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Found 22 results

  1. https://www.galvnews.com/business/buzz/article_1a33691c-9b96-565f-bdb2-b37bc3d5cca2.html https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/09/01/vassallo-cj-development-mixed-use-league-city.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_27&cx_artPos=3#cxrecs_s CJ Development is looking to build on a site along FM 518, directly across from Clear Creek High School and between two existing apartment complexes. The plan is to build up to 5 6-story buildings with retail on the lower levels. 600-650 Units total with between 60-70KSF for retail between all of the structures. They still need to get permits but want to begin building next year. Identity Architects is the designer, Rockville Construction is the GC.
  2. A Kroger anchored shopping center in Pearland off Broadway near the Silverlake residential community.
  3. Does anybody (besides me) have any recollection of Shellwood? It was on the corner of 518 and 528 in Friendswood, and was bascially a park for Shell employees. They always had their company picnics there. It was very wooded and had a pool, tennis and basketball courts, picnic tables, etc.... I always knew where it was, but my Mom's friend told me there was a subdivision where it once was (I never knew that it was bounded by 528). The "lake" is still there, and is located right off of the creek (Clear Creek perhaps?). I was wondering if anybody could share some memories of it.
  4. Has anyone been following the goings on @ Pearland City Council regarding proposed HEB @ Pearland Pkwy & 518? HEB goes before council tonight for the umpteenth time. Why does HEB need to scrap the PD in place and get a general business zoning designation? The exsisting PD allows for a grocery store at that site. Plan and simple, if HEB wants to build a store at that site today they could go forward immediately with permitting process. It seems that HEB wants to circumvent the rules the city has in place so they can do things "their" way. Pearland Planning and Zoning sent this project to City Council with a unamious vote of 5-0 to turn down this zone change stating that - PNZ has spent time and $ creating the PD so developers & retailers who come to this location adhere to certain guidelines, architecture controls, green space, setbacks.... We are not voting against HEB - we simply want them to play by the rules that are currently in place to ensure this last major undeveloped corner in the City of Pearland is developed in a manner that will serve the city for generations rather than a grocer on the hard corner in the short term.- So what happens if HEB buys the +/- 23 acres on the hard corner and does not build a store at that location. Or, if they buy the land and build a store in say 2, 5, 10 years down the road? The whole tract & the future increased ad valorem tax generation is at the mercy of HEB and their internal timeline - This is not in the best interest of the City of Pearland. This issue seems to be lost on those who have not delved more than skin deep on this issue. No one is saying we do not want HEB. To the contrary most all interaction @ City Council starts with the disclaimer "This is not a vote against HEB.... and then an ensuing argument of why the PD is in place and why it should remain in place" In fact that is correct. No one is voting "against" HEB. They are voting for City Council to enforce the current regulations that are in place to protect the best interest of the citizens of Pearland. I guess we will read about it tomorrow.
  5. It looks like the expansion of 518 west of Kirby Dr is making slow but steady progress. I am not sure, but it seems like this might be done in stages. For example, the current activity seems to be going on between Kirby and Half Moon Bay/Southern Trails Drive. Not much west of that yet. What I'm seeing is the big drain pipes are laid and buried, and a line of new power poles now stand about 30-40 feet behind the existing ones. Maybe when they hook those up and take down the old poles, we can expect to see the actual widening begin. The widening can't start too soon, in my opinion. I've only been driving west on 518 steadily for a couple of weeks now, and I'm already weary of the Speed Racer mentality, as folks race and jockey to see who can be first to the narrow part of the road.
  6. Received an update from the city of Pearland: CULLEN PARKWAY IMPROVEMENT BEGINS APRIL 2009 Cullen Parkway reconstruction (FM 865) between Broadway (FM 518) and Beltway 8 will begin in April. The joint TxDOT and City of Pearland 18-month project includes major improvements to drainage and city utilities; widening Cullen to four lanes with raised medians; intersection signals installed at Freedom, Hughes Ranch Road, Hawk Road and the future McHard Rd.; and a 'shared-use' path along the west side of Cullen from Broadway to the new Dawson High School. Starting on the north end of the roadway, the major portion of the work will occur between Broadway and the future McHard Road intersection, including installation of a major storm-drain trunk line, water main, four lanes of pavement, and a new bridge over Hickory Slough. North of Clear Creek, the paving surface will be widened to add a right option lane at the Beltway access roads, and the left lanes will be restriped to add a second left turn lane. The traffic control plan allows for traffic in both directions during the construction period, but travelers are strongly encouraged to refer to the attached exhibit and seek alternate routes from Broadway to Beltway 8 (ie SH288, Mykawa Rd, SH 35, Pearland Pkwy or Dixie Farm Rd) to avoid delays due to shifting traffic patterns and work areas. The City does not recommend the use of routes through residential neighborhoods, as these have lower speed limits and will be in use by school buses and other school related traffic. Drivers are asked to exercise extreme caution in the construction area, as paving surfaces may be rough or uneven, temporary lanes will be narrow, equipment and personnel will be in close proximity to the travel lanes, and work areas and traffic direction signage will be constantly changing. For current construction updates, please visit www.cityofpearland.com/projects. File Attachment: http://www.groupbuilder.net/uploads/City_o...tes_Exhibit.pdf
  7. Has anyone tried this new restaurant in Pearland? How's the atmosphere/food?
  8. It looks like the expansion of Broadway(FM 518 from Kirby to Kingsley) is almost complete; however I have not noticed any possible installation of street lights on the north side of this thoroughfare. The south side has plenty of lighting during night time(they were installed way before the expansion) and now north side is completely dark. I do not think this is a good way to light this major thoroughfare. This is also a safety issue especially they installed sidewalks on both sides and for those who use this amenity on the north side at night; it might be very dangerous and scary. The least the city can do is to reduce the numbers of streets lights from the south side and add that number to the north side since the spacing between each light poles, on south side, seem to be very close to each other. Thus the city will not pay extra for it. I recently stumbled across the city's street lights request form. No matter how we resolve this issue; we DO need lights on that side. The link of the request form: http://www.cityofpearland.com/vertical/Sit...30F64D80%7D.PDF and I wonder if any of pearland bloggers would be more interested in submitting it and following it up since I am very busy lately. Thanks.
  9. Looks like they've closed shop. I loved their buffet...
  10. The new Ashley Furniture store had its grand opening on Saturday, Feb. 23rd, 2008. This is the new store located off 518 west of 288, next to Academy and the big HEB, across from the Pearland Towncenter construction. I'm not a furniture expert, but the store looked nice and the prices seemed reasonable.
  11. It was a lot easier to get by on 288 back then, so yeah...why couldn't they? There is no planning down there whatsoever. One road (518) in and out. I was going into the Silverlake Wal-Mart shopping center area a few years ago when it wasn't really built up and I was living in Alvin. Now you couldn't pay me to go down there.
  12. I was driving down 518 and noticed that Cabo's has closed and there's already a sign up for a new restaurant. Anyone know what happened? Was business that bad?
  13. I took a quick drive through Sunrise Lakes, Autumn Lakes, & Southdown today. I've been looking for a house in Silverlake, but wanted to check out some other options. I thought the neighborhoods were pretty, but they felt a little isolated--kind of stuck between retail and the freeway. I'm interested in other people's impressions of these areas, especially if you live there. Thanks, from a potential future neighbor!
  14. Me and my sister ate here on 12/31 and both got very very sick . . . . just wanted to warn everyone.
  15. I heard that some insurance companies are reluctant to cover Storm and Hail in their hazard insurance for Homeowners in 288/FM 518 area. OR if they do, they charge a hefty premium. Is it correct? A Request for Residents in subdivisions close to 288 and FM 518 : How much are you paying for Hazard Insurance ? Does it include Wind and Hail ? Who is the insurance Provider ? Did it change significantly after Rita ? Thanks.
  16. I visited it this past weekend and it looked like a nice little community. David Weekly is making half of the homes there and look pretty nice, Pioneer is making the others. The homeowners association is 510 a year but it includes monthly alarm monitoring. Any input on that small section of the Pearland area?
  17. Does anyone know what exaclty is going to happen on the NW corner of 518 and Kirby in Shadow Creek Ranch ? IOW, the land between LakeSide Terrace (an SCR subdivision) and FM 518 off Kirby. In the SCR map it says "Kirby Commons" but what exactly is it ? Somewhere I read a Wal-greens is coming at SW corner of 518 and Kirby but no news about what would happen on the NW corner ? I drove on Kirby last weekend, but there were no signs of any construction or anything there. Any info guys ?
  18. I can't say for sure what's going on, but it look like they are clearing land on the south side of 518 west of 288 in anticipation for the widening of 518. The diagrams I've seen show minimum four lanes divided from 288 to 521, with more lanes designated for turning, particularly into the new shopping complexes centered around Business Center Drive and 518. In fact, if you look at the Shadow Creek Ranch Town Center pdf, you'll see how big they think this road will actually be. At 518/Business Center Drive, there are four eastbound lanes (2 left turn into SCR TC). Westbound, there are 5 lanes (2 left turn into Pearland TC). The area I've seen being cleared is roughly from where the new Business Center Dr. hooks up with 518 to somewhere near Kirby. It looks like they knocked down a bunch of trees. This is a KEY step in Pearland development, both residential and commercial. I would imagine they would pave two lanes on the south side of the existing 518 from 288 to 521 and then rip out the old 518 there and redo it. I hope they can bury the unsightly powerlines going down 518 right now. I'm so tired of passing F350s and contruction trucks on that tiny road. This is the kind of progress I can get excited about!
  19. We just built a house here, any word on whats going into the old Randles at pearland pkwy and 518?
  20. I have heard that an LA FITNESS gym is going into the old Randles at 518 and Pearland Parkway, finally a gym in old school Pearland.
  21. I have recently stumbled on this forum and notice a vast array of knowledge of the inner workings Houston metroplex and have a huge interest in Pearlands development in the west corridor of 288/518, Specifically at cr 59 and 288. I have noticed that the property has been cleared and have also heard rumors that Methodist Hospital may be in talks about this site. Does anybody have any knowledge about this or this area? Thanks in advance, George
  22. this past week i coerced a coworker to have lunch at "pho 518" in pearland (rather than the usual tex mex fare). the food not only lacked flavor, it was peculiar. the service was abysmal. the meats were cheap. bo luc lac is usually filet mignon (at least in my experience). this was the cheapest of stew meat. the soup tasted like it had coco or cardimom (sp?), flavors i've never known to be in traditional vietnamese pho. the vietnamese egg rolls, usually a favorite, were mushy and greasy. no homemade vietnamese rolls here. to top it off, the fish sauce and the peanut sauce were watered down. there, i had my rant. AVOID "pho 518" in pearland.
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