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Found 14 results

  1. I was searching for details regarding this fire station and noticed we didn't have a thread for it. Year built? The architect?
  2. As Spring arrives, everyone be extra careful with your bbq pits... Now that we no longer have a fire dept to come save us. Apparently Station 16, Richmond at Dunlavy, suffered a floor buckling today and is close to collapse. All personnel has been relocated and the station is closed indefinitely. http://swamplot.com/breaking-fire-station-news/2010-04-02/
  3. Restoration has begun on Fire Station No. 6, 1702 Washington Avenue. Houston
  4. I wasn't able to find it on a link anywhere...but here is the news... The new fire station to replace firestation 1 is to be built under the pierce elevated between Louisianna and Milam! Firefighter officials were concerned because of having a building located under a major freeway. The Mayor argued the the location was the best and the land was the cheapest they could find. I was unable to find when ground breaking would take place. But this would bring together fire firstations into a "super station". Any thoughts on this? Ricco
  5. The old fire station a block south of Champ Burger (best burgers in the East End) on Sampson St. is being restored along with six turn of the century homes saved from the townhouse dozers and moved to lots neighboring the fire station. The best part is that the investor financing this project is moving his family from West U to the East End to live there. Great move in so many ways!
  6. Does anyone know the history of the old 33 station at the corner of Fannin and Braeswood? It was replaced several years ago (now at 7117 Fannin), and has been wasting away ever since. It's a neat building, and I am having a hard time finding it on HCAD... This is all the COH site says about it: Firehouse 33 helds the unique distinction of being one of the last stations to be housed in an original volunteer station—it being the city hall/fire station of the Brasewood section of Houston at the corner of Fannin and Brasewood and was annexed in 1950. I'll post some pictures soon, but here's the streetview: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source...800000000000003 Also, someone mentioned in another thread that it might be owned by the folks who own the Lanesborough apartments nearby...
  7. I just read a very short wiki write up about Oak Forest. It showed a picture of FIRE STATION 13 IN 1950. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fire_Station_13.jpg Anybody know where it was located? It must have disappeared not too long after that. I do remember the fire station adjoining or very close to a big white lodge type building on W.34, just west of Shepherd on the north side of the street. And, what was that building? Maybe a Masonic Lodge?
  8. Does anyone have any pictures of the old Fire Station #1 before it became the Downtown Aquarium?
  9. In today's article discussing the City's potential sale of the Summit/Compaq Center to Lakewood Church, one of the other city properties listed "for sale" includes the Old Heights Fire Station. Nancy Sarnoff Reporting. . . I assume the Heights Association has the property under some sort of lease. Can anyone shed any light on this? Any HHA folks lurking out there?
  10. Another small one like Station 33 doesn't make it: http://arch-ive.org/archive/fire-station-37
  11. The Houston Fire Department will be building a new fire station at Highway 288 and Reed Road, Houston City Council Member Wanda Adams announced Tuesday. The City will break ground for construction Thursday. "This new fire station is in keeping with my commitment to the safety of District D residents," Council Member Adams said. "Anyone who has been in an emergency knows that every second counts, and with this new station, South Houston residents will see marked improvements in the City's response times." The new station, Station 24, will serve an area that has long had a gap in service. It will not only improve response times in the areas served by the new station, it will also improve response times at nearby stations, which will no longer need to respond to emergencies in the new station's area. Station 24, which will house one fire engine and one medic unit, has been on the Fire Department's five-year plan since 1991. It will be built with $5 million from a Community Development Block Grant. Construction is scheduled to be completed in October 2010.
  12. Anyone else remember this vintage fire truck? It was probably from the 30s or 40s. It was situated at Fire Station No. 25 on Scott near Wheeler in the early-mid 90s. I remember one Sunday me and my dad were walking to church at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, I was about 4 or 5 at the time. We parked on Rosewood and we were about to walk across Scott when the fire truck caught my eye. Some fire fighters were out there, so my dad took me over, and they showed me the truck, let me sit in it and ring the bell. That was SO cool. I remember hearing a few years later that the truck was being transferred to another station in another state, but I don't remember where. I can't find anything in The Chronicle archives about it, but maybe someone with a better memory can recollect it. I don't know if I should put this in historic Houston or not, seeing as it was fairly recent. Does this jog anyone's memory?
  13. Station 46 - South Union http://www.station46.com/ RedScare, the flaming 8-ball is cool, but probably not as cool as the "flaming dalmation who's smoking a stogie" BTW, a big thanks to all the firefighters out there!
  14. Hey, guys! For some reason, the Houston Fire Department doesn't divulge fire station names on its website - Only station numbers. Here are some names (seen on the station's fire trucks) of the stations (See for a list) * 3 = River Oaks * 19 = Fifth Ward * 33 = Medical Center * 37 = Braes Heights * 51 = Sharpstown Know any other fire station names?
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