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Found 14 results

  1. CURRENT VERSION: v0.5 - Beta by: Luminare Hello Everyone, I'm proud to reintroduce the HAIF Development Map and Spreadsheet, as PROJECT ASTROPOLIS. This thread will be the new home for updates, improvements, announcements, and discussions about both the Project Astropolis Map and Spreadsheet. Previously due to COVID, and other circumstances pertaining to my work, I had to take an extended hiatus from both the forum, and this project. After a nice break from putting the original map and spreadsheet together, I decided to give the project a reboot, and st
  2. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Grocers-Supply-warehouse-on-Interstate-10-to-5079374.php?cmpid=btfpm
  3. I noticed theres been more and more development going on and major renovations from my tiny country Here are a few pictures of the city. \ Just outside the city:
  4. So happy for our sister/bro to the west! (I havent determined if Ft. Worth is masculine or feminine yet) Its time they get their own thread. Jetta/Frost Tower Officially under construction! http://www.fortworthbusiness.com/news/groundbreaking-skyscraper-to-revitalize-eastern-downtown/article_8c8215f8-786a-11e5-82dc-53ad597f2688.html
  5. Hey guys, I was referred to this website by some friends who said it was the go-to destination for Houston Real Estate information. After perusing through, I know I've found the right place and I'm actually overloaded with information. Long story short - I am trying to get information on development happening in the fourth ward. Here is a rough outline of the area I am interested in: https://imgur.com/a/oBzAu . More specifically I'm interested in the areas bounded roughly by Dallas to the north, Taft to the west, Gray to the south, and Buckner to the east.
  6. Another huge mixed-use development is on the drawing boards in Richardson Steve BrownSeptember 25, 2014 Full Article From GFF: More about the development, including construction dates here. Additionally, The Spring Creek nature area has recently been doubled in size. Read about it here. The parking garage for the 351-unit Alexan Cityline has been completed. First units are planned to be ready by May.
  7. Hi, The builder developing the community I live in sucks. I wish I knew before I bought my house but too late for that now. There are still several homes being built in there but quite a few homes are occupied at this point. The builder has been littering and polluting the ravine with a lot of construction debris and hasn't cleaned it up in 6 months. Several homeowners have complained and nothing has been done. I was informed that they can be fined for this. Where would I report it to have them fined so they will stop? I already called 311 and they put in a request but I think that is
  8. Check Daily (four added daily) No, the list isn't completed, I am going to be adding 4 a day since it takes me an hour to make 4. Was starting to give up ha, but I can manage 4 a day.
  9. Any knowledgeable feedback greatly appreciated, I tried to research this and can't find anything, it is upsetting me a lot so I just want some resolution. I live in a corner lot in a deed restricted neighborhood. So my back yard faced my neighbor's side of his house. He moved, and a guy tore the house down and to everyone's surprise, this lot is somehow not in any deed restrictions (it's probably the only lot in a 16-square block neighborhood). So they subdivided into two 2600 square foot lots and built massive, like 60-foot tall townhomes. They put windows all along the side and no tree
  10. With all this residential development going on downtown, it leaves me wondering if the retail will follow shortly after? Particularly grocery stores. To my knowledge, the closest thing to a full sized grocery store in downtown is Phoenicia. Randalls midtown is more or less close as well. When do you think a major grocer will consider moving into downtown? Who do you think will be the first one to make a move? Will it be as part of a mixed use development? Ground level of some tower? or stand alone? Right in downtown? or immediate vicinity, such as a 2nd midtown store, Eado or the near
  11. I was watching tonight's KBTX 6 PM news and they reported that the closed Albertson's shopping center at south College and University Drive will be mostly demolished for an infill type student apartment building. I can't find any online articles about it yet, but I will post as soon as KBTX puts this evening's stories online and I can find any site plans or announcements from the developer. Apparently It will be called the "The Stack", appears to be 4 or 5 stories, will have ground floor retail and 2 levels of underground parking, and have about 400? units. Apparently it won't actually cover t
  12. Heres an awesome PDF Urbannizer found highlighting many of the projects going on and proposed in the downtown area, ranging from tunneling i45 and 59, and building grand boulevards above them to building new parks in the Southern portion of downtown and adding Green Ways connecting parks and popular areas. lots of new signage will be added for pedestrians and they are working on better connecting downtown with the surrounding areas. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54482015/CHI%20Breakfast%20Presentation%20for%20publication.pdf
  13. When you've lived in Texas 50+ years and have traveled the state far and wide, you notice favorite areas blighted by development. To me the San Antonio-Austin corridor is one of the worst. It's become two long strip malls on both sides of Interstate 35. New Braunfels and San Marcos have lost a lot of their identity and charm.
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