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  1. Came across a smaller business park on Hines website earlier this week. Beltway Southwest Business Park https://www.hines.com/properties/beltway-southwest-business-park-houston In 2015, Hines acquired approximately 75 acres of land in southwest Houston located at the northeast corner of Beltway 8 and Fort Bend Toll Road to develop Beltway Southwest Business Park, a Class A, master-planned business park capable of accommodating approximately 950,000 square feet of light manufacturing and distribution space.
  2. I noticed this on Hines website the other day. I never knew about this! https://www.hines.com/properties/grand-national-business-park-houston In 2018, Hines acquired 107 acres at the southeast corner of the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8) and Gessner Road in the heart of the northwest submarket of Houston. Hines developed over 1.2 million square feet of industrial/logistics space and included an amenity retail center on the Beltway 8 frontage along with a business-class hotel. Branded as Grand National Business Park, phases one, two and three consist of more than 1.2 million square feet of logistics space. The project is the newest large, modern format distribution park in the northwest submarket of Houston and is able to meet requirements of 20,000 square feet to 1 million square feet. Hines sold Phase One of Grand National Business Park in October 2020 and Phase Two in July 2021.
  3. HCTRA is planning to replace the Beltway 8 Ship Channel Bridge with two Cable-stayed suspension bridges. Public Notice attached from the Coast Guard is attached. Has this been mentioned already? Couldn't find an ongoing topic. Public notice - bridge application - 091815.pdf
  4. Asking for a friend who is in the market . . . Does anyone have any insight on the City Gate DR Horton development around 288 and Beltway 8? It seems relatively new--are there any other similar communities in the metro area developed by DR Horton that are more mature for comparison?
  5. https://hctra.co The primary purpose of this site right now is an information dump. I put some of my opinons on the front page, but I may remove them. The information about Texas Tag is important though - more proof that HCTRA is being run as if it were a profit seeking entity, rather than in service to the residents of Harris County. I am open to rational debate. I also accept submissions for the site. I am not opposed to the basic idea of toll roads either, but I think HCTRA has been actively abusive to their customers, and privately, I believe that one or more of these documents will reveal malfeasance. They are posted for public review as I don't have the time myself to go through them all. I know that this site is already receiving some traffic from people mistyping "hctra.com", so I have mentioned how an existing EZ TAG holder would need to go to hctra.org to service their account.
  6. There's a large tract of land between Carilion Plaza and the Beltway, on the south side of Westheimer all the way down to Richmond. IIRC it was at one time a Dresser lab and warehouse complex, which was all removed except for the ~10 story building on the NW side of the property. The Portico apartment complex was built there, but the rest of the land has been vacant for 10+ years, while multiple high rise buildings have been built to the south and on the other side of the Beltway. Does anyone know why no more development has taken place on the site?
  7. Does anyone know when construction of the section of Beltway 8 that runs between Red Bluff and 225, northbound, in Pasadena was started? I know that in 1966 or so, there was a road (travelling north) where the access road to the Beltway now sits. I was only a child then, so I didn't know the name of the road. I left Pasadena for a while, when I returned the Beltway was only partially completed. This was about 1975 - 76.
  8. I thought this was the Park8 site, but it looks like this project is a little further south? *edit* It will be on the SE corner of the Belt and Beechnut. Residential Tower: 20-floors Hotel: 15-floors http://www.credgroup.com/projects_us.html
  9. One of the more fascinating things I've read on HAIF in recent years is the existence of green neon tubing along the overpasses at Beltway 8 and Interstate 45. While I can visualize it decently, I'm wondering when it went away (when North Belt Road became a full highway?) and if anyone has any pictures?
  10. "ConocoPhillips refining offshoot Phillips 66 will build a new headquarters facility no more than 10 miles away from the company’s current location, “within the I-10 and Beltway 8 corridors,”......" http://swamplot.com/...ton/2012-03-20/ This will probably be a suburban campus-type property like the existing headquarters, but this is still cool to hear.
  11. I was driving down Beltway 8 and saw signs regarding the below development. Anyone know anything about it other than what's in the website? http://www.park8.com/en/index.html
  12. TxDOT looking into ways to ease congestion on the Southwest Freeway from 288 all the way to Beltway 8. I guess there's already been a meeting on this last year in September 2014. Here's the TxDOT sight: www.mysouthwestfreeway.com Outside of the "lipstick on a pig" ideas, here are some thoughts (not 100% original btw) on how traffic can be eased on 59 / 69 without much ROW purchased: 1.) Configure on ramps / off ramps on top of each other like at 59/69 and Kirby between 610 and the beltway. That way merging and exiting traffic isn't fighting one another 2.) Build elevated two-way HOV lanes in current HOV ROW from Spur to past the beltway. (possible?) 3.) Reconfigure Chimney Rock exit (headed south) by exiting before the 610 traffic merges into 59/69 and have those exiting 59/69 to 610 do so before the Chimney Rock entrance to the freeway. Either that or eliminate the Chimney Rock exit / entrances all together. Ideas that might require ROW purchase and most definitely be more expensive even if no ROW: 1.) Extend Westpark tollway (WPT) past 610 and grade separate at 610 interchange. Possibly grade separate at Newcastle and have tollway end between Newcastle and Wesleyan. If not, have just have it end between 610 frontage and Newcastle. 2.) Direct connector from 610 traffic headed north to WPT headed west. 3.) Direct connector from WPT headed east to 610 headed south. (I don't think a WPT east to 610 North can fit) 4.) 2 lane Direct connector from 59/69 north to 610 south. Current one lane config. is big bottle neck. 5.) Direct connector from southbound 610 traffic to westbound WPT. To limit ROW, the direct connector would have to be after the 59/69 exit and tie into the extended WPT. Ideas that might require significant ROW but not quite to the level of the Katy freeway redesign: 1.) If previous #5 option not available, have a direct connector from southbound 610 traffic to westbound WPT on the north side of 59/69. It would be something like that of the new 290 to I10 direct connector. However this leads me to my next idea... 2.) Purchase land between 59/69 and Westpark rd. and WPT. Shift 59/69 slightly south and decrease the sharpness of the 59/69 curve at the WPT intersection. Katy Freeway clear-cutting option: 1.) Turn single HOV lane into 3 HOT lanes with the middle lane being bi-directional (much like what 290 was supposed to have) 2.) Add a full 5th lane to each direction of 59/69. 3.) Let them eat cake. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  13. Found this proposal while skimming through LoopNet today. It would be in the existing Heron Lakes Office Park on North Belt near North Gessner. Was surprised to see it possibly be something as tall as the 16 floor version that seems to be preferred, though alternate 3 and 4 story versions are presented. The existing buildings there range between 2 and 5 floors. Leasing PDF: http://s.lnimg.com/attachments/028B87DE-77B3-46DC-8463-95A4B9F0216A.pdf
  14. Nice Design http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2013/08/22/cyrusone-readies-to-break-ground-on.html?s=image_gallery http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2013/08/22/colocation-provider-cyrusone-keeps-growing-houston-campus-and-in-texas-in-general/ Office Data Center
  15. Looks like there will be more offices built pretty soon. Check it out... www.beltwaylakes.com
  16. I drove by this location today and noticed a building going up. It's southeast of the intersection of the beltway and 249. I might be wrong, but it looked like 5 or 6 floors were built already. Anyone know what it is or how many more floors, if any are going be added?
  17. When going with someone to pick someone else up from the airport, I passed by two hotels, which is of course nothing spectacular but something else piqued my interest: they were connected by an enclosed bridge, with one being Park Inn by Radisson and the other Baymont Inn & Suites. This connection has been intact since the 1980s (the Park Inn was built in the 1970s). It's more than likely that these things have changed names over the years, but is there any story behind as to why these two hotels are connected? Is the bridge still open and they just left it like that? Were they originally one name? There has to be a good story behind this. Does anyone know?
  18. There is a foundation poured in the lot next to my office that has been sitting idle for over 5 years. I assume its a hotel. Over the past few months and especially past few weeks work has started to progress. Here is a picture from earlier today. Any idea which hotel this will be? Southeast corner of Harwin and Rogerdale on the southbound feeder for BW8.
  19. This tower will have 12 stories of office space on top of a 7 floor garrage http://www.marketwatch.com/story/behringer-harvard-reit-i-inc-announces-plans-for-development-of-new-office-tower-at-houstons-briarlake-plaza-2012-09-18
  20. what's the story with the millenium tower building at the corner of richmond and beltway 8. i live in westchase and have always liked its distinctive crown (kinda like a half tube) and the silver and dark bands. it is almost like a miniature william's tower that anchors this end of the city.
  21. Ahh, the new beltway lanes are finally open, and there are now 4 lanes in each direction, instead of the previous 2!!! Traffic flows much better now on this segment..
  22. Does anyone happen to have any pictures of Auchan when it was still in operation. I would much prefer pictures of the West Belt location as this is the one I frequented. Although either location is fine. I've done some Googling and really only been able to find a very low-res commercial with a few swooping shots. Any pics you have even if it was after Auchan had closed would be apprciated. Thanks!
  23. I know I'd come across this one as an ad on Bisnow in the past, but for some reason just didn't post anything about it. Not really exciting per se, but it is a project that I'm reasonably certain hasn't been mentioned before. West side of the beltway, just north and east of the intersection of Clay. Across the Beltway from Westway Park. Lincoln Property's Profile http://www.lpchouston.com/properties/4477-w-sam-houston-pkwy-n/ CoStar Profile http://www.costar.com/costarconnect/MasterPage/Main.aspx?SiteId=28345&CheckSum=763184681 Slideshow http://www.costar.com/CoStarConnect/imageviewer/EnlargeImageCDN.aspx?id=107639&aid=21902652
  24. Clay Beltway Office Complex Developer: Transwestern Location: Northwest corner of W. Sam Houston Parkway and Clay Road Size: Two buildings: 14 stories with 350,000 square feet and 12 stories with 300,000 square feet Architect: Odell Status: Proposed Rendering is fourth one: http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2012/07/the-lowdown-on-the-projects-in-the-energy-corridor/#6207-4
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