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Found 11 results

  1. https://communityimpact.com/houston/the-woodlands/development/2023/05/02/proposed-spring-creek-dam-costs-reduced-to-179m/ "In the revised calculations, the height of the Birch Creek dam will reduced by 10 feet, the spillway will be reduced by 5 feet, and the inundation area will be reduced by almost 300 acres from original estimates. Walnut Creek's height will be reduced by 12 feet, the spillway by 6 feet, and the inundation area by 500 acres, he said. These changes will raise the BCR for Birch Creek from 0.45 to 2.03 and Walnut Creek from 0.29 to 1.88, according to Barrett. "By reducing the size of the dams, we saved costs there," Barrett said. "We also reduced the land we inundated, which means less land that we need to acquire." Barrett said the more difficult problem to solve will include working with developers currently building on dam sites. A proposed residential development is slated to build on 300 acres within the inundation area on Birch Creek. At Walnut Creek, a solar farm has already begun construction on 100 acres of panels in the inundation area."
  2. Yellow Rose is now distributed in 6-pack cans. Great tasting beer served fresh! Apparently they had a supply chain issue pre-Covid so the canning line has been in the works for years. The bottles came from Germany I was told. https://www.lonepint.com/the-core-brews
  3. Pier and Beam house in Magnolia, built early 1950s, the floor underneath kitchen completely rotted, kitchen gutted down to the dirt. Concrete foundation/crawl-space wall on three sides of the kitchen location. This crawl-space area under the kitchen has had very poor ventilation for the last 60 years. When it rains, water collects inside the concrete foundation walls. I am in need of a structural engineer who has experience in working with homes built in the early 1950s. Recommendations with moisture barrier installation; crawl-space ventilation; answering questions such as "what wood is rotted and what isn't?"; etc... I have gotten a quote on kitchen repairs, but I don't want to build something that's going to completely rot out in 10 years. Any advice on a good structural engineer with experience dealing with old pier and beam homes?
  4. From Cohen enewsletter Council approved the designation of District C’s Magnolia Cemetery as a historic landmark. Located at the intersection of Montrose Blvd and Allen Pkwy, Magnolia Cemetery was established in 1884 by members of First German Methodist Church of Houston (later known as Bering Memorial Methodist Church). The cemetery’s most well-known interments are Gus Wortham and his wife, Elizabeth Lyndall Finley, creators of the Wortham Foundation. This iconic institution supports cultural activities and the development of parks in the Houston area.
  5. There is another large acreage being cleared just south of Woodlands Pkwy on the east side FM 2978. Is this another apartment complex? There is already one under construction on the west side of 2978 just north of Woodlands Pkwy. That would be terrible for Ellisor Elementary. Three apartment complexes to hit it within one-two years and no new MISD schools under construction.
  6. Does anyone know what is going in on the 50 acre tract at FM 1488/Old Conroe? They recently cleared this tract as well as the other 20 acre tract just to the west of it on FM 1488 as well. They were both for sale by Cypressbrook. Thanks!
  7. From the state website http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/ Wedgewood Village, Northwest corner of FM1488 and Wedgewood Drive. 180 units.
  8. Something is not passing the sniff test here. Is a new sales tax being ramrodded behind closed doors? http://www.hcnonline...dvoters1023.txt ---------------------------------- <br clear="all"> By Christina Hayden Updated: 10.23.10 In the first two days of early voting, several residents believe they were wrongly turned away from casting a ballot on a proposed 2-cent sales tax that could be levied on businesses inside the Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District. Westwood resident Richard Straka said when he went to the polls, he was told he was not eligible. “I was going to vote against it,” he said. He said he was told he was ineligible to vote because he did not own a business in the improvement district and neither he nor his spouse was on the district’s board of directors.
  9. I have heard a rumor going around that now they are going to build a Super Target across from the New Walmart on FM 2978. Has anyone heard of this or has knowledge of it? I would have been fine with only a Super Target, but doing a Walmart and a Target this close to our house has us very concerned. If its true, I truly think we will sell. I am very sad about what has happened to what we thought the Woodlands would be.
  10. I drove up to a wedding in Magnolia this weekend. At the intersection of 1488 and 1774, two police officers that I assumed were Magnolia policemen (turned out to be Waller Co SD - see rest of thread) were directing traffic when I came upon the intersection at about 3:15 Saturday afternoon. As I waited for my turn, I watched the two cops make obnoxious and/or vaguely menacing gestures at several motorists who were doing their best to follow the cops' vague hand directions. As I waited, my wife reread our directions and said we should be turning left instead of right. There was no one behind me, so I moved over into the left turn lane. We waited a couple more minutes for our turn to go, and when the cop turned and directed to me it was my turn, he shouted "try find the right side of the road!" Police officers have a difficult job - they have to keep their cool and avoid the temptation to use excessive force when subduing criminals who are screaming and cursing at them, and trying to hurt or kill them. If a cop can't be courteous to law-abiding citizens who are doing their best to follow his directions, if he can't hold his tongue and refrain from making obnoxious gestures and comments at them, I doubt he is going to control his attitude with people in emotionaly charged or more dangerous situations. Jerk cops like this aren't just making things tougher for the people they are supposed to server - they are also reinforcing the stereotype many people have about cops as heavy-handed thugs. With the lower-income racial minorities who feel often unfairly targeted and profiled by cops, jerk cops like these reinforce the stereotype of cops as not to be trusted, not to be cooperated with, and even make people feel more justified in returning violence to cops who may be pursuing them. Basically, cops like these are contributing to getting other cops killed.
  11. Resident mulls business plan Magnolia man proposes raising swines if company doesn't meet his price for land By KIM CANON-JACKSON, Houston Chronicle Magnolia resident Bill Bailey said he plans to turn the back of his 5-acre homestead into a pig farm if the owners of a proposed 580-acre new development surrounding his property do not buy him out. Bailey said he cannot understand why the developer of the proposed Magnolia Ridge subdivision
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