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Found 24 results

  1. Plat filed for the eastern half of lot that currently has the office building containing the Maritime museum and Andes Cafe on 2311 Canal St., so only the portion currently empty is covered. This entire property along with the one across the street bounded by Canal, Navigation, Runnels and the RR are owned by Midway (listed as KBRN on HCAD, same as East River). Both are highlighted in the attached picture. Judging by the shape I am thinking mid rise apartments, hopefully with some mixed use fronting Navigation. Anyone have additional info? Could this be the start of a larger "Gatew
  2. This is one the current Houston Planning Comission Agenda. http://www.andersoncanyon.net/portfolio.html
  3. https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/c48a167c25b34b91aab2aedd56636624?cover=false
  4. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2015/07/old-coffee-building-in-eado-to-be-restored/ Not sure if there is already a thread on this...
  5. Hi there, Looking for a few facts about an old building. Hoping someone on here can help. Here's what I know: Original family owned this building from 1920s off and on til the late 1990s Was previously a gas station, a warehouse/facility for commercial & auto batteries Property consist of 2 buildings, the original building and a long metal building. Second floor was added on after the 1920s (not sure date) Roof Structure is a Lamella Roof Design with tension cables tying the base together. I haven't confirmed the architect, but Gustel Kiewitt did the
  6. since i pride myself on turning to the experts, can anybody help me out with the story behind this domed building located at 6604 harrisburg? our community building project in northline comes with strange territory- namely all kind of people sending in all kinds of photo's from all kinds of other areas asking for background. suggestions so far include an observatory, switch station, pump station the "bee hive" house, old water well and my favorite- the "alien landing" house. truly appreciate it!
  7. Hi guys, Long time no post. Over been driving past this for the past year and it seems like construction stopped several months ago. Did they run out of money?
  8. This place has beeb abandoned for at least a decade, but noticed last year they tore down an attached structure, then earlier this month, they closed off the parking lot.. did someone recently buy it?
  9. Redevelopment planned for the old Rex Supply building on Harrisburg at Milby. This is near the Second Ward/Coffee Plant stop on METRO Green Line light rail. Looks to be mixed-use retail with plans for a three story garage. Definitely would be a welcome addition near the Sampson/York corridor. http://swamplot.com/what-rex-supplys-harrisburg-complex-would-look-like-with-restaurants-throngs-of-pedestrians-taking-over-its-thru-street/2018-09-20/ https://www.hpiproperties.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/milby-junction-1.pdf Special thanks to Swamplot f
  10. Proposed 80-unit apartment project at Coyle and Napoleon.
  11. Hello, i don't know is this topic has been mention before but i'm curious about this huge mansion. looks very unique and actually looks like it was very beautiful when this home was being used. the home now looks abandon and covered in larges trees. does anyone know anything about this place? I've heard story's about being a fraternity but not clear. thanks
  12. The lot in between Dallas and Lamar on Paige St had a full crew breaking down the structures on site yesterday. It used to be the Green Hill Recycling Management Center. Any word on what we should expect?
  13. From the shops thread. Appears to be a large mixed-use track of land. Two plots... one to the north and one to the east of the picture.
  14. Does anyone have any idea what is going on at 319 St. Emanuel? Looks like an industrial warehouse is being renovated. I have not been able to take any pictures, but this is a screenshot of the warehouse from google maps:
  15. Noticed both notice of variance signs, and reasonably sized plots of land being cleared along the northwestern edge of the East End, mainly near Kennedy St. There is one lot on the corner of Jensen and Kennedy, Just south of the Buffalo Bayou and across from Guadalupe Park (currently being renovated), which is being cleared, along with the stretch of Kennedy St. between McAlpine and St. Charles being removed. Wonder if multiple decent sized lots could be connected for some form of multifamily development? Not a lot of info on this one that I am aware of. Anyone have a clue? Further along K
  16. Noticed banners up for "The CO-OP HTX" near The Studio HTX / Tout Suite on the corner of Chartres and Commerce. The banner had some form of rendering. Couldn't tell if it is a renovation of an existing warehouse around there or a completely new project. Here is the website: http://www.thecoophtx.co No website says nothing but "coming soon" as of now. Anyone have any additional info? I'll try to post pictures soon.
  17. There is a variance notice sign up for Leeland Bell Terrace which looks like it will take up the whole block bounded by Leeland, Palmer, Bell, and Velasco - right next to the bike path. There are a few old, vacant warehouses and some empty overgrown land occupying the space now. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Leeland+St+%26+Palmer+St,+Houston,+TX+77003/@29.7416521,-95.3504975,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x8640bee2f5cde6ab:0xf8e8355f77a6240a
  18. Riding my bike down buffalo bayou today and I ran across Buffalo Bayou Partnership working on the trails on the South side of the Bayou East of Jensen. They were clearing trees and preping for more bike trails. Also talking with them they have the contract to finish the trail on the North side and have access to KBR lots property. Other cool stuff going on is the boat racing down there.
  19. Not much more than a rumor...But... There was some conversation on Swamplot earlier this week about the possibility of HEB building a store on the KBR Site. This kind of washes with the proposed 380/Retail Incentive programs being discussed with in the Business Journal. For what it worth...I saw "Scott" (The guy from the HEB Commercials) at an East Side Restaurant a couple weeks ago. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Apparently, there is some kind of meeting on Nov 8th, where this may be discussed. But, I have no idea what that may be.
  20. Is there any more news on the Garden District development? i noticed a couple of the East Ends planned street car routes travel down two of the streets in the proposed district. http://swamplot.com/kirkseys-vision-for-parks-on-the-shady-side-of-downtown-streets/2013-04-22/
  21. I'm tired & it's time to let my 1940 cape cod original in Lawndale/Wayside area benefit from a new owner to carry it forward in the historic East End's future. See Classified. Thanks much for any interest.
  22. HBJ reports a new hotel complex in the planning stages for Houston's industrial east side. City East HBJ Link Would like more info if one of you HAIFers find it.
  23. The East Enders here know about the slow, steady demolition of an old ratty motel on Gulf Frwy near Griggs and Brays Bayou. I didn't know what would happen with the property, and my fiancee figured that it was maybe an expansion of the cemetery but, lo and behold, a new Camden sign was posted and a construction trailer is on site. Anyone know about this?
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