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Found 10 results

  1. Development application was sent to the City of Missouri City. https://www.missouricitytx.gov/DocumentCenter/View/11482/110419-R-Pkt
  2. I was driving back from Richmond, TX today and decided to take the scenic route back to Riverside Terrace, that is to take U.S. 90A all the way back as if it is prior to 1961 and the SW Freeway has not been built. I'd taken the stretch last week to check out construction. From Richmond to Highway 6, the highway is still in its 4 lane divided configuration. Once you pass Highway 6, there's some construction going on to widen it to an 8 lane boulevard. Last week, westbound traffic was still using the original 1934 bridge over Oyster Creek in front of the old Imperial Sugar mill. Today, westbound traffic had been diverted to the newer late 1940's former eastbound bridge. Eastbound traffic was on a new structure over the creek. I assume the 1934 bridge is to be demolished soon, the plaques with the year it was built and other info had been removed (what the construction companies did with it, I don't know). There's a few s-curves between Ulrich Rd. and BW 8 diverting traffic onto and off of new and old pavement. It appears in Stafford they're making portions of it a freeway, I'd even heard rumors that they were going to put part of it into a trench at Kirkwood or something like that, it had to do with the railroad crossing as well. Once you pass Willowridge HS, you enter the oldest section of the S. Main/US 90A freeway completed in 1996. Last week, traffic was still on the feeder roads all the way to S. Post Oak. All lanes of the new freeway are open from Stafford to the South Loop. No more traffic lights and crossovers, just smooth sailing at 65 mph, a far cry from just 5 years ago. Passed under 610 and hit the 8 lane boulevard, moving pretty good, then curved onto the 6 lane portion of US 90A known as OST right into Riverside Terrace which is now nice and smooth with new asphalt thanks to TxDOT (took em long enough, over a year from old surface removal to repaving!)
  3. I meant to ask this when I was still in the area, but I saw a tower crane near this intersection, assembling a fairly substantial structure. It appeared to be a bit behind the Springhill Suites that was completed recently, and they were to the 2nd or 3rd level when I drove by. Was never able to see any signage. Anyone know what this project is?
  4. Does anyone know what the status of the effort to make the train horns quieter on US90? This affects many neighborhoods such as New Territory. I got a flyer from the City of Sugar Land talking about some sort of noise solution and it did get quieter for a few months. But the train horns are loud again. The horns go off all hours of the night and occasionally wake me up. I am pretty far away. I can't imaging how loud it is for folks closer to the tracks.
  5. I have a theory about the vast prairies that lie south of the Loop, north of the Beltway, and along both sides of 288, extending from about Scott Street back towards Highway 90A. Am I right, or is this just some fluke that we have countryside so close to such a burgeoning urban area? The theory goes like this: Development in the area has historically been slow; the reason for this is likely that State Highway 288 was completed as a freeway in 1984, just prior to a major regional downturn that was particularly hard-felt in the housing market. As the region began to emerge from the downturn, much of the prairie land through which the freeway had been built remained undisturbed, but the few neighborhoods that had been built in the area prior to the freeway
  6. The intersection at HWY 6 & HWY 90 is now open! Hwy 6 now has a bridge over University (in front of Sams), HWY 90, and the train track. This will be a HUGE time saver for thousands of drivers that drive thru this intersection every day. Plus the infrastructure is now ready for the Telfair retail, mixed use development planned for the SW corner of the intersection.
  7. I've lived out here East for many years now. They are finally consructing HWY90 into The Loop. It should be finished in a year or 2. My questionis are there any projects for HWY90 and The Belt. There;s alot of space there and KBHomes bought some of it so there's no roon for a mall. They could have used that spave for all sorts of things, offices,mall, mimimall,stores, Park&Ride and apartments. You're not supposed to put homes at a major HWY junction. There's 3 other but 2 of them don't have much room. There's 1 more but it's got trees all in it.
  8. The largest remaining stretch of available commercial land in Sugar Land has been purchased by a partnership that plans to develop a mixed-use project there. Weaver Davis & Jacob Realty Group said Monday that it represented Hwy 6 & 90 Ltd., a single-asset limited partnership, in the purchase of the 112-acre tract at the southwest corner of Highway 6 and Highway 90. Bizjournals article.
  9. Guest

    Highway 90 At Beltway 8

    There's alot of new stiff going on aroundBeltway 8 and Crosby Freeway. I drove by a few monts ago and saw apartments. I drove by again a few months later and saw houses. KB homes is building houses on the big vacant space at the HWY90 -Beltway 8 junction. I always thought they woudl be something cooler like a mall there. Anybody know what the junction plans are? They gonna beuild a mall or office complexes or just build houses?
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