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  1. Hello all, This is my first post to the forms. I noticed while out today, the building at 11411 FM 1960 is currently being demolished on 11/2/21 . From my research, I have found that the building was formally a dealership, Northwest Suzuki. I know that it has stood vacant for at least 3 years, as that is how long I have been coming to the area on a regular basis. I can't find anything on the internet about the demolition or what the property will be used for in the future. I have some pictures I will try to upload later to preserve this small, rather insignificant part of Houston history. I hope there are others who maybe know more about this property, and are willing to share. It has fascinated me for years, as do many abandoned and run down structures.
  2. New multifamily going up at 6701 FM 1960 West. It's by Alliance Residential, their Workforce Housing brand called Prose. More details: https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2020013507
  3. 21423 Aldine Westfield Road, Humble TX 53.98 acres sold by NewQuest to HEB This is a triangle shaped area intersects FM 1960/Treaschwig Rd/ Aldine-Westfield Road. http://www.newquest.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/53.98_Acres_FM_1960.pdf Currently the land is being cleared, but no signs or web info on the project. Very old farm buildings demo'ed plus old trees. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2016/05/25/heres-what-h-e-b-is-cookin-up-in-houston.html Article above details the sale, but I do not have access to a sub so I am not sure the details.. I read somewhere else there was no immediate plans to develop even though the land is being cleared.
  4. So today I went to the Apple store in Willowbrook Mall to get an iPhone screen repaired, and my route took me down FM 1960, which I had really never gone on before. A few interesting sights were there but the most interesting, or at least most unexplained, was a thick metal smokestack at Meadow Vista Blvd. and FM 1960. It is rusty and speckled with graffiti, but it has no attached structure...the last building there on the lot appeared to be a private house demolished sometime in the 1980s...but it wasn't attached to it anyway. The only guess I have that there appears to be a gas conduit running along there, but you wouldn't have a SMOKESTACK for that now would you? https://www.google.com/maps/@29.9478046,-95.5621505,3a,69.9y,74.35h,78.1t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1shQjPcjP9lsmvZRngNROM-Q!2e0!5s20160901T000000!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1
  5. Is it my imagination or has there been an armed crime on FM1960 reported on the local news nearly every day for the last week or so? This is getting completely ridiculous!! What's going on with law enforcement that criminals feel they can act with impunity in this corridor?! Something needs to be done!!
  6. There has been a very large lot cleared just west of 290 and 1960. At one time a sign indicated a new hospital was to be built there. That sign, however, has been missing for a few years. Anybody know what is going up there?
  7. I am truly fustrated at the nonstop traffic on Highway 6. I live in Sugar Land and used to live in Northwest Houston and worked on the westside so I'm very familiar with the headache that is Hwy 6 and FM 1960. Will there ever be a solution to that corridor. Maybe they could widen Eldridge on the westside. The new medians from Memorial @ Hwy 6 to Fort Bend County have done little to ease traffic. I was thinking of a connecting Baker-Cypress to FM 1464 (Clodine Rd.). They have just finish completion of widening 1464 road in Fort Bend County. There would definitely be an issue with the environmental impact of going through George Bush park. The ground might not even support a road going through there, but there is a small dirt road/ bike trail that connects the two. Not to mention the flooding in that area. I don't know what the solution to the traffic problem but something has to be done or we are all going to have road rage and go crazy !
  8. has anyone heard any more updates about the scheduled construction for fm 1960 @ kuykendahl? they broke some ground, moved a few light poles, but nothing. i think the general plan was/is to build an under-pass on 1960 beneath kuykendahl.
  9. I read on a blog somewhere (SouthernRetail.blogspot.com) that the Toys R Us on FM 1960 is closing due to an underpass at FM 1960 and the railroad. If this were true, this would mean major disturbances to all nearby businesses, including possibly cutting off Breton Ridge access. It's totally unconfirmed, and the only Google result shows that they were still considering other options.
  10. From chron.com.. Medians divide FM 1960 community I personally think the medians will decrease accidents a lot, especially if they make the medians a dedicated left turn like it is on westheimer, accidents have gotten way out of hand. Plus, if 1960 becomes safer, more people would travel on 1960 instead of avoiding it and can increase business for area merchants. Any other thoughts?
  11. I noticed that construction has started at the old Circuit City off of 249 and 1960, has anyone heard what is going in that space?????
  12. Looks like Ruby Tequila's Mexican Kitchen is opening several locations in the Houston area, beginning with locations on FM 1960 near 249 (across from Willowbrook Mall) and another in Midtown. Ruby Tequila's is a popular chain of Tex-Mex restaurants based out of West Texas. Ruby Tequilas
  13. Saw this going in near the Panda Express on FM 1960 and N.Eldridge. BULLRITOS. Apparently started by the owners of GRINGOS restaurants. Looks pretty good based on the website and the reviews on B4-u-eat. http://www.bullritos.com/locations.html http://www.b4-u-eat.com/houston/restaurants/reviews/rsv5821.asp
  14. Just noticed a new italian restaurant, Orioli's, going in at the old Stonegate spot. Seems there is one located further down 1960 near Jones Road. Anyone know anything about them? Would love to see something in this spot succeed.
  15. The big new Champions VFD location near Champion Forest Drive and FM 1960 had a big open house. Looks like a nice place to hang out in between fires.
  16. The land was cleared within the last couple of weeks and dirt work continues. Anyone know what's going on here?
  17. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5880220.html
  18. In another area forum, it was mentioned that Ford Foundation did an "experiment" around FM 1960 by putting a bunch of section 8 type apartments in the area, then moving those kids into the once good Spring ISD schools. And how that action "killed" the area as far as the schools, shopping, and peoples' property values. This was something someone else said, I don't know the whole story. I was wondering - is this happening anywhere else in the metro? Is there a way to find out? I just don't want to buy a home in a great looking subdivision, just to have something like that happen. I'm not insensitive to peoples' problems, but I think it's natural to want to protect my investment and have my kids at good schools when the property taxes in Houston are so high. By looking at nice subdivisions up on FM 1960 such as Olde Oaks, you would never think the schools (which are WITHIN the subdivision) could be ranked so poorly.
  19. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/cyf...ws/6210713.html Members of community organizations who have been lobbying for several years to get legislation passed that would create a management district focused on FM 1960
  20. Friday, June 22, 2007 PinPoint to develop new Houston FedEx freight facility Houston Business Journal Developer PinPoint Commercial has been selected to develop and lease a 243-door, 153,853-square-foot, cross dock freight facility in Northwest Houston to FedEx Freight East Inc. ... The terminal will be located at Houston-based PinPoint Commercial's 115-acre Satsuma Station Industrial Park near the intersection of Highway 290 and FM 1960, where it will occupy more than one-third of the total acreage. ... The project is expected to open by the second quarter of 2008.
  21. Anyone seen the large structure, perhaps a restaurant, going up near the BJ's and Macaroni Grill area on 1960 near willowbrook? Anyone know what this is?
  22. Does anyone know what's going on at this site? Half of it is gone already....
  23. REAL ESTATE A look at the health of the FM 1960 area By KIM JACKSON Chronicle Correspondent July 29, 2008, 2:48PM In the past decade, the FM 1960 area has been criticized as being a crowded commercial center with many absentee landlords, unfettered growth patterns and traffic congestion. Leaders in the business, real estate, development and community sectors say it is time to cut FM 1960 some slack. They agree there is room for improvement, but say the constant criticism does nothing but create an atmosphere of negativity and prevent real improvements. And there are many ready to sing the FM 1960 area’s praises. They say it is still a vibrant commercial area where businesses are choosing to set up shop. And there are older neighborhoods working to maintain their status and values. Meanwhile, new neighborhoods are springing up along roads that feed off FM 1960. In the past five or so years, several groups have taken the stretch of FM 1960 from Interstate 45 west to Texas 249 on as a “project,” including the grass-roots Renaissance 1960 coalition, which was formed by the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce, 1960 Improvement Corp. and other community organizations to spark a community revitalization effort. “What we are hearing from the community is that there are pockets of declining property value, but that does not apply to the entire stretch,” said Mary Davis, 1960 Renaissance coalition’s executive director. “We (1960 area) are becoming a point of focus because we are doing something about it. We are not giving up on our community.” High-growth area Barbara Thomason, the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce’s president, said FM 1960 continues to be a high-growth area, which is a good sign. However, there are major issues that need to be addressed. One example, Thomason said, is the congestion on FM 1960. While there are east-west corridor alternatives that motorists can use north of FM 1960, such as Cypresswood and Louetta, there are no full-scale alternatives south of FM 1960. “In the long run, we need to look at additional mobility options,” Thomason said. “In the short term, a management district could help jump-start efforts to help FM 1960. It could provide help to property owners who do not have the resources they need, and who sometimes let their properties deteriorate.” more here: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/cyf...ws/5913642.html
  24. Anyone know what's going in the old Mervyn's store at 1960 and 249, in the same center as Fiesta? They've obviously done quite a bit of renovation work.
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