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Found 9 results

  1. According to The New York Times (Oct. 22, 2006), a new 20 foot-tall, 37-foot wide sculpture "constructed out of fiberglass, pulverized marble and lime cement" is to be installed on Nov. 12. The artist. Michael Somoroff. describes it as "a sculptural translation of light as it moves across the chapel." (Pictures of Illumination I can be seen on the artist's website.) If I'm understanding this correctly, it will be installed inside of the chapel. Wonder how they'll shoehorn it in there?
  2. Figured I'd go ahead and start a new official thread on this. Coming Spring 2014 Midtown Superblock Park http://innerlooped.com/1653/midtown-superblock-first-look/ It's going to have underground parking too! There is a link to the full document on InnerLooped. • Includes a balance of program items that support the overall goals of the Midtown District • Includes over 140 underground parking spaces that support park activities, nearby retail destination and the Main Street rail line • Includes over 7,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space Renderings and info as of 5/2015:
  3. Is the new midtown park fully open? The chain link fence is gone, people are using it, but one of the gates to the dog run is padlocked. (There's two gates but only one is padlocked)
  4. Weird that a project of this scale hasn't made going up, but with it being near Greenspoint I'm not surprised. This is well into construction and actually is supposed to be finished August 16th. In 2016 Houston was selected to host the BMX World Championships, but we didn't have a facility to host, so instead we built one, of course! Really neat project outside the loop. Because of its size and importance I thought it was "going up" material. If you are a BMX or skateboarder this will definitely be your thing. This is located on Greens Bayou. Really awesome project. Developer: Greater Greenspoint Redevelopment Authority Architect: Endrestudio + Office of James Burnett Budget: $26,000,000 Estimated Completion: August 16, 2019 From HBJ: https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/07/10/new-20-acre-bike-park-in-north-houston-sets.html Images from article:
  5. The construction sign says it's a $5.7 million project. That's quite expensive for a pedestrian bridge, and the pier/tower is very large. Only one tower is under construction, there appears to be no activity on the other side of the bayou.
  6. What can we do to improve our parks system? What parks would you say could use renovations, and how would you like for them to be renovated? Where do you see the potential or need for new parks? i think improving our parks system, paired with a green roof initiative could really change a lot of peoples perceptions about Houston from being a dirty polluted oil dominated city, to an environmentally friendly, beautiful green city. Here are a few stats for why I think we could stand to work on our parks system. "In seven of the nation's largest cities, nine out of 10 residents live within a one-half mile walk to a park, according to the report. The seven are New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Washington, D.C." only 45% of Houstons residents (or half the percentage of the 7 cities listed above) live within walking distance of a park.. thats over 1.2 million people who cannot walk to a park in this city. (the average of the 40 largest cities in the US was 68%.. the highest was San Francisco at a whopping 98% of its population) Houston spends $40 per resident on its parks system a year. less than half of the national average ($82). compared to the highest spender (Washington D.C.), who spends $397 a year per resident on its parks, we spend almost 10 times less on our parks. We didnt even make the top 10 in any of these "snapshots", covering baseball/softball fields, basketball courts, swimming pools, skate parks, rec centers/senior centers, and dog parks. http://www.tpl.org/sites/default/files/cloud.tpl.org/pubs/ccpe-cityparkfacts-2012.pdf
  7. Hi all, To anyone who is interested you are invited to attend the first official meeting of the JOE CAMPOS TORRES ACTION GROUP tomorrow (2/22/2012 @11:00 a.m.) at 2509 Navigation Blvd. to explain the objective of having a Harris County Historical Commission Marker placed in Moody Park, to commemorate and to keep alive the lesson of the May 7, 1978 INSURRECTION in the park, plus an update on the historical marker dedication on March 22, for EL BARRIO DEL ALACRAN. {Facebook page}
  8. Subjects Queen Park Shadow Meadows Lanes - Bowling Alley The Grocery Store By Queen Park The Burger King in the Queen Park and Shadow Meadow Lane Area I remember my grandfather (my mother's stepfather) taking me to Queen Park, the grocery by the Queen Park, Shadow Meadows Lanes, and the Burger King in the same area. I believe these were located in the Pearland or Pasadena Area. Does anyone remember these places?
  9. Does anyone have or able to provide access to photographs of old amusement parks in Texas? I love amusement parks and roller coasters and travel each year to visit parks. This past July, I travelled to Germany for two weeks to do such and do other sightseeing, as well. Within Houston, I know there were AstroWorld (of course) Playland Park (near the old AstroWorld site, though I don't know exactly where) Hanna Barbera Land (became Splashtown in Spring) Oak Park (near the intersection of Washington and Houston Avenue) Peppermint Park (apparently there were several, with one near the old Gulfgate Mall) KiddieLand (where Kroger is now at Kirby and S. Main) Electric Park (I think this was at what is now White Oak Park off Houston Avenue, just north of I-10. This was one of the trolley parks that opened at the turn of the 20th century. I remember reading that the park would not hire union labor and that, supposedly, some union members set of dynamite on trolleys in retaliation. I can find the article on the internet again if anyone would like to read about it. Information about this park has been extremely difficult to come by.) Elsewhere in Texas there was: A park purportedly in Corpus Christi Electric Park in Galveston Some other park in Galveston Exposition Park in San Antonio Lake Worth Park in San Antonio Lake Side Park in Wichita Falls Playland Park in San Antonio (their old wooden rollercoaster called "The Rocket" was moved an opened at Knoebel's Amusement Park in 1985) Pleasure Pier in Port Arthur This last latter is referenced (but not in detail) at http://defunctparks..../TX/indexTX.htm I would also love to find photos or video of Ponchartrain Beach in New Orleans (which I visited in 1982) and the not-so-well-known Lincoln Park in New Orleans which was built to cater to the black community during segregation. I know some people have commented on such in other posts, but many date back several years. If you have footage of your own on, say, 8mm, I may be willing to help pay for the conversion. If any of you have questions, about these or other parks, I'll be delighted to answer to the best of my ability. And, in case you don't know, Landry's is turning the pier that the old Flagship Inn was on into the "Galveston Pleasure Pier" with amusement rides and restaurant(s). That is tentatively expected to open in May, 2012, and there is lots of local news coverage and articles on it. Thanks! Alex
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