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Found 25 results

  1. St. Elizabeth's Place Phase II (Building is located at 4514 Lyons Avenue, Houston, Texas. The site area is 1.09 acres, adjacent to St. Elizabeth's Place Phase I (Building A - Historic). St. Elizabeth's Place consists of new construction of a 5 story structure of approximately 133,000 SF for 94 affordable rental dwelling units; level 4 amenity/pool deck, courtyard and 129 onsite parking spaces in an attached/embedded 3 level parking structure. • Garage: 54,797 SF • Gross Residential: 78,204 SF OWNER: Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation
  2. My magazine has decided to start a Lost Houston History column, one of the topics I was given was Louis Dickerson, owner of Club Matinee, the Crystal Hotel, Checkered Cab (name unverified), and two of the largest underground casinos in Houston. I'm looking for any information on Club Matinee and Dickerson himself (Texas Monthly had his name as Dixon). Matinee was apparently one of the greatest blues clubs ever, rivalling the legendary Cotton Club. Dickerson according to some was the man that ran the 5th Ward, even having the police chief on his payroll according to some cops. I can't find anything hard or fast, being Houston kind of expect that, so I'm searching around. Are there any pictures of Club Matinee's famous Anchor Room, I've got a huge list of top names in blues that performed but no further information. Also looking to see if he was the godfather of the fifth ward or was that fanciful elaboration from witnesses. His death and the downspiral of the 5th Ward seem to be linked, but that could just be coincidence as well.
  3. Cc Bcc Slideshow View this email in your browser September Mod of the Month Houston Mod invites you to join us Sunday, September 29, 2019 for a Mod of the Month open house event from 2 - 4 PM. Please help us find a new preservation-minded owner for an exceptional modern design located 4 miles northeast of downtown Houston. Thanks to Houston MODern Market for sponsoring this FREE event. 2316 Harlem Street, Englewood, Houston, TX 77020 HAR Link | Google Map A different twist on vintage modern architecture was recently rediscovered and refreshed in Houston's historic Fifth Ward. The design is thought to be the work of the well-regarded architect John S. Chase. It was built in 1953 for Milton and Carrie Curtis in the Englewood neighborhood, near the Houston Ship Channel portion of Buffalo Bayou. Milton Curtis was associated with the International Longshoremen’s Association Local 872. John Chase designed ILA halls for several locals in the area, including Local 872 in 1956. The Curtis house was long a gathering place and symbol of pride for the neighborhood. John S. Chase (1925 - 20012) was from Baltimore, Maryland. After serving in WWII, he earned a degree in architecture from Hampton University in Virginia. In 1952, he earned a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Texas, becoming the first black person to do so. He soon became the first registered black architect in Texas. Unable to find work, he started his own firm and specialized in the design of churches and houses. His work was inspired mostly by Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian ideals. Later works include a number of buildings for the TSU campus, the largest collection of his work. Near Sunday's MOTM, don't miss Chase's First Shiloh Baptist Church of 1955 located at 4420 Lyons Avenue complete with a stunning minimalistic tower. The Mod Squad will be on hand at Sunday's event to assist with membership and publication purchases. Memberships and publications make excellent gifts! News & Upcoming Events Docomomo US National Tour Day in Houston On Sunday, October 13, we will continue to explore the work of John S. Chase. The event will consist of a walking tour and a driving tour. More details will be available soon. After Alden: Midcentury Architecture in Brazosport, Texas Houston Mod's new publication by Marty Merritt, with a forward by Stephen Fox and photography by Benjamin Hill, will be available at Sunday's event along with our other publications. Or, you may purchase a copy online at the Houston Mod Squareup shop Docomomo US National Symposium September 25-28, 2019 in Honolulu, Hawaii, a collaboration with the Docomomo Hawaii chapter. Learn more about for the celebration of Hawaii’s unique blend of East-meets-West tropical modernism.
  4. Great addition to the neighborhood. http://swamplot.com/heights-vinyl-skipping-out-of-the-heights/2018-01-16/
  5. Howdy everyone! I'm about to begin my thesis project here in Germany this next semester, but I need some help. I've chosen a site in Houston because I wanted to do something related to home and an issue that is very important to the city (highways). Here is where the site is going to be located: Yes, I'm putting the project over the highway. This project will also take into account the proposed reroute and redesign of the highway. I need help with photos of the surrounding area and of the site from multiple angles at various times and at different levels of traffic (from nothing on the road to high traffic). Any help would be fantastic....sense....well I can't exactly go back home to do this myself. I can't offer much of anything in return other than a mention in my thesis in terms of credit for information given and images provided. I hope you guys can help if possible Thanks!
  6. houstonmacbro has added a photo to the pool: View the full article
  7. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headli...ro/6109559.html HISD proposes that Carnegie Vanguard is rebuilt next to Worthing, with the cafeteria and gym shared by the two schools. Worthing would also be rebuilt. Worthing parents are okay with the idea, but many Carnegie Vanguard parents do not like the idea at all and are vehemently against it. Why can't HISD simply rebuild Carnegie where it is and then rebuild Worthing off of 288?
  8. New Irish bar / Restaurant in lower 5th ward (East Bayou District) Location: http://www.har.com/3502-melva-st/sale_58204662
  9. Any reaction from those about HISD's plans on getting rid of Wheatley High School despite protests from the community ?
  10. The HAIF is mostly urban Houston, and everyone loves their section of town. Montrose, The Heights, Midtown, and even SW Houston (to an extent) have been loved (or at least defended). Now what about...the Fifth Ward? Wikipedia kind of spins it to have some "community spirit" hope (at least to Japhet), but the overriding feel to it is a grim, crime-filled land. What do you think? Do you like (or live in) the Fifth Ward?
  11. Asakurarobinson got the study and is set to start work in August. Hopefully make Waco/hirsch bridge more friendly to cross
  12. It's always nice to see an old theater from that era being saved. http://www.chron.com/life/article/Fifth-Ward-theater-s-renovation-part-of-5242725.php?cmpid=houtexhcat#photo-5899566
  13. Looks like a lot has been going on the past few months in 5th ward and wanted to keep you all involved. Currently there are discussions going on between 5th ward and GEEM about the areas redevlopment. - Contractors have come in to showcase their sites to the community and expectaions are high for the kbr lot and Frank Liu's Mdi site. Can't show the pic of the development but its dense walkable and mixed income. (about 300-400 homes) - Urban living is buying large bits of property in the area with Unique developer and trimeric signs already posted. - Urban lofts is starting constriction of their new townhomes - GEEM and 5th ward are in the talks with HEB and CVS about starting stores near the area (rumor right now) - Kbr lot officially changes hands at the end of this year to its developer.
  14. I was raised in 5th ward and it has gone down terribly. I remember when the street sweepers came around twice a week to clean the streets in 5th ward. I-10 ran right in front of the apartment I grew up in. I saw them tear down the old neighborhood to make way for the I-10 freeway. The freeway stopped at Gregg street and it took years for them to complete the rest. There was a place bordered by Clinton Drive (south), 59 freeway (west), Collingsworth (north) and Gregg St (east). This area was called "French Town". This is where my grand parents lived. My grandfather was a carpenter and was the builder for many of the rent houses that was located within this area of 5th ward. My parents had businesses in that area also. It was a very vibrant fun place to be. Once you get there, you never wanted to leave. It just sucked you in, embraced you, and accepted you as one of them. My grandfather worked hard Mon thru Friday and Friday night, it was Zydeco time. They played just as hard as they worked. There was my grandfather & grandmother, their five sons and five daughters. Needless to say, there was a lot of grandchildren, which I was one of them. Sometime my grand parents would have a barrel in the yard and they would put wood in it and start a fire. It was so nice because we kids would sit on the steps and listen to the adults tell stories of their lives and about things that happened in their lives. It was so interesting. I learned a lot about family just by listening to their stories. Other times, my grand father, his sons, and his cousin would grab some musical instruments and begin playing the zydeco while we kids would commence dancing to the music. One person would get a rub board, one would get the accordion, one would get an old bucket that had a hole in it, and they would put a knot in a string, thread it into the hole of the bucket, attach the other end of the string to the top of a broom stick and that would be the bass. Another one would have two spoons playing them together to make a tune. They played while sitting on the porch and we kids would dance in the streets. This was in the 1950 - 1960 before the 1964 civil rights act bill was passed. We had fun! We were family, all of us! If you came to French Town, you were one of us and that is all there was to it. That is why nobody every wanted to leave. Now, I visited Houston a few years ago and the area that I grew up in is completely demolished. Nothing could I see that I remembered. All the houses are gone, the lots are overgrown with weeds and trash, the City of Houston does not clean up it's streets any more. It used to be so pretty and green. Now, it looks like a large slum with a few roses (new homes) trying to grow amongst the weeds. What has happened to "French Town" and the Historical Society of Houston, TX?
  15. I was riding around 3rd Ward and East End this weekend. Went to Ninfa's on Saturday (delicious). I was on Gregg St, south of I-10. I see townhomes/lofts/condos going up. I crossed I-10, and I was in 5th Ward, and it looked like no improvement is even being considered. Don't get me wrong, I know 5th Ward is currently undesirable, but so is/were all the other Wards that are now gentrified. Question - How long until someone 'takes a chance' and builds on what must be fairly prime location?
  16. Who knows what this use to be? It's just off of Lyons Avenue, just on the other side of Ryon's Addition in the Fifth Ward.
  17. ROLLING OUT THE WELCOME MAT: HOUSTON HOUSING AUTHORITY TO OPEN 108 NEW HOMES FOR LOW-INCOME FAMILIES Grand opening of rebuilt Kennedy Place 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 29 in the heart of Fifth Ward HOUSTON–The Houston Housing Authority is rolling out the welcome mat for more than 100 low-income families this weekend. About 108 families are moving into new homes as the Houston Housing Authority celebrates the grand opening of the rebuilt Kennedy Place Saturday. Houston Housing Authority Interim President and CEO Timothy Seckinger and David Mincberg, chair of the Board of Commissioners, will be joined by families moving into their new homes and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee at the grand opening of Kennedy Place Saturday, Jan. 29, at 10 a.m. Kennedy Place is located at 3100 Gillespie, 77020 on 5.5 acres in the heart of the historic Fifth Ward, in view of the downtown skyline. Stephanie Gaston and her three teenage children are excited to finish moving into their new home at Kennedy Place on Saturday. “I am loving it,” said Gaston, who serves as Kennedy Place resident council president. “We are so happy to be back home. It looks great.” More than 100 working families are moving into their new homes following completion of the $11.5 million project, funded in part by $7.8 million in federal stimulus funds. The Houston Housing Authority razed the old rental units and replaced them with new homes, complete with central heating and air conditioning, individual garages, wall-to-wall carpeting, washer and dryer connections, energy-efficient appliances, including dishwashers, refrigerators and microwaves, and other amenities. The new Kennedy Place homes are constructed and equipped with materials meeting the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and are compatible with new housing being constructed in the area near downtown. The old Kennedy Place was built in 1982 with minimal amenities and lacked central air conditioning. Walking distance to school and across the street from a park, the Kennedy Place community development also features an amphitheater and a walking path, a playground and barbecue grills for family get-togethers. “The rebuilding is done and welcome mats are out for the many working families and other residents anxious to move into their new homes,” said Tim Seckinger, Interim CEO for the Houston Housing Authority. “From construction crews and Housing Authority employees who put in long hours to invaluable support from residents, community leaders, and public officials, we’re grateful for the great amount of work put into the reconstruction of Kennedy Place and are thrilled to see families moving and settling into their new homes.” The rebuilt Kennedy Place will feature artwork from local Houston artists, and residents will work together with a local artist Saturday to create a piece of artwork to hang in the Kennedy Place amenities center. A recent report from Standard & Poor’s praised the Houston Housing Authority for “a successful redevelopment plan resulting in all but one property being completely redeveloped or modernized in the past 14 years.” S&P recognized HHA’s fiscal health and strategic plans by awarding the agency a “AA-“ issuer credit rating. No housing authority in the country has a higher rating. “As properties have been rebuilt, or substantially rehabilitated, overall maintenance costs and related operational costs have fallen,” the report states. The Houston Housing Authority provides affordable homes to more than 55,000 people throughout Houston. The agency and its affiliates own and operate 25 housing communities with more than 6,500 units for families, elderly and other residents. More information about HHA can be found at www.housingforhouston.com.
  18. OK, so I've shown some of the prettier, trendier parts of Houston. Let's try something new this time. Being that it's a new year and all. Welcome to Fifth Ward, "The Nickel." I don't think I've ever seen this part of Houston in a SSP thread. The historic Evergreen Negro Cemetery. Some memories of the more recent past can be found around here too. Always look up. Never look down. Unless a pigeon is flying overhead. We know of streets like Montrose Boulevard and Westheimer and I've shown them a time or two, but Clinton Drive is the Main Street of industrial Houston. The ride on the 27 crosstown bus took longer than I had wanted, and the sun was already on its way down, so I kept things north-south for the most part. So no picture of the former headquarters of KBR, or of the port. Besides, somebody would probably come out wondering why I'm taking pictures. Damn this terrorism mess. Crossing Buffalo Bayou on Lockwood Drive. Some new ordinance went into effect, I think as of New Year's Day, that banned giant inflatable things like the muscle guy atop Winston Fitness on South Shepherd at Richmond. I guess Ronald McDonald here gets an exemption? We've crossed over into Second Ward and the East End now, where you can be delivered from evil... ...via FedEx. Compared to the aroma downwind from the port on the other side of the bayou, the taco truck smelled downright good. Ready or not... ...here it comes. Here's an antique for you. They banned leaded gasoline a long time ago. I should've cleaned my lens before heading out here, or maybe it accumulated during the walk. Oh well. Lends a distinctive look to this shoot. Light started being highly unfriendly to me right about now. Anything looking west is blown out looking. Hurricane preparedness is a year-round exercise. Darkness falls as I go up Milby Street and then onto Jefferson and then Leeland toward downtown. Not much usable came out of this. Anyway, thanks for viewing.
  19. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/hei...ws/5515296.html City officials and community leaders working to develop the Lower Fifth Ward as a model community for the nation may receive some guidance from the Ford Foundation. ...and other city leaders, including Mayor Bill White, are expecting to hear soon from Ford Foundation consultants who recently visited the Lower Fifth Ward to better assess how the area can
  20. According to Sarnoff's column, 5th ward is next to go as the developers are now heading north......I knew this would come as it sat there like a ripened peach http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/busine...ff/5468874.html These dang developers are snatching up everything in sight, bumping out the old-timers which sends them to the suburbs and causes demographics shifts as the suburbanites can't tolerate change so they go out and move further out..... I don't know personally if 5th ward will be so kind as 3rd was to new urbanism as 3rd ward is home to 2 colleges and a little more diversity....the 5th ward natives claim their area with a little more pride and won't go away easy.....some areas you got to watch your back a little more and I don't see $300K townhomes meshing well with the home of The Ghetto Boys or Scarface.... These developments also don't benefit the local school system as we all know they aren't enrolling at Wheatley
  21. They're just very proud of their neighborhood... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-05w69htj-g
  22. Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum. Reading the posts it seems like many of you have a good feel for what the future of Houston is going to be. I am thinking of purchasing some land in the 5th ward area. I am hoping that the property will go up in value in the next couple of years. Although the price of the land is very low, and I know that all investments are a gamble, I would hate to throw money away on something that might be used for a better investment. The land is very close to 59 and I-10. It is between Geen and Market street. I wonder if anyone can offer me their thoughts or opinions. I know that streets like Gillespie and Clinton on the other side of I-10 have started building some new homes that are in the $200's. Thank you in advance!
  23. The document is here It's worth the read. If you haven't, I would strongly consider it. Although I would bet that this area doesn't affect most of us directly, it is still very important for those close to that area and obviously the ones living in it. As a part of the city of Houston, I would hope everyone would be concerned for that community. The report is not a hard read and very detailed with interesting and relevant information. I'm very encouraged that there is a plan for this community and that it will have the potential to contribute to the communities and Houston in general even more. With the low income that most residents have, I was surprised that they didn't want an even more walkable neighborhood and instead 'voted' for a more auto-centered one. I don't know what percentage of them own cars, but it seems like a good majority would not, and would therefore want a neighborhood that wouldn't require one. Have any of you seen improvments made since this report was published in 2005? What are y'alls thoughts?
  25. Jan. 19, 2005, 3:41AM Fifth Ward community plan to be presented at open house Proposal was developed from local workshops By FLORI MEEKS Chronicle Correspondent RESOURCES FIFTH WARD PLAN
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