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  1. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2015/07/fidelis-to-redevelop-san-jacinto-mall/
  2. The Hines business parks are overlooked for some reason. They've actually been developing a lot within the past decade. Hines Launches 150-Acre Business Park in Katy, TX https://www.hines.com/news/hines-launches-150-acre-business-park-in-katy-tx (HOUSTON) – Hines, the international real estate firm, has entered into an exclusive joint venture with Katy Partners, LTD to develop a 150-acre land parcel in Katy, Texas, into the newest Hines business park, named Pintail Crossing. With frontage on Interstate 10, the Class A, master-planned business park is located at the northwest corner of Interstate 10 and Igloo Road between the Amazon and Igloo distribution centers.
  3. https://www.txdot.gov/inside-txdot/get-involved/about/hearings-meetings/houston/072622.html?fbclid=IwAR3ivAMnO24msSi1KLOH91bSzdS2tlL7EEZqpf_CPlTbdtYtgXRQgG3fHK4 First Ward residents are concerned of the increased noise this would have on their area.
  4. Oh god. I somehow always forget how awful I-10 is.
  5. On Interstate 10, the area that is now Marq*E Entertainment Center, a Walmart, and some other stuff, there used to be a huge-looking industrial plant of some sort in the late 1970s! It was downsized (partially demolished) in other shots (1989 and 1995) and completely gone by 2002 (with Marq*E to the south, the clearing of the lot and further development happened later). For comparison, this is what it looks like now. Obviously this used to be something huge, but what was it?
  6. Not sure if there is a thread open on this but this is pretty sweet, although I wonder how many would even use it. The article claims we will be one of two cities in the US to have one. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2016/08/18/car-vending-machine-coming-to-houston.html?ana=e_me_set3&s=newsletter&ed=2016-08-19&u=pSyE87f8H47o644Z%2FU%2BYL%2FNNxnt&t=1471616967&j=75491272
  7. Many years ago, there was a Kroger at the northwest corner of Interstate 10 and Gessner. While the building stood (a distinctive "Greenhouse" Kroger) until the mid-2000s, by the time it was demolished (and it was a Kroger in the 1980s, I confirmed that) it had not been a Kroger in some time. When did this Kroger close? I'm thinking it could've been as early as 1994 when they acquired the two AppleTree stores at Gessner and Hammerly (less than 2 miles north) and at Echo and I-10 (about a mile and a half east). Anyone have anymore insight?
  8. OK, here's a thing that's been bugging me for a while. If you drive on one of the ramps from 610 to I-10, specifically eastbound on 10 (that's near Washington Avenue, not near Northshore). There's a weird pink plant that's there right as the two ramps from 10 merge. At least I think it's a plant and not some sort of weird art installation. Anyone know what this is or if they've ever noticed it?
  9. Does any know what is being built next to The Grove at Wilcrest? The property that is being developed is west of the apartments next to NTB.
  10. The long-vacant lot on the southwest corner of Silber and I-10 has been paved over and a construction fence is up. Any clue what it is?
  11. Any ideas about what will replace the SAMs on the NW side of hwy6 and I 10?
  12. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2015/07/new-aloft-hotels-coming-to-houston.html "Aloft Houston West will offer 117 rooms and 2,000 square feet of meeting facilities. It will be near the intersection of Interstate 10 and Houston Chronicle Boulevard, just east of Barker Cypress Road, and it will open in March 2017."
  13. Link. Basically, the Addicks Dam subdivision, which has two streets of Interstate 10 in the middle of the Energy Corridor (been there since the '50s) has been totally bought and will be cleared. Personally, I think this is a great thing, as they finally got everyone to agree on a buyout (as their land value has shot up, and by extension, taxes), plus Park Row can connect to Dairy Ashford. location here if interested. I think it's been too long, as the area has suffered poor access since the Katy Freeway widening. Prior to this, Red Haw and Blackhaw were connected to a two way road (this two way road ended just west of Blackhaw), and the two way road connected back to Eldridge. The railroad was on the south side of this road, and beyond that, the westbound frontage road. After the widening, this little access road went away and was replaced by the new westbound frontage road, so they'd have to drive a mile and a half out of their way to get in and out. So if they wanted to go to eastbound Interstate 10, instead of going east to Eldridge, they now had to go all the way to Highway 6, make a u-turn at the turnaround lane, and then go back.
  14. Does anyone know what is going in the new commercial construction in the big cattle pasture on South side of I10 between Katy Fort Bend and Grand Pkwy? It's the acreage where the Longhorn graze.
  15. Speaking of Culberson and his efforts to derail the University Line. His pet project of I-10 which was rebuilt with close to 20 lanes has now a 20 minute longer commute than three years ago. Just saying pouring more concrete and widening freeways don't solve commute problems and he was an idiot to think it would be the answer to the problem. Spent over three billion dollars so developers out west could sell more tract homes, and suggest that with his new freeway, life would be a breeze, and so would the commute. He should stick to things he understands.
  16. Pretty interesting. This is the fastest, cheapest way to help traffic flow. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/columnists/begley/article/Price-hike-has-desired-effect-so-far-on-Katy-4895563.php?cmpid=btfpm
  17. With the 290 redevelopment in full swing, there's schematics (online-linked, so they go slow) that not only show the expanded highway but all the buildings along it (that are likely to be removed). It's been immensely helpful in research--there had to be something like this for the Interstate 10 Katy Freeway expansion, are there any (left) online? Does anyone have copies? I mean, I could go on an archive.org binge, but that would be time-consuming and unknown if it would yield good results...
  18. Isaw a crane behind the Mossy Nissan off of I10. Anyone know what that is?
  19. Prior to the new fancy Fiesta Market Place opening last summer, I didn't think that Fiesta operated any "fancy" stores. I'm aware that the 99 Ranch Market (or Ranch 99 Market, one of the two) opened in a former Fiesta on Interstate 10 (Fiesta closed during the Katy Freeway widening). Problem is, I'm having a difficult time believing it opened as a Fiesta, since it seems to be at home with second-run grocery stores (old AppleTree/Safeway stores, particularly). Was the Interstate 10 Fiesta originally something else? Sure seems like it.
  20. Anyone have any insight on what is going in across the street from the old Las Alamedas? I also see there is some new gates up around the lot next to Conn's between Gessner and Bunker Hill.
  21. I was wondering if anyone knew or has heard about what type of commercial businesses will be built on CR 1463 just south of I-10 in Katy. Right now there is a storage facility being constructed, but just south of that there is a piece of commercial property that butts up against the newest section of WoodCreek Reserve. That is particular piece in which I am interested. Thanks for your help.
  22. "The County is currently discussing the extension of Westpark Tollway west from the Grand Parkway to intersect with Interstate 10 west of Katy. No schedule has been discussed for this extension." http://www.westhouston.org/toll_roads.htm
  23. I happened to be driving around today and noticed a new crane up along I10 at West Lake Park Blvd (south side of I10). Does anyone happen to know what's going up there?
  24. There is a CVS on that corner - just next to it (West) there a building going up. Maybe some sort of fast food joint? Any insight?
  25. I grew up on the west side, and that Toys 'R' Us location has been around for as long as I can remember. It's been closed up since Ike. Any idea what's happening with it?
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