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  1. Houston Community College unveils disaster-mitigation initiative, plans $30M flood-simulation training center https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/04/26/houston-community-college-disaster-resiliency-plan.html Houston Community College's new Resiliency Initiative will include a $30 million flood-simulation center and a disaster mitigation curriculum to train first responders, businesses and community members to prepare for catastrophic events, the school announced April 26. This plan has been in the works for five years, since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017 and flooded 200,000 homes while causing $73.5 billion in property destruction and loss of output, HCC said. The focal point of the initiative is the $30 million Resiliency Operations Center, which will be a 5-acre training space on HCC's Northeast Campus near the East Freeway and 610 Loop. Engineering plans are slated to be complete in September, and construction is expected to last from 18 to 22 months.
  2. I'm teaching out at San Jacinto Community College right now, and there are a few big things rumbling. I figured it was close enough to Houston city limits and big enough a building to satisfy the tacit requirements for threads here. This is the building they're currently at work on.
  3. HCC Brays Oaks Campus located at 8855 W Bellfort Blvd. Nice looking building designed by Kirksey Architecture. https://www.hccs.edu/locations/southwest-college/brays-oaks-campus/ https://www.kirksey.com/portfolio/projects/houston-community-college-brays-oaks-new-campus-workforce-building
  4. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/neighborhood/katy/article/Start-in-Katy-finish-in-Katy-HCC-to-open-16185310.php#photo-21006032 Some walls are up, lots of dirt work done, can't see it getting any prettier based on the Chron story. Then again, I guess as long as it works, it's sufficient. Just wish they had shown a bit of imagination like the UH building several hundred meters away.
  5. http://www.hccs.edu/district/departments/procurement/bond2013/bond-projects/coleman-campus/
  6. I went to school at AI of Houston across the street. That was 7 years ago. At that time I think there were plans for apartments. 🤔
  7. Howdy all, This is my second post here, been lurking for a while. So, if this is a double post please forgive, I searched a bit but nothing turned up Houston Community College Central is constructing a few new buildings in the midtown area, and performing a much-needed renovation of the San Jacinto Memorial Building among others on the campus. The renovation seems to be throwing out parking space in exchange for a nice green space in front of SJAC. The most prominent new construction is the Learning Hub, which will house their technology and science classes. http://learning.cc.hccs.edu/future/ http://learning.cc.hccs.edu/future/future.swf In my opinion, the Learning Hub resembles an ice cube sitting on the historic SJAC building's front lawn. I have mixed feelings about it, and am questioning whether it fits in with the area. What are your thoughts and opinions on the construction? Are our bonds going to good use?
  8. http://wtaw.com/2015/09/11/blinn-college-sees-design-of-new-west-bryan-campus/ Slideshow presentation
  9. Would anyone happen to know what they are going to build here? They own a huge amount of land whoever it is and they demolished several structures. Is it just going to be townhomes or a multi-family building perhaps? It's this entire piece of land Screenshot 2014-06-07 21.18.20 by marclongoria, on Flickr There are markers all over the place plus these small signs that have numbers on them such as "3621" in the picture below: 2014-06-07 16.40.14 by marclongoria, on Flickr 2014-06-07 16.41.16 by marclongoria, on Flickr EdIt: Okay, so it's apparently HHC Dorms: http://swamplot.com/hcc-is-planning-a-student-dorm-building-too-at-alabama-and-almeda/2014-05-15/ Here's the latest article from Houston Chron: http://www.chron.com/news/education/article/HCC-central-campus-considers-student-housing-5514472.php Do we have a thread for this already?
  10. I was cruising through Scotch's imgur album of Kyle Field pics and saw this. It looks like there is a basement component (or another pool) to the expansion off the old weight room area. This place was pretty nice when they opened it in '95, still would be if they kept it up. It's going to be a palace. Long way from Deware Field House.
  11. Some people were talking in another thread about the current "arms race" going on amongst major universities. Some of us are fresh out of college (or maybe still in school) who have seen the arms race first hand, others are older and have watched from a different perspective as their alma mater jumped into this ongoing competition for the finest facilities. What are everyones feelings on the arms race? Is it good for the schools? Which Texas school is winning this race?
  12. Lone Star College is slated to begin construction on a new Creekside Satellite Center at the southwest corner of Kuykendahl and New Harmony Trail. The campus will be just southwest of the new Creekside Village Center currently under development.
  13. Llewelyn-Davies Sahni to Lead Two Major Redevelopment Projects in Houston’s Midtown District Projects will make area around HCC Central Campus an urban focal point HOUSTON, TX (May 25, 2011) – Llewelyn-Davies Sahni (LDS), a leading architecture and urban design firm in Houston continues to lead two redevelopment / upgrade projects for Midtown TIRZ and Houston Community College in Houston’s historic Midtown District. The projects will include approximately 90 block fronts in and around the HCC Central Campus, major open space redevelopment program in and around the existing campus and construction of a major plaza in the foreground of the campus’s San Jacinto Building. “The work to be done is a significant part of the revitalization of Houston’s Midtown, and it will dramatically change the campus ambience at HCC Central campus,” said Randhir Sahni, president of Llewelyn-Davies Sahni. “The new look and new features will provide a sense of place with a sense of arrival, and become a destination for visitors and residents.” The Star Plaza, a magnificent outdoor area and perhaps the crown jewel of this redevelopment project, will be located on the HCC Central Campus adjacent to the San Jacinto Building currently under renovation. It represents Houston’s commitment to education, as the San Jacinto Building was the birthplace of the University of Houston, HISD and HCC. The new Plaza will include a replica of the San Jacinto Monument as the visual focus of a planned Star of Texas. In January 2011, HCC Board funded the redevelopment of the historic San Jacinto Building. The Star Plaza improvements will complement 90 block-front improvements on blocks adjacent to the campus and will visually reinforce the focal architecture qualities of the San Jacinto Building. The Central College campus of the HCC System is the largest landholding entity in Midtown Houston and has the largest international student enrollment of any community college system in the nation. The Central Campus—the first in the HCC System—spans 16 city blocks in the physical core of Midtown. These improvements will enhance as well as provide for the needed community open space and should stimulate neighborhood redevelopment. Establishing a destination for Houstonians may also bolster commerce in Midtown, and help revitalize the area while serving the needs of the HCC District and the students. Inspiration for this redevelopment concept was drawn from various world-renowned urban spaces which served as examples of how best to exploit street amenities and manage ground plane treatment while providing a superior educational experience. The Plaza will be the “lung” of Midtown and potentially inspire quality private physical redevelopment. Improvement plans to be implemented along Caroline, Holman and Alabama Streets will be funded by Midtown TIRZ by use of tax dollars. Improvements include upgrading the area from the back of the street curbs to the ROW line with features such as new trees, ground cover, new hardscape, signage, lighting and street amenities such as benches, trash receptacles, bicycle racks, banners, and other support infrastructure. Work on the $20 million project is expected to commence in the second quarter of 2011. Major improvements are targeted to be completed by 2014.
  14. Per Carroll Robinson's website at the link below, on November 5th, HCC closed on 9.177 acres of land on N. MacGregor at 288 for the new Coleman College of Health Sciences’ Medical Science & Technology Early College Charter High School (what a long name!). http://tinyurl.com/ld5l5md That parcel has been vacant for over 20 years. I think the last thing to be there was an old nightclub, and before that, there were apartments. Old N. MacGregor Way borders the property to the south and was closed and fenced off about 3-5 years ago. It's also one of the few places where you can see Brays Bayou's original path before it was straightened for the first time in the 1920s.
  15. I think there was once an HP building on this site that was demo'd a few years back but my memories are vague.
  16. http://nenewsroom.com/developing-north-houston-chamber-panel-highlights-growth-opportunities-p2198-1.htm "and of special interest in North Houston is a new campus in Aldine on a 61 acre site on Aldine Mail Route that would include an 85,000 sf building and 650 parking spaces. Development on this site would include other partners, to form a town center urban environment."
  17. Read this editorial in NY Times--- http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/20/opinion/what-college-students-need-to-know.html?_r=1&ref=editorials Thought it was interesting. . . . . . . . . .
  18. According to HBJ, the Lone Star College system plans to implode two former Compaq buildings in their University Park campus. The implosion will be on September 18th and will take up to six weeks of cleanup. Lone Star cites the need for more green space as the reason for the demolition. Does anyone know which buildings in particular are being imploded? HBJ doesn't really specify. HBJ link
  19. I haven't noticed that. I know that HCC was talking of expanding the northwest campus, in that direction, at one time.
  20. Is this the same location? I'm not sure. And I did not realize the project was going to be THIS BIG. source: http://www.bisnow.co...tory.php?p=8198 http://www.theldnet.com/details.php?project=HCC%20Central
  21. Possible action on part of the HP/Compaq campus involving Lone Star College: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/6367464.html
  22. does anyone know what project is going on at this location? Yesterday construction was already on a second floor slab of cement.
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