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  1. Plenty of red meat here both in the article and in the comments. I think the downtown roundabout idea is pretty intriguing, although the years of construction to make it a reality makes me shudder. Could suffocate downtown the way LRT construction suffocated those corridors. http://www.chron.com/news/article/Here-s-a-roundabout-way-to-ease-traffic-congestion-3836900.php
  2. New multifamily midrise to go up in Shenandoah Additional information and renderings here. http://www.egovlink.com/public_documents300/shenandoah/published_documents/Government/Planning%20and%20Zoning%20Commission/Agendas/2014/041514%20PNZ%20Agenda%20Pack.pdf
  3. Feb. 2, 2005, 6:37AM Investors want to switch Northline from regular mall to open-air center By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle Sometime next year, Northline Mall, one of the oldest enclosed retail centers in Houston, could be a thing of the past. A new ownership group has plans to demolish the struggling mall to make way for an open-air shopping center filled with big-box retailers like Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy. By early 2006, the new owners expect to be building nearly 900,000 square feet of new retail space along the perimeter of the 77-acre property. When that's done, they will tear down the mall for parking space. Before going forward, the new owners need to bring in the new tenants. And some real estate observers say they could have a hard time persuading national retailers to open stores at Northline because many of them already have locations nearby. Eastbourne Investments, a New York investment firm, has purchased a 50 percent interest in Northline from the original developer and owner, Berenson Associates of Boston, which will retain the remaining stake in the property. They hope the mall's current stores will relocate to the new center
  4. Saw this on the news this morning. http://abc13.com/traffic/gulf-freeway-ramp-to-close-for-six-months/2716294/
  5. I just posted online a comprehensive listing of my concerns about TxDOT's plan. http://houstonfreeways.com/analysis I would certainly be interested in getting any feedback for errors in my analysis, or issues I missed. Of course, some of these issues are matters of opinion, but many are serious and need to be looked at by TxDOT. I'm going to submit the final list (pending any changes based on feedback) as public comment.
  6. Can anything be done about the billboards on 45? Some cities don't allow them at all... why do we? Hopefully something can be done to rid this city of that. BR
  7. Was at Hobby this weekend and drove down the redone Broadway (great job) and was once again reminded of how the street is essentially lined by apartments once you cross Sims. If I had to guess they were all built in either the late 1960s or the 1970s, at which point the plan was for HOU to close to commercial traffic with IAH opening in summer 1969. My question is does anyone remember what was there before? It’s a pretty unusual development pattern for Houston because it looks like the development was entirely coordinated over a large chunk of space. I’m sure the apartments were nice when they opened—some seem in decent condition now with a couple of noticeable exceptions. The only other place I can think of in Houston like this is Fountain View—all of those apartments, I think (could certainly be wrong) were built by the same developer, albeit with different themes. Dallas has a similar development off of Central, I believe called The Village. Was it the same case with these apartments? Thanks to anyone who can shed any light.
  8. HBJ reports today that ExxonMobil plans to build a new very large campus in Spring (west of I-45 at the point where the Hardy Toll Road intersects with I-45). The plan is to consolidate pretty much everything except for the downtown operations. Also reports a rumor that at least parts of the Refining & Marketing HQ operations may move from Virginia.
  9. I'd read Kathryn Casey's Deliver Us: Three Decades of Murder and Redemption in the Infamous I-45/Texas Killing Fields a few years ago, particularly interested in the case of Kim Pitchford who was abducted January 3, 1973 from my alma mater, Dobie High School. Just a heads-up if you've followed any of these unsolved murders along I-45 during the early 70s, A&E is premiering a series on the man who has confessed to eleven of them. It's prompted the opening of two of the cold cases. The series starts this Thursday night if you're interested. http://www.aetv.com/blog/news/ae-network-to-premiere-new-nonfiction-limited-series-the-eleven-on-thursday-october-19-at-9p
  10. didn't see a topic for this, but I think I recall someone mentioning it somewhere, at some time, so I probably just didn't search thoroughly enough. From just east of Lockwood to the loop they are doing extensive work on the feeder roads and they are adding connectors from gulf SB to 610 SB, and from 610 NB to gulf NB. Are they doing more to the freeway? Is the reconfiguration of spur 5 part of this construction? As a resident of the area that is inconvenienced by this, what is the scheduled timeline? I can only find information on transtar about what all's closed, I can't find anything else.
  11. Looks like the Exxon-Mobile campus has sparked more development; this time a 10-story building for Southwestern Energy. Per the article, the building is to be located at the corner of I-45 and the Hardy (which is probably just a generic location for SWV itself). http://www.bizjourna...ds-village.html
  12. On the SW corner of I-45 North & Woodlands Parkway/Robinson Road, they have dug a cavernous hole, and there are huge fans being stored at the job site. See the photos.
  13. It appears the long awaited Costco (I guess?) is finally coming to The Woodlands. http://impactnews.com/houston-metro/the-woodlands/the-woodlands-lands-costco-store/ Also what makes this different then Sam's Club?
  14. There is substantial clearing and site prep on the north side of FM1488 just west of the Valero gas station and south of the motocross park. Have not seen signs indicating the project. Anyone have an idea of what will be built there?
  15. The article incorrectly states that there is no connection from I-45 south to I-610 east and there are no plans to build a connection. Maybe there's no plans to build a connection because a connection from I-45 south to I-610 east has existed since the late 70s? http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/Ramps-planned-to-ease-I-45-and-I-610-southern-4879771.php?cmpid=btfpm
  16. In Oak Ridge, investors will be building Main Gate Plaza at the southeast corner of 45 and Woodlands Parkway. They plan to break ground in May. It's via the EB-5 green card program. It will include office, retail and a hotel although not all will break ground at the same time. pdf: http://goo.gl/ovqdB
  17. According to Swamplot, looks like they are planning on building a Supercenter just between the Idylwood Subdivision and the Gulf Freeway. There isn't much that can be done in that area due to the lousy location (sight of the old Oshman's warehouse), but I was hoping for something better than Walmart. What sucks, is that I planned to live near there. The traffic IS horrendous as it is, I can't even fathom what it is going to be like once it's completed.
  18. In the 1970s and the 1980s, I remember going to Pizza Hut or was it Pizza Inn on Boardway driving to Hobby Airport (driving away from I-45). It in the parking lot by Red Lobster! It had a beautiful stain glass window in the Pizza Hut or was it Pizza Inn. I love sitting by that window! If anyone remember that table which people wrote on, it was pretty interesting. I do not believe it is a good thing though. I love the 1960s or the 1970s style picture of that woman with long flowing hair. Pardon my grammar and spelling. That bring back great memories! ~Juliet Shohreh Nour~
  19. The Chronicle has the scoop on a new master-planned community on the Vaughn Tract in Montgomery County -- Think I-45 North Freeway at Grand Parkway. The developer is Toll Brothers, a pretty large national builder. It bills itself as a "luxury" homebuilder, but then they all do.
  20. Anyone heard any rumors of other companies set to develop with Sysco in the new business park located at the SWC of 45 N and Beltway 8? http://www.bizjourna.../27/story1.html
  21. There are 2 huge buildings (warehouse style) going up on the East side of I-45, a few hundred feet north of Rankin Road. Both buildings are 1-2 story, with large curved roofs. Very large surface lots. I've been thinking a car dealership (or two), but am wondering if anybody knows more details. -Jesse
  22. A recent post by mwest prompted me to list all the things that caught my eye on the Gulf Frwy, when I was a kid in the 1960's. Listed from downtown, heading south on I-45...many would have been bright neon signs. 1. Baby Giant convenience store w/ neon red dynomite sticks sign (technically below the Pierce Elevated, near St. Joseph's Hospital), but very near the Gulf Frwy. (East) 2. Markle Steel Co. (grey bldg. with neon worker sign that moved) East 3. A Taxidermy business (2 story bldg., had a upright, white polar bear in a large picture window) West 3b. what remained of Prince's Drive-In (sign & bldg. frame, all that was left, rt. after Fingers) East 4. European import auto business. (round bldg, googie roof, rt. after Fingers, after Princes) East 5. A colored tile bldg (1-story, orange, turquoise, yellow tiles, '60's style, maybe an architect or drafting office, X from Shlumberger) East (edit correction) 6. Shlumberger Bldg. (West) 7. Coca-cola sign (w/ light bulbs, large, iron frame) East 8. Helena Motel (huge glass windows) West 9. Holiday Inn (nice neon sign w/ sparkle star thing at top) East 10. Big "Fritos" sign at Lay's factory (@ Griggs) West 11. Car Dealership (Bob Robertson? w/ neon rocket sign) West 12. Dot's Coffee Shop (Googie style) West 13. Gulfgate sign (turquoise & pink, w/ umbrella) West 14. Peppermint Park (not technically on frwy, but you could see the red-striped roof, at Gulfgate) West 15. Carousel Hotel (again, not on Frwy, but close, glass windows, googie-style, Gulfgate area, w/ carousel sign) West 16. Sailboat shop (at Park Place, in a Cape Cod style house) East 17. Beauty Shop (Blue tile, x from sailboats) West 18. Wedding Chapel (rt. before Bellfort) West 19. Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant (white strip bldg, at Bellfort) West 20. Car Wash (at Howard/ Bellfort, 60's style, w/ spanish lantern decorations at top) East 21. Sage store (round 60's googie canopy walkway @ monroe & winkler) East 22. Motel (name? was like the Blue Top on Telephone Rd, nice neon sign, little hut houses, rt. before Almeda Mall) East (edit correction from west) Keep in mind, these are from the personal recollection, so they may be a little out-of-order. Anyone remember these, or have others they remember from the groovy 60's? Reason for edit: added Princes (#3b) (Sorry Vertigo)
  23. What is being built in front of the Grace Crossing Church on the southwest corner of I-45 and FM-1488? Big construction site but no signage.
  24. My wife wanted me to ask... she heard it is a $0.99 floor store like the one up on 45.
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