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  1. City of Houston Housing & Community Development has announced preliminary plans to renovate the existing site of Wesley AME Church for mixed use, including affordable apartments, retail, and live-work units for small business incubation. Sales document
  2. 5.51-Acres at Linkwood near Buffalo Speedway. Minutes away from the medical center. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3511-Linkwood-Dr-Houston-TX/24016643/
  3. This could be interesting, depending on who buys the property, which fronts Heights Blvd between 17th and 18th. Story from The Leader https://www.theleadernews.com/community/historic-heights-church-selling-property-amidst-merger/article_c12306be-a51d-11ec-bdfb-33c79b6f4e20.html
  4. I remember going here for work meetings. Our business was so small, at that time, so the church agreed to let us rent out space for a general staff meeting. Website: https://www.westburyumc.org/
  5. I was searching HAIF for information about the property and couldn't find a thread. I wonder the total acreage? Website: https://www.wmbc.org/
  6. White and red building at the corner of Navigation and Milby will be a Church: https://www.holyfamilyhtx.org/3719-navigation-blvd Sign in front says "Coming 2021". Drawings TBD per website.
  7. If you like listening to motivational speeches and attending religious gatherings check https://lhhouston.church/ churches in houston tx too, Pastor Keion Henderson the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church is such a good speaker. He really helps me get through with my depression, I hope more people find him and listen to his sermons.
  8. This thread was originally created August 29, 2019. I'm reposting / reupping this because this post and other content from me are no longer available on the forum. An archive link will be posted soon. An archive link to this thread before its deletion is here. Mods, please don't move this to the Heights forum where all of my other Washington Corridor and Rice Military, and Garden Oaks/Oak Forest posts were moved to this week. This is NOT in the Heights and it's not part of the Greater Heights area. It's an entirely different area that as suggested and advocated for previously needs its own area forum. There is lots of development happening here, much spurred by the Sawyer Yards and Buffalo Heights developments, which usually merits the creation of a new neighborhood forum. Thanks. 1624 West 34th St in the Central Northwest area of Houston: Street View
  9. I only just recently saw this beautiful cathedral on Woodway near Sage the other day. It is absolutely beautiful! I didn't think they built stuff like this anymore. Just wanted to share if you haven't seen it. I don't know how to post photos so here's a link to the website with a few interior photos. http://www.stmartinsepiscopal.org/photos/archive-c.jpg http://www.stmartinsepiscopal.org/2004-fol.htm
  10. https://www.saintphilip.net/ Anyone know when the church will sell their property? That stretch of San Felipe near Post Oak is so valuable! The church campus does not fit the area. Maybe they will sell in 10 years?
  11. Does anyone remember the first location of Braeswood Assembly of God Church? It was on Braeswood, of course. It was small. Then they built what was then a large building and moved into it on Fondren Avenue. I am searching to find the exact date when the new building was opened. Can anyone give me a clue? I believe it was 1973 or 4. Thanks
  12. I viewed this process as simply a resident of Montrose. The Churches journey seemed an Arduous and perhaps painful process. After 18 years of observing the amount of commendable community service this church had provided for Montrose………I was somewhat gobsmacked ( technical term used by women of a certain age.) at how it all played out.
  13. My wife and I were going to check out this school for our 19 month old daughter and was wondering if anyone knows about the school. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
  14. Building permit issued for their rebuild. They flooded years ago and just now rebuilding.
  15. I went for a walk last night and stumbled across St. Joseph’s Catholic Church at 1505 Kane St. The priest was locking up, but generously invited me in for a tour. Very interesting history. This is the second oldest Catholic Church in Houston. The current building was completed in 1901 after the original was destroyed in the 1900 hurricane. There is some very beautiful brick work and stained glass. Father Victor explained the church had a major fire in 1995. I was only able to find one article about the fire. He mentioned the bell tower collapsed in the fire and the new metal bell tower next to the church was built as a replacement. Does anyone have any pictures of the church before the fire? https://www.houstonpress.com/news/restoration-man-6570958 I wish I would have taken pictures, but there is also this very interesting cactus sculpture/water fountain on Trinity St. Seems like something for Atlas Obscura.
  16. http://swamplot.com/church-expansion-plan-casts-out-frenchys-from-original-scott-spot/2016-09-12/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+swamplot+(Swamplot%3A+Houston's+Real+Estate+Landscape)
  17. Trinity Episcopal Church Main @Holman Established in 1893, Trinity Episcopal Church acquired this site in 1910. Construction of the sanctuary, designed by architect Ralph Adams Cram, began in 1917 and was completed in 1919. Features of the Gothic revival structure include a basilica plan with an offset buttressed and pinnacled tower, and art glass windows. Five rectors of the parish became bishops in the Episcopal church. Trinity Church continues to serve a large active congregation. This building is in the National Register of Historic Places
  18. Staff edit: According to an article in the Texas Monthly Magazine dated December 1982, the address for The Summit is 10 Greenway Plaza. The address is aligned with the naming numerical system to correspond with the rest of the Greenway Plaza campus. (1 Greenway Plaza to 20 Greenway Plaza.) Decades later, the address has changed to 3700 Southwest Freeway. My first visit to The Summit was for a live concert... it was either '77 or '78 (making me around 10 at the time). My older sister took me to see The Village People. There were no chairs on the floor, and I remember smelling so much pot, and seeing clouds of smoke, lots of drugs, drinking, and very friendly people. One of my sister's friends picked me up and put me on his shoulders so I could scream my little girl lungs out! It was probably the best memory I'll ever have of The Summit, especially before all the changes (chairs, security, political correctness) took place. No, my mother had no idea. I loved The Village People, and was in love with the construction worker only to find out later he'd never be in love with me. So I moved onto Leif Garrett. Thank goodness I grew out of that one... Please share yours.
  19. I had gotten a email about the Reid Memorial United Methodist Church located at 5203 Fulton, Houston,Texas. It had at one time a cemetery next to it called BROOKS CEMETERY. The church decided to expand around the 1940's so family of the deceased were asked to move their loved ones. Most were moved, some were not. Mary E. Peterson said her Grandfather William Henry Shackelford born 1883 ARK died in Houston 1913 is buried there. The problem is the church has no records. Where her grandfather is buried is covered over with a building and a paved driveway. 1. Would any one know how old the church building is? 2. Would any one know of or has heard of the Brooks Cemetery. 3. How could I find out what was located at this location back before 1940? Thanks for any help.
  20. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/5001-Bellaire-Blvd-Bellaire-TX/17149123/
  21. I've been meaning to post this for a while ... this has got to be one of the best preserved examples of a period mid-century church in Houston (if not in the US). It's the First Church of Christ, Scientist, at the corner of Main and Jefferson downtown. Pics are below ... Built in '61, it has many hallmarks of the period, and has a mid-century Moroccan theme to it. Mosaic tile is everywhere, and two themes run throughout the church - diamond patterns (even down to gridlines of the poured terrazzo) and mosaic blue color accents. There is original caramel-stained paneling everywhere, special light fixtures, grasscloth on the walls, etc. etc. And the pencil-thin stained glass windows are incredible. The first time I attended church here a few months back, I thought I had died and gone to Mod Heaven Services are at 11:00 Sundays if anyone wants to visit, they are very welcoming of visitors. Please ignore the (1 of 2) in the Topic Title - I thought I was going to spread the pictures into two topics but changed my mind.
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