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  1. This week I learned a little about the Palais Royal department store brand. I searched HAIF and I couldn't find an exact address of 614 Main except for the Capitol Hotel located at 614 Main which was many decades earlier. From the newspaper The Houston Post dated September 17, 1922. Experienced Sales Ladies in ready to wear specialty shop; must be experienced; steady position. Palais Royal 614 Main. -------------- Experienced colored maid who understands processing silk and woolen ladies' garments; must be experienced; steady position. Apply in person. Palais Royal 614 Main. From the newspaper The Texas Jewish Herald dated March 11, 1926. Lee Levy, 68, prominent business man died at his home, 4118 Montrose Boulevard, at 8 o'clock Monday morning. Surviving Mr. Levy are his wife; one daughter, Mrs. Ben Wolfman, of Houston; one son, Milton H. Levy of Houston; one brother, Ben Levy of New York; and three grandchildren. Mr. Levy, with his son-in-law, Mr. Wolfman, owned and operated a chain of stores, including The Fashion and Palais Royal of Houston, Leeland's of Dallas, and The Houston of Shrevenport, LA. The body was sent to the Settegast-Kopf Company to St. Luis, NO., at 11:25 a.m. Thursday, over the L and G.N. Railway. Funeral services and interment was in St. Luis.
  2. Never knew about this! Some very cool, and hard to find, history here. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post. dated June 10, 1909 and came across this business advertisement for P. Battelstein & Co. located at 618 Main Street. This was before the infamous Battelstein's Department Store located at 812 Main Street. The Makers of Good Clothes P. Battelstein & Co. Up-To-Date Tailors 618 Main Street * Houston, Texas
  3. I just heard from my mom this morning that Kaplan's is closing its doors next month. If you are familiar with this store, if, like me, you frequented this wonderful store since the time you were a kid, and if you knew the Kaplan family over the years, then maybe you can understand how really sad this news was to me. I suppose it is tough for a specialty store like Kaplan's to compete with Internet buying. I guess this closing was inevitable. But it is like losing a member of the family for me.
  4. wow!! I discovered a new (to me) department store in Houston! I searched around HAIF and there was only 2 or 3 mentions over the past 15 years. Figured I would create an official thread so people can gain more knowledge about the company. In terms of the company name, and searching around the internet, the name was spelled many ways. Levy Brothers Department Store Levy Bros. Department Store Levy Brothers Dry Goods Company Levy Brothers Dry Goods Co. Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co. Levy Brothers Company Looks like the official wording, per company letterhead and invoices, was Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co. From an invoice dated December 12, 1952: Several online Houston history blogs indicate the address was 309 Main Street. The 1907 Sanborn Houston map had the company surrounding the addresses 309, 311, and 313 Main Street. I searched through old newspapers for both 309 and 313 Main Street and did not find any information containing Levy Bros. When searching for 311 Main, I got results. From the newspaper The Houston Post. dated March 8, 1914: Department Stores Dexter, Fred F. 230 W. Seventeenth Ave., H. Hts. Taylor 205 Levy Bros., 311 Main. Preston 36 Munn Co., W.C., Travis St. Capitol Ave. and Main St. Preston 218; A1131. The Houston Post. dated June 24, 1914: J.B. Westover, Adv. Mgr. Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co. Dry Goods and Women's Furnish'gs 311 Main St. Phone P675 From a 1907 Sanborn Houston map: A photo of the Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co. building at 311 Main Street.
  5. Alfred C. Finn designed this proposed "Name Here Department Store" in the 1920s. Alfred Finn’s office prepared this rendering in the 1920s for a massive, but ornately designed, department store. The tile work along the eaves suggests that this store would have been another addition to the many Mediterranean style buildings that were constructed in Houston during this time period. Had several proposed Mediterranean-style buildings actually been completed during the 1920s, it would have helped to produce a more uniform architectural style throughout the city.
  6. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated December 15, 1965 and came across an advertisement for Weiner's. Looking briefly online, the company was started in the 1920s and ended in the 2010's following Hurricane Allison. A little confused. Was this just a clothing store, or an actual department store? Was this a bargain retail store? Anyone know more information about this place? I wonder if there were any in my neighborhood in the Texas Medical Center? I know HAIF has a few department store and retail connoisseurs. Fill me in!!
  7. When I was a kid, and I visited my Grandmother in the Heights area, there was a department store called Bargain Gusher on 19th I believe. It was down the street from the old Heights Theatre (anyone remember what movie closed this place down...curious, is the key word) and what I can visualize to this day is the elderly gentleman playing dominoes in the park next to the Bargain Gusher! Spent many days in that store, but can not recall what I bought though. Anyone else ever go there?
  8. I was researching the old residential estate at 2330 North Braeswood Blvd. and came across an article regarding the history of tenants of the house. One tenant, Joseph Danburg, owned a department store called Rite-Way Department Store. This would have been in the 1940s. They had six locations: 33 Artesian Place 511 Broadway Street 1902 Hardy Street 2756 Lyons Avenue 5334 Washington Avenue 7504 Harrisburg Boulevard I know there was a similar business called Rite-Way Food Market located at 5204 Bellaire Blvd. Then there was a plumbing business called Rite-Way Plumbing Co. Can't seem to find the department store though. Starting to think the article I read was incorrect. I wonder how they accounted for six (6) locations? Maybe there was a name change and that's why I can't find anything? With 6 locations, I am sure there would be a lot of business article and ads. Anyone recall this this store? I can't seem to find anything on HAIF, or any of the historic Houston sites around. I know there are a few HAIF members who are obsessed with department stores and retail stores. Tell me more! Link to article: http://docplayer.net/5817306-Old-braeswood-news-old-braeswood-annual-meeting-7-p-m-tuesday-november-12-2013-2340-blue-bonnet-blvd-morningside.html
  9. I was browsing the newspaper The Texan dated November 14, 1956 and came across a business ad for Meyer Bros. Department Store located at At Bellaire Blvd. At 3rd St. (Presumably 5002 Bellaire Blvd.) I believe this was a stand a lone building? The current site has a Walgreens. The original building must have been demolished. A little confused about the history of the Meyer Bros. They created two businesses? One was a department store (Meyer Bros.) and the other was a grocery store/market called The White House? There are countless advertisements for Meyer Bros. in the 50s and 60s. If I find a cool ad I'll post it. Pretty much all the same though. Any HAIFers have memories here? Do share!! I found a location list of Meyer Bros. locations. See the below quote.
  10. I also remember on the side of Gulfgate that Weingarten's was on, was a street, I think that the name of it was Woodridge/Woodbridge. I remember us going to a department store on that street called Globe. I thought that I heard that a Home Depot is now in that spot. Does anyone out there know anything about this? Chet Cuccia
  11. Does anyone remember a store called Sage? It was on the east side of the gulf freeway somewhere between edgebrook and shaver. It sat at a funny angle to the street and had a huge parking lot. I never went to that store and have no idea what they sold but I remember it being very big and always packed with cars.
  12. I wanted to ask how many Joske's stores were there in Houston, and are there any pictures of them?
  13. Can someone tell me about Sakowitz? What was it like? What happened to it?
  14. so i was searching through the net and found this picture of the store name on the floor of the parking lot north of the chronicle building. im going to see if i can make it there later. but does anyone have picture or know where this is. P.S. it is not at Market Square. this is at the parking lot between the chronicle and mkt square picture owned by http://bayoucityhistory.blogspot.com/
  15. I was just wondering and i have good old pics of these but does anyone know the locations of the original Foley Bros Dry Goods later Foley Bros department store then Foleys' I know they used to be at 506 main in the Slainte bar by Praire. They were also at a building which is no longer there by the building occupied by Live Sports Cafe. I was told they were also at the building occupied by Twelve Spot bar. I know for a fact the first 2 are correct but does anyone know of the others espcially when it was called Foley Bros Dry Goods. thanks and ill post old Foley Bros picture from Main and Preston-Praire
  16. I've searched the boards for answers but was unable to get results... So Where exactly was the downtown woolworth located? What is left of it? I remember i went in 1994-1996 my memory is sketchy. I do remember escalators and "W's" on the door. Anyone have pics? If there is a thread about this accept my apoligies.
  17. Now, I know I made a College Station topic about this but understandably didn't get a lot of takers. Where were the FedMart stores in Houston, and what were they like? I heard they were a bit like Walmart Supercenters but smaller, and I'm not sure if they kept up the whole "only open to government employees" when they went national (at least to Texas), which I'm pretty sure I read elsewhere. The only three I've found included: Southmore and Pasadena - former Globe, torn down(?) for Mervyn's and Office Depot Mykawa and I-45 - now Fiesta Bellaire and Weslayan - now Whole Foods, though it looks like it might've been rebuilt, the ramp leading underground was originally part of the store Any more information? I'd love to find out more and what were the general reactions to it.
  18. I drove by the old Best Products at Almeda Mall the other day. Always disappointed to see a unique structure just disappear. Best Products (before and after)
  19. Would anybody happen to have the address of the old RB Department Store? It was located somewhere in the Eastside area. Possibly on Harrisburg or Wayside. I remember the store being open between 1963 and 1970.
  20. Bilao's Dept store and Western Skies Motel on Old Katy Rd between Blalock and Wirt. Supplied the lettered jackets the football players wore. Now strip centers and office parks when they put in I-10. The Dad's Club off Katy Rd / Blalock. 'Sock hops' every Friday night where us teenagers could work off our adolescent energy. We all wore white socks and had to take off our shoes so as not to damage the hardwood flooring. KILT Radio would provide the DJ's playing original rock and roll. Now a swim club and athletic center. Monterey House Mexican Food? Long gone. Last gasp was a contaminated food lawsuit in Baytown because a worker didn't wash his hands.
  21. Does anyone know where this store was located? It looks to be somewhere in downtown. This photo was taken in Houston in 1956, but that's all the solid info i've been able to find so far.
  22. I loved Britt's at Northline when I was a kid, because inevitably we were stopping to eat in the restaurant. Afterwards, I got to run across the mall corridor to Playland Toys which was always a treat. A friend of mine and I were reminiscing yesterday, and Britt's came up. He swears there was a Britt's at Gulfgate, I'm not convinced. Can anyone confirm Britt's locations here in town? I pretty sure there was not one in Northwest or Greenspoint.
  23. Having a been a little late to the mall scene, my favorite defunct store is Foley's, having being absorbed to Macy's. I always thought it was cool, it had a neat exterior (my local store was Post Oak Mall) AND it was the only place for miles around to have ESCALATORS!! But even in the mid-to-late 1990s, Foley's, from what I remember when my mother dragged me there, had little more than clothing and housewares. But I've heard and learned so much more. I've now learned to identify old Foley's...the 1960s ones (Northwest Mall and Almeda), the 1970s one (Greenspoint, San Jacinto, West Oaks), the 1980s (Post Oak and Padre Staples Mall), and the Sanger Harris ones in Dallas (Six Flags Mall, Valley View, and North Hills, now all closed). For example, the Greenspoint Foley's once had Nintendo games, a cool kid's department set up like a Star Wars spaceship, and even a restaurant. I've heard wonderful things about Foley's on the HAIF, and have had to defend Foley's on other occasions. Check this out (from a comment on Labelscar)
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