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  1. For years I have been wondering if Sears will ever do something with this eyesore located in midtown. It has so much potential, I guess at one point it was actually considered a beautiful building. Sears really needs to think about bringing it back to its original form. Something needs to be done. I would prefer to preserve the building, instead of razing it . What do you all think? Article found in the Chronicle today. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/life/main/5924010.html ''It's hideous!" fumes my friend V., warming up to one of his favorite rants: the unbearable ugliness of the Sears on Main Street. "It's right there on the light-rail line! At the entrance to the Museum District! At one of the few places where Houston can look good to visitors!" V., I have to admit, has a point. Sears' tan metal siding, blotched with graffiti cover-up, gives the building's upper floors the beaten-down air of an aging ministorage unit. But even that beats the urban battle fortifications at ground level. Someone, it appears, worked hard to make the department store defensible, able to repel invading hordes of shoppers intoxicated by Vanessa Hudgens' back-to-school ads. At the Wheeler side of the building, two sets of glass double doors, blacked out and locked during business hours, present an ominous face to the street. Opaque gray film makes the official entrance's glass doors, facing Main, only a little less scary. Bricks fill almost all the former display windows; burglar bars and more of that gray film cover the plate glass that survived. Only the most intrepid seekers of Kenmore appliances would dare breach such a bulwark. What's the deal, V. wonders. Does Sears think that the urban shoppers that store serves deserve less than, say, the suburbanites at the Memorial City Mall? And for that matter, hasn't someone at Sears noticed that Midtown has gentrified around the store? Isn't there a retail audience yearning to be better served? "Don't just return," exhorts the Hudgens back-to-school ad for Sears. "Arrive." V. would like that Sears to do just that. ...
  2. I had not heard this or seen this posted before so I thought I would pass it along. I'm glad someone will finally be occupuying the old Compaq building. http://impactnews.com/northwest-houston/335-recent-news/7446-sysco-corporation-plans-to-open-new-facility-in-cypress
  3. https://abc13.com/sugar-land-jobs-employment-in-medical-field-houston-area-mill/12786179/ "Nearly 20% of jobs in Sugar Land are in the medical field. The largest employer isn't a mill but a hospital, which has changed a lot in 15 years. https://www.fbherald.com/community/houston-methodist-sugar-land-hospital-celebrates-25-years-of-service/article_17c05a2e-7361-5332-bedd-169137809dc5.html "During an April 28 employee celebration to mark the hospital’s silver anniversary, Houston Methodist President and Chief Executive Officer Marc Boom, M.D., recalled the grand opening of Houston Methodist Sugar Land 25 years ago. “I remember turning and saying, ‘I think we are going to need a bigger hospital.’ It took us a little while, but look at where we are today,” he said. “You all are trailblazers because this was our very first site that we built outside the Texas Medical Center.”
  4. I can't believe we don't have a thread for this! (or do we?) Here are a few photos I took yesterday. http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/gallery/1237377429/gallery_3613_2_91212.jpg http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/gallery/1237377429/gallery_3613_2_195305.jpg
  5. http://swamplot.com/new-houston-methodist-admin-midrise-will-give-multicolored-child-care-center-a-neighbor-to-look-up-to/2018-11-02/
  6. Brazos Town Center ready for groundbreaking Allison Wollam Houston Business Journal NewQuest Properties will break ground on a 430-acre, $241 million development in Fort Bend County this week. Recent Company News
  7. This is the shopping center with the Randall’s at Bellaire & Bissonnet. https://s25.q4cdn.com/658894972/files/doc_presentations/2020/11/3Q20-Roadshow-(Nareit).pdf A planned multi-story mixed-use redevelopment is in the works. Wonder if they’re signaling that the Randall’s will be closing, making the shopping center obsolete.
  8. Noticed this dumpster permit for the Houston Methodist Hospital Distribution Center located at 7702 Parnell Street. Located across the street from Holmes Road, near Almeda.
  9. Found an awesome magazine called Modern Hospital, released 1952-11: Vol 79 Iss 5. You can read the publication on archive.org. Great website for historical items! As with any library, you can "check out" any book/magazine and "return it" an hour later. The magazine shows an in-depth look at the Texas Medical Center portfolio (in the ~1950s) including floor plans of old hospitals! I might create new threads with the information I found, but I wanted to focus on the Texas Medical Center Power Plant & Laundry Facility On Fannin Street. Power Plant and Laundry A power plant and laundry, owned jointly by the Methodist Hospital and St. Luke’s and Texas Children’s hospitals, provides heating, air conditioning, engineering and maintenance service and laundry. Methodist Hospital has a 50 per cent capital investment in this facility and St. Luke’s Hospital and Texas Children’s Hospital together own a 50 per cent share. In this plant also are general maintenance shops, woodworking shop, paint shop, and so forth, all to be used for the benefit of the three hospitals. The linen will be jointly owned by the participating hospitals and will be billed out on a pounds used basis. A thorough analysis was made before this joint power plant and laundry was undertaken and the following savings were believed obtainable: Initial construction saving, $40,000 to $50,000. Laundry equipment saving, $18,000. Power plant operation, $12,000 to $15,000 per year. Laundry operation, $12,000 to $15,000 per year. This joint facility of the power plant and laundry of the three hospitals will be operated by a manger of the facilities who will be responsible to the administrator of each hospital. All service will be billed to the hospitals on a cost basis. Building Number 11: Building number 11: The article that I transcribed above:
  10. This Houston Methodist surface lot on Braeswood near Fannin is down the street from MD Anderson's 1MC building and also the TMC3 project. How long until it's developed? Even a parking garage would be more beneficial. Wonder if they are waiting until they can grab all the parcels right there. Looks to be one building left.
  11. I like how it seems to flow off of the Cooley building from that angle. For some reason, the people in the shot look photoshopped!
  12. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2018/09/10/former-palace-bowling-lanes-to-be-redeveloped-as.html
  13. From what I read, the old Marriott Motor Hotel site at 2100 South Braeswood Blvd. was sold to Houston Methodist Hospital in 2000. The whole site is 10 acres. http://swamplot.com/new-houston-methodist-admin-midrise-will-give-multicolored-child-care-center-a-neighbor-to-look-up-to/2018-11-02/ The first building to be built was the Bright Horizons Child Care Center At 2100 South Braeswood Blvd. then came the Josie Roberts Administration Building At 7550 Greenbriar Dr. 10-acres is a lot of land and will support more buildings than 2. The old lay down site to build the Josie Roberts Administration Building is still unoccupied and vacant. Once the overall land increases in value, the single-story childcare center will demolished for something taller. Perhaps the campus will expand in 5 to 10 years? The Smith Land's parking lots are down the street from this campus. Once those parcels are developed, I bet you will see something else go up here.
  14. Coy Davidson just posted this on instagram: Land acquisition 2.4 Acres. Houston Methodist will build an Emergency Care Center on the site in League City, Texas at League City Parkway and Egret Bay Blvd. (FM 270)
  15. Methodist plans hospital on west side Completion of 192-bed facility expected in 2010 By LYNN COOK Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle The Methodist Hospital System will spend $300 million to build a 192-bed hospital in west Houston, hospital executives announced Friday. The hospital, with an emergency room, open-heart surgery capability and cancer treatment areas, will be on the north side of the Katy Freeway just west of Barker Cypress, Methodist president and CEO Ron Girotto said in a statement. Construction is scheduled to start early next year, with completion by 2010. The Methodist hospital site is directly next door to a 55-acre tract where construction will begin on Texas Children's Hospital West in 2008. That $220 million pediatric project is expected to be complete in 2010 as well. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/5290481.html
  16. This shopping center is at Buffalo Speedway & Westpark. Across the street from H-E-B. This center is anchored by Kroger. Noticed Vietopia vacated their spot after a decade. They are now located at the Southwest Freeway service road by Whataburger. Went to eat there last night. Same great food! Definitely a smaller footprint. Probably had to downsize due to Covid. Found an old drawing from the realtor's website. http://www.rhsint.com/plaza-in-the-park.html
  17. This is a $1.5B 2,000 acre mixed use development at the intersection of GP & FM 1464: http://www.globest.com/news/908_908/houston/160716-1.html
  18. This is from a news release yesterday on the Methodist hospital homepage. Looks like they're going all out. Methodist announces inpatient tower expansion Learn about our facilities. HOUSTON - 02/19/07 - The Methodist Hospital System announced today plans for one of the Texas Medical Center
  19. Noticed an MRI replacement registered with TLDR. Building is located at 8333 Katy Freeway.
  20. Houston Methodist expansion registered with TDLR. Address is 5505 West Loop South. I remember when this building was a Conn's.
  21. Building signage says this is a collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine. The Neurosensory Center of Houston located at 6501 Fannin St. There is a planned skybridge on the outside of this building.
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