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Found 9 results

  1. Restoration has begun on Fire Station No. 6, 1702 Washington Avenue. Houston
  2. On our evening walk last night, noticed this business had moved and nearby neighbor said this warehouse has been sold. Does anyone know what's going on here?
  3. First Ward warehouses went on the market. This is located on the Heights Bike Trail, two blocks west of Spring St Beer Garden on Houston Ave, and one block east of Winter Street Studios and Sabine Street Studios. 1611Ovid-0HoustonAve_Sale.pdf
  4. The Picture below is what is thought to be location of the former drug store. The name of the Drug store in question was Richard's First Ward Drug Store then changed to Jones Drug Store some time later. If you know of this please share.
  5. Transformation of the First Ward I daily drive through the First Ward along Houston Ave to get to work or to the University of Houston main campus. The First Ward has been altered so much just in the last year that there are many areas that are hard to recognize now. Without a doubt, this area is transforming at a faster rate than many areas in the Heights especially because of it's even closer proximity to downtown. It's a much smaller area than the Heights but almost every single block has new construction happening or about to happen. I honestly wish I could do a before-and-after photo album now, but I didn't realize the transformation would be this quick. There is still a clear battle going on between developers and some of the people that still live there. Some of the lots have "Stop Historic Districts" which would appear to be a campaign by the real estate developers since almost every sign is either on a cleared lot or a project under construction. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of any signs saying "We support historic districts" but I certainly can if anyone would like to see it. My route on my bike begins where I left off from the Heights. Compared to the Heights, my route is fairly chaotic since I kept seeing new development after new development that I hadn't seen before. Disclaimers: I'll provide a map of the area I'm covering and I'll even try to mark my route in red, but sometimes I'll veer off course so the red lines won't be 100% accurate of everywhere I went. Parts are in the Sixth Ward. I realize that but it's only a northern sliver that I'm getting. The route: And here comes the battle in the forefront. The following 3 photos are from the same intersection: ...... These look like they're going to be ugly... New office development off of Houston Ave with residential developments in the back. Now on to Crockett Now entering a portion of the Sixth Ward How close to downtown this is None of this was hear a few years ago (Dart St) Dart St Dart St Silver St Now leads head across the other side of Houston Ave, closer to downtown. (older) This neighborhood will definitely not be the same in 5 years.
  6. So - I live in the first ward over by Target. I love how its becoming the "arts" district etc. However, I've had about enough of the crackhead properties right in the middle of the neighborhood at Crockett and Sabine. The whole neighborhood is florishing except for this one little block. (for the most part) Specifically there are a few buildings that are basically falling over, have trash everywhere, and a very shady element living in them. I looked these properties of HCAD. One of them has over $15k in delinquent taxes going back to 2008. It's owned by a "trust". - 1720 Crockett St. I suspect the property is paid off. Can the city take the property? I want to initiate this property being gentrified.
  7. I am going to post a bunch a pics I took today in the photo section. I just "love" this area of town. The homes throughout are really beautiful homes that were built in the early century. The area is very, very run down now...but you are starting to see signs of gentrification. I think it is a result of other in-town improvements, property values and the new retail construction (Target) Driving through today, I'm seeing about 1 in 10 homes as having been renovated. I also saw two townhome developments going up! Many, many of the houses are either run down beyond repair, or just waiting for some soul to come in and renovate. What does this board think? Will this area gentrify? Will it become like the sixth ward or like midtown? I hope for some conglomeration of the two. I think it is clear many of the homes are beyond repair, but many of them still have original architectural features (many of my favorite run down homes I couldn't snap pictures of because there were occupants in the yard or out enjoying the weather). The other critical feature of this area is the railroad tracts. Unless they shut down that (f%@!#in) horn, it will just be too loud for people to invest in. I'm curious to hear (read) everyone's opinions...
  8. Many of my favorite examples of beautiful run down homes I couldn't take pictures of because the residents were working in their yards or just out enjoying the weather. Just look beyond the grime in some of the pics at the beautiful architectural details! Imagine what they could become! Look at what a few enterprising people have already done! (first time posting pics, hope this works) I have more, but it seems to be rejecting them...anyone interested in seeing them???
  9. Oct. 9, 2004, 7:39PM First Ward gets Big Easy look New townhomes to feature design that's reminiscent of French Quarter By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle When residential developers M.R. Lavin and Craig Baudier bought a small tract of land in the First Ward last year, they quickly discovered that they might be onto something big. A competitor wanted the land and offered them 40 percent more than what they paid. Instead of taking a quick profit, Lavin and Baudier decided to move ahead with their plans to build townhomes on the 10,000-square-foot parcel. The young developers have started French Quarter Homes to build upscale dwellings they say will resemble properties in New Orleans' Garden District. Located at the corner of Holly and Edwards, the roughly 2,000-square-foot homes are being marketed at $259,900. The First Ward, between Washington Avenue and White Oak Bayou, is just northwest of downtown. "This neighborhood is one of the last undiscovered diamonds in the rough so close to downtown," said Jeff Trevino, a real estate broker who sells property in the area with the Michael Group. More competition That said, other developers are starting to move in. Along with French Quarter Homes, Tricon and similar townhome builders are buying small lots in the area to redevelop. At least one group has signed a contract to buy land on Houston Avenue for a project that would put the first new homes on the avenue in a while. Folks in the area say developers are drawn to the area's good access, cheap land and postcard views of the city's skyline. "It's really starting to come on strong," said Bob Derr of Karen Derr & Associates Realty, who is marketing the French Quarter homes. "The more the builders go there, the more young people move in." But many of these new developments are within a stone's throw of abandoned buildings and ramshackle homes. The spottiness represents an area at a turning point. By contrast, the Sixth Ward
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