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  1. I was browsing an old newspaper called Brenham Banner-Press dated July 10, 1940 and came across a day schedule. Lots of activities planned for the busy day, and in the afternoon there was a Skeet shooting activity. Elks National Skeet Shoot: Main Skeet Club, South Main Street at the Airport (time of this event will be posted at the Elks Information Booth on the Texas Avenue side of the Rice Hotel.) Looks like this was next to the Houston Main Street Airport. I'd love to know of an address of that airport. Or an address of this skeet shooting club. This is the 2nd time, technically 3rd, I've heard about this place. I wonder if there are any advertisements or photos of this place? The 1942 book called Houston, a history and guide mentions: Trap shooting: Houston Gun Club- 7 miles Southwest on Westheimer Rd. Main Skeet Club- 7 miles Southwest on US 90. In the article clipping below you can also see more historic Houston things such as the BraeBurn County Club, Gulf Brewing Company, Rice Hotel, and Buffalo Stadium.
  2. http://blogs.chron.com/primeproperty/2010/09/iconic_montrose_club_building_1.html
  3. I was browsing the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated November 7, 1958 and came across a business ad for The Explorer Club located at 7404 Greenbriar Drive The Explorer Club - A Private Club - - 7404 Greenbriar - .... exotic drinks; meals to appease the ravage white hunter; entertainment suited for maharajahs (& beer) .... membership, $6.00, subject to increase Nov. 13; stock available, minimum 10 shares, complimentary membership to stockholders .... contact Hap Veltman before Nov. 9 .... originated, owned and operated by Rice Students. Opening Nov. 13, 1958
  4. I was browsing the newspaper The Southern Citizen dated June 7, 1954 and came across a business ad for Paladium Club located at 1000 Old Spanish Trail. Cool find!
  5. There was a place on south main in the fifties called the Trading Post...maybe that's it? There was also the Troubador and the Copacabana, but those don't sound as "country"
  6. I was reading the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated August 29, 1962 and came across a business advertisement for Lariat Restaurant & Club located at 11215 South Main Street. The Lariat Restaurant, Houston's newest, has opened its door at 11215 South Main, and manager Bill Cypert issues an invitation to area residents to visit his beautiful new dinning room and taste is delicious food at reasonable prices. Operating in conjunction with new Lariat Restaurant is the new Club 45, now taking memberships. As an incentive, the first 50 people who join Club 45 says Mr. Cypert, will not have to pay a membership fee - only the beverage pool and stare tax. The club options Sept. 1 at 4 p.m. The large, fine swimming pool adjacent to the restaurant-club building will be operated through September and October at a rate of $10 per family or 25 cents for children and 50 cents for adults. The complex also includes a convenient drive-in restaurant served from the central kitchen. In the dining room there will be nightly dancing- from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Presently playing the Sonny Covington Four. Edit: I just realized this is the same location as a club called Lee's Trading Post Club located at 11215 South Main St. On the below newspaper article it mentions a "new club". Does that mean Lariat Restaurant & Club 45 came after Lee's Trading Post Club?
  7. I was browsing the newspaper The Thresher dated September 20, 1935 and came across a business advertisement for Club Rendezvous located at 6560 South Main Street. Featuring the Bert Sloan Orchestra - Floor Shows Nightly. Couvert - 40 Cents Per Person. This was actually before the Texas Medical Center, if you could believe it. I can only imagine what South Main looked like back then. Wish I was there!
  8. I was reading more of that local Southwestern Times Houston magazine. The issue was dated Thursday, April 25, 1946 and I saw a business listing for "Old Main" Dancing located One Block South of Bellaire Blvd. on Old Main St. Road. Does anyone know anything about this place? Very cool find! Never heard of it before.
  9. I was browsing the newspaper Southwestern Times dated November 15, 1945 and came across this advertisement for the American Legion Dance at The New Yorker Dinner Club located at South Main at Old Spanish Trail. Monday, November 19 to raise funds for the erection of a new home or John R. Burkett Post 77. Floor Show featuring: Joe Barbee's Band with Frank Reynolds MC Barry And D'Alba - Famous Dance Team Belmont Brothers - Commodores of Jugglers Unique - Sensational Songs by Lovely Helen Crane
  10. Did anyone ever go to the old Club Heat located at 511 Main Street in Downtown Houston? I'm searching for pictures of the interior. When did this club close exactly? Does anyone have any memories of this club?
  11. I was browsing the publication The Thresher dated March 4, 1948 and came across this business ad for The Trionon Club located at 3820 Old Spanish Trail. "Houston's Most Reasonable Night Club" L. 5106 for Reservation. Does anyone know about this club?
  12. I was browsing the newspaper Texas Jewish Herald dated January 13, 1938 and I came across an advertisement for The Grove Club "12 miles out South Main". I don't see an address for this. 13 miles out of south main would place the club near the present day Stafford, TX? Probably empty fields so there wasn't a need for a numbering system. Some of the major acts were Jimmy Dorsey, Carlos Molina, Dell Coon and his Orchestra, Mark Fisher and his Orchestra, Henry King and his Orchestra. Max Manus was in charge of the excellent French cuisine. He was called a Maitre d'Hotel. Mr. Manus of the Texas State Hotel was the person of contact for reservations/tickets. Squires Club used to have events there. Apparently The Grove club was very popular back in the 1930s. I've never heard of it until this week. Very cool find!
  13. I think it was the End o' Main Ballroom. Eating Bill Williams' fried chicken with your hands was "Fried Chicken - Savage Style". I never knew that you could eat it any other way.
  14. I was looking at the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated April 11, 1958 and came across a business ad for Key Club located at 2121 Sage Rd. Anyone recall this place? Any pictures or stories?
  15. In regard to the Hitchin' Post thread below, there was also a Hitchin' Post eatery on Bissonett & Bonhomme for a few years in the late 60's--this later became a hangout called Chubby Chucks..curious if anyone has recall on either of these!
  16. I was just reading Rice University's The Thresher magazine dated January 11, 1945 and came across this business advertisement. Arthur Long (Formerly manager of the Plantation) Invites you to be his guest at the Halong Club - 8100 South Main Street (Opposite Prince's) New Oak Dance Floor - The finest music - now featuring Jack Rodman & His Orchestra 8100 South Main has a history of being a dance/music club. It was right where South Main splits with Old Spanish Trl, the Y configuration. - Halong Club - Hitching Post Club - Texas Corral (Palladium Club) Also, Arthur Long was a former manager of Plantation Club. Where exactly is that club? I thought I read it was located in an outside tent? HAIF has the addresses of 9101 South Main and another at 10200 South Main. I thought it was closer to the 7000 block of South Main?
  17. I was browsing The Rice Thresher magazine dated September 14, 1964 and noticed this business listing for Starlite Ballroom located at 9810 South Main St. How awesome! I'd love to hear more about this place. Was this event/club called something previously? C.L. And The Pictures Also Bobby Blackmon And The Blue Orbits. October 1, 1964
  18. I was browsing The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated May 7, 1969 and came across this business ad for 1500 Club located at 10230 South Post Oak At Bellfort. The magazine had a ton of their ads, maybe a total of 10. Sounds like a wild and crazy place. Did anyone ever go there during the 1960's? Any stories or pictures to share? This was before the MacRobert Chevrolet Dealership and Belden's Supermarket? Or was 1500 Club located on opposite side of the freeway?
  19. I was browsing The Rice Thresher magazine dated March 4, 1948 and noticed this business listing. Anyone remember this place? Was this the place where the owner created a pool inside where the drunks would dive for their keys? Music the Danceable Way John Sullivan his Trumpet and Orchestra featuring Kathy Owens Jack Meyring
  20. Saw this September 10, 1985 ad for The Caribana Club located at 8220 W. Bellfort Ave. Live reggae, mellow atmosphere, laid-back dancing. A touch of Jamaica in Houston. Anyone recall this night club?
  21. I was browing Ebay for TMC stuff and came across this matchbook for Hector's Club located at At 6500 South Main St. Did anyone ever go here? Can we date this?
  22. I was searching EBay for TMC stuff and I noticed some old matchbooks from The Doctor's Club. I researched this club through case law text. The club was involved in a lawsuit due to not paying taxes, or something about club fees. A shorty brief from the TMC library: The Doctors' Club began in 1954 as a social club for doctors and dentists and their families at The Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas. The Doctor's Club also hosted medical lectures and various medical groups. The Doctor's Club closed in 2005. https://archives.library.tmc.edu/the-doctors-club Open Corporates indicates the registered address at the time of formation was 1133 MD Anderson Blvd. The law case text indicates the club was housed in the Texas Medical Center Library. I thought the address (as of 2022) was 1133 John Freeman Blvd. https://opencorporates.com/companies/us_tx/0012005201 A short brief from leagle: Plaintiff leases space on the third floor of the Jesse H. Jones Library Building in the Texas Medical Center. The physical facilities of the club consist of a main dining room with wings that can be used separately, a lounge and bar, kitchen, and manager's office. On the same floor of the Library Building, outside plaintiff's premises, are an auditorium seating approximately 600 persons, two small conference rooms and restroom facilities. Plaintiff's hours are from 11 A. M. to 11 P. M. with two exceptions. It is open until midnight on Saturdays and is closed on Tuesdays. Plaintiff serves lunch each day, except Sundays, between the hours of 11 A. M. and 2 P. M. Dinner may be ordered until 9:15 P. M. A member's family and guests are permitted to use plaintiff's facilities. https://www.leagle.com/decision/1960335183fsupp1521308 Now onto the cool matches!
  23. I was reading back issues of University of Houston's The EXtra magazine which was dated June 16, 1948. I came across this local business listing for a cocktail lounge called Congo Jungle Cocktail Lounge which was located at 5704 Almeda Rd. LY-9235. Looks like a year later in 1949 the lounge was renamed to Abe and Johnny Jamil's Congo Jungle Cocktail Lounge. I thought Abe Jamail owned another club in Southwest Houston. Was it in Midtown on South Main or on Buffalo Speedway? Does anyone remember this place? Any memories or stories? June 16, 1948. October 19, 1949. Here's some history from Fieldtripper: http://www.fieldtripper.com/c/6NDyb1a79qM/the-congo-jungle Located at 5704 Almeda Road, the Congo Jungle was one of Houston’s hot nightspots between 1946 and 1962. It featured live music every night and a jungle motif complete with palm trees and waitresses outfitted in leopard print dresses. Abe Jamail, Texas’s most highly decorated World War II veteran, owned and operated the club along with his brother, John.
  24. While browsing old issues of The Rice Thresher dated January 27, 1984 I noticed a business ad for The Dome Theater & Club at 2525 Murworth Dr. 666-9846. The business listing reads: Dance to Calypso, Soca & Reggae. Island Weekend A Johnny Nash production featuring the Yard Band International Drinks 4 for 1, 5-8 pm Friday and Saturday. Has anyone ever been here during the 1980s? Share your memories and stories! Was this club by the same people who started Dome Shadows Night Club at 9218 Buffalo Speedway?
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