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Found 5 results

  1. "Guefen Development Partners purchased 13.3 acres near the northeast corner of FM 1464 and Bissonnet in Richmond. Guefen is developing Haven at Mission Trace, a 264-unit apartment complex consisting of eight residential buildings, a clubhouse and a resort-style pool. Ashley Casterlin of Davis Commercial represented the sellers, Reed Real Properties and Duddlesten O’Brien Ltd."
  2. This is a recent story on the Clodine General Store from the Fort-Bend Herald Coaster newspaper... Fate of Clodine General Store hangs in the air By Marquita Griffin Wednesday, September 12, 2007 4:17 PM CDT There was a time when Clodine was just a sleepy country town out west of Houston. Not many people, not much traffic, not anywhere to shop. Except, of course, for the Clodine General Store. One of the community's oldest buildings, it was the central gathering place for the folks who lived in the tiny settlement, located along FM 1464 in northeast Fort Bend County. All that, of course, has changed with the growth of Houston, as builders snapped up all that farmland around the town and turned it into numerous subdivisions for downtown commuters. With each nail and yard of concrete, Clodine has slowly faded into a historical footnote. And as the town slipped away, so went the store. And now the fate of the Clodine General Store hangs in the air as preparations for the expansion of FM 1464 are in motion, but all Henry Nemec wants is to preserve what he views as a historic structure. Hidden beneath rust and faded signs, the Clodine General Store sits quietly like an old-timer, with memories carefully stored away in the cracks of the wooden floors and the among the dust collecting on the shelves.
  3. Does anyone know anything about the vacant building located at FM 1464 and the Westpark Tollway (formerly Alief-Clodine)? It looks to be an old restaurant or club...there's a patio area outside with, believe it or not, a basketball hoop. It's right next to what used to be railroad tracks, makes me think it might have been a "Westfield's by the railroad" type of place.
  4. There is is a retail padsite owned by Gordon Partners in front of Walgreens on 1464 that broke ground. Any idea of what stores will be there? There is also a new corner store that just begun construction on 1464 and beechnut. Could this be a CVS since Walgreens is not even a mile down the road? I thought gas station at first, but there is a new Exxon less than a mile into Beechnut. The reason I'm asking about 1464 is because I'm looking to purchase a house in Mission Sierra. It has a great location. Surrounded by Aliana, Grand Mission, and minutes away from the Westpark Tollway, this neighborhood has the potential to really grow in value. The only "down side" is its close proximity to Mission Bend. But even then, Mission Bend is improving. I guess with 1464 developing, the whole area is looking to cash in. Any news?
  5. As reported in a recent edition of the Fort Bend Herald and discussed in the current HAIF Discussion, the Clodine General Store is now safe from TxDot. Henry Nemec has now safely moved his 1950's General Store further back on his property to prevent it's destruction at TxDot's hands. The store is now being worked on in order to get it open in time for July 4th fireworks sales. Owner Henry Nemec calls his new General Store a "fireworks superstore". It's unclear what the permanent use for the future store will be. The Nemec family has lived and grown up in Clodine and the Mission Bend area since near the turn of the century. Henry told me he remembers going out into the fields when he was young to the current location of George Bush Park and going hunting with his friends. "It was a farming community, all around us" he told me of the old Clodine surroundings. He remembers the old train tracks running "out there" through the current George Bush Park near along-side the old Westheimer alignment, swearing that "there's probably some metal from the old tracks still laying out there somewhere." -Kevin Jackson http://www.lighthouseproductions.com/storage/map-clodine.jpg Map of Clodine and current site of downtown Clodine's General Store. http://www.lighthouseproductions.com/storage/clodine1.jpg Clodine General Store with Henry Nemec, owner. http://www.lighthouseproductions.com/storage/clodine2.jpg The store at it's current setback, freshly after being moved. http://www.lighthouseproductions.com/storage/clodine3.jpg Facing west back toward FM-1464, the previous location along with it's moving beams in the background left. http://www.lighthouseproductions.com/storage/clodine4.jpg Looking under the Westpark Tollway and it's current distance from FM-1464.
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