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Found 14 results

  1. Huge project registered with TDLR. Glad to see this!
  2. METRO is increasing the number of spaces at the Grand Parkway P&R starting next Monday Oct. 26th. Capacity to radically increase again by next fall with a 1,650 space garage. http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/TXMETRO/bulletins/1205601
  3. Starting Monday, August 22, Missouri City residents will have another option to get to the Texas Medical Center, or downtown Houston, onboard a METRO Park & Ride bus. The new service – an extension of the existing route 170 - will operate from a temporary site located at the Kroger parking lot on State Highway 6 at Knight Road. WHERE: 10250 State Highway 6 at Knight Road “This is especially good news to the hundreds of TMC employees who live in Missouri City and are looking for a stress-free commute that is also easy on the wallet,” said METRO President & CEO George Greanias. “Our partners in this – Missouri City, Fort Bend County, the TMC, NewQuest and Kroger – champion our mission of providing better service to the community, and the new lot is an example of how we’re taking steps to improve mobility.” Route 170 now has three stops on its schedule, with the first bus rolling out at 5:06 a.m. from the new location on State Highway 6 at Knight Road, on to the existing Park & Ride lot at Fondren and Beltway 8, and the final destination, the Texas Medical Center, with an easy connection to the Red Line.
  4. ADDITIONAL PARKING WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE AT POPULAR METRO PARK & RIDE LOT METRO Park & Ride patrons will soon have more spaces to park at the South Point Park & Ride lot. This is welcome news for Texas Medical Center riders who use the 297 South Point / Monroe route. METRO’s Board of Directors approved the parking lot expansion project during last week’s board meeting. It calls for adding 150 new spots, and converting 240 temporary spaces, which were created in December 2008, to permanent spots. The construction also provides for improved infrastructure including upgrading drainage and lighting. “Reinvesting in our extensive bus system is one of our highest priorities and part of our effort to increase ridership and improve customer service,” said John Haley, vice president of infrastructure and service development at METRO. “Increasing customer parking spaces along with introducing 100 new buses into our fleet each year is a customer-friendly way to serve key destinations like the TMC.” The South Point Park & Ride currently offers 376 permanent parking spots. The build-out is expected to be completed in the spring, and will bring the total number of permanent parking spaces to 766.
  5. METRO SECURITY CAMERAS HELP CATCH PARK & RIDE VANDALS Two burglary suspects were arrested today, caught red-handed breaking into two vehicles at METRO’s Maxey Rd Park & Ride lot. An MPD officer monitoring the security cameras at the lot noticed the suspicious activity this morning and alerted MPD and HPD. An undercover HPD officer arrived at the scene as the two suspected vandals – one male, one female – were leaving one of the vehicles they attempted to hot wire. Investigators say the suspects broke into a red truck and a white truck by smashing a window in each vehicle. Police say nothing was taken from the vehicles as the two were reportedly trying to steal the trucks. According to investigators, the pair admitted to the break-ins and each is now facing two counts of burglary of a motor vehicle. Police believe they will be able to clear other Park & Ride vehicle burglary incidents, as well as cases in other jurisdictions with the arrest of these two suspects.
  6. METRO PARK & RIDE VANDAL CAUGHT BY K-9, SECURITY CAMERAS Security cameras at METRO’s Kingsland Park & Ride lot - with the help of a four-legged officer - led to the arrest of a 24-year old man, who is now facing burglary charges and a felony assault charge. Christopher Sean Burks (photo at left) was arrested Nov. 23 and charged with two counts of burglary of a motor vehicle, and interference with a police service animal, which is a felony. METRO police say one of their officers at TranStar spotted Burks on the security cameras walking through the lot, looking into the vehicles. Armed with a hand full of rocks, Burks smashed the window of one of the vehicles, and broke into another vehicle, according to investigators. MPD and Harris County Precinct 5 Constable units surrounded the area to search for Burks, who was seen fleeing the lot. METRO’s K-9 officer Vigo tracked the suspect, who was hiding along Mason Bayou. Investigators say Burks then attacked the dog, and after a brief struggle with both Vigo and its police handler, Officer John Wiggins, Burks was taken into custody and treated for dog bites. Police say Burks stole small items of little value and abandoned them at the lot before he fled. Investigators believe Burks may be responsible for two other vehicle break-ins at the same lot.
  7. PARK & RIDE SECURITY VIDEO HELPS METRO POLICE NAB VANDAL A 43-year old woman is behind bars, charged with burglary of a vehicle at METRO’s Eastex Park & Ride lot. The image to the left was captured Monday, Nov. 9 by METRO’s security cameras. It shows the suspect, Cynthia Lynn Brooks, entering the lot. The video helped METRO police track down Brooks, who confessed to having ransacked the patron’s silver Mitsubishi Galant. Brooks allegedly stole several items such as house keys, perfume, a phone charger, tennis shoes, a jacket, loose change and two purses – none of which has been recovered. MPD said the suspect has an extensive criminal history, and drug addiction. METRO police would like to remind customers to store their valuables such as wallets, purses, cell phones and electronic devices out of sight. Editor’s note: Attached are two security videos. The first shows the suspect entering the Eastex Park & Ride lot. The second, though difficult to see, shows someone inside the silver car (behind a white truck) where the victim’s vehicle was parked. 20091109-164340.mov 20091109-164920.mov
  9. In the afternoon, is the entrance ramp two-way? (vs. the West Road Park & Ride, which is only one-way exit in the afternoon) In other words, can I get on the HOV going westbound in the afternoon?
  10. This was posted in the Great Northwest folder, but since it also pertains to transportation, here is the link to METRO's announcement and schedule: http://www.ridemetro.org/217.pdf Starting Jan. 22, METRO will be using a parking lot on HP's former site near 290 and Skinner until their new parking garage is finished next door in the summer.
  11. METRO already has a Transit Center at Hillcroft and Westpark and will have another one at Westpark and S. Rice. There are also Park and Rides further down Westpark near Beltway 8 and Highway 6. If METRO is able to extend light rail beyond S. Rice at some point in the future (like after 2025), you want the current terminus of the line to be in a position to accommodate that. Outside of 610, the light rail line would probably serve more lower density areas than medium-to-high density areas. Therefore, the stations may be further apart and have more parking. METRO already has a ROW and existing transit facilities along Westpark, so it may be better than Richmond (or Westheimer) for any future extensions outside 610. Depending on how METRO designs the junction at Westpark and 610, trains may also eventually be able to go directly from Greenway Plaza to the Galleria (but bypass Afton Oaks) as well.
  12. We on the East side had the privledge of having no buses for several years. THen finally one day Metro decided they'd add an Express. We still have no ocal buses but we also do have a Park&Ride. There's slow develoment on the East side but the Park&Ride doesn't go far out. Although the Houston Metropolitan area on the East Side ends at Beltway 8 there's still need for longer routes. Metro takes Park&Ride buses out to every area in the suburbs of Houston.That or near them if they aren't in Harris County.There's one area within the Harris County area with no bus service at all.........Baytown. Baytown has alot of people whom commute to work. The 2 primary routes arew I-10 and SH225.If the were really thinking they'd put a Park&Ride at or adjacent to San Jacinto Mall. Nice place were you can stop,get sometthing to eat, use the restroom all as you go or come from work. That and there's plenty of on site parking weekdays. It could hop on I-10 and shoot Downtown or if the really wanted to stop at the Maxey Park&Ride. Baytown is suddenly growing and it's unbelieveable that they haven't had bus service for this long. That in twe need more bus routes on the Easzt side generally.
  13. "Slugging" is very common in Houston these days, epecially from the park and rides on I-10 (Kingsland, Addicks) and 290 (Northwest Station). METRO doesn't condone the practice, but they're not exactly trying to put a stop to it, either, because it essentially results in more capacity for their park and ride system. On any given afternoon, you'll see plenty of folks with signs reading "221" or "214" plying the streets of downtown Houston, looking for bodies that allow them to use the HOV lane. If you're commuting along 249, METRO's Seton Lake Park and Ride, located just south of the intersection of 249 and the Sam Houston Tollway, might be of use to you. Unfortunately, METRO has no park and ride facilities along 249 north of the tollway, even though there is almost certainly huge latent demand for P&R services along that corridor.
  14. http://www.khou.com/news/local/stories/kho....1fc767358.html Thieves park and pilfer at Park 'N Ride lot 08:51 AM CDT on Thursday, April 21, 2005 By Jeff McShan / 11 News More than a dozen angry commuters could be found among the shattered glass and broken car locks at a Park 'N Ride lot at the Addicks location on Old Katy Road in the far west side of Houston. As each bus pulled into the lot, more and more passengers, like Noelle Stewart, immediately reached for their cell phones. "I said whoever did this job over here, they was having party with the cars for a long time. There wasn't no police, no security, no nothing," says one victim. All of the victims were surprised by the lack of security. There are cameras and security tower, but no one was inside. ...........................
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