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  1. Medistar Developing Psychiatric Hospital in Clear Lake City https://realtynewsreport.com/2019/12/30/medistar-developing-psychiatric-hospital-in-clear-lake-city/
  2. Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital begins expansion https://communityimpact.com/houston/bay-area/impacts/2019/12/24/houston-methodist-clear-lake-hospital-begins-expansion/
  3. When ever some one says Clear Lake I think negative thoughts, although I don't think I have ever been there, and I have never seen pictures of it. When I think of Clear Lake I think of it as a poor area, because I know nothing about it, until I saw these pictures, and it made my mind do a 180 about thoughts of Clear Lake. Here they are: Pictures from Texasboy.
  4. In the latest round of Sears that are closing, Sears' parent company, Sears Holdings, has announced that the Baybrook store is next on the chopping block (while the Mall of the Mainland location continues to survive). The Sears at Baybrook has been there in its current location since the mall opened in 1978. Despite never going to Sears, it's still kinda sad. Does anyone have memories of this Sears? Supposedly there used to be a McDonald's inside, but I wasn't sure if it was true.
  5. For a short period of time there was a small airport on Old Galveston Rd, across from Ellington Field. They ran commuter flights to Houston Intercontinental only, as I recall. Ring any bells?
  6. If you travel on the southbound frontage road near the Baybrook mall, you can see all sorts of land being cleared and concrete padding being poured. This appears to be different from the mall expansion that just finished. I'm just wondering what else could be going up...
  7. Looks like an older yacht tour company is building a 5-6 story mixed use building somewhere in the area. There's a paywall behind the article so idk if there are renderings or anything here. http://m.galvnews.com/business/buzz/article_ba8bf345-566d-5de2-ac72-c6aa3e775be7.html?mode=jqm
  8. IMAG0150 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMAG0155 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMAG0148 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMAG0147 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMAG0146 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMAG0151 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMAG0140 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMAG0157 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMAG0142 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMAG0154 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr
  9. Page 26 states, a plan has been approved for 69 patio homes, 95 townhomes, 301-unit multifamily midrise, and a 385-unit multifamily highrise. http://www.bayareahouston.com/Assets/documents/real_estate/hot%20projects%20-%20march%202014.pdf
  10. I just found out about it from this. Does anyone know where it was located in Clear Lake? Thanks.
  11. I have read rumors that Costco was supposed to be built in this giant swatch of field between Lowe's and El Dorado, but that Walmart owned the property and didn't want any competition for their Sam's Club across the freeway, but I was never able to confirm how true that was. Yesterday, I was driving along Gatebrook Dr. and there was a lot of concrete going in, so I was thinking that maybe it was the fabled Costco. Does any have an idea?
  12. Took these when I went to visit UHCL's beautiful campus.
  13. Was interested to see if anyone has more information than I can find on the old estate on Nasa Parkway on Clear Lake across from the Hilton. See the overhead shot via maps.live.com below. It looks like a pretty large estate with guest quarters and a nice garden, pool, and other features I can't make out. Maybe a stable or tennis court? Looking at HistoricAerials.com (which was down when typing this), it looks like it predated the Space Center which was my first guess as to who might live there. An important figure there. It also appears to have been part of the Rice Univeristy System for a bit. HCAD shows Olajuwon as the currect owner. What were it's beginnings and who was the lucky person to have such a nice place right on the lake? ANy stories or coments welcome. http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v=2&...1&encType=1 http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=U...mp;t=h&z=18 Thanks ahead of time.
  14. I've found this on ziegler cooper's website... http://www.zieglercooper.com/jennings_island.htm
  15. Anyone remember Lafayette? Can't recall for sure if it was on BAB or Nasa1, but they had the most amazing collection of all kinds of electronic parts and gadgets. I even bought an electric guitar there once. I miss that store.
  16. I think the sign went up Thursday morning, I don't remember seeing it on Wed. afternoon, their website confirms it. I'm not opposed at all but think it kind of ironic that they bought up and shut down a perfectly good independent bar and now are leasing or selling space at their premier Clear Lake development to a chain. http://www.endeavourcondo.com/lofts-clear-lake.htm Hmmmm? Should I park my bike at Hooter's or the Boat today?
  17. St. Luke's to branch out By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle St. Luke's Episcopal Health System is planning to build a hospital on this vacant lot in Webster. St. Luke's Episcopal Health System is planning a hospital in Webster, a major addition to what area leaders call "the Medical Center of the south." The multistory facility, which is expected to have about 170 beds, is being called St. Luke's Clear Lake Hospital and will be developed by Medistar Corp., a Houston-based medical real estate developer. For St. Luke's, the hospital is part of its strategy to expand into the suburbs to better serve patients who live in the area's outer reaches. The hospital system also has facilities in The Woodlands, which it is expanding, and one in Sugar Land is under construction. A group of physicians will own 49 percent of the Webster hospital, which the developer said could be expanded by two floors and will cost up to $160 million to build. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/5118161.html
  18. http://picasaweb.google.com/ehmorrell/Hurr...132407842779410
  19. or Bay Area Houston, or whatever they great minds are calling it these days? That would include all of the Nasa 1 area, the Kemah and Sebrook areas etc. I am a noob so if I missed it...sorry. Anyway, Greetings to all of you!
  20. I recently discovered that as a little girl, Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark went to elementary school in Clear Lake. Does any one know where she went? Or maybe where her family lived? Maybe she was one of your classmates (she's now 36 years old)? Her last name was Donaldson before she married her prince.
  21. My son and I went there today and they were moving out furniture - closed, of course. Remodeling, relocating, please don't let them move out of Clear Lake!
  22. Vintage marketing materials, care of the Clear Lake City Green Space Preservation Committee: PDF (4.4MB) MS Word (2.8MB) I thought that the artwork and photos might interest some of our historical types on the forum.
  23. Middlebrook Newsletter - September 2007 Property Sale/Development Near Middlebrook The acreage at the end of El Dorado on the north side of Clear Lake City Blvd has been sold to a developer. This land (412 acres) will either be developed as commercial/light industrial or residential. To date, Exxon has restricted this land from residential development due to the presence of four dry wells. However, Fidelis would like to partner with Trendmaker Homes to build single family residential homes in the range of $400,000 (estimated) as well as a Whole Foods grocery at the entry at El Dorado. In order to develop this land as residential, Exxon would have to lift the restrictions. Exxon has told the developer that the only way they will lift the restriction on residential development is if this change is supported by the community. The developer will probably be making a presentation to the ACLC in October. Discussion from the August Board Meeting: If development is unavoidable, then residential development would appear to be preferable to commercial/light industrial development. Concern was expressed about the location of the grocery store - a location with entrances off of Space Center seems preferable to the El Dorado location. The effect of the proposed development on automobile traffic must be addressed. El Dorado and Clear Lake City Blvd are only two lanes near the El Dorado/Clear Lake City Blvd intersection. To support the additional homes, the development plan should include the expansion of these roads to four lanes along with appropriate traffic light installation. We need to understand the potential effect (if any) of the proposed residential development on the planned construction of a fire station at the El Dorado/Clear Lake City Blvd intersection. This topic has been added to the agenda for the September meeting of the Middlebrook Board of Directors, and we are interested in your opinion. If you would like to submit your thoughts/concerns on this subject, please send an email to Ed Robertson with a subject of "Land Development." We are attempting to gain a better understanding of the development plans and options/alternatives, and will share any new information via this web site.
  24. OK - it is real. We are forced to move - financially, we just can't hack it here in the newer part of Clear Lake. So I am wondering where do I go from here? Don't really know much about the older subdivisions, except that Caminno South has lots of apartments. So - I would like a nice custom home - and it really doesn't matter when it was built. One worry that I do have is the abandoned golf course that runs down El Dorado. Some say that there will be high end custom homes there, and some say that it will just sit there and sit there and sit there. Any advice is appreciated. Oh - and probably in the $160 and under range. Three bedrooms - and a garage is a must.
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