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  1. Yea that is a good article, I guess I should ask about the history of the Spanish Style home that one has been there since before 1944. AS seen in the pic here. Also thx for the responses guys I appreciate it.
  2. Does anyone remember a big house that used to sit on Old Galveston Rd by the name of Milby Mansion? It was about a mile from Broadway. It was torn down some time back and an industrial plant was built on that site. The trees that lined the front of the street are still there. Would appreciate any info.
  3. Please post any info you have on where HH lived in town, where his business empires where located, etc. I have recently read a few books on this guy and the things he accomplished were just amazing. I just wonder where exactly in Houston he lived, worked, went to lunch, etc... I'm guessing River Oaks Blvd. somewhere close to the country club is where he must have lived. Where was he in his later years when he went nuts, stopped bathing, urinated on the floor, no longer cut his hair and nails, ate candy bars and cake to where all of his teeth rotted out, and sat naked watching Ice Station Zebra over and over again? I've been to his grave in Glenwood Cemetary but would like to learn some trivia on the places in town he lived in.
  4. My apologies for posting on the same topic in two different forums, but I thought there might be people on this forum who, like me, missed the original discussion on this in the Real Estate forum. As others of you already know, GHPA added the West Mansion to their Endangered Buildings List. Links to articles and other background information have been posted here, on the other forum, but I'll include some links again here for those interested: 1/13/07 Chronicle article 10/25/06 Chronicle article 12/6/06 NYT article re Hakeem Olajuwon's real estate investments GHPA Endangered Buildings List Texas Historical Commission write-up
  5. It has always been aknowledged in my neighborhood that Gov. Sterling lived in the newly developed Avondale District ( 600 Avondale) in the 1910's before he built his fabulous mansion-- but I was given this: http://www.chron.com...id=1999_3128940 now I wonder? anyone have any information?
  6. Amazing how the Fondren Mansion which once seemed so massive now looks like a cute puppy at the feet of its masters.
  7. My father-in-law was a native Houstonian, and he used to talk about an old illegal casino/brothel(?) out Hwy 90. He said it existed after WWII and up into the 1950's. There was an old brick gatehouse just west of the current Beltway on the south side of 90 that he said belonged to the casino...does anyone know about this, or was my late father-in-law yankin' my chain?
  8. I searched the site but could not find anything. If this topic has been discussed, please shoot me a PM to the thread and close this one. Someone on another forum was asking about and talking about the Seabrook Murder Mansion aka Toddville Road Mansion aka List Mansion and was looking for more information. Supposedly it was haunted and a pretty nasty murder occured there back in the 70's. Many urban legends surrounded it. I found the following site that as a little tidbit on the story which interested me so I thoughh I would post up here to get the real scoop. Couldn't really find much more. Anyone got any pictures of the place and or credible stories or sources for more information? Who was Bill List? http://www.texasghosthunters.com/stories/east/list_mansion.html Thanks ahead of time.
  9. I've searched quite a bit and have come up with little to nothing on the former estate of Glenn McCarthy - it sat where the Brentwood and 7575 Kirby condominiums currently are (northeast corner of Kirby and North Braeswood, right across from Jenkins' 2530 Underwood house). It was designed by Milton McGinty and completed by 1938. McCarthy bought the land from Rice Institute in 1935 and later sold it to Harold Farb in 1972. It was demolished some time between 1972 and 1977. Other than some newspaper articles about its construction and a mention of it in the Anchorage Foundation's Braeswood: An Architectural History, there doesn't seem to be much else out there. Anyone have any information or memories?
  10. I posted on swamplot--- there are apparently a lot of Sterling houses --relatives get named after relatives--similar names and different houses etc-- I might have posted before that Avondale Civic has a Historic walking tour that tells a lot about Avondale homes and their owners-- some of the information comes from local residents who have lived in Avondale since the 60's or so. That information (garnered from the owner of Sterling house) indicates the house was moved from the corner of Westheimer and Bagby where the strip shopping center is now. This Sterling house was apparently lived in by Helen Sterling a daughter in law.
  11. Does any one know/remember the name of the private club that used to be on Buffalo Speedway north of S.Main on the east side on the street between Durhill St. and Elmridge St.? It's building were there from the early 50s to sometime around 1976. I think at one point it became someones private property. It had either a large swimming pool or a huge pond on the property. Here's a pic of the location off Google Earth 1953. In fact if you go to Google Earth you can still see where the property was.
  12. Crappy photo, but gets the job done. This house had been for sale for quite a while, and I thought was as good as gone. But the sign out front is gone, and it appears to be saved for the time being. You'll remember that this house was originally painted that dark red that typefies the work of Bailey Swenson, Len Gebhart and one Bolton & Barnstone house in Riverside Terrace. Hopefully they won't discover any problems with it.
  13. Here are some links to a very interesting house that started it's life in 1916 in downtown Houston and was moved south to the Brazos river area in the 30s. http://lifeonthebrazosriver.com/ScanlanHouse.htm https://mylifebehindbars.net/2017/02/02/the-scanlan-mansion/ Here some lucky kids got to explore it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc4O32eiT5Q Coordinates are approximately 29° 28'44.35"N 95° 28'58.64" The story doesn't have a happy ending. This lovely historic home was recently demolished to make room for more Sienna Plantation homes. So sad.
  14. Weingarten/Lavinghousez Mansion - Natural Burial Cemetery? Saw this bulletin over the weekend surrounding the Kuhlmann Family Cemetery. Apparently, Terry Ward is trying to buy both adjacent properties and transform everything into a "Remembrance Park". Anyone have any insider scoop? http://indigofields.com/
  15. How is it possible to "Doze" an historic mansion in an historic district? This house was moved to its current location in the early 1900's. Parts of the movie Terms of Endearment were filmed there. I did not see the signs myself, but was told by a neighbor. Montrose is being redefined for $$.
  16. Anyone heard of this? It was on one of those clickbait lists of America's top haunted homes. http://www.theguardian.com/cities/gallery/2014/oct/30/american-horror-story-real-haunted-houses-halloween-in-pictures
  17. I passed by 1200 Southmore today, and it is demolished. The detached garage remains, but I'm sure it is next. Most of you will remember this property as being the Patrician Bed & Breakfast Inn for many years. In more recent years, it was the location for Novalash. According to information I found, the three-story Colonial Revival style mansion was built in 1919 for George Smith King (1876-1965), a prominent attorney and judge, and the chairman of the Jefferson Davis Hospital Board. It was later purchased by Pat Thomas, who restored the home to it's former grandeur, and ran the Patrician Bed & Breakfast. According to the website, you could enjoy your breakfast in the large dining room or in the sunny solarium. According to information, the Patrician "is centrally located between downtown Houston and The Texas Medical Center. Walk to Hermann Park, Houston Zoological Gardens, Clayton Genealogical Research Library, Rice University and The Houston Museum of Fine Arts." The home was originally built for Mr. George Smith King, b. 1876 in Rusk County, Texas, d. 27-Aug-1965 in Houston, Texas. George earned his law degree at the Univ of Texas where he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. He served as District Attorney in Nacogdoches Cnty until he moved to Houston in 1905. He married Lollie Dee Chapman, married 01-Jun-1899 in Nacogdoches, Texas. "They say you can't go back again, but they don't know the Chambers family who recently revisited an important place in their history and their hearts - home. Lollie Dee King Chambers lived at 1200 Southmore for most of her young adulthood. It was there that many cherished memories were created with her parents, sister Geane and other relatives who resided in the home from time to time. She was married there - in front of the home's fireplace - and lived there with her husband Gene Chambers, and their two young children until 1941, when Daddy kicked us out, she chuckles. My mother often talked about the house her father, George King, built in 1919, says Bob Chambers. She always wondered what had happened to it.. Knowing how much the house meant to her, Chambers set out to see if it was still standing. Much to his surprise, the current owner, Pat Thomas, knew exactly who he was and was delighted to meet a descendent of the original builder. When I told the owner I was George King's grandson, she couldn't believe it, Chambers says. She enthusiastically invited us in, and we had a long visit.. Thomas bought house in 1991 and has lovingly restored it into The Patrician Bed Breakfast Inn. Familiar with it's history, Thomas was anxious to know more: I was hoping one of the family might come by one day. She got her wish, but it didn't stop there. As a gift to their mother for her 88th birthday, Bob chambers and his sisters, Deleste and Neva, planned a memorable homecoming at the house for much of the extended family. Seeing the house in all its newfound glory was nothing less than thrilling for Lollie Dee Chambers. It sure is different today, she says. That was the music room; my mother kept trying to make me play the piano, but she finally gave up. Lollie Dee continued to talk of old times, saying her grandfather who had fought in the Civil War later lived there with the family. There was a chicken coop in the backyard... and the servants' quarters were behind the house, Chambers remembers. After much reminiscing and an elegant dinner, guests pushed back the tables and started dancing, each making sure they had a turn with the birthday girl. The immediate family took the opportunity to spend the night in the home, and then all 25 guests returned for a brunch the following morning. As they shared the fond memories of the home more than 60 years since they lived there, the Chambers family members were pleased that it hasn't lost its charm. And it's definitely had a life of its own, as a convalescent home, and art gallery and the late Mickey Leland's congressional headquarters. Pat Thomas says that with her thriving bed and breakfast, things continue to bustle around the home. It is more like staying in a home here, she says, smiling. Make that a cozy, old-fashioned home with a rich history." RO Monthly November 1996 From the General Register of the Students and Former Students of the University of Texas - 1917 : George S. King, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; left half football; Attorney-at-Law; county atty. 4 yrs, Nacog- doches Co.; mem. Odd Fellows; W. O. W. 707 Kress Bldg. and 1118 California Ave., Houston, Texas.
  18. I wonder is anyone has ever considering making a movie of his life. There are so many fun and intriguing elements. The Dome, the eccentric private suites out in right field, bringing baseball to Houston, Astroworld, buying the Ringling Brothers Circus, the Celestial Suites, his controversial stint as mayor of Houston in the '50's, his whimsical home on Galveston Bay ("Huckster House"), larger than life personality, the split with R.E. Bob Smith, his financial collapse and health problems, final moment in the spotlight when he came out in his wheelchair to be honored at the Dome, etc... I may be biased being a Houstonian, but I think there's a great movie there.
  19. And the '60's are very hot at the moment! Producers? I am available as a consultant! Huckster House, 811 Bayridge Rd. Still there, I believe
  20. Preservation Houston is proud to announce a very special February event. Villa de Luxe, a historic Houston estate, will be transformed into a stunning design showhouse from February 1 until February 17, 2013. The house, designed by William Ward Watkin, was built for hardware magnate F.A. Heitmann in 1924. The house stands at #1 Longfellow on two acres in historic Shadyside, a private place neighborhood adjacent to Rice University. Luxe Interiors + Design is the premier media sponsor of this event, which will benefit Preservation Houston. Event chairs are Jane-Page Crump and Bill Stubbs, ASID designers. The landscape architect is McDugald-Steele; The interiors are being handled by a top-tier group of Houstons Interior Design community - Peggy Hull–reception hall; Sandy Lucas & Sarah Eilers—dining room; breakfast room—John Robinson; kitchen and butler’s pantry—Julie Koch; back entry and porch—Diana Walker; front porch and pool area—Connie LeFevre; conservatory—Audrey Drought; and basement—Darla Bankston. Also, library—Marjorie Slovack; master bedroom and bathroom—Donna Vining; nursery and bathroom (bedroom 1) –Marlys Tokerud; front bedroom (2) and bath—Donna Jarnigan; bedroom 3 with balcony—Lynne Jones; bedroom 4—Lisa Roth and third floor—Sharon Staley. Jane-Page is designing the living room and Bill Stubbs is handling the solarium which has the most incredible windows. Tickets $30 at the door $25 in advance $20 for groups of 20 or more Showhouse dates February 1 through February 17, 2013 Showhouse hours Saturdays, February 2, 9 and 16: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays, February 3, 10 and 17: noon to 4 p.m. Thursdays, February 7 and 14: for scheduled events Pop-up café Jackson and Company will provide box lunches for purchase on Saturdays and Sundays and for all scheduled events.
  21. I just need a little over $9.5 mill and I would buy it. http://search.har.com/engine/2307-River-Oaks-Bl-Houston-TX-77019_HAR17501491.htm The county records show a major renovation was done in 2007 so I doubt it looked exactly like that in the days he was there but still kind of a cool part of history to own. He actually died in the house in 1993. http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl/1993_1121241/frank-sharp-dies-in-sleep-at-age-87-success-scanda.html
  22. Is it still there? Someone told me they thought it burned down and there now is some Condos there. Sorry misspelled museum in the title.
  23. I can't find a thing about it on HAIF, and I'm surprised because I figure y'all know it ALL about buildings in Houston and surrounding. So today, I was in a photo shoot at the Stewart mansion, far west end of Galveston island. It is one of the most phenomenal buildings I've ever been in. There's almost nothing left of the upstairs, and the downstairs is following suit, but the place had to have been just epic in its heyday. Anyone know anything beyond what Googling yields, which is essentially: built in 1926, bought by Maco Stewart, given to UTMB, sold to George Mitchell, now owned by local investment group. No talk of when it became vacant, why it's been abandoned for so long, or what anyone plans to do with it.
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