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  1. Coming soon!!! Chevron Star Stop- Car Wash, Taqueria, and Washateria located on the corner of Buffalo Speedway and West Airport Blvd. It's possible TMC bought the land for their TMC BioPort campus. We will see if the Chevron gets built anytime soon. I was joking the intersection should build an Exxon to complete the trifecta of Shell, Chevron, and Exxon. I wonder who HAIF prefers
  2. The Shell Star Stop gas station at the corner of Buffalo Speedway & West Airport Blvd. was built in only 6 months. The developer had to clear vacant forest land to build. There is a planned Chevron across the street. They are pulling a South Post Oak & Willowbend. Maybe they can add an Exxon on the other corner (for sale listed by JLL) which would replicate the SPO & Willowbend intersection. Anyway, if things go as planned. This intersection will be booming with activity in a few years. The TMC BioPort Campus is located here. Picture I took a few days ago.
  3. Former spot of Aramco Services Building. 17.2 acres for sale. I wonder what will go in? If something big goes in, we can move this into the Going Up forum.  http://www.cushmanwakefield.us/en/properties/s119411211-1
  4. Noticed the widening of the dirt road a long with a new fence and CenterPoint sign. What's the deal with the independent horse stables way down there? Thought I read years ago that there was a lease agreement between the original landowners and CenterPoint Energy. The family was able to keep their horses on a patch of the land. Is there a name for the stables? I looked on satellite, to find a oval track and a few old buildings/shacks. The oval track is to give the horses exercise? Didn't think there was a racing track here?
  5. Center Point Energy's H.O. Clarke Generating Station at 12045 South Main St. Weeks ago I noticed a demolition permit at this address. Looks like a part of the site will be turned into Powerfuels' Houston Clean Energy Park. Center Point Energy will still occupy some of the parcel?
  6. Found this ad in the October 3, 1947 issue of The Southwest Citizen. Very cool to see Glenn McCarthy's business. I believe he actually had several companies.
  7. By that line of reasoning, the Woodlands is a south Houston wanna-be since Southern Star Amphitheatre was already an up and running outdoor concert venue when the Pavilion was built in the Woodlands. Or more realistically, the Woodlands is a long-ass drive from Sugar Land and the residents that live there have the money and inclination to tax themselves to get a venue a lot closer to them. The venue is going to be 6.500 seats which is about 1/3 the size of the Woodlands Pavilion - so it should cater to different acts and be more of a complement than a competitor. The corner of University and 59S is going to be interesting in the next few years. Every couple of years UH adds another building to their campus there, this is now going in there and I read somewhere that Fluor had secured a large chuck of land at that intersection (I want to say 50 acres but I might be wrong since I can't locate it right now) which sounds like they might be moving their campus from Highway 6 and 59S - I believe their lease there runs for about 5 more years.
  8. Reading up on the subject and I'm very intrigued. Tell me more about Pierce Junction. Texas State Historical Association says a small city called Myrtle Texas, originally known as Myrtle Turf became the Pierce Junction oilfield. https://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/hvmbh https://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/htp12 Pierce Junction Oil Field in 1927 - Where the Astrodome and Reliant Stadium Sit Today https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidblackmon/2014/04/06/the-weekly-oil-gas-follies-29/#429de0753211 Solarized Effect of the Pierce Junction Oil Field, Houston, TX https://oilmanmagazine.com/article/solarized-effect-pierce-junction-oil-field-houston-tx/
  9. It's officially for sale: See full article: http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto...tml?jst=b_ln_hl
  10. Hi, my wife and I live in Kentucky currently. I work as a geologist for a coal company, she's an elementary school special education teacher. I'm 31 years old, she's 27. We're thinking about moving to Houston where I'd like to work as a geologist/geophysicist for an oil company. I understand the opportunities are exceptional right now and I've been interested in that type of work since I was in school a couple of years ago. I'm hoping to hear from people who work in the petroleum industry, especially from geoscientists, who can give me some tips for landing a job and finding a good place to live. We'd be interested in a good child-friendly suburb like Sugar Land where the schools have good reputations and the commute is manageable (a relative proposition, I know). Is anyone out there who can offer some advice? I've done plenty of research on the major oil company websites but some insider information would be much appreciated! What is life like for those of you on the "inside"?? Also, can anyone suggest which companies are the most/least desirable to work for and why? Thanks!!
  11. I'm sure many of you are probably aware, but I did not know this. I knew it was up there, but not second.
  12. Saw this article in the chron this morning - http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/columnists/sarnoff/article/As-far-as-land-goes-large-tract-near-Medical-7252410.php Does anyone know where to find the marketing materials? I checked out the Cushman & Wakefield website but couldn't locate it. It's not quite as close to TMC3 as Nancy seems to think (I think she's looking at the wrong parking lot), but still relatively close
  13. (If others think this should go to a different subforum, I totally understand... just let me know) https://www.renewableenergyworld.com/articles/2019/09/houston-mayor-selects-developer-for-70mw-urban-solar-array-in-revitalization-plan.html
  14. Does anyone on this forum know what the giant Silo near Braeswood/Pressler in the Medical Center is? It looks like a construction site, but I didn't see whos building.
  15. Saudi Arabia Stuns World With Massive Discount In Oil Sold To Asia, Europe And U.S. Oil prices are down more than 30% this year. Oil prices are poised to drop dramatically after Saudi Arabia announced a stunning discount in oil prices — of $6 to $8 per barrel — to its customers in Asia, the United States and Europe. The world's second-largest producer this weekend also said it will actually boost oil production instead of cutting it to stem falling prices, in a stunning reversal in policy from just two days ago. The benchmark Brent oil price already plunged 9.4%, to $45.27 per barrel, on Friday. The drop came after Saudi Arabia, the rest of OPEC and Russia failed to agree on production cuts to combat falling prices due to fears that the coronavirus epidemic will halt world economic growth. https://www.npr.org/2020/03/08/813439501/saudi-arabia-stuns-world-with-massive-discount-in-oil-sold-to-asia-europe-and-u-
  16. Earlier this year, there was a news item that Occidental (Oxy) was in talks to buy Conoco's (now ConocoPhillips) old headquarters on Katy Freeway. More recently the business media has reported that Oxy has put all of their Greenway Plaza space up for sublease and that the space will be available when Oxy moves to a "a newly constructed, owned property to the west.” Of course, not a single business reporter in this town has managed to discover or, so as we know, even inquire about, WHERE Oxy is building their new headquarters, how big it might be, who is the architect, etc etc. Has anyone heard anything?
  17. i saw this post over on city-data and thought it was interesting.. is this a sign/confirmation that Exxon is finally moving their HQ to Houston? Today, 08:55 PM LoveDontHate Junior Member befriend Join Date: Sep 2014 1 posts Reputation: 10 Quitting job because Exxon is moving Hi there, I am a mother with 3 kids. My husband works at Exxon HQ, which is in Irving, TX. Exxon is planning to move their workers to Houston, including my husband. I have lived in Irving for my whole life and I wouldn't think of moving. My husband really love his job and I don't like living in Houston because of the humidity, hurricane threats, and traffic. My kids are attending the finest school in Irving, and is Houston ISD a good school district to put my child into. I am convincing my husband to quit this job, and find another one. Should we move to houston. Or my husband quit his job and stay here?
  18. From the HBJ, I don't have access to the whole article: "The Four Oaks Place office complex may soon be more appropriately named Five Oaks Place. The owner of the 1.8 million-square-foot office complex in the Galleria area is looking at spending between $100 million and $120 million to develop a new office building at 1550 Post Oak Blvd., where a 24 Hour Fitness is currently located" It's about to get busy in that area... Webcam: http://oxblue.com/open/transwestern/5oaks Renderings, and article from 10/13: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2013/10/photos-developers-break-ground-on-bhp.html
  19. elnina999 has added a photo to the pool: Marathon Oil Tower is a skyscraper in Uptown Houston. Each year Marathon Oil Tower celebrates the opening of the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo with an award-winning event. Click here to view this photo at the HAIF Photo Pool on Flickr
  20. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/5473590.html The replies are hilarious, too.
  21. I was reading through Tory Gattis's blog last week (houstonstrategies.blogspot.com), and I was really intrigued with his idea for a global energy technology conference in Houston. Here are a couple of entries he posted on this: http://houstonstrategies.blogspot.com/2007...technology.html http://houstonstrategies.blogspot.com/2007...or-houston.html A couple of excerpts: ...and then a Chronicle reply: http://blogs.chron.com/houstonpolitics/200...ur_brand_1.html My initial thoughts are that this would be extremely beneficial to the city. I think this is worthy of a discussion here.
  22. Williams Tower - formerly known as Transco Tower Height: 901 feet 64 stories Circa: 1983 Architects: Johnson Burgee and Morris Aubry Facts - Then Transco Tower became Williams Tower when Transco Energy was bought out by Williams Energy Corp. in 1999 - Tallest building outside of any CBD - Rotating beacon at night on roof every 15 seconds - Williams Tower functions as two 32-floor towers stacked on top of each other, complete with separate lobbies, elevators, and garages. - South of the building is a 3-acre park with a large fountain called the "Waterwall" (aka Transco Fountain), designed by the building's architects with Richard Fitzgerald & Partners. The fountain is a stunning work of hydraulic engineering. - The top of the building features a beacon that sweeps the night sky over the Galleria area. - Construction took only 16 months, a remarkably short time for a tower of such height. 2 Pics by Patrick Benders Next four Pics by Mancuso Former
  23. Last I checked, the Skanska project has 5 tunnel connections. Also I think we should all remember that Linebeck, Skanska, and Hines are all chasing the same group of potential tenants. I think we will see one of the three go in the next year maybe two if we are lucky. Now the good news is that there is a 50ish story tower that will beat all 3 of these out of the ground.
  24. Thermal Energy Corporation has a small plant on S. Main near Holcombe across from Innovation Plaza.
  25. 4722 & 4728 West Alabama will become a healing center of Ivy Yang. Two small-to-mid buildings. https://twitter.com/ivysyang https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2020019656
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