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  1. There was an article in the Chronicle today outlining some new developments in the Midtown area that sound incredible... Houston Chronicle In short: 1. Big white mansion at Elgin @ Austin will be renovated ($3 million cost) into a new upscale restaurant, lounge, and event center 2. Old Boy Scouts of America building at Bagby and Victor: Work on the Boy Scouts building will begin in February. The $20 million project will include Moor's Restaurant and Tapas Lounge, serving mainly Moroccan and Spanish cuisine and be leased and operated by Hicham Naffaa and Ali Bendella, owners of Coco's Crepes, Cava American Bistro and Cielo Mexican Bistro. The building, scheduled to open in October, will also have banquet space and Chopra's offices. 3. Parking garage w/ retail: Across the street, Chopra owns land on which he plans to build a seven-story public garage with street-level retail. (NOTE: I believe this is the lot at Bagby and Victor across the street from Christian's Tailgate) Here's a Google view of the areas being talked about: Old Mansion Boy Scout building and new garage w/ retail across street
  2. Off-topic, but maybe on too..... I have something to confess, I work Downtown, spend a lot at the Park Shops (best place for low-hastle-day-before-Christmas shopping IMO), go the Angelika on a regular basis, etc. But, I have not spent much time on Main. I always favor Market Square if I do wander into the area at night. This weekend though, I have out of towners coming in and want to show them around the hip new nightlife area we have. If they are over 30, in jeans and casual wear, what places do we walk into as we stroll down Main Street?
  3. My wife and I love the Heights area and have enjoyed our first year living here. One thing that we wonder about though is the lack of restaurant diversity in the area. We enjoy the new Thai Spice quite a bit...but find ourselves having to go to Montrose or Rice Village if we ever want anything other than a burger, sandwich, chinese food or pizza. It seems like recently the Heights just started getting some new restaurants outside of the same old lines. We love Onion Creek...but Dry Creek, 6th St. Bar & Grill, etc. all serve up the same burger and fry options. For example we love Indian food as many of our friends do in the area but it seems as if no Indian restaurants are venturing into the area. Just more burger joints. Question...is the lack of restaurant diversity in the area from wanting to keep the small town feel or is it from restaurant owners not realizing there is a demand for this in the area? I think progress is being made. We like the recent additions of Glass Wall, Thai Spice, etc. Your thoughts.
  4. We are planning to open another location in the Medical Center, but we want to know where the best retail space would be to maximize traffic. We know rent would be high, but think the location is worth it. Just trying to get information on the most crowded spaces since we are never down there for lunch or dinner. Thanks
  5. (fyi...in interesting news, Katz has announced they will be opening up some Galleria area competition, taking over and building on the River Oaks Plant House lot at 5930 Westheimer for an opening in early 2022) (adjacent/across from Chacho's) edit to say thank you @Highrise Towerfor creating this topic! 🙂
  6. Realized the other day that I cannot remember the last time I saw a truck going or coming from the Pappas warehouse on Yale St. It looks like they may have closed it. I thought I saw a demo permit a while back for the office space they have just south of the warehouse on the SE corner of Yale and 7th. This is/was a terrible location for a warehouse with lots of semi deliveries. Even without all the traffic on Yale St., it always took semi drivers multiple tries to get lined up with the loading dock. Hopefully, they finally gave up and have moved to another location.
  7. Farmer's Fresh Meat has IMMEDIATE openings for the following positions: * Cashier - $9.00 per hour, $13.50 overtime * Prep-Cook - $8.50 per hour, $12.75 overtime * Janitor - $8.00 per hour, $12.00 overtime * Meat Cutter - Based on experience, $8.00 - $12.00 per hour ($12.00 - $18.00 overtime) * Line Server - $8.00 per hour, $12.00 overtime --- BUSINESS LOCATIONS --- Farmer’s Fresh Meat on Cullen 8630 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77051 Farmer’s Fresh Meat on Mesa 9541 Mesa Dr. Houston, TX 77078 ----- REQUIREMENTS - Please Read Carefully ----- Must have reliable transportation. Must be able to stand extended periods of time. Must work well with others. Must be able to follow instructions and orders from management Must have good communication skills. If applying for Cashier, must be available to arrive at work precisely at 6:30am. If applying for Cashier, must be available for a full day shift 6:30 am to 7pm with half hour break in the middle If applying for Prep-Cook, must be available to arrive at work precisely at 6:00am . ----- HOW TO APPLY ----- Applicants MUST complete form at: https://farmersfreshmeat.com/about/employment/ ------------------- More details here: https://houston.craigslist.org/fbh/d/houston-hiring-now-cashier-prep-cook/7210462031.html
  8. My neighbor told me that In &Out Burger is coming to Houston. Is this true? He was right when telling me about Sprouts and Aldie. Is he right again? AND where is he getting this info.? I keep asking him. But he is one of those who say, "I have my sources.". What the heck does that mean? Thoughts? I knew Trader Joes and Carls Jr. were in Houston only when I surfed here on HAiF, but this guy seems to know stuff months before it happens. Oh and he is a drummer! Not a developer or anything remotely relating to development.
  9. Does anyone know what's happening at the old Mama's Cafe location on Westheimer? Saw some work crews/porta-john/etc. last week? Any ideas?
  10. if i have time i'll take a picture and post it. my girlfriend goes to u of h and i'm always down there (it's right across from the robertson stadium parking lot), so...some of you may disagree, but i think it's a wonderful little gem of a building, that seems totally overlooked...
  11. East Montrose Civic Association will host its 10th biennial Home Tour and Art Walk on Saturday, April 25, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Situated in the shadow of downtown Houston, East Montrose was platted in the early 1900's - back in the days when Houston's population numbered fewer than 300,000, and when a railroad ran down what is now Fairview. During the 1960s Montrose became a center for counterculture and hippie communes. Today a diverse mix of people and architecture, this pedestrian-friendly area was recently named one of the ten great neighborhoods in America. The tour will highlight a wide variety of architectural styles featuring six homes originally built between the late 1890s to the early 1900s. Tour goers can get a glimpse of how the architecture has been transformed over the years, with the results of unique and diverse renovations that are characteristic of this distinctive, eclectic neighborhood. Seven restaurants - including Max’s Wine Dive, Midtown Bar & Grill, ElevenXI, Gratifi Kitchen, El Tiempo Cantina, Soren Pedersen, and the new Akamaru Sushi Bar will offer delectable tastings to guests. Also visit the working studios of eight local artists, all within comfortable strolling distance. You'll be invited in to the space where artists get their inspiration, and you'll see where and how their crafts come to life. Featured artists include Joan Son & Keiko Kinsey, Veronique & Luc Schlumberger, Gloria & Richard Stamper Photography, and Tim Corbett. Historic music landmark Anderson Fair, 2007 Grant at Welch, will show photography by Cindy Hsin Shung. East Montrose is in the 77006 Zip Code and lies within the boundaries of Montrose, West Gray, Genesee, and Fairview. Drive or bicycle over, and look for the Home Tour signs. Advance tickets cost $15 at www.eastmontrose.org. Day-of-Tour tickets are $20 and available at any tour home. The Art Walk is free.
  12. Got this in the e-mail this week. I know there are a lot of food truck fans on HAIF. And if you have any pictures of food trucks, send them to our sister site http://lunchtim.es e-mail editor@lunchtim.es Houston Mobile Food Units Seek Changes in City Regulations HOUSTON (August 29, 2012) – The Houston Mobile Food Unit (MFU) Collective will present City Council Members with stakeholder-driven Ordinance changes in September, which will further promote business growth and entrepreneurship in Houston. The proposed Ordinance changes will eliminate the 60-foot distance between Mobile Food Units; allow 1 propane (LP) permit to cover multiple locations; provide access to existing seating areas and provide limited seating of their own; lift the LP ban within the District of Limitations, opening up the downtown area for service. “Currently, propane use is restricted in Houston’s central business district, which limits most mobile food units from operating in the area. MFUs attract crowds and bring activity to the areas they occupy; the proposed Ordinance provides a unique opportunity to revitalize and reenergize spaces that could benefit from increased activity,” said Joanna Torok, co-owner of Oh my! Pocket Pies. In an effort to promote controlled industry growth, the Collective believes the Ordinance changes will strengthen Houston’s economy by directly contributing to the success of local businesses. The MFU business model offers affordable access to the city’s rich culinary culture. These changes will add to Houston’s current successful reputation in entrepreneurship, and will further increase the city’s standing as a desirable travel destination in Texas. “Houston has earned a reputation for supporting local establishments and fostering the growth of businesses, both large and small”, says Joe Phillips, co-owner of Oh my! Pocket Pies. “Approving changes to support mobile food units will directly contribute to the success of local, small businesses, and will allow them to grow, strengthening our city’s economy.“ The MFU Collective is scheduled to present the Ordinance to Mayor Parker and City Council Members on September 26, 2012. To support the ordinance, the MFU Collective suggests attending the City Council meeting, sending in a letter of support to the Mayor and Council Members, and signing the public petition at participating mobile food vendor locations. Additional information can be found online: www.MFUHouston.com # About Houston’s Mobile Food Unit (MFU) Collective We are a collection of micro-entrepreneurs looking to further increase our city’s unique and affordable food options and business successes. Comprised of devoted mobile food vendors, this collective group seeks to motivate positive change through education, dedication and collaboration. Houston’s Mobile Food Movement has begun… United we Roll!
  13. My little block is blowing up! http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2011/10/washed-out-property-gets-restaurant/
  14. If you like the lore and the culinary scene of New Orleans, this new book might be a worthy acquisition: http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/1589809971 I have not gotten a copy yet but plan to do so soon!
  15. Well, I prefer the car show, but it's almost time for the rodeo too. This year it runs from March 1 - March 20. Everything you need to know.
  16. So far it is mideivel looking, but they've been working on it a while now - but no sign on it as to what it is going to be. Anyone know for sure? It's on El Camino before Bay Area Blvd.
  17. Looks like they've closed shop. I loved their buffet...
  18. One thing that we've yet to find is a really good Italian place out here. Amerigo's has gone WAY downhill, and is coasting on its reputation. Sweet Bella on Sawdust had promise, but (IMO) the food and service just aren't up to par. Pallotta's is mediocre. The chains are, well, chains: Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill, Carrabba's, etc. The best we've found is Grazi, on 2920 about a half mile west of Kuykendahl. It's not real close, but it's where we end up going lately when we're in the mood for Italian. Suggestions?
  19. A friend of mine told me about this place and they are starting construction very soon. I am a little excited this is a mere hop skip and a jump from the ol' homestead. http://www.tiltedkilt.com/
  20. Post your suggestions here. That's one thing we miss about living in the city - the plethora of great breakfast spots!
  21. I've seen this bar/club mentioned on this site, in the "Montrose" section. Lynn Hornaday was one of the owners of the bar, and I worked with Lynn at a downtown stockbrokerage house, during the period when she and Marion were getting the bar up and running. I moved to Australia early 80's and had lost contact with Lynn long before that. Does anyone know Lynn's whereabouts? Is she still in Houston? She was from South Texas originally, if memory serves me correctly. Thanks! Mick
  22. A Brand new Jack in the Box will be opening in about a month or so on FM 2920 and Falvel, 4 miles EAST from Wal-Mart, Kroger, Chillis ECT. It is right across the street from Citgo Gas Station on Falvel as you come from Klein Collins HS, just turn on FM 2920. They are also building 2 new Shopping Centers around it. FM 2920 is becoming more and more busier everyday.
  23. What new restaurants would you like to see in these two new developements (Town Square and FC Mall Restaurant Plaza)? Here are a few I'd like to see: The Grotto Brio Goode Co.
  24. dearest haif foodies, i'm thinking of spending a weekend revisiting old haunts this weekend or next at restaurants i love and miss. is there anything i should try that's not on my list (that is to follow)? my friends and i have a couple places we cannot stand to be away from: backstreet cafe van loc mia bella mark's americas la strada (ok, if the sundays are still as rowdy as they used to be, otherwise, i'm over it. haven't been there for awhile) cafe japon zimm's mo mong the teahouse on shepherd at randall's with that said..........is there anywhere that we might try for a birthday dinner? we have two birthdays in october and usually spend a day or afternoon restaurant/bar/lounge hopping. the weather can be great and we like to schedule a couple of designated drivers and bounce around the inner loop area. your suggestions are welcome.
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