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  1. Hello, It's been a long time since I posted on HAIF, but i have what might seem like a silly question, so i apologize in advance. I was involved in a discussion with a lady about Main Street and if the entire stretch of Main, all the way until where it becomes a freeway, all the way past the beltway is all the same (MAIN). Her claim was that the Main st in Stafford is a different Main that runs through the downtown core of Houston, even though it is technically the same roadway. My question is: Is it still Main St south past 610? Because I noticed that once you cross BW8 heading south into Missouri city, the signs just say US90 for a few miles, then once you enter Stafford (such as @ 1092/Murphy rd), it splits and the signs say N. MAIN on one side and then S. MAIN on the other. So my ultimate question Is this all the same Main? ( main st stafford and same one that main st downtown?) Because its weird that people refer to it as just 90 along the freeway stretch like it's not still Main, then in Stafford, it picks back up and becomes "Main" again until you pass Murphy road. Just need some clarity. Thanks
  2. And yet another Amazon Fulfillment Center. This one in Missouri City, and 1 Million Square Feet. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/12/07/amazon-to-open-fulfillment-center-missouri-city.html
  3. Has anybody been to the new brewery in Missouri City, TX called Texas Leaguer Brewing Company located at 13503 Pike Rd? I noticed this in the store this weekend. https://txleaguer.com/
  4. NewQuest Readies Plans For Mo. City Shopping Center Houston developer NewQuest Properties is planning to build a new shopping center near State Highway 6 and the Fort Bend Parkway in Missouri City. Called Fort Bend Town Center, the project would be built in two phases. Phase one includes about 40 acres at the southwest corner of Highway 6 and the parkway. This phase is planned as a 160,000- square-foot retail center with a grocery store as an anchor. Phase 2, at the southeast corner of the intersection, would be about 400,000 square feet. The rest of the story can be found here.
  5. 7-Acre site in on West Fuqua is about to change. Formerly the shopping center with the Kroger as the anchor tenant. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/19273515/7100-7213-West-Fuqua-Missouri-City-TX/ Project includes a 126-unit affordable workforce housing community, 400-seat Larry V. Green Main Stage Theatre, 33,000 Sq. Ft. of retail development space, and a pre-kindergarten program. More information about Edison Lofts can be found on this agenda packet https://www.houstontx.gov/council/committees/housing/20190917/agendapacket.pdf Renderings and more info forthcoming.
  6. The Women's Hospital of Texas is leasing a space in this shopping center.
  7. http://swamplot.com/garbage-playground-dev...05-12/#comments Video with renderings here: http://vimeo.com/4384401 Does anyone know more about this?
  8. I have heard so many stories about the Robinson House in Quail Valley. There are some really wild stories out there about this house. I don't know what is true and what is fiction. One thing I do know, it is a beautiful Mid-Century Mod. Does anyone out there have a Robinson House story?
  9. Here are some links to a very interesting house that started it's life in 1916 in downtown Houston and was moved south to the Brazos river area in the 30s. http://lifeonthebrazosriver.com/ScanlanHouse.htm https://mylifebehindbars.net/2017/02/02/the-scanlan-mansion/ Here some lucky kids got to explore it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc4O32eiT5Q Coordinates are approximately 29° 28'44.35"N 95° 28'58.64" The story doesn't have a happy ending. This lovely historic home was recently demolished to make room for more Sienna Plantation homes. So sad.
  10. What is the deal with this place? I was browsing some MLS listings and came across some very large (ugly 70's era) luxury homes for prices that looked too good to be true. I started checking around on the internet and it looks like the verdict is still out on this place, as to whether or not it's in decline. However, statistically I can't figure out why such large homes are so cheap. Is anyone familiar with the area and willing to shed some light on this? What's the catch? Is there radiation or are late 70's modern homes really that ugly?
  11. Theres's a new facility in Mo City behind what was once called Tang City Mall. The new building is behind the trees off of Cravens Rd and 90A. There is what looks like a maintenance shop with a high fence to the south west of what could be a banquet hall or wedding venue, although the parking is limited. Any ideas before I head over to the Ft Bend Tax office website?
  12. I am a student majoring in urban planning /minor in public admin, and in one of my classes we had a discussion about the history of Stafford. As you are all aware it is a unique municipality, with its own school system and a large sales/commercial tax base in contrast with its small population that allows it to provide public amenities with zero property taxes and a low sales tax. I have always been semi-familiar with the area, my mom grew up in the Fondren Park subdivision off Airport Dr. and technically in Missouri City and visiting family involved driving through or making a run to the grocery store, etc. Anyways, perusing google earth I noticed for the first time a place marked as "Fifth Street, TX", which apparently is unincorporated Fort Bend County and Stafford's ETJ. It begins right across the road from the Stafford schools/city hall complex and goes until the subdivisions off Cartwright in Mo. City. The community has a fairly low median household income of 29k, and per capita income of 9k. It is 90% Hispanic or Latino. Basically a low income enclave. What's its history? How did it not get annexed by either Mo. City or Stafford and why were so many trailer parks built in the area? I'm curious if anyone here has any knowledge of local history?
  13. http://www.fbherald.com/health/article_c0dac28a-47ef-11e3-9733-0019bb2963f4.html
  14. http://www.fortbendstar.com/110707/n_Homeo...20lose%20it.htm The house is at 3033 Hampton Drive Missouri City. As I understand it, it was built in 1957 and is incredible. I'd love to see pictures. Actually, I work not too far from there so maybe I'll go over and check it out, though the article makes me want to stay away. Thanks to Fernando Brave and Stephen Fox for bringing this to Houston Mod's attention. Jason Link to William Cody mini-bio: http://www.psmodcom.com/Architects%20Pages/WilliamCody.html
  15. I grew up right outside Mo. City, went to FBISD schools, parents still live out there, etc....I've watched former pastures become neighborhoods so I'm pretty qualified to speak on the area I returned home last week and decided to cruise down Highway 6 to see what's out there now and compiled a list of overrated neighborhoods I would never boter to spend money in SIENNA PLANTATION -------------------------- If I'm not going to build an estate on some acerage in this old cotton field it's not worth it....hardly any access into the neighborhood and the sections that contain tract housing aren't any different from what I saw in Teal Run. The same homes in Teal Run go for $130K but jump to $180K in Sienna....I went to an area in the back (Deer Landing?) and every home looks the same and I got lost.....you hardly get any square footage for the house...very overrated.. RIVERSTONE -------------------- Not impressed.....why pay damn near a million bucks for a house where you have no space and everything? The new section in the back will contain spanish style patio homes that will cost nearly $500K...highway robbery...I followed a FBISD bus into the area and it doesn't even go into the gated neighborhoods....some kind of bang for your buck TEAL RUN ------------ Didn't like it when they developed in the 80s, don't like like it now...Cookie cutter homes and hardly any access out the neighborhood...looks like the neighborhood I grew up in except the houses are overpriced....and what was so funny I saw the same streets I grew up near ready to be extended into the area.....might as well stay in the old neighborhood WINNFIELD LAKES -------------------- Located behind Teal Run..the developer is laughing all the way to the bank as they built alot of "row houses" with one car garages that remind me of a housing project.....that area will pretty much flip over and turn for the worst in a few years as your caught between a rock and a hard place...the only "lake" I saw is a detention pond with a pump and they've pushed the development all the way to "old" Fresno so your neighbor in a year will be someone in an unincorporated area with no kind of regards to your neighborhood... QUAIL VALLEY/MEADOWCREEK ------------------------------------- That area sure has changed isn't it? Lastly...I've never seen so many homes up for sale or lease in my life..I know the real estate bust has hurt but most of these homes are already in the hands of mom and pop real estate agents whose sole job is to move people in for the almighty dollar
  16. Starting Monday, August 22, Missouri City residents will have another option to get to the Texas Medical Center, or downtown Houston, onboard a METRO Park & Ride bus. The new service – an extension of the existing route 170 - will operate from a temporary site located at the Kroger parking lot on State Highway 6 at Knight Road. WHERE: 10250 State Highway 6 at Knight Road “This is especially good news to the hundreds of TMC employees who live in Missouri City and are looking for a stress-free commute that is also easy on the wallet,” said METRO President & CEO George Greanias. “Our partners in this – Missouri City, Fort Bend County, the TMC, NewQuest and Kroger – champion our mission of providing better service to the community, and the new lot is an example of how we’re taking steps to improve mobility.” Route 170 now has three stops on its schedule, with the first bus rolling out at 5:06 a.m. from the new location on State Highway 6 at Knight Road, on to the existing Park & Ride lot at Fondren and Beltway 8, and the final destination, the Texas Medical Center, with an easy connection to the Red Line.
  17. I went to first grade at a school called Jefferson when I lived in stafford in about 1963. But I cannot find the school now. Anyone know where it is?
  18. Anyone here lives in riverstone ? It appears riverstone is a very large community and the schools are zoned 'all-over'. Are they going to have more elementary/middle/high schools coming-up (if so, when ?) inside the community ? Also, is their any tax difference between the Missouri city portion of Riverstone and Sugarland portion of Riverstone ? Any potential 'annexing' issues ? (honestly, I don't know what they mean when people use that word in this context). How about the commute from Riverstone to Downtown ? It seems theres a 6 miles drive thru Hwy 6 before getting to 59 ? Someone mentioned earlier about a 'sewage facility' next to Riverstone. Is such a thing really exist and isa concern ? Any past flooding issues in that area ?
  19. I moved to Sugar Land when it was Sugarland, but way after segregation. I was told that the old part of town with numbered streets were the white houses and the part of town with lettered streets were for black residents. With this in mind I recall the old M.R. Wood School on Avenue F, which I thought had a very nice design. It apparently has now either been torn down or rebuild beyond recognition. I realize that it probably needed to be enlarged, but I'm sad that another of our old buildings have been lost. Question #1: Where is the former "Sugar Land High School"? From 1950 to 1953, Ken Hall rushed for 11,232 yards for Sugar Land High School. Where is that school today? Question#2: Are there any older existing schools in the area? It seems they all have been torn down. I know both Sugar Land and Mo City each have an old auditorium, but I think that's about it. Of these 3 cities, Stafford is the oldest established town, yet, I have never seen an old school that serviced it. Question#3: Do either Mo City or Stafford have areas which were once segregated and where are they located? Question #4: Does anyone know the history of the large house facing South Main (90A) near Present Street? Question #5: Does anyone have a photo of the old M.R. Wood School they could post? Any information or memories you'd like to share would be awesome. Thanks.
  20. Recently, I saw a new antenna in the Missouri City Antenna Farm and it is on the easternmost part of the farm. I wonder if there is a new antenna up and running.
  21. Anyone have an idea on what they are, who owns them, etc.?
  22. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/fortbend/news/5756506.html Sienna Plantation town center proposed In other business Monday, the council approved a finance plan for a tax increment reinvestment zone aimed at jump-starting a $306 million "lifestyle center" development near Texas 6 and Sienna Parkway. Sienna Plantation Lifestyle District is promising a town center development with shops, restaurants, condos, offices and entertainment venues on land that is now mostly undeveloped. Hawes estimated the city will take in an additional $76 million in sales-tax revenue when the town center development is complete. The Sienna TIRZ is a good deal for taxpayers, said Mayor Allen Owen. "They're a great way for us to build the city. The taxpayers don't pay a dime. That's the beauty of it."
  23. I heard that there is a street in Quail Valley that really decorates for Christmas and the week prior to Christmas they have a Santa Claus for all the neighborhood kids to come take pictures with. I met a family that brings their kids here every year instead of the mall for Santa pics. However, I never found out where this street is. Can anyone direct me to this street if you're familiar with what I'm describing? Thanks!
  24. Quail Valley in Missouri City is one of the areas first master planned golf communities. Back in the 70's and 80's it was supposedly home to many famous Houston sports stars. Do anyone known if any famous stars still live there. I know ex-quarterback Warren Moon's old estate is just outside of Quail Valley in Lake Olympia.
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