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  1. Drewery Place, Phase I: Phase II (now known as Laneways Midtown) : https://skyrisecities.com/database/projects/district
  2. https://www.virtualbx.com/construction-preview/houston-housing-authority-partners-with-california-developer-on-two-multifamily-projects/
  3. This thread was originally created April 2016. I'm reposting this because this post and other content from me are no longer available on the forum. The original thread is archived here: page 1, page 2. 2403 Caroline Street in Midtown, Houston.
  4. Anyone know what's going on at the corner of Baldwin & Pierce, right across from Komodo? There's an existing building with a "for lease" sign in front, I believe it's offices. 1916 Baldwin St, currently owned by SMBHC LLC: http://hcad.org/reco...���^&bld=1&tab= I'm wondering what's going on with the empty tracts around that structure. For awhile the valets at Cyclone's were using them for parking but now the lots are all torn up, some trenching from the north corner of the lot south east to Baldwin (sidewalk is gone, actually, almost fell in the trench one night walking my dogs before they had fencing up). 1910 Baldwin (SMBHC LLC): http://hcad.org/reco...���^&bld=1&tab= 1914 Baldwin (SMBHC LLC): http://hcad.org/reco...���^&bld=1&tab= 211 Pierce (SMBHC LLC): http://hcad.org/reco...��^&bld=1&tab=2 The empty tracts all have hearings coming up next month. Just wondering if anyone knows what the plans are for these lots. SMBology (looks like an IT firm) is the only tenant I can find for 1916 Baldwin. Justin Singer is the founder and president, he's also listed as the director for SMBHC LLC so he owns all the land. http://www.smbology.com/About%20Us/Leadership%20Team
  5. I saw this out the bus window when leaving Wheeler Station. Does anybody know anything about it?
  6. For years I have been wondering if Sears will ever do something with this eyesore located in midtown. It has so much potential, I guess at one point it was actually considered a beautiful building. Sears really needs to think about bringing it back to its original form. Something needs to be done. I would prefer to preserve the building, instead of razing it . What do you all think? Article found in the Chronicle today. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/life/main/5924010.html ''It's hideous!" fumes my friend V., warming up to one of his favorite rants: the unbearable ugliness of the Sears on Main Street. "It's right there on the light-rail line! At the entrance to the Museum District! At one of the few places where Houston can look good to visitors!" V., I have to admit, has a point. Sears' tan metal siding, blotched with graffiti cover-up, gives the building's upper floors the beaten-down air of an aging ministorage unit. But even that beats the urban battle fortifications at ground level. Someone, it appears, worked hard to make the department store defensible, able to repel invading hordes of shoppers intoxicated by Vanessa Hudgens' back-to-school ads. At the Wheeler side of the building, two sets of glass double doors, blacked out and locked during business hours, present an ominous face to the street. Opaque gray film makes the official entrance's glass doors, facing Main, only a little less scary. Bricks fill almost all the former display windows; burglar bars and more of that gray film cover the plate glass that survived. Only the most intrepid seekers of Kenmore appliances would dare breach such a bulwark. What's the deal, V. wonders. Does Sears think that the urban shoppers that store serves deserve less than, say, the suburbanites at the Memorial City Mall? And for that matter, hasn't someone at Sears noticed that Midtown has gentrified around the store? Isn't there a retail audience yearning to be better served? "Don't just return," exhorts the Hudgens back-to-school ad for Sears. "Arrive." V. would like that Sears to do just that. ...
  7. signs up around the Triumph Hospital along Albany, Drew, Helena, and Dennis
  8. The NHP Foundation received a $1.5M annual allocation of 9% credits from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs to construct 149 units of permanent affordable housing in Houston’s Midtown neighborhood. Additionally, the city of Houston Department of Housing and Community Development has allocated $15M through its Harvey Multifamily Program. The project is also being considered for funding by the Harris County Community Services Department. Magnificat Houses Inc. is providing the land and is NHPF's partner in the development. The property, located at 3300 Caroline St., will contain 149 rental units, recreational amenities and space for the supportive services. In addition, 20% of 3300 Caroline's units will be set aside for formerly homeless people who have gone through transitional housing programs such as Magnificat's and are willing to become the equivalent of college resident advisers.
  9. Anyone know what's going in on McGowen and Travis where the noodle shop used to be? The sign says The Roof.... is that whole corner going to be one huge club? That's a prime location if the Camden SuperBlock gets developed.
  10. https://app.crowdstreet.com/properties/haven-elgin/?preview=true Likely somewhere in Midtown along Elgin St.
  11. Project Midtown Building Address 3310 Travis Street Houston, TX 77006 Architect HALFF Owner Travis Partners Capital, LLC. Information This project is a new 6-story midrise building (approx. 23,200 sf) that will be connected to an existing 2 story building on the NW corner of Travis and Francis streets in Midtown. Levels 1-5 consists of office space while level 6 has Kitchen/Bar/Lounge (enclosed) with an outdoor terrace.
  12. I can't find the thread that had renderings and site plan, but the developers are seeking setback and visibility triangle variances. It will go before the Planning Commission on Thursday, 5/28. The location is the Southwest corner of Austin/Webster intersection where Midtown Bail Bonds used to operate.
  13. http://swamplot.com/a-substandard-structure-to-become-sterling-house-bar-in-midtown/2013-08-26/ VIA SWAMPLOT WOW This wobbly 108-year-old house in Midtown, remodeled in 1999, might be fixed up one more time and converted into a bar. Or it might be demolished to make room for something new, says the reader who sends this photo and word of a recently secured TABC license for the so-called Sterling House here at 3015 Bagby St., just 1 block north of Elgin. The 1905 2,850-sq.-ft. house, sitting on a 4,918-sq.-ft. lot at the corner of Bagby and Rosalie, changed hands back in 2009, but it appears to have been waiting around for something to happen since then.
  14. Just saw on their FB page. I wonder why. I hadn't really been since I moved out of midtown 2 years ago but assumed it was still pretty popular. Oh well. https://www.facebook.com/celticgardens/?fref=ts
  15. Anyone know what's going on with this property? Was there Ike damage, or just a total makeover? Used to be 702 Patio Bar. *answered my own question - it's been closed for renovation since July '08.
  16. https://www.oxberrygroup.com/projects/ https://shopcompanies.com/properties/crossing-midtown
  17. (Posts moved from Louisiana and Elgin thread) dbigtex56 Well, I don't see anything at all....but here are a couple of pics of the site, I think. Here is a small project we've talked about across the street, but I couldn't find the thread.
  18. There was an article in the Chronicle today outlining some new developments in the Midtown area that sound incredible... Houston Chronicle In short: 1. Big white mansion at Elgin @ Austin will be renovated ($3 million cost) into a new upscale restaurant, lounge, and event center 2. Old Boy Scouts of America building at Bagby and Victor: Work on the Boy Scouts building will begin in February. The $20 million project will include Moor's Restaurant and Tapas Lounge, serving mainly Moroccan and Spanish cuisine and be leased and operated by Hicham Naffaa and Ali Bendella, owners of Coco's Crepes, Cava American Bistro and Cielo Mexican Bistro. The building, scheduled to open in October, will also have banquet space and Chopra's offices. 3. Parking garage w/ retail: Across the street, Chopra owns land on which he plans to build a seven-story public garage with street-level retail. (NOTE: I believe this is the lot at Bagby and Victor across the street from Christian's Tailgate) Here's a Google view of the areas being talked about: Old Mansion Boy Scout building and new garage w/ retail across street
  19. The TSHA article on Prince’s Hamburgers mentioned this company, Weber’s Root Beer Stand, located at 4509 South Main St. One of the paragraphs below: Prince established a small hamburger stand on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas in 1929. He ran the stand by himself and took orders, cooked food, and could be considered one of the first carhops in Dallas. Within a year, Prince looked for greater opportunity, and on a visit to Houston in 1934, he decided that city was the best location for his business. Enthralled with the business activity on Houston’s Main Street, Prince moved from Dallas to Houston and in 1935 opened his first-drive in an old Weber’s Root Beer stand at 4509 South Main. The contract said that the Weber name should remain for six months. After that time the “Prince’s Famous Hamburgers” name was launched in March 1936. Does anyone have any more information about the original Weber’s Root Beer stand at 4509 South Main? Pictures or postcards? Any memories or stories to tell?
  20. I was looking at the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated May 13, 1959 and came across an usual location for the Alley Theater. Back in 1959 the Alley Theatre was located at 709 Berry St. in Midtown. Now playing thru May 30 on stage Tennessee Williams Orpheus Descending directed by Nine Yance. There also used to be a Alley Theater Academy which is very cool to see.
  21. Found this ad in the January 4, 1984 issue of The Southwest Citizen. I didn't even know Christie's Restaurant had a location at 3512 South Main St. Here's the other locations that I know of. I wonder if there are any store numbers? I see the 9200 was the latest addition in January 1984. The ad says "Since 1917". I wonder their original location? Christie's Restaurant At 5911 Bellaire Blvd. Christie's Restaurant At 3512 South Main St. Christie's Restaurant At 6703 South Main St. Christie's Restaurant At 9200 South Main St. Christie's Restaurant At 6029 Westheimer Rd.
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