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  1. Will this 1954 building originally called the MD Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute ever be demolished? Isn't there another name for it? Edit: The (modern) name is Gimbel Building. https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/sites/default/files/opinion-files/opinion/1962/ww-1369.pdf "An official opinion of your office is requested on the following factual situation in connection with the administration of the Estate of Mose A. Gimbel, deceased, wherein The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute has been designated as a beneficiary pursuant to paragraph 4 of the will which reads: "'It Is my will and I do hereby provide that my said Trustee shall hold and administer my estate for one year after the death of my said sister, or until the New Medical Center adjoining Hermann Hospital is developed, when my remaining estate shall be liquidated and my entire estate remaining estate shall be used for the erection of a building In said Medical Center, said building to be used for the purpose of advancing the cure of cancer; said building to be dedicated in memory of my beloved parents, Louis and Amelia Gimbel.' "Mr. Gimbel of Houston, Harris County, Texas, executed his will on August 9, 1950, in conformity with law and later on October 7, 1954, executed a codicil. The will was admitted to probate in October, 1958, in the Probate Court of Harris County, Texas. The Executors, the Texas National Rank of Houston, who is also the Trustee under Honorable J. C. Dolley, page 2 (w-1369) said will, and Herbert S. Gimbel of Miami, Florida, have designated The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute as the institution to receive the remainder of the estate. Present plans call for a new building on the north end of the Clinical Services Wing which will have seven floors with approximately 4,200 square feet of space to each floor, giving a total additional area of approximately 29,400 square feet. This building will be erected on a basement and ground floor which was provided in an earlier construction program. It will be erected as a separate building and operated as an Integral part of the M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, an Institution established for the purpose of research for advancing the cure of cancer. The building will be dedicated to the memory of the parents of Mose A. Gimbel, namely, Louis and Amelia Gimbel. There is attached to this request for your information a brochure containing the construction plan, the various departments to be housed in the building, together with a data sheet containing general information as to the organizational framework of The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute.
  2. I was reading about MacKie and Kamrath and noticed they designed this building in 1975. The address is 1200 Pressler St, Houston, TX 77030.
  3. Found this cool concept building for the Texas Medical Center the other day.
  4. MD Anderson's at it again, via Preservation Houston: MD Anderson to demolish MacKie & Kamrath dental school MD Anderson Cancer Center has informed Texas Historical Commission of its plans to demolish the former University of Texas Dental Branch, 6516 MD Anderson Boulevard in the Texas Medical Center. MacKie & Kamrath were the architects for the original five-story building, completed in 1955, as well as later additions constructed through the 1980s. Neither Houston’s historic preservation ordinance nor the Texas Antiquities Code apply to the property because the building is not located in a historic district and is not a designated landmark. Preservation Houston is encouraging MD Anderson to document the building before it is demolished. The historic building has been vacant since the UT Dental Branch (now UT School of Dentistry) opened its new facility at 7500 Cambridge earlier this year. The dental school was founded as the Texas Dental College in 1905 and became part of the UT System in 1943.
  5. Hi All - I am documenting my mother and father's lives during the 1960s, specifically around the Space Race (as dad worked for NASA). Interestingly, I have some letters my Mom wrote in 1965. Both Mom and Dad have passed, so I cannot ask them. And I bounced this question off some cousins who may have known, to no avail. In the May 1965 letter, my mom makes a short reference to going to "the Towers" for breakfast (no other description). It makes me think "the Towers" was a hip place to get breakfast on a Sunday. They went after church in West University and before seeing the Sound of Music, which was playing in the Alabama Theater on West Alabama (Upper Kirby area). Does anyone of that generation recognize what "the Towers" may be in May 1965? It was well-known enough for my mom in a letter to her mom (who was in Europe at the time) to mention going to "the Towers".
  6. 1001 East Southmore Avenue Pasadena, Texas This is Pasadena's only skyscraper and it may be in danger. It has a chainlink fence around it and looks empty. Does anyone know its status? According to Stephen Fox in the AIA Houston Architectural Guide, it was designed by MacKie & Kamrath with Lloyd Borget and Doughtie & Porterfield and built in 1962. It is described as a distinctive 12-story tower consisting of a glass-curtained shaft that appears to project forward from a brick-faced spine containing the stairs, elevators and toilets. It would be tragic for Pasadena to loose this landmark. It is the only positive image I have of Pasadena architecture.
  7. Dear Preservationist Friends, a restored MacKie & Kamrath home on 2.56 acres is on the market. TThe owners have restored the home with great sensitivity to the original design and intend to sell to a preservation-minded buyer. They are the second owners and the first owner was Leon Lee himself (architect at Kamrath). It is a once in a lifetime home and very rare (sadly) for Houston. Let's help preserve this beauty by getting the word out to the right kind of buyers. http://search.har.com/site/7-hollow-glen-ln_SITE71920497.htm
  8. December Mod of the Month Houston Mod invites you to join us this Sunday, December 7, 2014 for a Mod of the Month open house event from 2 - 4 PM. A vintage 1950s modern/contemporary style house situated just east of Hermann Park and two miles south of downtown Houston is featured. The house is in need of new preservation-minded owners. Thanks to Houston MODern Market for sponsoring this FREE event. 3226 North MacGregor Way, North MacGregor Oaks, Houston, TX 77004 The nationally acclaimed architecture firm of MacKie & Kamrath designed this one and two story house in 1951, about five years after principal designer Karl Kamrath developed a firindship with Frank Lloyd Wright, who's concepts greatly influenced his work. Contrasting horizontal and vertical elements of the design are reinforced with bands of ribbon windows and a dramatic double volume corner window siding the open tread stairs. The house is prominately situated on an almost half acre corner near a picturesque bend in Brays Bayou where recent landscaped trails connect to Hermann Park. The firm of MacKie & Kamrath was established in Houston in 1937 by Frederick MacKie, Jr. (1905-1984) and Karl Kamrath (1911-1988), both architects and graduates of the University of Texas. They were among the first Houston architects to design modernist buildings. Visit the Houston Mod website for examples of their work. HAR Link Discuss this house and over 800 other mod topics at the Houston Mod Discussion Forum. Support future Mod events by becoming a member of Houston Mod. Houston Mod is planning several members-only and members get-in-free events. If you need to check your membership status, please e-mail info@houstonmod.org Houston Mod publications make excellent gifts and will be sold at Sunday's event. We hope to see you Sunday at Mod of the Month!
  9. This house was torn down in the past few days. 1940's era Kamrath design. Had kind of a Prarie style feel. It had been rotting for as long as I can remember, so maybe it was for the best. Nobody had lived there in at least the last five years.
  10. Houston Mod invites you to join us this Sunday, June 24, for Mod of the Month from 2 PM - 4 PM. 7 Hollow Glen Lane, Tomball, Texas 77375 HAR LINK Sited on a heavily wooded naturalistic lot, this house was the personal residence of architect Leon Lee. Lee worked in the office of MacKie and Kamrath during the 1960's and was involved in that firm's design of a large house for George Mitchell and other projects. The MacKie and Kamrath firm's work closely followed the principles of Organic Architecture as demonstrated in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Lee's house incorporates many of the signature MacKie and Kamrath details including dramatic cathedral ceilings, numerous skylights, rugged stone walls, copper fireplace face, intricate interior redwood trim, cedar siding with multi-color stained accents, indirect lighting and extensive wood built-ins. This is a unique and well-maintained house on a quiet cul-de-sac. Open Sunday 2-4 PM. Support Houston Mod Support future Mod events by becoming a member of Houston Mod. Receive exclusive "members only" invitations to tours and special events. Check your membership status or renew at the event with any Houston Mod representative. Houston Mod publications will be available for purchase during the Mod-of-the-Month event.
  11. Mentioned only 1 drawing in UT's archive so I thought it went unbuilt. Neat site. http://www.savewright.org/wright_chat/viewtopic.php?t=6002 Would someone catalog the photos for the record?
  12. What can anyone tell us about this structure/complex. Was this originally built for Schlumberger? The complex behind the offices is huge, stretching back almost to the Brays Bayou. I would place the architecture at mid-late 50s, although it has some very late Moderne lines, so late 40s-early 50s wouldn't be a complete surprise. Quite a striking piece now that time has changed the rest of the city. One wonders how long/if this set of buildings will survive. The location, being 5 minutes from DT is bound to undergo redevelopment soon, not to mention the possibility/inevitability of the widening/reconstruction of the Gulf Fwy a la the Katy Fwy, which would gobble up much of the businesses lining it. Among the feeder road fungus, this should be considered a flower.
  13. Dr. F. Schudy House - 1957. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y
  14. The Mackie & Kamrath Farnsworth building on Wayside which housed NASA in the pre-JSC days and now is home to the city's Parks & Recreation Department is being renovated. Just saw the article in Sunday's Chron. Chron article What's up with that? This is Houston, we're supposed to tear that old stuff down!
  15. I've noticed a few houses around town that aren't in the guide but are clearly Mackie & Kamrath's. Many of them have mailboxes designed by the firm as well. Take this one for example: This is 402 Flintwood, less than a block from the Kamrath on Liberty Bell Circle. I couldn't get a clear enough shot of the house, but it's big, two stories and appears to be in pretty good shape. There's also a house that HAS to be a Kamrath on North Blvd. The people that live there had a bunch of noisy teenagers that would throw pool parties at night. It's not painted like a normal Kamrath house. Another possible Kamrath is over on Doliver or Dolsiver (something like that) in Tanglewood.
  16. Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church At 11612 Memorial Dr.
  17. On another thread that I can't find right now someone, probably Subdude, has posted a picture of the old Weldon's Cafeteria on S. Main. Here's what the 1961 Chronicle Dining Guide had to say: "Weldon
  18. MacKie and Kamrath's masterpiece is completely gone. Razed. Tragic...
  19. 48 Tiel Way is a MOD house in River Oaks by MacKie & Kamrath.
  20. Designed for Lott in 1975 by Houston architect Karl Kamrath, this stunning Sugar Land MOD is for sale. Address is 818 Sugar Creek Blvd., Sugar Land
  21. How about the Rettig’s Drive-In Restaurant at 1932 W Gray St. ?
  22. Editor- You should do some background checks on Allen Parkway Village (San Felipe Courts). That place has a bad history and the residents had every right to be PISSED at what happened. Brief synopsis 1) San Felipe Courts was placed right in the middle of the old 4th Ward but was a "whites only" facility to provide housing for veterans. Seems an odd location for a segregated facility until you realize that the city of Houston had a reputation for carving out the old 4th ward...Sam Houston Coliseum, new City Hall, Pierce Elevated, Allen Center, were all built on what used to house what would today be historically relevant African-American structures. 2) After FORCED desegregation, the name changed to Allen Parkway Village and soon thereafter, the facilities were allowed to basically rot. 3) Starting in the late 60s, the developer of Greenway Plaza and Allen Center (Schnitzer?) began a very public campaign to try and "reclaim" land around downtown for his private development. His eye was very much on the prize of the old San Felipe Courts. There's even old newsreel you can find with his brash statements about pushing people out of the 4th ward. 4) Despite Houston having one of the longest waiting lists in the nation for public housing, the city failed to used H.U.D. funds to keep up APV. Once certain buildings were deemed unsafe, the residents were tossed out and forced to move to other parts of the city and the buildings were left empty. Sure enough, crime and drug dealing sprouted up in these empty shells and the residents that remained pleaded for help which further served to erode the once vibrant 4th Ward. 5) Eventually, the developers won out. After years of deliberate neglect, most of the project was torn down to make way for a supposedly better/private development. It was only the voices of the few remaining residents that forced the city to offer up "token" amounts of public housing units. 6) If you drive by today, the most offensive aspect of all of the above might just be that the project that is there now, is AWFUL. Suburban, gated, garden-style apartments with cheap siding. That's the best we could come up with? At the very least, if you are going to remove people against their will in the name of progress, shouldn't there at least be signs of progress? In 20 years, if not sooner, those apartments will look worse than APV. It's a sad chapter in our city's history. 4)
  23. This sounds like a great event and an opportunity to see some great MacKie and Kamrath-designed buildings: Leigh Alpha Gamma Delta 2005 Home Tour Featuring Architecture by Mackie & Kamrath: Houston's Own Frank Lloyd Wright May 14 & 15, 2005 1:00 - 5:00 pm 8 Tiel Way, River Oaks - Kamrath Family Home 1951 48 Tiel Way, River Oaks - Kamrath Family Home 1951 67 Tiel Way, River Oaks - Private Residence 1949 804 Friar Tuck, Memorial - Private Residence 1949 11214 Hermosa, Memorial - Kamrath-Inspired Residence 1962 2615 Cameron Street - Small Orthodontic Office 1946 11612 Memorial Drive - Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church 1957 - Sunday Only - 1500 Sunset - Congregation Emanu El Synagogue 1946 - Saturday 1:00-3:00 Only 3120 Buffalo Speedway (Humble Oil Company Facility) - 1951 - Drive-By Only For information and tickets ($15.00), email spellegrino@houston.rr.com or call 281-440-8511, cell 281-660-7861. Tickets may also be purchased at any home on tour. Benefiting the following non-profit organizations: Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation - Leadership Institute American Heritage Education Foundation (Kamrath Foundation) Robin Bush Room at the Barbara Bush Library
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