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Found 19 results

  1. I was looking at the Houstonhistorymagazine's Riverside Terrace and Environs: An Architectural Tour and notice the Abe Battelstein home designed by Joseph Finger.
  2. This looks like the Rockefellers music venue on Washington Ave.
  3. So at the bottom floor there's a sign facing mm park that says somethin about a collection of shops coming soon. I don't know of the age or current status of that statement but I think that's good retail spot cuz A: mm park foot traffic is tremendous right there esp. on game days, and B: even not on gamedays home plate bar and b.u.s. still have customers due to the fanbase they've built up thus offering sort of another little beginning of an "area" to hang out and "barhop" on foot downtown. Every time I saw yalls posts on e.s.p.n. bar I always thought that would be a good spot. And even better spot for residential above the retail. I mean next door to mm park, some lofts could go for a pretty high price.
  4. Yea that is a good article, I guess I should ask about the history of the Spanish Style home that one has been there since before 1944. AS seen in the pic here. Also thx for the responses guys I appreciate it.
  5. Kudos to the current owners (Club Quarters - who weren't named in the article...) for taking the steps to get this designation. Joseph Finger would be proud. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/stories...63&ana=e_du http://www.clubquarters.info/houston.asp http://hotels.arch-ive.org/txst
  6. Looking out my window, I notice City Hall no longer has hands to the clock on Smith St. Very bush league to say the least. Are they being repaired? I notice they are cleaing the building, so maybe they took them off the protect them?
  7. I have been using the search feature on this site and Google to find information about a building on Almeda around the Blodgett-Southmore area. We always refered to it as the German Bowling Alley. I think it was a community/civic type building that was used in the 30s and 40s by German American organizations. Does anyone have any info on this, I have alway been curious about it but have been unable to find any real info except stories from some old timers. joe
  8. The Auditorium Hotel was built in 1926 for Houston investor Michele DeGeorge (1850-1927), who came to the United States from Italy in 1881. Designed by architect Joseph Finger (1887-1953), the building features Italian renaissance detailing in the upper stories. Its location in the center of Houston's theater district and its association with the now-razed city auditorium have contributed to its significance as a Houston landmark during the city's commercial development.
  9. Patrick Feller has added a photo to the pool: 3620 Washington Avenue Designed in 1925 by Joseph Finger Citizens State Bank until 1946, then Heights State Bank neoclassical View the full article
  10. Weingarten/Lavinghousez Mansion - Natural Burial Cemetery? Saw this bulletin over the weekend surrounding the Kuhlmann Family Cemetery. Apparently, Terry Ward is trying to buy both adjacent properties and transform everything into a "Remembrance Park". Anyone have any insider scoop? http://indigofields.com/
  11. Waaaaaaaait a second - the San Jacinto Hotel was the old Bender Hotel that is now the new Hines parking garage... Was the Texas State also called the San Jacinto? My memory is terrible.
  12. Marty, Beth Yeshurun's original sanctuary that fronts Braeswood is MCM, and it's by Len Gabert, according to Stephen Fox.
  13. Anyone know what the story is with the Tennyson? It was redone into lofts but never seemed to open up. There was a fire in the parking garage a couple of weeks ago. Was the redevelopment a scam? What is the story?
  14. Does anyone know whether the papers of Joseph Finger have been preserved, and where they might be found? Thanks!
  15. http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/historic..._1624_Kirby.pdf House at 1624 Kirby...J. Finger, not A. Finn. How could they credit the wrong architect, whoa...not good. Can anyone verify this? Talks about Finger's link to the West family. The bldg. list w/ dates after the biography is nice. another list: http://www.geocities.com/jewishtoursofhouston/man-001.htm (note: the "Taub" house...interesting).
  16. That's good news. Here are a couple of short newspaper pieces about the hotel (which was originally called the San Jacinto Hotel - some of this information has appeared elsewhere on the forum): Houston. Tex., Jan. 16 [1929]. - The Jesse H. Jones Interests today acquired a ninety-nine-year lease on the San Jacinto Hotel property, exercising an option which was taken recently. The sixteen‑story structure, which practically is complete except for the interior work, is to be finished at once and the hotel probably will be in operation early in the summer. It will be the fourth hostelry operated here by the Jesse H. Jones Interests, the others being the Rice Hotel, the Lamar Hotel, and the Lamar Annex. The San Jacinto will have 381 rooms, and the ground floor space will be leased to business establishments. In acquiring the San Jacinto property, the Jesse H. Jones Interests acquired $700,000 in first mortgage bonds, $90,000 In second mortgage bonds, and approximately $600,000 in bonds held by contractors and others. The hotel building was started about three years ago, but the investment concern which was buying the bonds got into difficulties and work was suspended, with the building nearing completion. Houston, Tex. Aug. 9 [1932]. - Permission to consolidate has been received from Washington by two of Houston's radio stations, KXYZ and KTLC. The equipment of the two stations will be combined and the power rating increased from 100 watts to 250 watts. The consolidated station will be known as KXYZ and will use the same transmitting tower on top of the Gulf building; and the same studio in the Texas State Hotel as formerly. The KTLC station will cease to exist after the changes have been made, which will require about 60 days, it was said. KTLC uses the old Post building at Travis and Texas for its studio and transmits from the towers at the Houston Post plant on Polk avenue.
  17. A popular topic for this area of town is the Plaza Hotel located on Montrose close to 59. The issue remains, what should or could be done with this property. Obviously, it would make some bad ass lofts. The last I heard was that a developer was holding out to recover the amount of money he invested in the 80's. From what I understand this is several million dollars. Anyone have any new information on the grand ole Plaza Hotel?
  18. I don't think of it as giving up on downtown for offices, but realizing that over time more and more businesses have moved to the suburbs and that few companies are interested now in new highrises. Since the space was vacant to begin with, conversion into residential probably won't have any impact on downtown rents. There are a number of possibilities in downtown Houston: Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Melrose Building, Ben Milam, 806 Main, William Penn hotel. Also the Sterling and Texaco buildings.
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