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Found 22 results

  1. I've heard from an engineer friend of mine that the Harris Gully releif project is stalled. It appears that the underground boring machine is broke down somwhere under the Dick Dowling monument and that it will take several months to fix it. Parts are coming from Germany or someplace like that.
  2. Guest

    Brays Bayou Master Plan

    The greatest, most well-thought out plans to improve a big city will always be stained somehow by the lesser members of the population. Littering is a behavior that is hard to police and the damage seems temporary; give it a little time and it will be blown or washed away so no one feels its damage, and so it persists. The picture below is ironic because the litter ended up in a pond designed to purify runoff. All the pointy-heads who designed this project surely had to have accounted for this scenario? The good thing is that this won't go unnoticed and will likely be dealt with. When I went to the park this weekend to take some shots of the Project Brays freshwater tidal basin work at Mason Park, I intended to post the progress here to show the non-East Enders something positive that is taking place in town. This project is a combination of flood control, habitat restoration, water purification and recreation. Really a textbook, inner-city, all around winner. However, here is what one of the water purification ponds looked like after the minor rain we had. This was disturbing to me. Prior to this rain, this pond in particular had started to have large water birds in them just about every time I've went. Now, I'm guessing they'll stay away. Here are some other shots of the project; Looking from the Forest Hill bridge, which will be replaced as the bayou is widened, northwest towards Downtown (skyline visible in the background) The only way I can imagine this can be solved is by, perhaps, to tether a giant net off of the storm drainpipe upstream and empty it after each rain. If nothing is done, this wetland habitat will become the beginnings of a landfill in a matter of months. I think the mayor should see this and get HPD to crack down on litterers and, if they ever catch one, assign them to that pond with waders, gloves and a bag. Then, get one of the local channels to do a piece on it to help teach people to behave.
  3. Yay! Mayor's office unveils plan for new bayou bridge at Montrose. Didn't reallize there was a Memorial Heights TIRZ. New high-rise, new bridge, cool! http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6145342.html
  4. A little lesser known bayou in Houston called Willow Waterhole Bayou. Information here: https://www.willowwaterhole.org/flood-control-wwbayou-increased-flooding Willow Waterhole Bayou is a narrow 4-mile-long natural tributary of Brays Bayou. It flows through Houston’s Brays Oaks area—once oil tycoon Walter Fondren's ranch—and Westbury neighborhoods. In the 1940s, when the ranch land was being developed, portions of the original stream bed were rerouted. Today the bayou emerges southeast of the intersection of W. Bellfort Blvd. and Fondren Rd. and eventually flows northeast from Braewick Dr. through the Westbury and Willow Meadows neighborhoods. The bayou, Scout Lake, its weir (similar to a spillway), and the culvert connecting the lake to the basin complex can all be seen at the end of the 500-foot-long Bayou Trail, which begins at the left of The Gathering Place on S. Willow Dr.
  5. http://archservintl.com/orion_print_for_web_page.jpg Any updates on this project?
  6. Looking for info. on Greens Bayou in the 1940s. My father was living with a family, the Clay's, when he was a teenager. Mrs. Clay owned or managed a nursery (trees & plants) in the area. Mr. Clay built their house, a large log house. At the time I'm sure it was a ruarl area north west of Houston. Does anyone remember this area?
  7. https://sbmd.org/trailsurvey/ Link to 200+ page report (which I've only glanced through) TLDR: 10.75 miles of new length. About 7 off-street trail. First 2.4 mile segment construction to start next year Signature bridge to go over White Oak Bayou:
  8. Would anyone happen to have or know where I could find pictures of the old bridges that were located over Buffalo Bayou before 1912? There is also what looks like a pier or a deck off to the left side of the remaining bridge. It is almost completely overgrown now. What was it used for?
  9. Is this the old Orion site? Depending upon the massing, the folks in Bayou Bend Tower might be losing downtown views if this thing lifts off!
  10. Hi, The builder developing the community I live in sucks. I wish I knew before I bought my house but too late for that now. There are still several homes being built in there but quite a few homes are occupied at this point. The builder has been littering and polluting the ravine with a lot of construction debris and hasn't cleaned it up in 6 months. Several homeowners have complained and nothing has been done. I was informed that they can be fined for this. Where would I report it to have them fined so they will stop? I already called 311 and they put in a request but I think that is a request to have the ravine cleaned. I'm not looking for anyone to clean it. I want the builder to be fined so THEY will clean it and won't do this anymore. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  11. Noticed both notice of variance signs, and reasonably sized plots of land being cleared along the northwestern edge of the East End, mainly near Kennedy St. There is one lot on the corner of Jensen and Kennedy, Just south of the Buffalo Bayou and across from Guadalupe Park (currently being renovated), which is being cleared, along with the stretch of Kennedy St. between McAlpine and St. Charles being removed. Wonder if multiple decent sized lots could be connected for some form of multifamily development? Not a lot of info on this one that I am aware of. Anyone have a clue? Further along Kennedy St., 2 blocks, first one bounded by Kennedy, Live Oak, and Nagle (To the north are the Silos), and the second one bounded by Nagle, Kennedy, Middle, and Freund, have variances signs up. Both of them are referred to as "East End by the Bayou", with Asakura Robinson as the point of contact. Any idea what this is? I imagine townhome communities, just didn't know Asakura Robinson did that kind of projects. Further down on Nagle (near Fox St.), 2 lots have Urban living signs up. While not extremely shocking, it is a bit surprising given that there isn't much there quite yet. Finally, where Kennedy dead ends, there is another relatively large lot being cleared, just south of one being sold by Pinto. Does anyone know anything about these developments?
  12. I was reading through Houston Press's series of blogs on the histories of different Houston neighborhoods ("The Changing Face of Houston") and in the entry on Oak Forest, I stumbled upon a surprising claim: Longtime resident Elizabeth Mendez remembers how Oak Forest was 50 years ago,"My family bought our house in the early 1960s. At that point Antoine was a bayou and beyond that it was just pasture land. The bayou was filled in and became Antoine, one of the major streets in the area." I don't know a lot about road building, I do know a bit more about stormwater management, but it seems like it would be a bad idea structurally as well as in terms of flood control, as well as prohibitively expensive to fill in a bayou and turn it into a road, so it is something that would not have been done even in the 1960s. Plus, Antoine runs pretty far west of what I think of as Oak Forest's western boundary. I know that White Oak Bayou runs through that area, and that East and West TC Jester Rds follow White Oak's course closely on either bank, so I wonder if that is what this woman is thinking of? I'm going to put this question in the comments section of the Houston Press blog, but wondered if anyone here had any thoughts? http://blogs.houstonpress.com/artattack/2014/09/the_changing_face_of_houston_-_oak_forest.php?page=2
  13. Greenspoint could be getting a "lake." Ambitious plans for development around the lake, which seems like a stretch. I've always thought a walkable area is best suited for lower incomes since owning a car is so expensive. Would be nice if they could keep the developments affordable, but seems unlikely if it goes forward as planned. Although I can't imagine that area gentrifying, either. In response to frequent flooding along the Greens Bayou Corridor, SWA group was retained as part of a design team to innovatively mitigate floodwaters while also enhancing the value of adjacent real estate as part of an economic, recreational, and habitat restoration strategy. Traditionally, developmental has turned its back on the bayous and drainage ways that support our urban fabric on the Lower Texas Gulf Coast. SWA demonstrated the possible value of an urban alternative that creates high value waterfront amenities. The resulting plan links an 11 mile long trail system of interconnected parks to a major lakefront center of mixed living and recreational opportunities, while also discreetly adding additional storm water capacity as a prime, beneficial improvement." http://swacdn.s3.amazonaws.com/1/fe2a276b_greensbayoumidreachstudy-detentionbasin.pdf
  14. Riding my bike down buffalo bayou today and I ran across Buffalo Bayou Partnership working on the trails on the South side of the Bayou East of Jensen. They were clearing trees and preping for more bike trails. Also talking with them they have the contract to finish the trail on the North side and have access to KBR lots property. Other cool stuff going on is the boat racing down there.
  15. Does anyone think Braes Bayou will be developed anymore between TMC and Almeda? The Spires tower seems lonely and it would be cool to see some more residential towers go up along it without interfering with the trail system.
  16. Today Mayor White will announce plans for "The Animal Campus at Gragg Park" in the Gulfgate area. Gragg Park is on South Wayside at Brays Bayou. Fundraising will begin to find $10 million for the project, designed by English Associates Architects and Connolly Architects. I poked around the intarwebs and found this web site. I think this is the project: http://www.houstonparksboard.org/projects/images/GPAC_Rendering_000.jpg Construction begins in 2011.
  17. Don't know what the chopper was doing, but I think it did a touch and go. We were on the Allen side where the parking lot with the swingset and volleyball court is, and it looked like it touched down in that area where the trail goes on the other side of Memorial and there's a big, open, grassy area. In the 3rd and 4th pics it's right above the bridge, I wish our camera had more zoom.
  18. Do native Houstonians say it any differently than New Orleans natives? Bye-yoo? Bye-oo? Bye-o? [long o] Bye-yo? [long o]
  19. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metrop...an/5484430.html The Houston Parks Board has purchased a 27.2-acre site on Sims Bayou for a public park that will be a key link in a chain of parks connected by a 14-mile hike-and-bike trail.
  20. Guest

    Halls And Greens Bayou

    You all did a great job with Brays Bayou I thought i would throw this question out there. Halls @ Greens Bayou who named them? Harris County
  21. Someone recently asked me how Bray's Bayou got its name. I sent a note to isuredid about it, and I wanted to get some feedback from the other history aficionados here. I'm almost certain the bayou got its name just before 1826 because that is where John Harris set up Harrisburg. Bray's Bayou also shows up in an 1828 diary as well. But who was the bayou named after? Maybe a member of Harris' party? Or one member of the Old Three Hundred?
  22. I like to get out on my bike each Sunday morning and this stretch of the bayou has quickly become my favorite. I haven't been too impressed by other large-scale landscape installations in Houston, but I think this one is exceedingly well done considering the challenges. I am hard-pressed to find anything I would like to see changed. I have included a few pics here, and a link at the bottom to the rest. Enjoy! Link to the rest
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