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Found 22 results

  1. New multifamily going up at 6701 FM 1960 West. It's by Alliance Residential, their Workforce Housing brand called Prose. More details: https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/TABS/Search/Project/TABS2020013507
  2. When I was a young woman in the late 60s to mid 70s we used to frequent a country western bar and dance hall called Champions Ballroom. It was located on then Hwy. 149 now called 249. The address was 14005 W. Montgomery Rd. Looking at Google maps it would have been right where the Firestone tire store and the Lone Star Title Loan store is located. When you view it from above you can see the remainder of a concrete slab behind and between the two stores. That is what is left of the dance hall area. There was a lot of parking area in the front of the building. Are there any older kickers out there they used to haunt this place or possible remember it? I have many fond memories from that era.
  3. Excited to see one of my all-time favorite Houston area restaurants opening up out here! Churrasco's will open a new restaurant next to P.F. Chang's on 249: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2014/07/churrascos-to-open-fifth-houston-area-location.html
  4. Does anyone have information on when Champions Forest through Gleannloch is to be expanded to 4 lanes? There is construction continuing (and in limbo) at the front, recently built Frank Elem, future Grand Parkway, growing retirement village population, continued housing, and now the new LDS church going in at the corner of Champions Forest & Crescent Clover. Something's got to give. How'd you like to look out your backyard and see a massive LDS church every day? And they thought the economy was the worst thing for their property values.
  5. Whole Foods has announced they will be opening a new location in the Vintage Park area at Cutten & Louetta. Great to hear! I think it's an excellent location drawing from Champions, Klein, Cypress and Tomball. I live in Longwood and we shop at the Vintage Park HEB all the time. Excited about having more good options for good quality organic food and meats. http://blog.chron.co.../#comment-15544
  6. does anybody have pics of churches like Houston's First Baptist, Second Baptist, Champion Forest???
  7. Construction started a few months ago for the new St. Luke's Hospital at The Vintage. "St. Luke's newest facility is coming the northwest Houston. Located just south of Vintage Park the facility is projected to be open by 2011. It will be approximately 3-5 stories tall and house between 80 and 100 beds. There will be approximately 50 to 70 active medical staff memebers and a medical office building of about 60,000 square feet."
  8. The big new Champions VFD location near Champion Forest Drive and FM 1960 had a big open house. Looks like a nice place to hang out in between fires.
  9. Federal funds could be used to improve foreclosed Champions homes Qualified home buyers can take advantage of a county run program to buy foreclosed homes at a discount in specific areas of Harris County. By AUDREY M. MARKS Updated: 06.12.09 In an effort to help preserve home values in Champions neighborhoods, Harris County will use federal money to buy vacant and foreclosed homes and resell them to people of modest means.
  10. Does anyone have a recommendation for a honest riding mower repair shop in the FM1488/149 area? I live in the Champions area and the one near my house charges an arm and a leg. Since I need to get the riding mower up to my property, I thought there may be one more reasonable in that area. Thanks!
  11. at the corner of Cypresswood and Champions Forest there was a sign for several years that stated a luxury high rise would be built....I never recall seeing a backhoe ready to dig though...will it ever be built or it was wishful thinking?
  12. I have toured these units a few times and they are very nice but I was always surprised at how much they were selling the places for. I figured they would have a hard time selling all of the units and in fact it looks like they have been having issues. There is a sign on the fence now that talks about a public auction where at least 10 units will sell regardless of price. Prices starting at 80k. The cheapest list was 244k and went up to 290k!!! Will be interesting to see how things go. I believe the website is the following but I can't get to it from work. www.sheldongood.com/houstontownhomes.php What are your thoughts on something like this? Almost impossible for a non realator to get something for a good price even if they already have funding? Will the prices be near the list? Discuss if ya will...
  13. article This sort of thing surprises me happening on Champion Forest. I know there was a car jacking at 1960 & Champion Forest not too terribly long ago, but somehow it seems a little less odd happening right on 1960. This, apparently, happened down Champion Forest Drive between Huntwick and Champions.
  14. New here...love this site. Born in Huntsville, most of my family is in Houston. Moved to Fort Worth in '85 due to Mom's employer (now mine). I moved back to Houston briefly in the mid '90s with my Dad. Apparently the really cool, old apartments on Gramercy of Kirby have been torn down and new condos are being built. I digress. Move back briefly again in the late 90's to sell vacuum cleaner door to door in Katy. Yeah, that's the ticket. I have just been advised that my job will be moving "somewhere" in Texas in the next year but most likely Houston or San Antonio. As such, I am beginning my scouting as early as possible. I've always liked NW so I thought I'd start there. Plus it helps that employer has a number of offices in that area. I have a tight budget and will probably max out in the low to mid 100's, although I don't need brand new, in fact I prefer pre-owned. A MAJOR concern are the schools as I have 2 young children. I began looking at Klein and Spring ISDs and was disappointed with some of the information I uncovered. Then I found Cy-Fair and was very pleased. I know, just numbers on a paper but I've got to start somewhere. I would like to stay in The Champions and move up into a larger home in a few years (and keep 1st as rental and address for school) and let the kids stay with their classmates in CF through HS. So, it looks like the only area, based on my rudimentary research, is the western most sliver of Champions is in CFISD, i.e. Champions Creek and a few others. Can anybody shed some light on the desirability of these areas? I know, subjective. I am looking for an area that is not going to have outrages HOA fees or taxes or on it's way down. Or a suggestion for a non-Champions neighborhood that is zoned to Yeager Elementary. Any insight to this area is greatly appreciated. I am planning a trip in about 2 weeks to start checking neighborhoods, offices and traffic. p.s. I've always oved Kingwood (all my family is NE) but I really don't like the idea of a 45+ minute commute one way. I guess I could deal if it comes to it.
  15. Is this that same complex on Champions Drive that posters have been complaining about? link to story
  16. Hey, it's me again. Well, now that you all got me interested in the Champions area of Houston, I would appreciate it if anyone could take some snapshots of the area, since I'm down here in the Valley and can't drive up there. I don't know how the area looks like and this would give a better "picture" of the area.
  17. If I'm not mistaken, this is where they stuck a bunch of Katrina people. Again, people who've no business being here, causing trouble, ruining it for everyone. Get'em out. Perhaps Champions can put some legal heat on the apartment owner/slumlord and get this place dozed. http://www.hcnonline.com/site/news.cfm?new...32256&rfi=6
  18. Good Morning, My first post!! Does anyone know what stores might be going into the center that is being built on the NW Corner of Spring Cypress and Champions Forest (Gleannloch Farms)? It's a rather huge shopping strip; large enough to make one wonder if there will be a grocery store going in there. Goodness knows we could use one there because I strongly dislike the Kroger's there. Any information would be appreciated!! The "MRS" of Mr_and_Mrs_Hydrogeo
  19. I was just wondering if the Champions area is worth investing in or if moving closer to Cypresswood is a better decision? I know that the area has great demographics, as well as some pretty nice houses, but I have heard and read on this site that the Champions area and the original Champions neighborhoods around the golf course are not what they used to be due to their proximity to 1960. Will the new Vintage and the proposed Chateaux Raveneaux help the Champions area? Is there any news of anything else going in that area? Thanks for any input you have.
  20. Incredible Pizza Company to take over dilapidated Wal-Mart on F.M. 1960
  21. Champions Village Shopping Center has about the same mix as Meyerland Village. The unique flavor of each spot is getting watered down.
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