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  1. I was reading the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated August 21, 1987 and came across a full-page ad for Chanello's Pizza located at 5233 Buffalo Speedway. Did anyone ever eat here? How does it rank to the rest of the Houston pizza pie restaurants?
  2. Lockmat discovered this development from a link that TheNiche posted in the "Dome over Houston" thread. Europa at Houstonian Lakes, a 500-acre master planned community. LandQuest development group (or L Star, they've recently partnered with Starwood development) is the developer. http://www.enzoinv.com/brochure/brochure.htm (pg. 20-23)
  3. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Technical Training Center Project: ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Technical Training Center, Houston Client ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Architect: PageSoutherlandPage Contractor: D.E. Harvey Consultants: Shen Milsom Wilke (av/acoustics); ASA Consulting Engineers (structrual); ARCADIS (civil); The Office of James Burnett (landscape); Sunland Engineering (traffic); HBC/Terracon (soils); Bridges International (roofing); Moisture Technology Corp. (curtain wall) Photographer: Tim Griffiths Floor Plan The design of the ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company Technical Training Center, completed in May 2004, blends the old with the new. The two-story 98,000-sf facility responds to the materials and horizontality of the existing Buffalo Speedway campus, but applies a new combination of forms and material relationships. The new building's design becomes more creative as it moves away from its junction with the 1950s-era McKie and Kamrath building, notable for its strips of brick, glass and shading devices. The new facility's facade steps toward the street in a series of layers composed of Central Texas limestone, glass, and brick. Another material - a canted curved metal panel - is introduced to represent ExxonMobil's innovative technology. The facility houses a grand lobby and gallery, classrooms of various sizes, two large areas for breakout sessions, as well as support and office spaces for training staff. The terrazzo floor in the lobby is an abstract pattern representing fluvial systems studied within the training center. Classrooms are equipped for the latest media, and a visualization classroom takes advantage of a large projection screen that can be configured in several ways, including as four sides of a cube. Parking for approximately 458 cars is provided adjacent to the training facility. The project distinguishes itself by covering a wide range of subject matter, from the tactile nature of oil field hardware and geologic material to the virtual world of computer models and simulations. All elements combine to create a training tool which will serve thousands of students annually from around the world who are involved in ExxonMobil's exploration, development, production, and research enterprises. --Courtney Mahaffey Link
  4. Here is something recently mentioned on Swamplot. Does anyone know anything about this project? http://www.kirksey.com/project/buffalo_lakes_master_plan Page 10 of this PDF http://www.ridemetro.org/ProjectsPrograms/PDFs/90A_Media_Briefing_020711.pdf shows rail going through the project.
  5. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated July 29, 1964 and came across a business ad for The Golden Inn Cafeteria with locations of Buffalo Speedway, Kirby Drive, and 3000 Richmond Ave. Was this the original cafeteria before Romana and Luby's? Did anyone ever go here? Any memories or pictures? C.H. Sitton, Manager Former owner-operator of Sitton's Cafeteria, has been named the manager of the new Golden Inn Cafeteria, 3000 Richmond Ave. Mr. Sitton sold out his cafeteria in the Buffalo Speedway Center when his lease expired. He extends an invitation to all his former customers to visit the Golden Inn Cafeteria.
  6. I was browsing the newspaper The Jewish Herald-Voice dated April 11, 1974 and came across this small Kosher market and deli. Called Goodman Foods located at 9224 Buffalo Speedway. Phone: 667-7711. Looks like this is the current site of the town home community called Pemberton Circle? Also across the street is that new senior living complex called The Tradition Buffalo Speedway located at 9339 Buffalo Speedway. Did anyone ever go here? Or knew about it before the demolition? Was this in a small strip center by any chance? This was demolished to make way for residential, so I assume it took out something fairly large. - If it's kosher, we have it - Under supervision of Houston Rashruth Association.
  7. I don't think we have a thread for the St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church located at 5308 Buffalo Speedway. How long has the church been there? I'm sure they'd been there for 40+ years? Anyone ever attend service here? This is located at Buffalo Speedway & Bissonnet near the HEB.
  8. I was browsing the newspaper Southwestern Times dated March 30, 1950 and cam across an ad for Hodell and Company Real Estate Counselors Southern Oaks Field Office located on Buffalo Speedway At Underwood St. What ever happened with this company? Did it get bought out and merged or did it completely fold under? Hodell and Company's main office was at 2111 Westheimer with a phone number of KE 2501. Love this building!! Very cool!
  9. Found this matchbook on Ebay for Romana Cafeteria located at 5215 Buffalo Speedway. What's the story of this place? Was it bought out by Wyatt's Cafeteria (turned Luby's) and then this particular location closed? Looks like this is was located at the present-day HEB on Bissonnet & Buffalo Speedway. Was this restaurant in the Speedway Shopping Center? The Speedway Shopping Center was active in the 1960s. I'm not sure when Romana Cafeteria was in operation. Another location of Romana Cafeteria was at 6223 Bellaire Blvd. at Hillcroft Ave.
  10. I was researching Houston retail the other day and came across this old, now demolished, shopping center called Speedway Shopping Center. This is the current day HEB parcel on the corner of Buffalo Speedway & Bissonnet. Do we know who was the developer? I wonder the list of stores here? I can see: Hi Hat Cleaners Max's Beauty Salon Buffalo Pharmacy Barber Shop Records Lewis & Coker Liquor Store Does anyone recall this old retail center? Memories or pictures? August 24, 1964: This pylon stands on Buffalo Speedway north of Bissonnet, marking the location of the newly renovated and enlarged Speedway Shopping Center. Located on a five-acre tract, the center contains 38,000 square feet of floor space and its stores and shops offer a wide variety of merchandise and services.
  11. Today I noticed the empty lot at the corner of W. Alabama and Buffalo Speedway was being cleared. Over the past few weeks i have noticed survey crews and soil sample crews out there as well. Does anybody know what may be going up on that site?
  12. Coming soon!!! Chevron Star Stop- Car Wash, Taqueria, and Washateria located on the corner of Buffalo Speedway and West Airport Blvd. It's possible TMC bought the land for their TMC BioPort campus. We will see if the Chevron gets built anytime soon. I was joking the intersection should build an Exxon to complete the trifecta of Shell, Chevron, and Exxon. I wonder who HAIF prefers
  13. The Shell Star Stop gas station at the corner of Buffalo Speedway & West Airport Blvd. was built in only 6 months. The developer had to clear vacant forest land to build. There is a planned Chevron across the street. They are pulling a South Post Oak & Willowbend. Maybe they can add an Exxon on the other corner (for sale listed by JLL) which would replicate the SPO & Willowbend intersection. Anyway, if things go as planned. This intersection will be booming with activity in a few years. The TMC BioPort Campus is located here. Picture I took a few days ago.
  14. I forgot the date to this business ad I found. I believe it was the 1940s/1950s. S.M. Griffis Company located at 5624 Buffalo Speedway. "For prompt, careful, efficient handling, list your real estate for sale with us today. There is a ready market for residential properties right now. "
  15. Greystar Buffalo Speedway Total Cost: $42,365,000 Scope of Work: 378-Unit, 3-Story surfaced parking, garden style apartment complex. Owner: Greystar Development Architect: Meeks + Partners
  16. I know there has been a lot of vacant land in this area up until recently, but the neighboring single story storage facilities seem like such a massive waste of real estate. Discount mini storage (9419 Buffalo Speedway) alone has about 5 acres of land. Unfortunately, this stretch of South Main is littered with them
  17. Noticed this on Loopnet. Will possibly be another gas station.
  18. Reading up on the subject and I'm very intrigued. Tell me more about Pierce Junction. Texas State Historical Association says a small city called Myrtle Texas, originally known as Myrtle Turf became the Pierce Junction oilfield. https://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/hvmbh https://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/htp12 Pierce Junction Oil Field in 1927 - Where the Astrodome and Reliant Stadium Sit Today https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidblackmon/2014/04/06/the-weekly-oil-gas-follies-29/#429de0753211 Solarized Effect of the Pierce Junction Oil Field, Houston, TX https://oilmanmagazine.com/article/solarized-effect-pierce-junction-oil-field-houston-tx/
  19. I always pass by here and wanted to know what this was. I stopped by today and took a picture of the street signage. Bo's Place is a Houston based non-profit bereavement center offering free grief support services for children, families and adults in their grief journey. https://www.bosplace.org/en/
  20. This is one of the Mitchell (Michael) Louis Westheimer's companies. Westheimer storage was founded in the late 1800's. I was doing some research on Mr. Westeimer, he had a lot of companies! I almost bought some antiques on Ebay I stopped by the other day to snap a picture. I wonder if this is the last standing modern-day building of theirs. The family no longer owns it. The family sold the company some 50-years ago.
  21. Another building designed by Kirksey Architecture. I stopped by here the other day to take pictures. https://www.kirksey.com/portfolio/projects/american-heart-association
  22. Alcon is an American Swiss medical company specializing in eye care products with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and incorporated in Fribourg, Switzerland. Alcon began as a US company and its US subsidiary’s headquarters remain in Fort Worth, Texas, where the Alcon division of the company was founded. https://www.alcon.com/ I drive by this large complex located at the intersection of West Bellfort & Buffalo Speedway with an address of 9965 Buffalo Speedway. I often wonder what such a large parcel of land could turn into. Alcon must own 20 to 40 acres right there? The next major BioTech campus once TMC3 and Levit Green are completed? Of course, I'd hope, that UT and others would have finally developed the 307-acres down the block at Buffalo Speedway, Willowbend, and Holmes road.
  23. I looked at these apartments the other day. They were nice and across the street from The RO. https://invernessapts.com/
  24. Any pics.,or comments pertaining to this establishment?
  25. Great Southern Life Insurance Co. occupied a building on this corner in the mid-50's. I had a summer job there just after I graduated from high school. There was a park called Dunlavy Park just south of there that had a swimming pool. I have no idea how long Great Southern was there. Seems like I remember a Great Southern building near Richmond and Buffalo Speedway when I worked for TI on the SE corner of Buffalo Speedway and Richmond in the early-mid 60's. Does anyone know the evolution of the occupancy of the Richmond-Dunlavy corner from the 50's on?
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