there somewhere lol Everyone is very passionate about this city with an enormous amounts of opinions on how Houston should function going forward. I would really like to see this in action, and tap into that! Whether you are an architect, designer, engineer, student of some kind, or work in another field everyone has a voice that can shape Houstons future reality. This should be a fun exercise. The only thing you can not do is simply describe it in words! You need to provide visuals. I want to see maps, route plans, potential stations, maybe the actual trains themselves and what they look like, ideas for a train station?, the name of the system? lol. It can be very simple looking to very professional, it doesn't matter to me....your ideas are what matter. The scope can be large or huge. It could include everything from all lightrail to a combo of lightrail and commuter. Maybe someone has an idea for a subway. Monorail? lol Maybe its all that new people mover system they are going to build in Tel Aviv! Maybe you not only have ideas for Houston, but Texas in general. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You also don't have to do a bunch of work and then post it all at once. In fact I would encourage that you just post drawings/sketches or plans as you go. Now for critique. No bashing of others ideas! If you don't have a sound critique in mind (that means finding at least one small thing you like even if you hate everything about it lol) then don't say anything at all. Make critiques constructive. I want this to be sort of a think tank for all ideas associated with the future of mass transit in houston. I really hope I'm not asking to much from everyone here >.> I think stuff like this would be fun for the community to do. If this one works out I would like to create other design challenges. Good luck everyone
  6. Hello all! I've been working on creating a map of the Abandoned Railroads of Texas. I'm attaching the files so y'all can check it out. You do it by opening the file in Google Earth. If you already have GE installed you should be able to open it by double clicking. Anyways I used Google Earth's historic imaging, Historic Aerials, and a few old maps. I should state that in its current stage the map is far from finished although I'm quickly running out of known railroads to map. If you know of a railroad I've missed please let me know! Also I would love to get some feedback on the maps. They're currently separated by County and if a line passed through multiple counties then the line exists in multiple county folders. As well the Colors currently mean nothing other than separating the lines for ease of editing. Some railroads are drawn in black, those are currently still in use, and are there for reference. Please let me know what you think! Message to the mods: I keep getting the error Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file Could a mod kindly attach the file as I'd rather not upload it to a 3rd party site? It is a .kmz Edit: I have uploaded the file to my server. You can download it here.
  7. Press release from Metro: METRO BOARD APPROVES BALLOT LANGUAGE ELECTION CALLED FOR NOVEMBER 6TH METRO’s Board voted and approved a proposition today regarding the future of the General Mobility Program (GMP) which will be placed on the ballot on November 6, 2012. In an 8-1 vote, the board of directors voted to put forth a new proposal which would continue the GMP in its current form, allocating a quarter of its one-cent sales tax to its 16 member jurisdictions. However, allocations will be fixed (capped ) at the 2014 levels and any growth in revenues beyond the quarter of the sales tax will be split 50-50 between METRO and the other jurisdictions from October 2014 through December 2025. This allocation change is targeted to result in an additional $400 million for METRO. "This proposal will focus on two things; increased ridership and fiscal responsibility,” said METRO Chairman Gilbert Garcia.” The transit agency will be able to enhance our bus service and reduce short-term debt on the balance sheet. Throughout public discussions and meetings, I have always tried to find some type of compromise between the parties who wanted to continue GMP as it is, or end the program. This measure works toward that goal." The incremental growth portion allocated to METRO will be used for the following purposes: · Increase bus service hours and the purchase of up to 200 buses; · Construction of up to 1,000 additional bus shelters; · Commercial paper debt payments up to $200 million; · Operation and maintenance costs associated with additional service, bus shelters, Park and Ride facilities, bus transit centers and bus operating facilities. The proposition also calls for another election to be held prior to December 31, 2025 regarding METRO's continuing support of the General Mobility Program. For more about METRO’s 2012 General Mobility Program (GMP) Referendum web page, click here.
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