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Found 10 results

  1. woah! I just found a Alfred C. Finn drawing of a Harris County Criminal Court Building, that I don't think, was ever built! This is from the archives!! This would have been in the 1920s. Proposed Criminal District Courts Building For Harris County - Houston, Texas Chester H. Brown - County Mgr.
  2. Looking through some of the old photos of freeway construction, I've noticed a 9-story or so building adjacent to the Sam Houston Coliseum. It's to the left of it in the photo below. I'm going to guess that it was demolished for the Albert Thomas Convention Center since the site appears to be at the corner of Bagby & Capitol. Seems to be gone from the 1970's era photos posted on here as well, so that begs the question as to just what it was... http://www.texasfreeway.com/Houston/historic/photos/images/i45_downtown_aerial_5_1961.jpg
  3. Anybody have more information on this project? I know most of it is complete, but does anybody have any photos?
  4. Harris County Courthouse 1883. During the 1870s and early 1880s Courthouse Square was used as a municipal park. In 1883 Edward J. Duhamel, a Galveston architect who had in 1878 won a competition to design Houston's new city hall and market house, was selected to design a new courthouse. Duhamel produced a handsome, four-story brick Victorian Gothic building cruciform in shape, with a tall spire rising from its center. It was constructed at a cost of $100,000. After nearly 25 years this courthouse, like its predecessors, was demolished having been deemed hopelessly overcrowded and a fire hazard. The 1883 courthouse was vacated in November 1908 and county offices moved to the Prince Theater. The old building was demolished and construction of the new courthouse was begun in mid-1909 and was virtually complete and occupied by November 1910. An open house was held 15 November to coincide with Houston's annual "No-Tsu-Oh" Festival, but the courthouse was not formally dedicated until 2 March 1911, in observance of the one hundred-fifth anniversary of Texas Independence.
  5. I doubt they were high-end apartments, especially in late 1980s-era downtown (probably only used for exterior shots, while the interior set was somewhere else). The high-end apartment towers (not built downtown) kept their value, but the hotels that permanently closed in this era weren't able to be converted to high-end housing and either became retirement homes or were torn down entirely.
  6. This is great news! courts renovation to cost county $40.2 million Plan to return building to 1910 appearance is one part of major shift By BILL MURPHY Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle Harris County plans to spend $40.2 million to restore the historic Civil Courts Building to its appearance in 1910, when it was built. The 1st and 14th state appellate courts would move from the South Texas College of Law building to the courthouse when restoration is completed, scheduled to be summer 2008. As part of the same plan to improve county courthouses, the Family Law Center would close in 2006 and reopen in April 2008 after a $27.9 million renovation. Mike Yancey, head of the county's facilities and management department, will brief Commissioners Court on a master plan for the downtown county courthouse complex Tuesday. Commissioners Court would have to approve the plan before it could go forward. During private meetings, several commissioners have voiced support for it, Yancey said. Plans call for the Civil Courts Building's exterior to be restored to its 1910 state, while only parts of the interior would be restored
  7. i know we've discussed this issue before, but i couldn't find a thread specifically about it. also, moderators, do we need a "historic preservation" thread under issues? or, should we put historic preservation issues under the neighborhood they are occurring? May 20, 2007, 12:36AM Old photographs hold the key to restoration Architects are trying to reconstruct the look of the 1910 Harris County courthouse By BILL MURPHY Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle Rebuilding a legacy Like a detective from a cold case squad, Dan Reissig examines a photo of the Houston Law School Class of 1934. The faces of the graduating students are of no interest to him. He ignores those, peering instead at the ornamental plaster work in the room where the photo was taken
  8. The Bob Casey Courthouse is one ugly structure. I cannot stand that place. It doesn't really inspire a sense of justice in me. http://www.txs.uscourts.gov/jury/images/park016.jpg
  9. I drive by this chunk of freeway-colored concrete twice a day. It's outstanding in its lack of architectural interest and how it proudly displays, not only a natural pavement/smog aesthetic on its skin, but also the prominent drool stains that draw the eye vertically. I doubt that when they designed this building the expected to produce this specific effect, however. Anyone know when it was built? I'm guessing mid/late 60s. There's some sort of boom lift or crane alongside it so I'm hoping that perhaps it's undergoing a spiff-up. If not, where are our city officials? Is that a parking garage attached to it? It's in a proud prom-queen location alongside the 45 DT, standing relatively alone, bridging 6th Ward and DT, and appears to be a sad wallflower instead. This building needs to be cleaned head to toe to enhance its blocky, minimalist lines.
  10. I am currently in gagged in an active search for historical documents and pictures related to Harris county. If you have any or know of anyone that might have any I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you wish you can contact the head Harris County Archivists at the below address. She is a real nice lady and is easy to talk to. And if you ever get a chance to visit her she has a wonderful view of Houston from her office space which almost takes up a whole floor. Sarah Jackson, CA Harris County Archives Criminal Justice Center 1201 Franklin, 12th Floor Houston, Texas 77002 sarah_jackson@fpm.co.harris.tx.us 713-368-7640 (phone) 713-368-7641 (fax) Thanks everyone for your asistance!
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