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Found 12 results

  1. OK did the search on various phrases etc - came up empty handed. Grew up just up 45 from the drag strip Houston International Speedway, remember the commercial's? "Saturday !!, Saturday!! at Houston International Speedway!!!!" Being so close we had a lot of motor heads in the neighbor hood and school that would go there and race there. 72 thru about 75 I hooked up with Chris Gary and Joe Krupar and a fellow named Leonard Little - he actually held couple records from 60's with The Red Baron Falcon in AHA. We had a 71 Maverick with a long rod 289 we raced. Also there was Ted Austin and his brothers with 64 falcon delivery wagon the Whiskey Wagon along with several other guys from school and neighbor hood. We never got any pics of the Maverick (Red Baron IV) running there. If by chance there is someone out there that may have a pic of either the Red Baron or the Whiskey wagon would like to get a copy. Thanks in advance Pic below is me driving AHRA Winternationals 1973 Green Valley Raceway - Hurst/Smithfield Texas
  2. http://terraserver.microsoft.com/image.asp...ALat=29.6251737 hey there guys, my name is scott and i was looking for info on meyers speedway..... i was looking for south main and this is what i got for you guys, i hope this helps scott harvick2win@yahoo.com
  3. I tried to search past topics and thought for sure these were covered so unless I am mistaken so can someone please fill in the blanks? 1. Were the Coliseum & Music Hall built as one or rather in unison to compliment each other? 2. Built what year/years? and demolished? 3. Is there any documentation that could indicate which performers played there? I know for sure I went to Ringling Bros/Barnum circus at the Coliseum around 1966 as a child. It seemed like Disneyland, only inside. First Rock Concert 1976 saw Boston w/Styx and too many after that to name. Glad I saved my ticket stubs. My mom told me she saw Frank Sinatra twice when the Music Hall was quite new. Frank's bobby-soxer era so it must have been way back.
  4. I couldn't find any information about it. Here is the picture and caption from that monorail site: http://www.monorails.org/webpix/1956.jpg Now my question is what was "Arrowhead Park"? Was this an amusement park? I couldn't find it on a map of Houston from the mid-1950s.
  5. I remember going to Playland Park in Houston in the 1950s as a kid,fond memories!. My step-dad operated the motor boats,my brother and I would operate all of the lock levers to let boats out and in,that wouldn't have happened these days!. Please share your memories. We lived on the old Chocolate Bayou Road,and now I've heard it is "Cullen Blvd." We were close to Pearland,8 miles south of Holmes Rd.,near the Brazoria/Harris county line. What is out there now??. I remember there were cemeteries around us and not much else!. Thanks, Ron Hoover Denver Co.
  6. Hi, I'm Chris with KTRK-TV, working on a historic photo spread of racing in Houston. Does anyone know where the "South Houston Race Track" was. I found one location called "South Main Speedway", next to "Wells Air Field" off south main, on an old map. I also found an oval, near La Concha, by the Astrodome, on google earth. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Chris
  7. I don't think so, but I'm not positive. I always thought that the track came after the park was built. Maybe Sparky can comment. There was a dirt track off Stella Link between Bray's Bayou and Bellaire Blvd back in the late 20's - mid 30's, referred to as Bellaire Speedway, I think.
  8. While not an amusement park, does anybody remember the ball stadium where Fingers Furniture is now? I can't remember what it was called but do remember going there a lot as a kid. Dennis
  9. http://www.morrisarchitects.com/ (Go to what, then planning then Master Planning.) Does anyone know anything else about this?
  10. In 2003 a company was announcing that theyw ere building a track out 288 for NASCAR. It was supposed to open in 2005. That year has come and still no car track. Near Alvin it would have features all kinds of events including NASCAR. NASCAR didn't want anything to do with it for so reason. So the track has never gotten built. Anyone know if they are planning to go one with the track or are building a new on?
  11. Anyone remember the old Mason's boat racing course that later became a horse racing track off Highway 90 (South Main Street) in Missouri City? It might have been Houston Cattle Company prior to that? https://historicalcommission.fortbendcountytx.gov/Oral-Histories/Al-Renfrow-Jr-Shirley-Ruth-Borden-Renfrow-Interview.pdf RENFROW, S: My grandfather, Roland Mason, had come here as a teenager with his brother, on a ship by themselves from Kidderminster, England. They settled in Texas. He liked animals including cattle, and in time, he developed the Houston Cattle Company, which was a slaughterhouse on Highway 90. It was located in the place where Tang City Mall was recently located. He lived there and my maternal grandmother lived in Houston. She had a long-term illness. He lived out there most of the time. We were in The Heights during the war. My mom and dad had a grocery store and gas station at the corner of Yale and 19th Street. At some point, my grandfather wanted my dad to come work for him. That's when we moved from The Heights to Missouri City. I was in the 5th grade at the time; 1947. From another online article. https://communityimpact.com/austin/news/2013/11/04/tang-city-plaza/ The property, which is at 1000 Hwy. 90, looked a lot different in the early 1930s. In 1932, a boat racing course was constructed by Missouri City townsman Roland Mason, featuring a 500-person grandstand and an artesian well—a kind of pressurized natural water system—that filled the course. According to "Fort Bend County, Texas: A Pictorial History" by Sharon Wallingford, Mason's boat racing course was successful in the bustling oil town of Missouri City until the Freeport Hurricane of 1932 destroyed the course. In the following years, Mason built a two-story clubhouse on the property and held horse racing at the old track. In 1985, the property became home to a 120,000-square-foot shopping center, featuring Asian shops and markets, but it closed after a few years of operation, Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen said. "It was to be the new China Town," he said. "[Tang City Plaza] had some beautiful Chinese shops and a great restaurant, but that was prior to Beltway 8 being built and was just ahead of its time. It just never made it and eventually was vacated, and the place went downhill in a hurry."
  12. Anyone heard of Epsom Downs from Houston or Texas's history? If so, where was this place? Was it just horse racing or what?
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