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  1. I've always wondered, why does Klein Independent School District have that long, skinny "panhandle" of territory that extends south of Cypress Creek (otherwise the southern border of the rest of the district) between Champion Forest Drive and Stuebner-Airline? Seems like logically that panhandle ought to be either part of Cy-Fair, or divided up between Cy-Fair and Aldine and/or Spring (although Spring is also weirdly shaped with two "lobes"). It seems like most of the 56 school districts in the Greater Houston area (with the exception of Houston ISD's western finger) are fairly reasonably compact in shape, Klein (and Spring) seem to be outliers. Who decided on the boundaries of the school districts, anyway, and what was their criteria? Especially why was Klein given this strange appendage that would quickly become the worst part of the district? http://texasbest.com/schools/map.html https://kleinisd.net/UserFiles/Servers/Server_568041/File/District/District Quick Info/Kmap-Superintendent 2-26-18.pdf
  2. The Klein ISD Board of Trustees approved the purchase of a tract of land for a high school and intermediate school at its November meeting. The 124 acres lie west of the railroad tracks on Spring Cypress Road and east of Windwood Presbyterian Church that is located at 10555 Spring Cypress Road. Funds for this property were approved by voters in the 2004 Bond referendum. The district purchased this tract of land before a new high school and intermediate school are an imminent need because only a limited number of parcels of land large enough for these schools remain within the KISD. The newly purchased property was formerly owned by Dr. and Mrs. James Jones (78 acres) and Mr. Allen Ulrich (46 acres). The sale of the property was completed to the satisfaction of the owners and the school district.
  3. Might be apartments. or some cookie cutter home or strip center. http://www.newquest.com/Property/Details/166/74-03-Acres-SEC-of-Root-Road-and-Northcrest-Dr-
  4. Earlier this week noticed signs up for a new WalMart market on the SE corner of Spring Cypress and Kuykendahl, across from the old Albertsons/Driver license center. Seems odd, only 1 1/2 miles from the 2920 supercenter, but it is in between two Krogers and should pull from the HEB at 2920/Spring Cypress. Has anybody heard anything about this? Can't find any information about dates or layouts but I might not be looking in the right places. I'm hopeful that this might be the impetus to transform the stretch of Kuykendahl between Louetta and S-C.
  5. Link to article I know people that jog/walk out there. Just goes to show you have to be on your toes in every part of town.
  6. Hey: I was just looking for stuff on AppleTree, and I found one location that was scheduled to close in 1994 because the store had been sold to Kroger, and Kroger already one of the block. The problem is that the address doesn't seem to exist. 13642 W. Montgomery Road is the name, and Googling it only pulls up another Chron article on some sort of tampered Sudafed, also at that address. But when I plug it into Google Maps, it's a blank, barren area near where Tomball Parkway's terminus is. Going to the "past" in Google Earth just is fields. So what happened? Where is 13642 W. Montgomery Road?
  7. Excited to see one of my all-time favorite Houston area restaurants opening up out here! Churrasco's will open a new restaurant next to P.F. Chang's on 249: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2014/07/churrascos-to-open-fifth-houston-area-location.html
  8. Hello all! We're (family with 2 children elementary and high school ages) moving to the Spring area. I've heard mostly good things about the school district. I have one concern though: I like the Greenwood Forest area, nice mature trees, and beautiful homes. My concern is the Klein Forest High school my children may be zoned to if we buy in that area. I've also heard that some children are transferred to other schools in the district. I've also heard that Greenwood Forest may be rezoned to Klein High or another school in the district. Is this true? Can my children be transferred within the district if I don't want them in KF?...Need help as we're starting the house hunt pretty quickly...Thanks for any input!
  9. Nearly 40,000 students will be attending Klein school district this year and Superintendent James Cain expects that number to increase to 65,000 before district growth peaks. "Student growth in Klein shows that parents find the district a good place for raising families," Cain said. "One sees the creation of new subdivisions across the entire district, with the most extensive growth occurring in the northern part." The district's focus this year will be on accommodating its student population. Klein is opening two campuses, including an alternative high school. Cain said he's pleased with the district's academic performance up to now, as measured by student results on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills tests. "From the preliminary TAKS results, we ascertain that on 19 out of 20 tests in reading, mathematics, writing and science, our student scores increased. Our social studies scores experienced a slight drop, which mirrored a drop in social studies scores throughout the state." But Cain said he sees room for improvement. "We will not be satisfied until each student passes TAKS at the commended level and each school achieves exemplary status," he said. In some cases, the district embraces a less traditional approach to teaching. Klein Forest High School will use some of the space provided by its new building addition this spring semester to accommodate small learning communities known as a "school within a school." "This arrangement allows the staff to focus on a group of students that become a 'family' by staying together for a longer period of time than in the traditional setting," Cain said. "Because the group of teachers with each community works together regularly, they are able to address the links students make to the curriculum in each subject." Klein also will take a unique approach to teaching at the new Vistas High School Program, 12250 Bammel North Houston. "It is a program that will assist students who have not been successful in traditional education," Director Peggy Ekster said. The program will have small classes that emphasize current events and technology to help students see how their curriculum fits into everyday life. Vistas will be the first site to open with one-to-one student computing, one technology device per student Cain said. Vistas students will have laptops. Eventually, the district plans to expand that approach throughout the district, beginning with Krimmel Intermediate School, which will open near FM 2920 and Alvin A. Klein Drive in 2007. Another new model for Klein, Benignus Elementary School, is opening this year at 7225 Alvin A. Klein Drive in the Windrose subdivision. "The unique aspect about Benignus Elementary School is its physical plan a school created to reflect the instructional priorities of our district in its design," Cain said. The building features art and science labs, special use classrooms, a special interest library area and an amphitheater. "We're so excited; we love our school," Principal Misty Kainer said. "I believe students, teachers and parents will appreciate this facility's arrangement," Cain said. "We will duplicate the plan in our next elementary school, Frank Elementary, to be opened in the fall of 2007 in the Gleannloch Farms subdivision."
  10. The Klein ISD is currently in the process of developing the new 2008 Bond. The Bond Plan will include 15 new Schools (10 Elementarys, 3 Intermediates and 2 High Schools). Other District Facilities will also be included. Many schools and Facilities will also recieve upgrades due to age and ware. The district will also be recieving new buses and technology equipment. The Election is currently proposed for May 2008. *10 Elementary Schools $148,979,308 Elementary Schools 26 and 27 sites to be cleared in May of 2008. Elementary School #27-Huffsmith Korhville Rd. at Lacey Rd., 1 Mile south of Korhville Elementary School. *3 Intermediate Schools $114,318,714 *2 High Schools $318,518,351 High School #5 site to be cleared in March of 2008. High School #5-Spring Cypress Rd., 1.5 Miles east of SH 249 and 1.5 Miles west of Gleannloch Farms *Other Schools/T-Buildings $37,050,701 *Support Facilities $24,206,126 *District Wide Projects $40,959,186 *Technology $105,889,588 *Program Contingency $1,000,000 *Bond Issuance Fees $3,954,610 TOTAL BOND PLAN 2008: $794,876,585 with 7% Inflation Klein ISD Instructional Center Addition: 5 Meeting Rooms, 4 Computer Training Labs, Offices and parking. Strack Intermediate Fine Arts Addition: *To begin Construction in April 2008. Athletics: *Remodel KMS Home Side Pressbox *Klein Forest HS Addition/Track Resurfacing *Schindewolf Locker Room Additions *All Campuses Gym Floors, Electric BB Goals, RRs and Concessions. *2nd Stadium to be built with HS #6 *Klein ISD did own land adjacent to Krimmel Intermediate and did plan to construct a 2nd Stadium there, but the predicted Grand Parkway route would have collided with the new stadium. The district still owns the land. Multi-Purpose Facility: *A Multi Purpose Facilty to support the CATE Ag Program, District Wide Development and other District Programs. The current Klein Ag Center on the Klein HS Property opened in 1983. Buses: *Klein ISD has been purchasing new IC Corp Buses since 2005 now. Each new 71 Passenger Bus cost approximately $90,226 each. They come equipped with lots of features like AC, Intercom System, Low Emissions, LED Tail/Brake Lights and much more. Each Handicap Bus cost approximately $88,203. *2nd Transportation Center Elementary Schools #26 and #27 Schematic Design Strack Intermediate Fine Arts Addition Schematic Design
  11. http://www.ultimatespringtx.com/stories/247716-klein-forest-students-win-architectural-award
  12. I saw yesterday that Charter Builders just moved a trailer onto some land at 1463 and Cinco Ranch Blvd. Since they don't build houses I am guessing that is where one of the new elementary schools will be going. Anyone know? I did see this: http://instantnewskaty.com/2011/04/20/20837.
  13. I haven't been there in a while, so I'm curious: how is the Klein area schools doing lately? I know Klein Forest is crap, but I've heard the rest of the district is starting to decline as well.
  14. I spoke with someone tonight that said Klein ISD is in major financial trouble and the land for HS #5 is up for sale. Can anyone verify this? Also, it was mentioned that KISD teachers have been asked for suggestions as to how to deal with the financial situation...this seemed a little odd to me.
  15. The men's restroom in all of the buildings at Klein High School are in disrepair and the women's restroom are not.
  16. We are currently considering moving and need to know if Klein schools hold up to Katy schools?? are they pretty equal? Has Klein been steadily getting better worse or staying the same? Are there any schools or districts in the outskirts of houston that are equal to Katy ISD? If Klein is not much different than Katy then I wouldn't mind having my kids in that school system. In Katy the schools that we are considering are Rylander Elementary, Cinco ranch Jr High, Cinco Ranch High School, Seven Lakes high and Woodcreek jr high. In Klein ISD we are considering Klein HS, Klein Forest HS, Mittlestadt Elementary, Wunderlich middle school, Theiss Elementary Doerre middle school. I need to know everything because our decision depends on the school district. Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated! I don't know where else i can get real feedback from real people! LOL Thanks so much!
  17. For those who don't know about Klein Collins, It opened in 2001 under projected enrollment. Klein Collins was built to relieve Klein Oak which had around at or over 3,000 students. Klein Collins opened with 1,024 students. Now the school's enrollment is 3,175 and expected to rise. KC Administrators are comparing the enrollment to almost meeting Klein and Klein Forest Enrollments which are 3,300 and 3,500. Klein Oak is still at around 2,900 and rising. In between classes at KC, Hallways are very crowded unless you take one of many side hallways. You cant even walk down the hall without being bumped into or bumping into someone else. Not to mention Klein Collins recieved 5 T-Buildings this year for the first time ever for the overcrowding. The traffic is an issue also. KC is located on a 2 laned road (Ella Blvd) along with Schindewolf Intermediate and Kreinhop Elementary Schools. All 3 Schools are very close to each other. During the morning traffic is backed up in front of the school so bad that Spring Cypress is flooded with cars.Favel Rd coming from the back entrance of Normandy Forest is also the worst car to car. Traffic is car to car 5 minutes before the bell rings at 7:31 for 1st period to start. There are only 2 entry/exit ways out of the student parking lot, so you can only imagine what its like after school. Ella Blvd needs to be 4 lanes to accomadate 3 schools. A light also needs to be added at the intersection of Ella and Falvel in front of Schindewolf. Klein Collins is certainly gotten larger and will not get any smaller, therefore the following things need to be added to help the overcrowding issue. *Add a 4th Lunch for 07/08 school year. *Add 2 Lanes to Ella Blvd. *Add Traffic Light directly in front of Schindewolf. *Add 3rd Exit/Entry to Student Parking Lot. *Return Bus Service to Normandy Forest.
  18. I've been going to the KISD zoning committee meetings for Ulrich Intermediate. Looks like the favored option is to use the railroad tracks as the dividing line taking everything to the west. My concern is that this creates a very low income school population. I have a feeling that Ulrich is going to start out as a Title 1 school. My neighborhood is right outside the edge of the boundary and my fear is that one day we will get moved to Ulrich (seems like we are affected any time a school anywhere close to us is rezoned). There was another option on the table which provided a very good mix (socio-economically) for Ulrich but the Krimmel folks in Gleannloch near threw a fit when they saw that option - thats when the district came back at the second meeting with the new option to use the railroad tracks. What do you think? Should I be worried about property values if Ulrich is a Title 1 school?
  19. Klein ISD has named Dr. Kathy Brown as Ulrich's first principal. She is currently the a ssosiate principal at Klein high. She is very nice, very organized and I think she'll be a great principal. http://i370.photobucket.com/albums/oo141/klein_04/2-KHSadmin08-09.jpg
  20. Any one know what is being build on Spring Cypress close to Old Louetta? They cleared a lot of trees and tore down old farm buildings but i haven't the slightest clue what's going in. Just curious
  21. Great discussion of the Klein and Spring areas (and surrounding areas) and the german immigrant farmers who founded them extending back into the 1820s. http://www.raleightavern.org/PayneGermans.htm
  22. Show Dates: January 30th, & 31st, February 6th, 7th, & 9th Tickets available Here
  23. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/spr...ws/5891195.html I have no doubt that they'll get the 10,000 signatures needed, but not sure whether they can overcome all the obstacles to incorporating. IMHO forming a city would be a good thing, there are too many service holes and poorer reaction times in the unincorporated areas that many people are not aware of when they buy their home. Would give the residents better control over their future, and who wants to be eventually sucked into giant and often poorly run Houston?
  24. Hello, all. This is my first post on the forum. I am thinking of moving to the Klein area. However after reading some of your posts, I am concerned about how my family and I would be treated if we moved to the area. I am an african-american female, in my early thirties, college educated and currently work in the natural gas industry. However grew up in a very low income neighborhood in the northeast side of Houston (think Northline area). I feel if I moved to the area, my family would be viewed as everything that is currently going wrong in the area. And we would only be continuing to bring these "once-great" neighborhoods down. I don't really care what people may think; but I am concerned about how people would treat us. Not really me, but since my sister and my two tweenage nephews are moving with me, I am concerned about how the children would be treated. I have been the object of prejudice in the past and it is not an experience that I welcome upon them. I am looking for an intelligent discussion, not an argument. I just want some inside information from current residents. Thanks!
  25. Why do I feel sick to my stomach after seeing the Bond results?
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