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Found 22 results

  1. A lot of rumors about the Montrose HPD (900 block Westheimer) storefront closing, not surprising since HPD Chief Acevedo wasn’t a fan of store front idea. But a neighbor mentioned a developer had bought the entire strip ( Guess Theo’s Will be moving also.)center and a few adjacent lots north on Grant and on Crockett street including a beautifully restored 1920’s home. All for multi use multi-storied building ——included will be the Freed library’s move from Montrose Blvd. Apparently the developer did something charming around 6 th street and Yale in the Heights. Now I wonder if this developer will underwrite the HPD storefront in that development or if someone else will offer rent free space inside Montrose for the storefront to move into. Montrose Collective: https://www.888westheimer.com/
  2. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/La-Colombe-d-Or-to-take-luxury-to-new-heights-9191635.php Site:
  3. Montrose, near the intersection of Dunlavy and Westheimer is getting a small boutique hotel. This was on the April 25th agenda asking for a variance request. From the renders it looks like it will be 9 rooms. Its nice that the area is getting stuff like this. I don't know of any other hotels except for the AirBnB hotel concept that is near Agora. Anyone else know of more info? Images Below: Apparently this is being held up due to some strange situations in city ordinances that dictate that a hotel that is under a particular threshold of units can't be built in a high percentage of residential. The variance is to argue the case that its near a major transit corridor and commercial corridor and that the normal methods which enforce this particular restriction doesn't have merit because of the specifics of the site. Interesting situation, but I hope this goes through. Nice Fine grain type development.
  4. According to The New York Times (Oct. 22, 2006), a new 20 foot-tall, 37-foot wide sculpture "constructed out of fiberglass, pulverized marble and lime cement" is to be installed on Nov. 12. The artist. Michael Somoroff. describes it as "a sculptural translation of light as it moves across the chapel." (Pictures of Illumination I can be seen on the artist's website.) If I'm understanding this correctly, it will be installed inside of the chapel. Wonder how they'll shoehorn it in there?
  5. Did any HAIF members go to Montrose Elementary, located at 4001 Stanford, where the High School for the Preforming and Visual Arts is now? I did, from 1957 to 1963. The teachers I had, in descending order from sixth grade to kindergarten, were Mrs. Hudson, Miss Shuttle(s)worth, Mrs. Martines, Miss Shapley, Miss Millard, Mrs. de Ybarrondo, and Mrs. Lucky, as well as 2 music teachers: Mrs. Fogel and Miss Womack. All were, as I remember, quite good teachers. Others whom I didn't have but whom I remember were Mrs. Roper, Mrs. Menier, Mrs. Blackwell, Ms. Luna, and Mr. Schmidt. This latter, one of just a few male teachers, always organized the musical and dramatic programs and did so with much professionalism. Ah, and I just remembered a long-term sub we had once, named Mrs. Giles, who read us Kipling's Rikki Tikki Tavi. Every spring we would have a May Fete, for which we practiced assiduously, and which was (of course) performed outside, we children dancing, in choreographed formation, to music that was probably of Mr. Schmidt's choosing. The school's architecture and layout closely resembled that of Lantrip Elementary, still standing at 100 Telephone road: Spanish-mission style architecture, with arches, open-air corridors, and interior courtyards that had flowers, bushes, and the like. Not infrequently, I wonder about fellow Montrose alumni, and what they remember about the school.
  6. Spec's is coming to Montrose!! Montrose and Westheimer next to Half Price Books in the shopping center on the corner to be exact. The space has stood empty for a while. Recently I walked past the unoccupied location and noticed a wall of coolers had been installed, my first thought was grocery store, but today on my way home, a sign company had plastered a paper layout on the wall so that they could install the electrical part of a new sign, I drove by slowly and barely made out the name of the infamous Rabbit's home!! Spec's Liquor Warehouse. Let's get our drinks on Montrose!
  7. El Tiempo cantina at 1308 Montrose to close to give way for new MF building: http://blog.chron.com/foodchronicles/2014/10/el-tiempo-1308-cantina-may-soon-close/
  8. I noticed a few public notice signs at the apartments at Washington and Waugh announcing an application to redevelop. Anyone have any idea what's up with that?
  9. The Chinese Consulate also serves as Passport and Visa Office of China. HFD responds to report of fire in courtyard: Houston Chronicle
  10. Finally, someone is reusing this building. This entire corner of Westheimer and Mulberry has been dead for some time. This is that building with the famous multi-colored art wall with the dripping paint that every girl has to take an instagram photo in front of haha. The main tenant looks to be a niche thrift store called "Out of the Closet". Apparently there will also be offices for a Pharmacy and some kind of Healthcare foundation. Biscuit is on the wall, so are they involved? Is this there project? @CrockpotandGravel Anyway you would be able to fix this mess of uses? haha A lot seems to be going on here. Here are some images:
  11. Etro Lounge is leaving Montrose for Downtown in August. With the success of Anvil coupled with the parking situation on California St, will be interesting to see what happens to the old space. https://www.facebook.com/168343289321/posts/10156405183734322/
  12. I've come to term this building the "Merry-go-round" of uses building. This was originally home to a small business called "Flower Vault" which was a weird concept of fancy art walls were people can go and take pics of themselves or products? It catered to the instagram scene. Was there for maybe a year. Now that is out the window. Then about a month ago I saw Flower Vault disappeared. It had a sign for a fancy upscale barbershop, which would have been cool since Cutloose Hair is down the street (one place for girls and another for guys), but last week the temporary sign got pulled even after they painted over the Flower Vault letters. This week in the "Merry-go-round" of uses building is Joshua Caleb Art. I don't know if this is permanent or again if its going to be a popup retail space. If you don't know who Joshua Caleb is, he used to be a linebacker for the Houston Texans. I'm probably going to go to the opening event which is on August 16th and see what this is all about. This is also, apparently, in tandem with the Boys & Girls Club.
  13. They've been reconstructing all of Yupon St. from Westheimer to W. Alabama for a about a month now. The entire street got improved storm and drains. The reconstruction is a bit odd with this one though. Some areas are getting new sidewalks and drives while others aren't. Its not a complete redo like they did with First Montrose Commons. Its your basic concrete curbs with sloped asphalt. Glad this is being done regardless as the streets on this part of Montrose are plain terrible. Do we know if this is happening throughout the neighborhood? Pics below:
  14. More new construction ongoing at Richmond and Yoakum, just down the street from the Alexan, Fairmont, and Richmond Landing: http://thehansenpartners.com/properties/4306-yoakum-boulevard/ 4306 YOAKUM BOULEVARD Houston, Texas 77006 Office Property Size: 82,000 sq. ft. Built: To deliver January 2014 Floors: 6
  15. Someone sent this info to me. Www.swamplot.com/tag/topic-Montrose
  16. Article today on a development in east Montrose from the Montrose management district http://montrosedistrict.org/new-redevelopment-project-planned-for-east-montrose/
  17. East Montrose Civic Association will host its 10th biennial Home Tour and Art Walk on Saturday, April 25, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Situated in the shadow of downtown Houston, East Montrose was platted in the early 1900's - back in the days when Houston's population numbered fewer than 300,000, and when a railroad ran down what is now Fairview. During the 1960s Montrose became a center for counterculture and hippie communes. Today a diverse mix of people and architecture, this pedestrian-friendly area was recently named one of the ten great neighborhoods in America. The tour will highlight a wide variety of architectural styles featuring six homes originally built between the late 1890s to the early 1900s. Tour goers can get a glimpse of how the architecture has been transformed over the years, with the results of unique and diverse renovations that are characteristic of this distinctive, eclectic neighborhood. Seven restaurants - including Max’s Wine Dive, Midtown Bar & Grill, ElevenXI, Gratifi Kitchen, El Tiempo Cantina, Soren Pedersen, and the new Akamaru Sushi Bar will offer delectable tastings to guests. Also visit the working studios of eight local artists, all within comfortable strolling distance. You'll be invited in to the space where artists get their inspiration, and you'll see where and how their crafts come to life. Featured artists include Joan Son & Keiko Kinsey, Veronique & Luc Schlumberger, Gloria & Richard Stamper Photography, and Tim Corbett. Historic music landmark Anderson Fair, 2007 Grant at Welch, will show photography by Cindy Hsin Shung. East Montrose is in the 77006 Zip Code and lies within the boundaries of Montrose, West Gray, Genesee, and Fairview. Drive or bicycle over, and look for the Home Tour signs. Advance tickets cost $15 at www.eastmontrose.org. Day-of-Tour tickets are $20 and available at any tour home. The Art Walk is free.
  18. http://swamplot.com/now-its-2-mattress-stores-moving-in-right-next-to-each-other-at-the-corner-of-westheimer-and-montrose/2015-03-24/ Run! Run for your very lives! It's the invasion of the Mattress Stores! Hide the children and hide the wife (or husband....it's an equal world now right ) Let the rest of Houston know where ground zero is of this mattress domination. What did we do to deserve such a fate? ...ok maybe that was little too dramatic, but seriously this is getting ridiculous. Almost becoming a parody!
  19. 2013 East Montrose *foodie* Home Tour and Art Walk will take place on Saturday, April 13, 10am-4pm. Organized by the East Montrose Civic Association, tour goers will get a glimpse of the unique and diverse architecture in this distinctive, eclectic neighborhood. For a special treat and a further taste of Montrose, local boutique restaurants (including Sorrel Urban Bistro, Bocados, CuChara, Gratifi, & ElevenXI) will provide savory, gourmet tastings in homes on the tour. On the Art Studio Walking Tour, local artists will open their studio doors for tour goers to enjoy some local art up close. With pedestrian-friendly streets, diverse architecture, open space (Peggy Shiffick Park), art studios, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops, it is an enjoyable place to spend an hour, the afternoon, or the day. Seven eclectic homes. Seven Artist studios. One day only. Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door. For details please visit: www.EastMontrose.org
  20. What's up with the building at 1740 Westheimer? I remember when it was built maybe 5 years ago, and it has sat empty every since then. Is there any reason for this? It's right on Westheimer in the middle of Montrose on a block that probably gets the most foot traffic of all of Houston aside from Downtown. I don't see why retail couldn't be successful there. If the owner's rental price is too high, then don't you think he would have figured that out in 5 years? Does anybody know why it's still empty?
  21. This is a topic to discuss the development on the Montrose Fiesta property from the Montrose H-E-B topic (). From Swamplot: http://swamplot.com/the-montrose-fiesta-is-over-here-comes-lancaster-square/2011-12-05/
  22. anyone know what is going up on the east side of montrose, just north of W. Gray and south of W. Dallas? I know there are condos going up, but really nearby someone is building something else.
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