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  1. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/neighborhood/katy/article/Start-in-Katy-finish-in-Katy-HCC-to-open-16185310.php#photo-21006032 Some walls are up, lots of dirt work done, can't see it getting any prettier based on the Chron story. Then again, I guess as long as it works, it's sufficient. Just wish they had shown a bit of imagination like the UH building several hundred meters away.
  2. Deleted this member. Also banned his e-mail address, and user name and similar ones. Also, he was coming from a computer in the Philippines, so I banned the entire ISP. I should probably ban the entire country. I know other web sites ban all users from Russia, Romania, and a number of Asian countries. I wonder if that would help here, too.
  3. 382-Unit Multifamily next to TCH West Campus.
  4. From today's Memorial section of the Chronicle. http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/memorial/news/article/Corridor-to-develop-master-plan-5576265.php The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is planning a West Campus along Park Row to the east of the Addicks Park and Ride.
  5. Has this been posted before? On google maps the ring road already exists http://www.jpra.com/thegrand.html
  6. (Katy, Texas) October 8, 2015 – The City of Katy is pleased to announce that the Katy Development Authority has taken a key step forward in the development of the Boardwalk District (as shown in the accompanying rendering) by entering into an agreement with Sueba USA Corporation for the development of a 22-acre parcel located adjacent to Katy Mills Mall. Sueba USA Corporation intends to use the parcel to construct a high quality mixed-use development consisting of loft living space, retail and restaurant facilities, and a public plaza. Sueba USA Corporation’s development will be a strong addition to the Boardwalk District which will also include a convention center, hotel, and restaurant row, all anchored by an 89-acre nature park with a central lake, boardwalks, nature preserves, and a 2-mile walking trail system. Construction of the nature park will commence this winter with an anticipated completion and public opening by the end of 2016. Katy Development Authority and Sueba USA Corporation are excited to be joint participants in the construction of the Boardwalk District — a project that will provide Katy residents and visitors an additional first class development to live, work and play. Katy Development Authority was formed by the City of Katy, Texas to promote economic development through public-private partnerships that support the completion of public infrastructure and high quality private development. Sueba USA Corporation is a Houston based real estate development company that is an established leader in the acquisition, development, construction, and management of both residential and commercial real estate.
  7. I miss the MKT "Katy" Railroad, one of the crown jewels of railroadiana. I can still see and hear an old red caboose trailing off in the distance, past Westchester Junior High School, disappearing into beautiful pastureland. Spent a lot of time around the tracks along Old Katy Road. The side track between Igloo and Parker Bros gravel was one of my favorite spots. Railroads are not a good place for kids to play and I remember finding things--scary things--that didn't belong there: A doll's head, a woman's high heel shoe, a broken switchblade; old gloves, whiskey bottles and empty chewing tobacco pouches were a mainstay. Train hopping became one of my favorite pastimes. One day, while train watching at a side track that served Levitz Furniture off of Brittmoore, the engineer signaled me to come on board. This was around 1973 or 1974. He introduced himself as Lonnie Yancey. He gave me a ride for a short distance along Old Katy and I got to blow the horn crossing Brittmoore. Who knows, maybe that train you waited for on that summer day had me blowing the horn. That is one of my fondest memories to this day. Around 2008 I decided to try and find Lonnie. I called every Yancey in the phone book. I figured he was long gone, and almost gave up, when I got a call from his brother in Smithville. Lonnie was alive and well and still living in Spring Branch off of Malibu Drive. I visited him a few times and always brought him a can of his favorite snuff--Copenhagen original. We traded stories about the MKT, including the time I saw an 18-wheeler smashed by a train at the Brittmoore/Old Katy crossing. I was 12 years old when that happened and my two school buddies and I had to go to court downtown to testify for the railroad. I confessed to Lonnie that I had hopped his train numerous times and he said that's why he gave me a ride, hoping to keep me from losing a leg. Lonnie was a star quarterback at Smithville High School. He was a decorated Marine, earning a Purple Heart for battling the Japanese in Okinawa. His wife was a librarian at Memorial High School. Here is a beautiful photo he gifted to me--taken around the exact year he gave me a ride in his GP-7 locomotive. He liked to pass the time waiting on sidetracks by crocheting, as seen in the photo. Lonnie passed away in 2015. I still think of him every time I hear the beautiful music of a train trailing off in the late-night distance. . .
  8. there has been a sign for over a year now off the north i-10 feeder past barker cypress for a new texas childrens hospital. has anyone heard anymore about this new development? and is interfin ever going to develop the land north of i-10 at grand parkway because that was where the 'new' galleria was supposed to be built. I think they are in impending lawsuits with katy mills mall, but I am not too sure.
  9. Guest

    The Village At Katy

    DOes anybody know about that Katy project that was supposed to go p on the freeway across from Katy Mills Mall. Some sort of a village it would combine entertainment, shoping, and offices. It would be based on an outdoor setting.
  10. I know this is way out west and not really significant but I work in phase one and I plan on providing frequent updates for those who like pictures of construction. PRESS RELEASE: https://communityimpact.com/houston/katy/development-construction/2019/07/19/katy-ranch-offices-phase-2-breaks-ground-to-deliver-in-summer-2020/ A photo from earlier today. They are currently clearing the site.
  11. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Katy-residents-go-Double-Double-In-N-Out-heads-13312356.php According to BPI Realty, In-N-Out will open a location at 806 Katy Fort Bend Road at the Y Shops at Park West complex, which has already broken ground.
  12. This is a house that happened to catch my eye as I was driving northbound on Wirt between I-10 and Westview: https://www.google.com/maps/@29.7883189,-95.4852996,3a,75y,3.27h,81.68t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sW4KsuF9-j_OA-jt2mDP6pA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 I've often thought that architectural choices in the Memorial Villages demonstrate the old adage that money doesn't buy taste. One pet peeve of mine is homes that choose a particular vernacular style that doesn't fit with its surroundings, both natural and manmade. Particularly, the proliferation of Mediterranean-style houses in the Villages. Obviously Mediterranean-style houses look most congruous in semiarid environments similar to the Mediterranean, like the Southwest, Southern California, even the Hill Country; they can work for a Miami-style look with a lot of lush tropical landscaping, but again natural surroundings as well as nearby buildings need to be taken into consideration. Trying to shoehorn a Mediterranean-style house in to the Villages, surrounded by mostly traditional American styles and a dense mixed pine-broadleaf temperate riparian forest is usually a fail IMO. As bad as I think Mediterranean houses look in that area, I never thought I'd see someone try to get away with an honest-to-goodness full-on adobe-style house, straight out of Santa Fe, complete with viga poles at roofline. Or should I say little stumps glued on at the roofline to look like viga pole ends, most of which have fallen or rotted off (not surprising given Houston's wet climate.)
  13. Any news on the new hotel? What company is building it? Holiday Inn, Ramada, is it going to be the "franchise" hotel? or a High-rise? Whats in store for Katy's future?
  14. The construction sign says it's a $5.7 million project. That's quite expensive for a pedestrian bridge, and the pier/tower is very large. Only one tower is under construction, there appears to be no activity on the other side of the bayou.
  15. Check This Out Click on the link. It shows a very nice plan coming out in Katy. I can not wait for this to happen.
  16. A new shopping center going up at Falcon Landing and Gaston across from Tompkins High School. Kroger, movie theater, green space, Gringo's, and several other typical chains. http://www.newquest.com/property/stableside-at-falcon-landing/
  17. Found this on MCS Architects page, not sure if its old but the website holds current development on its page. *Pops up under construction slides* http://www.mcshouston.com/portfolio/
  18. The cost of Katy ISD's new football stadium, which already gained status as the most expensive in Texas at $62.5 million, will now cost even more. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/neighborhood/katy/news/article/Cost-of-Katy-ISD-football-stadium-garners-10420133.php
  19. I just saw this and thought it would be an intresting addition to the area. Looks like a waterpark near Katy Mills Mall. https://www.facebook.com/KatyTexas/photos/a.247109592060436.43711.246754612095934/725934494177941/?type=1&theater
  20. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2014/11/houston-international-school-to-develop-new-campus.html Houston international school to develop new campus near Katy No renderings, but a 275,000 sf building, so not a small campus.
  21. So my sister and brother in-law are starting to look at buying their first house, likely in the Katy area. I am not a real estate agent, and admittedly haven't spent as much time looking at the housing market as others on here. I am just concerned because of the volatility in the Energy Corridor and the effects it has on the Katy submarket. Especially the ripple down effect from oil dipping below $30 a barrel and the local office vacancies. How will this effect the area? Am i wrong in being concerned about them looking at buying a house in Katy? Why or why wouldn't it be a good place to buy a first family home, especially in this market?
  22. Hello again. As I previously stated, I'm moving forward on moving to the Houston metro area, and I wanted to ask this--are there any super-cheap efficiency apartments in the Katy (or Energy Corridor) area? All I'm finding is $1000+ apartments or roommates situations where I can't even get my own bathroom...(granted I didn't look all that much)
  23. Any ideas about what will replace the SAMs on the NW side of hwy6 and I 10?
  24. I believe this will be at Peek and Westpark, across from the Stripes http://www.click2houston.com/news/star-cinema-grill-plans-dinein-theater-for-katy/33324614
  25. Article in the Chron about the rapid growth of the Katy area. http://blog.chron.com/katy/2014/09/katy-will-be-larger-than-the-city-of-pittsburgh-in-two-years/
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