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  1. Allora a Trammel Crow Residential brand, 351 units.
  2. Deleted this member. Also banned his e-mail address, and user name and similar ones. Also, he was coming from a computer in the Philippines, so I banned the entire ISP. I should probably ban the entire country. I know other web sites ban all users from Russia, Romania, and a number of Asian countries. I wonder if that would help here, too.
  3. I am getting very tired of high Comcast cable bills plus I hear more charges are on the way this year. What channels would I get using: Set-top antenna per TV? Rooftop/attic antenna for all TV's? I would like to see list of standard and HD channels. If I can get the channels that my wife watches, it may well be worth it. If sonmeone is doing this, couple questions. Brand model antenna that works well in Katy. I have four TV's......two are HD capable. What DVR set-top box to buy that can automatically record channels? Will use for 2 TV's. I would still need to pay for internet access $50.......but I can accept that.
  4. Construction of a new shopping center is now underway the intersection of FM 1093 and Spring Creek Boulevard. http://blog.chron.co...y-way-out-west/ More from the HBJ... http://www.bizjourna...-retail-in.html Taking a guess that the "Houston-based sporting goods store" would be a Sun & Ski location...
  5. I'm thinking of getting a realtor to work with in Cinco Ranch as a buyer's agent (I have no house to sell). How possible is it to negotiate a giveback of some of the standard 3% commission from such an agent, how would I go about negotiating it (right off the bat or what?), and how much giveback do you think I could get? I'm paying cash, so I'm saving the realtor a lot of time and work. Any constructive comments would be very much appreciated.
  6. A new Luby's / Fuddrucker's combination restaurant is under construction on Cinco Ranch Blvd. between 99 and Westheimer Pkwy. across from the Junior High. I am guessing it will look like the combined restaurant they recently opened in Pearland. If you search on "Luby's Fuddrucker's Pearland" articles with a picture of the Pearland location pop up.
  7. From our partners at Covering Katy: Linky: http://www.coveringkaty.com/2012/08/22/more-luxury-apartments-on-the-way-in-cinco-ranch/
  8. According to a poster @city-forums who helped open the Woodlands and Voss TJ stores, the next store will be in Cinco. No work on when or where, though. http://www.city-data.com/forum/houston/1497497-moving-houston-open-trader-joes-need-8.html
  9. A Retail Center is being built here. Any news on what stores will be opening in it? http://newregionalplanning.com/properties/single/spring-green-at-cinco-terrace
  10. Any idea what is being built at FM 1093 & Cinco Terrace Dr (across from the Cinco Tire & Auto)? There have been signs for a daycare there for a long time, but I think that daycare ended up finding another location.
  11. It looks like Sprouts Farmers Market, which is like a smaller Whole Foods or Central Market, or a slightly larger Trader Joes, is being built at the corner of Cinco Ranch Blvd and Peek. Reviews make it sound like they have pretty good pricing on produce, meats and deli items like sandwiches, and a pretty good bulk selection. I wouldn't have guessed a store like that would be built at that location.
  12. Does anyone know what is going up here? The signs for The Shoppes at Cinco Ranch have been up forever. I heard from a pretty good source that a Kroger's is suppose to go up there but you never know!
  13. A community in mourning is coming together in a spontaneous way to celebrate the life of a Cinco Ranch High School basketball player who died in a car crash Tuesday night along South Mason Road near Fry Road in Katy. Sixteen year old Chris Saiz was pronounced dead at Katy Memorial Hermann Hospital early Wednesday… View the full article at Covering Katy
  14. A vigil was held in Katy as the community morns the loss of a star basketball player from Cinco Ranch High School who was killed in a car crash Tuesday night on South Mason Road near Fry Road. Sixteen-year-old Chris Saiz was pronounced dead at Katy Memorial Hermann Hospital early Wednesday morning. Saiz was a… View the full article at Covering Katy
  15. http://katytimes.com/sports/article_bd8b1b1c-e59e-11e0-85e3-001cc4c002e0.html View the full article at Covering Katy
  16. Long before the planned community 'Cinco Ranch' really was a working ranch, owned by 5 prominent Houstonians. For many years it was a destination for hunting trips and family gatherings....hundreds of folks spent many days there - anyone know of any photographs from the old ranch - for inclusion in a new book about the history of the Katy area.....
  17. I saw yesterday that Charter Builders just moved a trailer onto some land at 1463 and Cinco Ranch Blvd. Since they don't build houses I am guessing that is where one of the new elementary schools will be going. Anyone know? I did see this: http://instantnewskaty.com/2011/04/20/20837.
  18. I would like to put in a very nice backyard playset that is a total of 14' high. I want it to be something that my son will enjoy for a long time, rather than outgrow it quickly. The Cinco HOA has a high restriction of 12'. I can't even get a midlevel playset without it being 13'. My home's backyard isn't really visible from any direction. So, the question is, is that a hard and fast height restriction? Or, would a Request For Modification Approval form submitted to the HOA have a chance of getting approval, or would I just be spinning my wheels? Anyone know this or have any first hand experience with this? Have enjoyed keeping up with this forum for quite some time. I know it focuses mostly on new places going up, so I hope this isn't an inappropriate place to post this question. Thanks for any insight.
  19. I am new-ish to the area - I moved to Pine Mill Ranch in October 2009. I have noticed the signs up for a Mixed Use Retail area right at the corner of Spring Green and Cinco Ranch Blvd for a while now. Well, there has recently been activity there and they are clearing the ground and creating a driveway maybe. Any idea what might be going in there?
  20. Well seems Cinco is bustling with activity lately as a huge section of land on South Mason on the side and behind the strip mall has been cleared for construction. Unsure at this time what is going up but have asked Cinco association about it. From all looks as if the shady contractor who was trying to get an apartment complext built in that location may have "Gotten his paperwork right". They attempted to build here a couple years ago but I was told that the group was shady according to Cinco Ranch. Will see what the response is from them this time. If it is another apartment complex that will be number 5 in about a 5 mile radius back here. B
  21. They've started moving a lot of dirt around and there have been some construction vehicles on the patch of land directly in front of Lifetime Fitness on Cinco Ranch Boulevard. Anyone know what's going to be built there?
  22. I was nosing around the fbcad site and discovered that Luby's owns the piece of land just north of Redeemer Community Church at Westheimer and Cinco Ranch Blvd.
  23. Does anybody know what is being built next to the firehouse on Westheimer Parkway? At first I thought it was a restaurant but now its looking like a big house, I don't know does anybody know what is being built?
  24. Hi everyone: My wife and I are contemplating relocating from Woodway TX to Cinco Ranch. Probably buying into an existing neighborhood rather than building new. We tend to like the more established neighborhoods with more mature trees and landscaping. Last time we visited we walked around some of the neighborhoods bordering the Cinco Ranch beach club and really liked them. However we definitely want to take our time looking for the right house/neighborhood before building or buying. Get a feel for the traffic patterns, neighborhood amenities, etc. We have 3 daughters ages 3, 6, and 11 so schools are a priority. And being adjacent to schools is even better. So our preference would be to lease a nice house for a year or two to really get a feel for the area before making the plunge into home ownership again. Due to the circumstances of our last move we were basically forced to find and buy a house over the space of a 3-day weekend. Which worked out OK but was more rushed than I like. So my question is this. Do the HOAs in Cinco Ranch and/or the other nicer communities in the Katy area restrict leasing? Or can one find nice houses available for lease? The reason I ask is because the HOA in the first neighborhood we bought into in the Waco area prohibited leasing. Whereas there are no such restrictions in our current neighborhood in Woodway. If homes in Cinco Ranch can be leased, can anyone point me to a realtor or management agency that deals with Katy area homes? Or is it more of a Craigs List/Classified ad sort of thing? Thanks
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