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Found 24 results

  1. Sign up for future development of retail. Didn't have my phone to take a picture. https://capitalretailproperties.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/1102-Delano-EADO-Flier-11.4.19.pdf
  2. http://swamplot.com/kaldis-buys-coffee-adjacent-cameron-iron-works-plant/2018-11-30/
  3. These are the first of this style of townhouse that I've seen on the east end. Harrisburg Lofts Hard to tell if these are just cheap versions of Urban Lofts but it's good to see a little touch of something, I don't know, are these considered artsy anymore? It's also good to see Harrisburg Blvd. get something like this, whereas for the past 75 years there's been nothing but industry and retail on it. I think with the art community on Commerce street east of downtown slowly spreading further east and also the anticipation of the Harrisburg Metrorail line in 11', Harrisburg will slowly develop into a cool blvd. Unfortunately, we're still in Houston. Right across from these townhouses, there's 17.5 acres cleared and under construction. With prime views of nearby downtown, I hoped something glamourous was in the works. I pulled up to the construction trailer and asked and they told me it's going to be Centerpoint Energy's warehouse complex......
  4. I have seen a lot of activity at the warehouse on the north side of the Dowling-Polk intersection. They have replaced all of the windows and the upper level has been given a new stucco exterior finish with green-toned paint. Looks like it could be highrise lofts or something like that. Anyone know for sure?
  5. preface: there's a lot of new residents checking out this sub forum, they are looking for good places to eat. Let's use this to share locations, and recommendations. you can format your recommendations however you want, but to make it easy, try: restaurant name food type location favorite dish BYOB? Kanomwan Thai https://goo.gl/maps/dLxueyTtQd8Ug3oL7 Pad Ka Pow yes! BYOB! Huyhn Vietnamese https://g.page/HuynhRestaurant?share #70 yes! BOYB! Texas Taco and BBQ tacos and BBQ https://goo.gl/maps/vsvWqvWXhbFUJhGb9 hot mess (loaded BBQ baked potato, only it's french fries instead of a baked potato, and some queso) no
  6. Proposed development bounded by Leeland/Hutchins/Bell/Bastrop Streets SubdivisionPlatPDF_LEELAND PLACE.pdf Site via streetview: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Bell+St+%26+Hutchins+St,+Houston,+TX+77003/@29.7457802,-95.3572748,3a,75y,346.77h,86.73t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sd2-r5Ij6mYB4_t1EUzWJeA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x8640bf192bec214f:0xa1edaf8513a737f!8m2!3d29.746999!4d-95.357584
  7. Came across this listing on LoopNet for six different tracts of land surrounding 8th Wonder and noticed that one of the tracts (#4) is only 2,000 sq. ft. It looks like this tract sits between an existing warehouse and the Bastrop Promenade where the We Love Houston sign is. Do you think someone will come in and develop this tract of land for commercial purposes? If so, what would they even put in a space of that size?
  8. Just read this morning that Christ the Redeemer Episcopal is to be shut down and demolished. What a total bummer. My link
  9. Anyone ever try True Anomaly's beers? Looks like they are now being distributed to HEB and Central Market. It's Memorial Day, I might buy a 4-pack. Their strawberry and rhubarb sour looks tasty! http://trueanomalybrewing.com/
  10. Coming soon signage for Roots Wine Bar is up in the windows at the small commercial building at 3107 Leeland St. This is a block or so southeast of East End Hardware. This is the former location of Metamorphose Studios, a business that (I believe) was engaged in restoration and sale of antique furniture. Swamplot article about the location from last year indicated that an alcohol permit had been applied for: http://swamplot.com/empty-leeland-furniture-workshop-now-has-a-wine-sign-on-it/2018-09-18/ Given the font on the signage, is it safe to assume that this venture is related to Roost on Fairview?
  11. New Hope just closed on 1.5 acres last week in the East End to build its first (and Houston’s most affordable) mixed-use project, CEO Joy Horak-Brown and VP Nicole Cassier tell us. The property will be the first stop on the Harrisburg metro line and will have 175 single room occupancy (SRO) efficiency units, 4k SF of retail and 8k SF of office space. Joy says New Hope particularly wanted to do another project in the East End because of its near-downtown presence with access to job opportunities and need for affordable housing options amidst a fast-growing neighborhood. It worked closely with the neighborhood, which really wanted a mixed-use, transit-oriented development. It’ll be lively and interactive with the community, Joy tells us—neighborhood organizations will be able to use some of the meeting spaces and rooftop garden. The top floor of the property will be the office space, including New Hope’s new corporate office. The retail will not be a chain, Joy and Nicole tell us—they and neighborhood leaders are envisioning something similar to Frank’s Pizza Downtown. The City Housing & Community Development has invested $6.6M into the property, which will be leveraged with tax credit equity and private grants. (The anticipated total development price tag is $25M.) It’s aiming to break ground this winter and deliver mid-2017. Glassman Shoemake Maldonado Architects is handling design. Read more at: https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/affordable-housing/two-affordable-housing-firsts-for-houston-48564?utm_source=CopyShare&utm_medium=Browser
  12. Been living in Greater Eastwood for about four years now, crazy how the area has changed and developed so much in that time. Driving around the other afternoon I came across a gorgeous home that caught my eye in a very peculiar way. Traditional spin with a modern flair and what looked to be an additional greenhouse in the backyard from what I could see through the large privacy fence. Has anyone else had the opportunity to see this home on Polk Street near Eddington? What do you think about homes in the area being given new life and the impact on the overall community it has?
  13. www.chron.com/business/real-estate/amp/Schlumberger-building-to-be-remade-in-EaDo-10854832.php
  14. We'll have to wait until next year to try the beers http://swamplot.com/east-downtowns-8th-wonder-of-the-craft-brewing-world/2011-07-28/
  15. per swamplot below is the link for more details http://swamplot.com/search-homeless-services-will-be-moving-from-midtown-to-this-new-building-in-east-downtown/2015-05-14/
  16. Does any one have any old pictures/postcards, etc. of the original Golfcrest Country Club? I know it was over off of Telephone Road and a stadium was built where it used to stand. At the back of the school property is what appears to be the old original club house. If you look past the abuse, neglect and a few insensitive alterations, there appears to be a once elegant 1920's style Spanish club house with tile roof accents, stucco walls and palladium windows. I would love to see a pic of what that looked like in its hey-day. If I get by there I will try to remember to bring my camera and get a pic of the building.
  17. HBJ is reporting that San Antonio developer, Ocean2Ocean, is planning to build a 12-story, 250 room Wyndham brand hotel on the East Downtown block bounded by Chartres, Rusk, St. Emanuel and Walker. The area is one block away from the Dynamo Stadium. Additionally, Swamplot is reporting that the hotel will cost $12 million and the banner will be either a Wyndham or Wyndham Grand hotel. The site was previously the On Leong Merchants Association building, which was recently demolished. HBJ Link, full article for subscribers only
  18. I finally got some of my boxes of old books unpacked. I came across a 1941 Directory for the Houston Country Club back when it was still located on Wayside. It had a couple of interesting old pictures of the club in it. I stopped by over there. What appears to be that mantle is in one of the snack shop rooms, under about 15 coats of paint. I don't know if that is the original location or not. Very little else is recognizable from these photos.
  19. does anyone know what project is going on at this location? Yesterday construction was already on a second floor slab of cement.
  20. Hi all, I am considering buying a townhome in this area, and I was wondering if you guys thought it would be a good investment. Do you think the area just east of 59 near downtown will develop soon? I know there are several new townhome complexes being built there and it's near the new park downtown, but I wanted to get the group's opinion on the area's potential. Also, I'm wondering how flood-prone this area is. Here's one of the complexes I'm considering: http://www.perryhomes.com/Find-Your-Home/H...View-Place.aspx
  21. I am very curious why people with an obvious interest in architecture would even consider buying a townhome. While there are certainly some that employ interesting and thoughtful design, the vast majority them are just horrific. They're almost anti-design! Don't get me wrong... I am actually reasonably glad to see the new construction happening just east of the GRB. And even over in the Clinton/Jensen area. Mostly, those townhomes (or the single-family, gated blocks) are not displacing older construction. And I welcome the new residents - and am hopeful they will convince Kroger to clean-up their combat store on Polk/Cullen (note to Kroger: we're not all on WIC, you know! I'm glad you provide goods for these people, but I would appreciate a wine selection that extends beyond Boone's Farm). But that doesn't mean I don't think they are the perhaps the most ugly things I've seen. So help me out. What's the allure of these structures to the design-conscious?
  22. District may seek new rate for area East Downtown entity wants funds to support its plan By THAYER EVANS Chronicle Correspondent Commercial property owners in the East Downtown Management District may be asked this year to support paying a tax for area improvements that would have the same rate as they previously paid through an earlier enhancement plan. The district's proposal to circulate a petition requesting a tax of 12 1/2 cents per $100 valuation comes as some business representatives in the area expressed disappointment in the five-year-old entity's record on addressing problems. "I really don't see any improvement," said Tao La, manager of Kim Son Restaurant, 2001 Jefferson. The district, which was formed in 1999 by the Texas Legislature and includes parts of Old Chinatown, provides public services for business owners and residents east of downtown Houston. It was created to help revitalize an area that some believe has been neglected in efforts to revive downtown. The district is authorized to partner with other government agencies and raise revenue to administer public projects related to economic development, public spaces, roadways and utilities. As part of a three-year enhancement plan, the district began collecting a levy with a 12 1/2 -cent rate from commercial business owners in 2001, district spokesman Steve Pittman said. That money was used to clean up eyesores and graffiti, make landscaping improvements and promote the area, he said. However, the assessment ended in 2003 after the enhancement plan was finished, Pittman said. A quarterly landscaping maintenance program and graffiti abatement efforts in the district are continuing because those contracts, which are paid for, have not yet expired. "The district itself still exists," Pittman said. "But in order to have the funding to provide projects and services, a board will have to go back to the property owners and ask them to petition for services and assessment on a new plan." The district's new proposed five-year improvement plan was created using feedback from a survey the district distributed to commercial business owners last year, Pittman said. He said it would have an annual budget of approximately $180,000, which would be derived from the proposed assessment annually over five years. Before that can happen, Pittman said the Houston City Council must first approve a new 13-person board of directors, which he believes will take place next month. Board members are volunteers and do not receive compensation, Pittman said. "We had quite a few resignations," he said. "It was just a sense of the board that we would get a new group that would represent the property owners more fully." At least 50 of the 462 commercial property owners in the district or those representing a majority of the district's surface area would need to sign the petition for the assessment to go into effect, Pittman said. Under those circumstances, he said the district would require payment of the levy by as early as January 2006. "Really, the key component is the assessment," Pittman said. "The district can only do so much. There are things the district can do without the resources, but it's pretty limited." Pittman said 40 percent of the district's budget would be spent on security, public safety and landscaping. Another 30 percent would be spent on business development, and 20 percent would go toward project management, he said. The budget's remaining 10 percent would be spent on historic preservation, Pittman said. He said the benefits of the proposed plan are numerous. "It gives the property owners really an ability to maximize their local dollars," he said. "When we can partner with Harris County or (the Texas Department of Transportation) on a project or the Greater East End (Management) District, those dollars go a lot further." Scott Weaver, co-owner of Jeni's Noodle House, 2130 Jefferson, would not have to pay the district's proposed levy, because he and his wife lease the building their restaurant occupies. Nonetheless, he said he and other business owners are frustrated by what they perceive as a lack of effort by the district's old board. He said most of the board's members did not have business interests in the district, and he is hopeful the new members will. "They went months, months and months where they couldn't have enough members present to get a quorum together to take any action, even though they were collecting money," said Weaver, 36, a Houston resident. "It was really kind of sad." Still, Weaver said he supports having the district, but wants it to be more accountable to its patrons. Weaver said he is not sure if the management district will get enough signatures for its planned petition. La said he has doubts about the management district. He said he has noticed increased development, but is disappointed other problems have not been addressed. "I have crack houses to the left and right," La said. "There are a lot of homeless. I really don't see any improvement." Chronicle Link
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