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  1. Metro unveiled their Preliminary Long Term Vision for Projects through 2040 on Thursday July, 2018 at the MetroNext Board Workshop. Perliminary Long Term Vision (discussed at the 17:30 mark) - Pretty much a pipe dream and estimated to Cost $35 Billion - 100 miles of Light Rail (to both IAH and Hobby, Inner Katy Line to High Speed Rail Station at Northwest Mall) - 90 Miles of BRT Forward Plan A (discussed at the 1:03:00 mark) is the more optimistic plan with the Metro receiving higher funding levels - 12 miles of Light Rail (Red & Purple Extensions t
  2. I was looking through Metro's website for updates on MetroNext, and found this powerpoint from a meeting that apparently happened about a week ago. According to the presentation, the whole project is already funded through the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Transportation Improvement Program (and as I understand it, the root of much of that money is TXDOT), and the first public meeting is happening by the end of February. We've already seen preliminary designs for the two middle stations, and the whole thing seems pretty straightforward. It's the only major project from MetroNext that's
  3. https://www.ridemetro.org/Pages/TC-FanninSouth.aspx Notice of Variance Request spotted today.
  4. EXCLUSIVE REPORTS From the January 28, 2005 print edition First effort calls for mixed-use project over transit center Jennifer Dawson Houston Business Journal The Metropolitan Transit Authority's first venture into stimulating real estate development along light rail is geared toward putting a mixed-use project on an existing transit center. Todd Mason's initial mission as a recently appointed Metro vice president is to identify private developers who might be interested in constructing a high-rise project for possible retail, restaurant, condo or medical office tenants over the TMC Transit C
  5. Tory Gattis has a couple of posts on his blog about shortsighted political opposition to the University rail line allignment. http://houstonstrategies.blogspot.com/ Christof Spieler, who has a great blog about transportation, has some great comments, along with some good maps to make his point. http://www.ctchouston.org/blogs/christof/2006/02/09/23/ There are apparently some people hoping to derail the University Line before it even gets started. I'm posting their blogs here since there are 1500 members on this forum, and some thoughtful voices on mass transit. I also think they like the pub
  6. The goal of this thread is collect and house everyone's recommendations, tweaks, alternations, alternatives, etc... that they would like to see to Metro Next. The current draft which was exhibited this past summer is below: http://ridemetro.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=5&clip_id=1651 Metro's call for further input on the draft prior to an upcoming referendum in 2019: https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/2018/11/23/312741/metro-moves-to-the-next-phase-in-developing-a-regional-transit-plan/ Whether planned or in
  7. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/car-centric-texas-cities-reap-economic-boon-light-rail/
  8. METRO is increasing the number of spaces at the Grand Parkway P&R starting next Monday Oct. 26th. Capacity to radically increase again by next fall with a 1,650 space garage. http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/TXMETRO/bulletins/1205601
  9. The numbers are in.. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/2016/04/06/144320/houston-metro-ridership-numbers-for-2016-ncaa-final-four-are-in/
  10. The draft plan has been released for public input! http://transitsystemreimagining.com/
  11. http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/TXMETRO/bulletins/1076f8d I'm sort of surprised that the lanes will be open inbound only on the weekends. I remember when the old Katy Freeway HOV was open outbound on Saturdays and inbound on Sundays.
  12. This will show you what buses to take on the existing system and on the System Reimagining system (starting August 16th). http://ebtwebservices.cloudapp.net/D/External/ServiceChangeTripPlanner
  13. This came in the e-mail this morning. -------------------- METRO RIDERSHIP CONTINUES TO RISE AGENCY POSTS SIXTH STRAIGHT MONTH OF GROWTH More people are riding METRO buses and rail more often. METRO ridership is on the rise for a sixth consecutive month, recording a 5.2 percent increase to 6,357,131 boardings in January 2012 compared to 6,043,280 in January 2011. “Thanks to our focus on smart service and service changes to improve the system, we have been able to take advantage of the improving economy to deliver first-class transit to our community,” said METRO President & CEO Georg
  14. http://blog.chron.com/thehighwayman/2014/10/despite-complaints-houston-best-texas-city-for-transit-access/
  15. Got this press release from Metro the other day. Interesting. But I wonder what the numbers will look like when it's summer. More Riders Combining Bicycles and METROBuses for Their Transit Needs The number of people using bikes to extend their bus trips (or vice versa) increased more than 47 percent jumping from 12,111 bike bus boardings in January 2013 to 17,859 in January this year, That's according to METRO figures which do not account for bikes taken onto light-rail trains. At the METRO Downtown Transit Center you'll find a bustling bike-share station, and at bus stops and tra
  16. With all the drama around the university line and uptown line I would seriously think metro would try to allocate funds toward the Inner Katy line instead. I know it is part of future phase 3 projects but thats something that could go alot smoother then the others. To me, that would be a less difficult project to undertake because of location. Think about the route the line would take : It would connect at the downtown line, move north along Houston Ave and turn west at the railroad where amtrak is on. Metro could construct a line alone side the already existing freight rail that runs para
  17. I went to the rodeo three times in the last seven days on the rail and noticed it's running very frequently in the late evenings, seems like every 2-3 minutes. Even then it's not enough for the demand but it's nice to see Metro made adjustments. It's been interesting to talk to people riding it, many for the first time, many are saying this is cool but why don't we have more like other cities, why isn't it faster, etc. It's good to see that kind of talk from the people that live here because it will help us move forward.
  18. Just got this press release. East and Southeast Tracks Tested with Trains This giant diesel-powered tow truck can operate on tracks, or on pavement. It is used when electrical current is not available to power a train. METRORail’s new East End (Green) Line tracks have been undergoing tests performed while dragging a light-rail vehicle up and down the track with a diesel-powered-shuttle. The test covers 2.3 miles of the 3.3 mile tracks. Crews are also performing live wire testing. The Southeast Line is also expecting visits from the train and its crews beginning Wedne
  19. This press release arrived today: LET METRO REAL TIME T.R.I.P. APP EASE YOUR COMMUTETECHNOLOGY PUTS TRANSIT & ROUTE INFORMATION AT CUSTOMERS’ FINGERTIPS Pull out your smartphone and get ready to ride with METRO’s new T.R.I.P. (Transit Route Information & Planning) application! The new technology, bundled into one convenient download, retrieves METRO schedule information, predicts arrival time of buses, and helps you better plan trips aboard METRO’s entire transit system. The just unveiled features include: •Where Am I? Uses the GPS in your phone to pinpoint bus routes and rail lin
  20. http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Greanias-stepping-down-as-Metro-CEO-4119765.php Damn shame, he was really turning the agency around. I'd wager it has something to do with the recent GMP referendum. The wonderful pundits and analysts of the Chronicle's comments section said we need someone with "transportation experience" this next go round. Well, Shirley DeLibero and Frank Wilson had decades of transportation experience between them and we all know how that turned out. Let's see what comes of this.
  21. Press release from Metro: METRO BOARD APPROVES BALLOT LANGUAGE ELECTION CALLED FOR NOVEMBER 6TH METRO’s Board voted and approved a proposition today regarding the future of the General Mobility Program (GMP) which will be placed on the ballot on November 6, 2012. In an 8-1 vote, the board of directors voted to put forth a new proposal which would continue the GMP in its current form, allocating a quarter of its one-cent sales tax to its 16 member jurisdictions. However, allocations will be fixed (capped ) at the 2014 levels and any growth in revenues beyond the quarter of the sales tax
  22. METRO is happy to announce the arrival of its newest family member, Light Rail Vehicle #201 – a Siemens S70 that will join 18 others in carrying Houstonians via METRORail. This is the first new rail car for the system in nearly nine years. The vehicle arrived at METRO’s Rail Operations Center where it will be tested before being placed into service. The unit is a welcome addition to a very busy fleet which this year has surpassed 90 million boardings. This train, and the 18 others to follow, will allow METRORail to carry more passengers. Its low floor enables passengers to board at street lev
  23. I have been trying to access METRO's Metrosolutions site, but it seems like someone might have forgotten to renew it. Anyone has any info on it? Did someone screw up? Did they abandon it? Did Niche make them cry and leave?
  24. Over the past few months, I've noticed some construction at the Pierce Street entrance to the HOV, and further down along 45 south, but didn't think anything of it, but now I noticed there is some new booths and some covered signage as it is nearing completion. Anyone knows what's going on? I looked at METRO's website, but I haven't found anything.
  25. Got this e-mail today. The New METRO set the bar last year by placing its check register online, earning a top rating from the Texas State Comptroller and this year, the agency raised it. The Comptroller renewed the agency’s Gold Leadership Circle Award, scoring 18 of 20 possible points (compared to 13 of 15 in 2010) on the Comptroller’s improved rating criteria. “We know we’re making progress towards the openness and transparency that will make us a trusted community partner, but it still means a lot when someone outside the Authority recognizes that fact,” said METRO President & CEO Geo
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