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  1. I was just wondering, how far apart are these two developments and do you all thing these two sites could change the perception of Houston as a urban walkable city? Which development do you think has the greatest potential for development? Some say that the KBR site should become a park, but I believe that there could be a much better use for the site. KBR Site Regent Square
  2. French Quarter Plans $100M for Resort Redo By Amy Wolff Sorter 600 Del Lago Blvd.LAKE CONROE, TX-A 174-acre vacant resort will have a second life with help from its new owner, Atlanta-based French Quarter Group. The buyer plans to invest more than $100 million into the Del Lago Resort & Conference Center, its first property in Texas. http://www.globest.com/news/938_938/houston/161872-1.html
  3. FYI, I took the family to Hermann Park Saturday morning. What a gem this park is!! The renovations to the reflection pool and McGovern Lake are fantastic. There have also been a lot of reforestation projects undertaken that will pay dividends in a few years. We should be proud of Hermann. . . it's a great urban park. Do yourself a favor and spend a couple of hours there soon. It is a good stress reliever. . .
  4. Does anyone know exactly how long the memorial park track is?
  5. Who remembers the Golfcrest Country Club, off of Long Drive, before they moved to Pearland...? Home of a lot of famous Houston golf matches.
  6. I am curious to know if there are any other old golf courses that were "around" the loop that have vanished.
  7. Houston Country Club sure does have a lot of permitted work. I see permits for 1 Potomac Dr. almost daily. https://www.houstoncc.com/
  8. Doing of my "look at something in Google Earth and discover something else" excursions that I do on a far too regular basis, I found what appeared to be a golf course just east of the Sears store there. It was roughly bordered by North Shepherd (west), the railroad (south), Crosstimbers/Westcross (north), and the homes west of Yale (east). By the late 1970s it was demolished for a series of warehouses with railroad spurs, which it is today, though the spurs are not active anymore. Does anyone know what this golf course was? I tried to do searches on it to no avail.
  9. does anyone think Houston will ever get a legit botanical gardens? the ones in San Antonio are very nice and it would be a great addition to things to do/see around town. i know there are some smaller gardens, but why dont we have a full fledged botanical garden like many major cities?
  10. Although I do not live in the East End I have worked in the area for many years. I work very close to the Golf Course and it is something I look forward to seeing each day. The history of Gus Wortham G.C. in itself should declare it a landmark. It is, imo a treasure of the city. Unfortuately, the city has not kept it up very well and a movement in the East End has begun to save it. Below is a wonderful editorial by attorney Walter Boyd. A committee is being formed called Friends of Gus Wortham that will do whatever it needs to to raise funds, clean it and hopefully perserve the entire course for future generations. If you know of anyone in the East End who would like to help please pm me and please read the outstanding editorial Walter wrote. I know he has gotten much feedback on it. ( a friend of mine whose dad is a WWll veteran was a caddie at that golf course when he was a teenager, lots of wonderful memories there) http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/editor...ok/4561944.html
  11. Bryan golf course repairs OK'd Council drops feasibility study By APRIL AVISON Eagle Staff Writer The Bryan City Council voted Tuesday to upgrade the Municipal Golf Course, scrapping plans for a feasibility study that would have examined other possible uses for the land. Councilman Jason Bienski cast the only vote against the renovations, which officials say could cost more than $4 million. Councilman Paul Madison did not attend the Tuesday evening meeting. City leaders had contemplated a feasibility study, saying they wanted to ensure the Villa Maria Road property was being best used for the golf course, rather than commercial development or some other purpose. The study would have cost about $60,000, officials said. "[Conducting a feasibility study] just shows that we've uncovered all the stones to find the best use of the property," Bienski said. "I don't think there's anyone here on the council that's against an affordable municipal course." Bryan officials have spent more than two years discussing what to do with the golf course. Some members of the Bryan Business Council had suggested that the site on Villa Maria might be better used for commercial development, and the business council did not give its blessing to the revitalization plan when it was first proposed last summer. But no consensus had emerged on how and where to build a replacement course. Bienski is a former member of the business council, an economic development group tasked with promoting Bryan projects. A handful of residents addressed the council during Tuesday's meeting, pleading for the renovations at the Municipal Golf Course, which has been on Villa Maria Road for about 79 years. Councilman Ben Hardeman said the golf course is an asset to the community "that can't be measured in dollars." "It's almost an historical feature," he said. Based on the council's vote Tuesday, the city will pay Tripp Davis and Associates $150,000 for architectural and engineering services to develop the plan to renovate the golf course. Necessary improvements include upgrades to the irrigation and drainage systems, and reworking of tee boxes, greens and fairways. "You would pretty much have a completely renovated facility," Bryan project manager John Blackburn said. Plans also call for the construction of a new clubhouse and cart paths. "The golf course can still make money with the increased play we're going to get as a result of a better golf course," said Hugh Seale, president of the Brazos Golf Association. "We have a niche. It's called municipal golf, not country club golf." _________________ Was anyone as disappointed in this decision as I was? I truly feel that Bryan would've benefited infinitely more by selling or leasing the land occupied by "Muni" to the appropriate developer rather than maintaining a delapidated, shrinking (due to road construction) and polluted piece of land. That land, given its location between the two largest and most upscale residential developements in Bryan's history (Traditions & Miramont), Texas A&M and Northgate is wasted given its current use. Its ideally suited for a large, multi-use development with retail, office and residential venues. A new course could've been built for a couple of million more than the cost to renovate the current one in a new part of town that would've opened up new growth and still provided an inexpensive form of recreation for locals and visitors. I really think our city leaders (other than Jason Bienski who voted against this) missed a grand opportunity here. As far as its "historical" value goes, the very first game of golf I ever played was at Muni, I took junior high lessons there and my dad grew up in the neighborhood across Villa Maria and has told many stories of walking and playing there but come on...historical? Unless, the proposed renovations are very grand in scale I think this was a grand mistake! For anyone outside of B-CS who reads this, "Muni", as we call it has been on a down hill slide for years. Thought it is the only public course in Brazos County other than the course on A&M's campus it has declined for years as has its attendance. Bryan is now home to three country clubs and though Muni has its place its current location is defeating its purpose. Its bordered by a railroad track, lower income housing, and a small lake polluted by arsenic leaked by a chemical plant a few blocks away over several decades prior to the mid '90's. It has been said that a new course could be built for a couple of million or less dollars than its going to cost to "renovate" the current muni. I guess its too late but I sure wish others on the city council would look past the next 10 years and further into the future. If developed properly this could've transformed all of central Bryan, directly north of A&M's campus & Northgate.
  12. In a Tidelands thread there is a list of businesses on Main St in 1969, and Houston Golf Center is listed at 7710 Main between Braeswood and Kirby. Is that what you were referring to? Where were other miniature golf courses in Houston? For me these rank up there with snake farms and dinosaur parks as great roadside attractions.
  13. Well it was 1980 and it was closed and I would say that it was on Main, I was 8 yrs old and remember passing by the park and it was abandon. You can still see the actual holes despite the high grass. That was a great trip in 80 we stayed at the Astroworld hotel, and spent 2 days at Astroworld. I remember my parents used to love eating at the kroger deli, and also we went to I think Burger Chef quite a bit.
  14. The property that the current Fairfield Golf Center (driving range) in Cypress sits on has been sold. Does anyone know to whom and what is being built there? I have heard Sam's Club and Methodist Hospital but the land doesn't seem to be big enough for either.
  15. I hear they are going to open two in Houston... one of which will likely be behind the Marquee on I10 and Silber. Excellent if true.
  16. Just learned that area stalwart, 53-year old Treeline Golf Course will be closing on June 16th. It will be re-developed into a residential neigborhood. No word as to what will become of Dillas. http://www.hcnonline.com/site/news.cfm?BRD...2&PAG=461&rfi=9
  17. My link really cool, i've been to the one in Dallas, been waiting for one for years Coming at I-10 and Memorial Brook Drive. Just west of Hwy 6 on I-10 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  18. I finally got some of my boxes of old books unpacked. I came across a 1941 Directory for the Houston Country Club back when it was still located on Wayside. It had a couple of interesting old pictures of the club in it. I stopped by over there. What appears to be that mantle is in one of the snack shop rooms, under about 15 coats of paint. I don't know if that is the original location or not. Very little else is recognizable from these photos.
  19. Golf Club At Briar’s Creek with a McNair Interests donation. https://www.briarscreek.com/
  20. Anyone know if they have plans to build one? This google aerial image kind of looks like it. For those who drive on Kuykendahl on a regular basis, I'm sure you've seen Timmaron signs and construction going on. I wonder if this is part of it? It looks like about "18 fairways" but then again, they don't look like they're connected very well. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source...mp;t=h&z=15
  21. Does anyone remember West Alabama Miniature Golf (1920 W. Alabama), which in the 1940's and 1950's was across the street from what's now the West Alabama Ice House (1919 W. Alabama)? Better yet, does anyone have a photo? I know the place existed because I saw it listed at 1920 W. Alabama in the 1941-42 city directory. And I'm pretty sure I see it in the oldest (1957) aerial photo on historicaerials.com (search on 1920 W. Alabama, Houston, TX 77098) - but not in the 1964 shot. A friend of mine lives very near there, and would love to see a better old photo, or hear something more about it. Based on the above, it may have been around 15+ years. If it helps: from 1941-1952, the ice house location was variously known as: McDuffie Ice House, Stop Spot No. 3, Morgan's Ice House, PM Ice Service, Mack's Drive Inn No. 2, and S&K Drive In. It became the West Alamaba Drive Inn around 1952, and the West Alabama Ice House sometime thereafter.
  22. or nearby? only know of memorial park and need to start practicing.... cheaper the better!!! (anyone know the rates of m.park btw?)
  23. edit: we found our players. thank you! The University of Houston's Program for Excellence in Selling (PES) is having its annual Golf Tournament this Monday, the 31st at the Kingwood Country Club. There will be roughly 360 players from local corporations and area businesses. The tournament is a shotgun start/scramble. There will be an open driving range, drinks provided throughout the day, boxed lunch, a nice dinner, golf giveaways, a silent auction, a raffle, and many more goodies. Winners of the tournament will receive special prizes. I am a student in PES and I am trying to get a team together. No, there is no cost to you. You just drive out and bring your clubs. It's a great opportunity for golf lovers or businesspeople looking to network. If you are interested, send me a message. There is a registration sheet that must be completed for anyone who is interested. Details: Event Information: Monday March 31st , 2008 360 players total (90 teams of 4) 8:00 AM
  24. Noticed this morning on the way to work that some of the structures at the old Castle Golf and Games have been torn down. Not hauled away, just sitting in big piles of rubble. Didn't notice as I was speeding by if the "For Sale" sign was still there or not. Does anyone know what's going on?
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