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  1. Does anyone know what is planned for the large tract at the former site of Houston Community College on Richmond at Dunlavy? Who is the developer?
  2. I went to the zoo yesterday with a friend and we went by and saw the animals. I felt bad for them because you know our zoo is really shameful looking if you compare it to San Antonio's zoo. (as well as the people who work the food kiosk have no idea where any of the animals are located!) So anyway we walked around and we came upon the Zebras. Well they looked like typical grass eating zebras. There is one that stands out VERY well. His name is "Adam" a zookeeper told us. Zookeeper also told us that he was hand raised and someone thought they could use it as a pet and train it as a horse but it started biting (They must have watched, "Racing Stripes" a bit too much!) so it was donated to the zoo. My friend and I were just totally loving and playing with this Zebra from our safe distance of course! First he comes up to the pen as close as possible! (I couldn't believe that) He came when called if he moved away from the pen for a while. If we asked the Zebra to smile, he'd grin his upper lips. (As much as a Zebra) could smile! But this gets better. After the smiling he took his rubber food bucket he plays with. He dragged it from the back of the pen and started rubbing it against the fence, and trying to throw the thing over the fence and playing with it. Then Adam came to the front of the pen with his food container, and he tried to show it to us. He was pressing it against the fence. (Like here you have it) So after a long day my friend told the Zebra..."bye, we have to go...byeeee.." and we started walking. The Zebra was following us alongside. We decided to run by and the Zebra ran side the pen... When we ran not only running but he was bucking and kicking playfully. He was so enjoying our company. When my friend and I left...we noticed other people trying to get him to run too. btw, to identify the Zebra if you go to see him he has a small dot on the side of his face hear his cheek bone. (or if you want to see him ask the zookeeper for "Adam") he's really one of the most unusual semi-wild Zebras I have ever seen. I asked the zookeper, "did you know the Zebra fetches?" and she only said, "I have seen him playful but I have never seen him this happy!" THEN I call for a cab to go home and this cab (if you are interested I have his card I can give you in whisper) was THE COOLEST cab I have ever been in! (if you need it) The guy had a awesome stero system with bass and 2 TVs in the back with a DVD playing in it. (Probably had more I didn't ask about) Well wanted to tell ya about this awesome Zebra if you wanted to check him out for yourself!
  3. FYI, I took the family to Hermann Park Saturday morning. What a gem this park is!! The renovations to the reflection pool and McGovern Lake are fantastic. There have also been a lot of reforestation projects undertaken that will pay dividends in a few years. We should be proud of Hermann. . . it's a great urban park. Do yourself a favor and spend a couple of hours there soon. It is a good stress reliever. . .
  4. A 'feasability study' has been submitted to the FAA for a 370' ft building at 1500-1598 Calumet St. https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=407159141&row=2
  5. Noticed a plan review fee for this vacant lot. Any ideas on what's forthcoming?
  6. 85-unit affordable housing complex to sit behind Hanover Hermann Park https://www.houstontx.gov/council/committees/housing/20190917/housingdept.pdf
  7. I found this proposal while skimming LoopNet a while ago. Supposedly, someone wants to build a small medical office building with retail & a garage at that location with the aim of opening by early 2013. The brochure hints at a Phase Two that would be an "event center, bar/lounge" that would have retail. http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w208/houtosme/ParcBinzOne.jpg http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w208/houtosme/ParcBinzOneA.jpg Links ----- LoopNet Listing Promotional Brochure
  8. What happened to the historic Texas Revolution battles exhibit that used to be upstairs at the Museum of Natural Science? When I was a kid, they were my favorite things there, but when I moved back here in '97, they were gone. Anyone know where they are now?
  9. I was searching Ebay or old TMC stuff and came across a rare? matchbook for Kaplan's Delicatessen Restaurant located at 5225 Almeda Road. How did this place compare to the original in the Texas Medical Center on South Main? (Wait, Kaphan’s Restaurant At 7900 South Main is run by a different owner?) Did anyone ever eat here?
  10. I was browsing the newspaper Jewish Herald-Voice dated April 24, 1941 and came across a sports field (for baseball and football) that was located "off South Main." The field was named Lobbuck Field. I figured this was HISD's Butler Stadium located at 13755 South Main Street. The Butler Stadium wasn't built until the mid 1960s so I closed that thought. I kept reading the articles about this sports field and I guess it's apart of Hermann Park? All of the news clippings have different dates. Ranging from 1943 to 1949. The old Settegast Field is also mentioned. I'm not too sure about that one. I haven't looked into it. Does anyone know what that's about? Where was it located and who is it named after? Activities for Labor Day, with the matches to take place at Hermann Park. At 11 a.m. the softball tourney will take place at Lubbock Field. A box lunch will be held from 12 till 1:30 at Hermann Park. The softball finals and bowling finals will take pale that afternoon at their respective locations. The ping-pong tourney will be held at the T.M.C.A. From 4:30 until 6 that evening.
  11. got an email from the Montrose Management District-- Breaking News: the Texas Transportation Commission received their recommended list of projects from staff and voted to approve the Montrose Management District’s application for funding to re-light the bridges over US Hwy 59 at their meeting Thursday morning. This project will replace the non-functioning original light strands with a state-of-the-art LED lighting system that not only will bring back the illumination that has been missing from the US 59 corridor for almost ten years, but will also create a safer environment both below the bridge decking and also for vehicular & pedestrian traffic on the bridges. The linkage provided by the Montrose bridge cannot be understated. Montrose is the only north/south connector west of the Central Business District that connects traffic from the heavily traveled I-10 to the Medical Center. The bridges not only provide a vital mobility link to communities on both sides, but also are a source of pride for the entire region due to their iconic nature. then I googled this: http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/west_university/news/m-grant-awarded-for-lighting-of-bridges-over-hwy/article_b4584127-5b33-5eb0-ad79-dd1d1239f519.html
  12. I was reading The Thresher dated December 6, 1929 and came across an unusual golf course. Lilliput Golf Course. Course at Entrance of Herman Park across from Sam Houston statue. Also called the Lilliput Miniature Golf Course. Looks like it was owned by W.B.N. Miniature Golf Courses, Incorporated. Photograph:
  13. I was browsing The Thresher dated October 24, 1930 and came across a business listing for Dixie Golf Course located at 6105 South Main Blvd. "Just across the street from the South Gate." Was this apart of the Hermann Park Golf Course? Very cool find! Was South Main really a boulevard back in the 1930s or was this a typo? I believe the TMC area was actually called Uptown as well.
  14. Hermann Hospital - built in 1925, maybe 9 stories, looking at the picture. The other bldg. was named Autry House (built in 1921), built as a socializing house for Rice students, was 3 stories, was on what is now Fannin St. , says was next to the streetcar stop. Thnx again AIA - Architectural Guide, S. Fox. The Rice Administration Bldg. (1912) is now referred to as Lovett Hall. Also mentions a smokestack for the powerplant , dating to 1912. Looks like it is located to the right of the entrance gates, far back.
  15. https://houston.eater.com/2018/9/20/17883368/dantons-seafood-montrose-relocating-mockingbird-bistro Do we know of anything "cooking" at this site? I could easily see a mid/high rise going in at this site.
  16. While browsing old copies of Rice's The Thresher magazine I noticed an add for Minit Man Car wash with two locations. 5001 S. Main, and 6900 Harrisburg. The add is dated February 24, 1961. Was this the place to be back in the day? Did anyone on HAIF go here? Looks like it's located near Museo Plaza where Mission Constructor's staging area is.
  17. I was reading back issues of University of Houston's The EXtra magazine which was dated June 16, 1948. I came across this local business listing for a cocktail lounge called Congo Jungle Cocktail Lounge which was located at 5704 Almeda Rd. LY-9235. Looks like a year later in 1949 the lounge was renamed to Abe and Johnny Jamil's Congo Jungle Cocktail Lounge. I thought Abe Jamail owned another club in Southwest Houston. Was it in Midtown on South Main or on Buffalo Speedway? Does anyone remember this place? Any memories or stories? June 16, 1948. October 19, 1949. Here's some history from Fieldtripper: http://www.fieldtripper.com/c/6NDyb1a79qM/the-congo-jungle Located at 5704 Almeda Road, the Congo Jungle was one of Houston’s hot nightspots between 1946 and 1962. It featured live music every night and a jungle motif complete with palm trees and waitresses outfitted in leopard print dresses. Abe Jamail, Texas’s most highly decorated World War II veteran, owned and operated the club along with his brother, John.
  18. New multi-family planned for a site bounded by La Branch, Blodgett and Crawford St. SubdivisionPlatPDF_PDF Chelsea at Museum Diistrict Plat_12-08-14.pdf
  19. Now that South Main and The Citadel are nearing completion, Allen Harrison will soon move forward with their next project which is planned for the Museum District. https://www.museumparkna.org/event-3361584
  20. i went by the menil and rothko chapel yesterday and the broken obelisk in the reflecting pool in front of rothko is gone. anybody know what's up?
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