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Found 15 results

  1. I never knew Hines bought an industrial business park in Southeast Houston. Hines Acquires Underwood Distribution Center - Rebrands as Independence Logistics Park 2.2 million-square-foot rail served park in Port of Houston kicks off new development https://www.hines.com/news/hines-acquires-underwood-distribution-center-rebrands-as-independence-logistics-park (HOUSTON) – Hines, the international real estate firm, announced today that it has acquired the Underwood Distribution Center, a Class A industrial park located in the heart of the Southeast submarket near the Port of Houston in LaPorte, Texas, from BlackRock. Financials on the deal were not disclosed. The project consists of a five-building logistics park and 2.2 million square feet, plus three development parcels. Hines’ first addition to the development will be Building 6, capable of a 167,000-square-foot front-load distribution building with delivery slated for the fourth quarter of 2017. Hines Managing Director Charlie Meyer added, “With Pinto Business Park in the north, Beltway Southwest in the southwest and now Independence Logistics Park in the southeast, we are happy with our continued growth in Houston.”
  2. http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/bayarea/business/article/New-Gilley-s-dance-hall-included-in-proposed-La-6668057.php#photo-9043666
  3. The San Jacinto Monument IMO is a really wonderful piece of architecture in Houston. It symbolizes Texas History almost as fine as the Alamo. The only problem is its stuck way out in petrochemical/refinery heaven and is not at all a part of the Houston Skyline or anything of the like... I think it would be quite interesting to have it relocated somewhere up Buffalo Bayou- possibly in the East End where they are going to redo Buffalo Bayou making parks out of it, etc. Just off the Downtown Houston Skyline, but really a part of it...real close to town. I think it'd also be interesting to move the Battleship up there as well... I know its a crazy idea and of course it would not be the to close to where the battle of San Jacinto was... I just think its wasted now because of where it is. I think it could really add a great deal to Houston if it was right in town so it'd get much more exposure not just from locals, but tourists as well... Thoughts?
  4. And the '60's are very hot at the moment! Producers? I am available as a consultant! Huckster House, 811 Bayridge Rd. Still there, I believe
  5. This isn't some existing project we already know about, is it? bidclerk's description of an awarded contract: https://www.bidclerk...ct.1100641.html
  6. Pasadena/LaPorte Bus Route Ridership Climbs The City of Pasadena, Second Century Development Corporation, the City of LaPorte and San Jacinto College have agreed to continue their partnership with Harris County Transit on a fixed bus route service due to steadily increasing ridership. The route, linking Pasadena to LaPorte began with 661 riders in January of 2010 its first month of service. By August, the figure had climbed to 1,715. Currently, monthly figures show an average of 2,500 passenger boardings per month. One third of those riding are San Jacinto College students, while the remainder use the service for going to work, medical appointments, shopping and to connect to the larger surrounding community. "It's great to see local residents riding and in turn, local leadership partnering to keep the service going," said Ken Fickes, Director of Transit Services, Harris County Community Services Department.
  7. NEED HELP!!!!! Need help on finding a article on a old cold case. There is a tombstone in the La Porte Cemetery which states "A LITTLE DARLING FOUND MURDERED AT THE END OF LOVERS LANE April 21,1950". Lovers Lane was on Powell Road or Goatmans Road in La Porte. Would there be a article on it in the Post or Chronicle? Could anyone look this up for me or tell me how to find it? Thanks.
  8. In the 1920s, Bay Shore Park in La Porte advertised itself as Houston's Finest Playground. There was a pier extending into the bay, a dance pavilion, bandstand and an inn on the premises, plus other amenities. The park had it's own orchestra and singers. The ads for Bay Shore Park sometimes appeared adjacent to ads for Sylvan Beach Park in the newspapers but there was no suggestion the two were connected in any way. Anybody know anything of this or have any pictures? Where was it and what became of it? Are there any remnants? Edit: April 21, 1922
  9. I wondered the other day why no one ever discusses old Sylvan Beach??? It's like it just faded from all memory. We always went because of the old Dance Pavilion for weddings and parties over the years. (More interior photos to scan) The pavilion was always known for its spacious dance area and for the big bay windows that let you see out into the water. (very romantic) Maybe we can find some links to show the old and new Sylvan Beach. There are some real killer historical pics out there. It was once a major attraction waaaaay before our time of course. Check out the SAVE THE PAVILION site! http://savethepavilion.org/ http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...l%3Den%26sa%3DN http://laportetexas.net/sylvan.htm
  10. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metrop...an/5554132.html
  11. http://www.globest.com/news/1120_1120/houston/169271-1.html This is in addition to the plans to replace the old Sylvan Beach Pavilions with a new 200-room hotel overlooking Galveston Bay. La Porte is really coming along, and its old town is still pretty active.
  12. I had someone come visit me from Chicago and took them to go see the tourist spots around town. The other day we went to the park to see the momument and the USS Texas. I drive down Battleground road and take the right that takes you right to the monument. About 1/2 mile down the road I see a car turn around. There is a sign that says to use the Battleground road enterance so I go back that way and find a booth to collect money out there. WTF?...this park has been 100% free since day 1 and so had the monument since it was completed in 1939. Anyway, I pay and drive up to find that the displays that were free have been further reduced. For those of you who have not been to this place in the early 90s and prior to that it used to be 100% free except for the elevator ride to the observation deck. There were 2 main halls full of display cases on both sides of the 1st floor. In the 90s one hall was closed and the "Texas Forever" film was put into the theater that was built in one hall. The other hall had remained as is until recently. I would say 50% of that hall is still free but the other half has a $5 admission charge and most disgusting was the "Bank of America" sponsorship plate at the gate to the 2nd half that is not free. As it is now $12 buys you access to everything in the building (elevator ride, movie, and 2nd half of exhibit hall #1). This is not a lot of money and the $1 to get into the park is almost nothing but the idea of charging people money and selling AD space in exhange for sponsorship at such a significant and historic place in Texas is outragious and insulting. Toyota Motor Corporation also has advertising on the Texas Parks and Wildlife map of the park they give you at the gate. Houston, Lamar, and Santa Anna did not fight so you could be charged money to see what they did. So long as there is a state of Texas the birthplace of the state should be 100% free for anyone to come and visit. Is TX Parks and Wildlife really in a lot of financial trouble? I also noticed that they have quit mowing the lawns that used to be immaculate along the 1836 road on the Mounment side of the park (except at the end where the tunraround near the water is...it is still well kept there). They have put up signs that call the area a nature preserve and to not hunt anything. What a bunch of ***clowns. The service and maintenance was better when it was free. Acres and acres of grass area where people used to come to have a picnic have been lost to brush that has grown about 3 feet high. Anyway, I was just disgusted by the whole situation out there. God help us if they sell the entire property to Disney or contract it out to someone like Disney who is in the attraction business to run the place and charge $35 or something. NASA used to be a wonderful place in the old day but has been reduced to a total rip off that is garbage compared to the old and FREE visitor center. You can read more about that here: http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...mp;hl=NASA+buck
  13. When I did my last round of research on this, I found a newspaper article stating that in 1997 tunnel was sealed up in three sections and they were floated 30 miles off Galveston to be sunk for a reef. I recently received an e-mail from someone claiming that this never happened -- that the tunnel was destroyed at its original location because of fears that an accident would close the Ship Channel. Anyone have proof one way or the other?
  14. Who remembers The White House replica designed by Alfred Finn for Governor Ross Sterling? The traditional Colonial-style mansion, designed by architect Alfred Finn, was built in 1924 for former Texas Governor Ross Sterling, the 31st governor of the Lone Star State. The mansion — also known as the First Texas White House — is located on six acres at 515 Bayridge Road in La Porte.
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