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  1. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/2014/11/tmc-outlines-potential-plans-for-new-research.html?ana=twt
  2. First recognized their land a few years ago. This is across the street from the new Blossom Hotel and also their Mid Campus Admin building. One day, MDACC will run out of room and build on this land. Looks like there are two or three businesses remaining. Might be waiting until they can grab the whole piece? My visit from earlier in the week:
  3. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Institutional Facilities Master Planning Services - MP2030/JSW https://www4.mdanderson.org/procurement/bids/index.cfm?pagename=viewBid&id=6398&name=Request for Qualification&historic=yes
  4. New security gate installation registered with TDLR. Anderson owns a vacant parcel next to this. We should see an expansion of the MSF building or a whole new project.
  5. Anyone have experience with the two leading cancer hospitals? They have been battling it out for years. My dad was seen at MD Anderson but went to Memorial Sloan Kettering for the surgery.
  6. https://www4.mdanderson.org/procurement/bids/index.cfm?pagename=viewBid&id=6738&name=Request%20for%20Qualification
  7. A couple years ago, the Towers Motor Hotel at 2130 W. Holcombe was demolished to make way for a Metrontario development called the Life Science Plaza. Metrontario's site gives this information: "This project is currently in the pre-construction phase, with over 100,000 square feet (9,300 square meters) already leased" Does anyone know if this is current, or if there is any newer information on this project? This is the sign on holcombe (pre-demolition, but it is still there)
  8. Link to article. Wow, not only am I getting a 1.1-million-square-foot teaching hospital within walking distance of my condo and a connection to N. Macgregor via Cambridge, but I'm also getting a 315,000-square-foot facility just down the street! I was hoping for more verticality, but I can live with it.
  9. From today's Memorial section of the Chronicle. http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/memorial/news/article/Corridor-to-develop-master-plan-5576265.php The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is planning a West Campus along Park Row to the east of the Addicks Park and Ride.
  10. Wonder why they are unloading this property? I guess they cannot buy the next door parcels. The lot is too small to develop into anything worth while. MD Anderson still owns a bunch of vacant land in the area. Dreyfus, Lyndon, Leehall, Bertner, Fannin, OST, etc. https://www.utsystem.edu/offices/real-estate/property/1113-st-agnes-street The Board of Regents of The University of Texas System has for sale the surface estate only in one lot, located in Houston, Harris County, Texas. The 5,000 square foot interior lot is located at 1113 St. Agnes Street, between Fannin Street and Bertner Avenue, south of Braeswood Boulevard.*
  11. Noticed a near $2 million renovation project for MDACC's Main Building at 1515 Holcombe Blvd.
  12. MD Anderson's at it again, via Preservation Houston: MD Anderson to demolish MacKie & Kamrath dental school MD Anderson Cancer Center has informed Texas Historical Commission of its plans to demolish the former University of Texas Dental Branch, 6516 MD Anderson Boulevard in the Texas Medical Center. MacKie & Kamrath were the architects for the original five-story building, completed in 1955, as well as later additions constructed through the 1980s. Neither Houston’s historic preservation ordinance nor the Texas Antiquities Code apply to the property because the building is not located in a historic district and is not a designated landmark. Preservation Houston is encouraging MD Anderson to document the building before it is demolished. The historic building has been vacant since the UT Dental Branch (now UT School of Dentistry) opened its new facility at 7500 Cambridge earlier this year. The dental school was founded as the Texas Dental College in 1905 and became part of the UT System in 1943.
  13. MD Anderson has property on Fannin across the street from their Proton Therapy Center. Might be waiting to build until they can gather all the parcels around the property? Will probably be developed in 10 years.
  14. I didn't see any other threads referring to this project nor could I find anything about it elsewhere... At any rate, I saw this sign earlier in the afternoon. I wasn't sure of the intersection (I think it's Braeswood @ Cecil, and there's a traffic light there) but it is just east of Fannin in the "new" south side of the TMC. Here's a photo of the sign w/ rendering. Pardon the quality, but it's fun to try shooting at a red light and at an odd angle nearly into the sun. Guessing 24-26 floors?
  15. Break Through Cancer launches collaborative model with MD Anderson, top U.S. research institutions in pursuit of cancer cures https://www.mdanderson.org/newsroom/break-through-cancer-launches-collaborative-model-with-md-anderson-top-us-research-institutions-pursuit-cancer-cures.h00-159458478.html
  16. I don't think I've seen this on the forum yet. Not very tall, but another example of how the TMC just keeps adding, and adding, and adding, and adding. TMC infill will be almost completely done in another few years, with zero surface parking lots. Groundbreaking was on Sept 15. They're doing the demolition of the courtyard right now, and should start digging the basement/foundation soon. Since my window overlooks the construction site, I might provide updates as it goes along ----------- Research Tower Facts: 8 stories 5 lab floors 170,000 sq. ft. 60 new faculty Approved: May 18, 2005 Ground Breaking: Sept. 15, 2005 Occupancy: June 2007 On May 18, 2005, the Baylor College of Medicine Board of Trustees approved the design of a new research building to be constructed on the south side of the main campus between the Jewish Building and Garage 6. The new building is named the Margaret M. Alkek Building for Biomedical Research in honor of generous support recently received from the Alkek Foundation in support of the Research Enterprise. The eight story building will contain five floors of flexible laboratory and office space designed to foster collaboration and interdisciplinary research. Exterior Design Includes features of both the Alkek and Cullen Buildings Glass and metal exterior that will resemble the curved side of the Alkek Building, tying together the two sides of the Campus Strong vertical elements that reflect the art deco style of the Cullen Building Glass vertical triangular elements and horizontal sun shades that lower sun glare High glass (13 feet) at window wall in lab to permit light penetration into interior spaces Lab/Office Design The Lab Floors will be at the top of building and will have a good view of the Medical Center Offices located on Jewish side Connecting stairwell on lab floors open to floor and glass enclosed Courtyard: Models:
  17. For weeks now, I've been wondering what they are doing at the corner of Moursund Street and MD Anderson Blvd ever since they completely fenced it off. I believe it was an old 60s/70s post office but so far all my results have been saying it was the University of Texas Mental Science building. Either way, the building was torn down and the entire lot has been bulldozed! It's a fairly large corner so I was thinking it may be another tower for the TMC. Anyone know what is going on at this corner?
  18. This is such a small space to own. They would have to buy the Extended Stay hotel next door in order to build anything.
  19. M.D. Anderson building satellite treatment facility April 19, 2007 & July 26, 2011 https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/M-D-Anderson-building-satellite-treatment-1593949.php
  20. UT MD Anderson has plans for a Cancer Center on Corder St near Grand Blvd SubdivisionPlatPDF_UT MD Anderson Cancer Center East Campus_53280_20180205.pdf
  21. This is a small project going on at M. D. Anderson in Med center and thought I'd get a few shots from my Ipad.
  22. MD Anderson Cancer Center - Visitor Parking Garage, 6900 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77030
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