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Found 19 results

  1. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated September 23, 1964 and came across a business ad for Anderson Drug located at 4566 Bissonnet Street. Does anyone recall this local pharmacy? I wonder who was the owner/druggist. Probably someone with a last name of Anderson is my guess. This was somewhere at Bissonnet and Newcastle. Where Shipley's is? Or where the Fidelis building is?
  2. I was browsing The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated September 23, 1964 and came across a business listing for Dugan's Drug Store No. 2 located at 5018 Bellaire Blvd. What's the deal with Mading's Drug Stores and Dugan's Drug Stores? Didn't they merge?
  3. I was reading The Citizen dated May 26, 1948 and came across a business listing for Blasingame Drug Store located at 3640 Bellaire Blvd. Anyone recall this place? I'd love to here more information. Do... Exactly as your doctor orders. Our specialty is prescriptions M. 2-2200 Homer Blasingame, Reg. Pharmacist, Sole Owner 3640 Bellaire Boulevard
  4. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/busine...ff/3956173.html "A lot of the transformation so far has taken place in Midtown, where a prime block of land just sold at the corner of Main and Elgin. A CVS Pharmacy will be built on the southeast corner, according to Marshall Davidson of Cushman & Wakefield, who was involved in the land sale." This can go two ways. They can either make a pedestrian friendly design, or plop another suburban CVS there. Now, tell me which one is more likely. *beats head into table repeatedly*
  5. I was browsing an old neighborhood newspaper called Southwestern Times. The issue is dated September 13, 1945. Noticed an add for Mading's Drug Stores that had 3 store numbers and addresses listed. They must have been later stores since they are counting into the teens. Mading's Drug Stores No. 14 - 6602 South Main No. 15 - 2402 University Boulevard No. 19 - 1930 Bissonnet
  6. Hi Guys, I was wonder about the history of the old Parkview drug store on the corner of Harrisburg Blvd. and 75th Street. And maybe some possible pictures of the old place if they exists. I know I came to the right place, you guys never let me down.
  7. I took this photo from my apartment window several months back because you could really see the old Sovthern Drvg Company signage on 1511 Preston. Does anyone have any history on this company and building? Since it has been added on to so much, I doubt anyone realizes this is a historic structure. Even though the South Texas Intermediate Sanction Facility closed in 2016, the lights are still on in and out. Seems like it could be a cool building if it were restored.
  8. The Picture below is what is thought to be location of the former drug store. The name of the Drug store in question was Richard's First Ward Drug Store then changed to Jones Drug Store some time later. If you know of this please share.
  9. Anyone remember this chain of pharmacies? It’s where my mom filled all our prescriptions through the 80s. We went to two locations, first one somewhere around 1960 and Red Oak, second one diagonal from Klein High School.
  10. Ive passed this store a few times recently and never find it open. So I stopped there this afternoon and looked in the windows...it's something else. An old-style original counter and soda fountain, old-time shelves...I know it's all legit in age: the neon sign out front has got to date from the 40's. Whats weird and SO cool is that it looks like someone just left the store as is, many years ago. There are old products...greeting cards, mags, make-up, etc. still on the shelves. Looks like its been closed for many years. I went round back and checked the electricity meter, and the power is on. Looked inside and spotted a clock on the wall which was working. Again, its called Huston's Drugs and it's on Washington, just outside of downtown, across the street from Salvation Army. The neon sign outside appears to be broken but it's blue in color. ANY info on this place or who owns it would be appreciated.
  11. K&B Drugs (Katz & Besthoff) was a drug store operator out of New Orleans known for its distinctive purple logo and good service (including a wide selection of in-house ice cream). In the early 1990s, K&B Drugs went on an expansion, including at least six stores in Texas (as of 1991). All that came to an end in 1998 when Rite Aid acquired and rebranded the chain, and either selling or closing the Texas stores since Rite Aid doesn't operate in Texas (at least not in Houston). Since it did operate in Texas, I'm curious if they opened any stores in Houston. I'm not 100% sure if K&B had any stores in Houston at all (it's far more likely that the stores would be concentrated in Beaumont and the surrounding towns) but I do wonder if they did. Were there any K&Bs in Houston? Where were they?
  12. Anyone know what's going on there? Property has been abandoned since 2014, and now there's activity on the lot. Loopnet says the building was sublet 18 days ago.
  13. My mom and I were debating on whether or not the Pappasito's on Richmond was really an old building or just built to look like one. Obviously the front parking lot was a gas station not too many years ago, and I remember an electronic parts store on Richmond near there, before the days of computers. My mom said there used to be a Costen's drugstore on the corner many years ago, maybe in the fifties, and my grandfather would have coffee there every morning before they had the Walgreen's on Alabama, in the theater shopping center, of course. Just curious about the drugstore and the Pappasito's building. I thought all the Pappasitos looked old like that, that seems to be their style.
  14. Does anyone remember the old Wheeler Pharmacy? It was at 4401 Dowling, southeast corner with Wheeler. My mother used to take me there in the early nineteen fifties, after nursery school, for a BLT sandwich at their lunch counter. For decades, post-nursery school, it sat there, unchanged. I never had any reason to venture back into it, till one day, maybe in 1997, I stopped in. It was exactly as I remembered it: the old-fashioned soda fountain/lunch counter taking up the north wall; shelves full of drugstore stuff such as you could still see until not so long ago at the Buffalo Pharmacy and at the Avalon Drug; a pleasant oldish woman at the ornate, ancient cash register; and a very old gentleman seated in a chair in the center, watching the passing scene. I had my small daughters with me, and I bought them each a popsicle. As I paid, I remarked to the lady that I hadn't been inside since about 1954. She said that the drugstore had been new then; it had belonged to the elderly gentleman seated nearby, her uncle. I remarked on the picturesque cash register (The link below is to a picture of a reasonable faccimile, if memory serves): http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0192/4284/products/m2800-1_1024x1024.jpg?v=1391026517 . She said that it had stood them in good stead during a recent blackout. Not long after, it closed, changed hands, and went through several incarnations, including a stints as Global Pharmacy, Alternative Medicine and Pharmacy, and other businesses, each one resembling the old drugstore less and less. I'm glad I went in that day in the late 1990s and ate popsicles with my little girls, seated on stools at the no-longer-operational lunch counter, and in memory I smelled the makings of a BLT sandwich and saw my mother out of the corner of my eye, on the stool next to my four-year-old self.
  15. Hello again! Recently I was browsing through some old Houston Post microfilms at Evans Library on campus (I did graduate) and found some cool ads and articles, which I'll be posting as time permits. I don't think this is *complete* (I'm pretty sure there was one at I-45 and Beltway 8 at some point), but here's the Phar-Mor locations in town as of June 1989, transcribed from an advertisement verbatim complete with wording idiosyncrasies (yes, "I-59"). Please don't actually call the numbers. ------------ THE COMMONS AT PRESIDIO SQUARE Bellaire Blvd. at Highway 6 Across from Fiesta Mart Store Ph.: 568-6591 Pharmacy Ph.: 568-5269 THE COMMONS AT WILLOWBROOK Tx. 249 & F/M 1960 Store Ph.: 890-3266 Pharmacy Ph.: 890-0488 SOUTH GESSNER SQUARE I-59 & South Gessner Store Ph.: 995-5681 Pharmacy Ph.: 995-4068 ALMEDA SQUARE Gulf Freeway & Kingspoint St. Store Ph.: 943-9918 Pharmacy Ph.: 943-9963 MEMORIAL CITY SHOPPING CENTER 980 Gessner Next to Montgomery Ward Store Ph.: 467-2400 Pharmacy Ph.: 467-8561 MEYER PARK SHOPPING CENTER South Post Oak Road at Route 610 Store Ph.: 729-6600 Pharmacy Ph.: 729-6661 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ----------------
  16. I noticed a new place near the subway strip center at I10 and Heights and while briefly driving by I read something like "Healthy Pharmacy" or something like this.. Anyone know anything about it?
  17. How about we start a general thread to document all the Historic Houston Drug Stores & Pharmacies? Does anyone recall the very old Lamar Pharmacy on Lamar Street? Looking for details, particularly pictures of that place. I'm not sure if any exist?
  18. Hey HAIF, I'm trying to find the closing date for the Eckerd Drugs store located at 6602 South Main St. I know it was originally a Mading's Drug Store which was eventually converted into an Eckerd Drugs. I'm digging for information on the retail strip center/shopping center across from the Medical Towers at Dryden and South Main. The strip center started at Dryden Rd. and South Main St., and went all the way to the next block at Southgate Blvd. and South Main St. This was in the 1960's. There was a hug sign on the roof of the building, perhaps giving the name of the shopping center. Anyone recall this?
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