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Found 16 results

  1. Having grown up in East Houston I've always been accustomed to saying that the best Mexican restaurants are on the East side, primarily since the population is more Hispanic that side of the city. Problem is I don't really know if the ones I frequent are the best. Anyone have any nominations? One interesting restaurant, whose name I can't recall at the moment, is a Mexican seafood restauraunt that's run by Chinese! It's menu is an experiment in what some, I guess, nowdays call fusion. Instead of Spanish rice, you can have your meal with fried rice. Anyway, you wouldn't think that Chinese could run a sucessful Mexican seafood restaurant in a Hispanic neighborhood but they do. I love eating at this restaurant just because it's atmosphere is an atypical blend of two ethnicities.
  2. Off-topic, but maybe on too..... I have something to confess, I work Downtown, spend a lot at the Park Shops (best place for low-hastle-day-before-Christmas shopping IMO), go the Angelika on a regular basis, etc. But, I have not spent much time on Main. I always favor Market Square if I do wander into the area at night. This weekend though, I have out of towners coming in and want to show them around the hip new nightlife area we have. If they are over 30, in jeans and casual wear, what places do we walk into as we stroll down Main Street?
  3. There was an article in the Chronicle today outlining some new developments in the Midtown area that sound incredible... Houston Chronicle In short: 1. Big white mansion at Elgin @ Austin will be renovated ($3 million cost) into a new upscale restaurant, lounge, and event center 2. Old Boy Scouts of America building at Bagby and Victor: Work on the Boy Scouts building will begin in February. The $20 million project will include Moor's Restaurant and Tapas Lounge, serving mainly Moroccan and Spanish cuisine and be leased and operated by Hicham Naffaa and Ali Bendella, owners of Coco's Crepes, Cava American Bistro and Cielo Mexican Bistro. The building, scheduled to open in October, will also have banquet space and Chopra's offices. 3. Parking garage w/ retail: Across the street, Chopra owns land on which he plans to build a seven-story public garage with street-level retail. (NOTE: I believe this is the lot at Bagby and Victor across the street from Christian's Tailgate) Here's a Google view of the areas being talked about: Old Mansion Boy Scout building and new garage w/ retail across street
  4. My wife and I love the Heights area and have enjoyed our first year living here. One thing that we wonder about though is the lack of restaurant diversity in the area. We enjoy the new Thai Spice quite a bit...but find ourselves having to go to Montrose or Rice Village if we ever want anything other than a burger, sandwich, chinese food or pizza. It seems like recently the Heights just started getting some new restaurants outside of the same old lines. We love Onion Creek...but Dry Creek, 6th St. Bar & Grill, etc. all serve up the same burger and fry options. For example we love Indian food as many of our friends do in the area but it seems as if no Indian restaurants are venturing into the area. Just more burger joints. Question...is the lack of restaurant diversity in the area from wanting to keep the small town feel or is it from restaurant owners not realizing there is a demand for this in the area? I think progress is being made. We like the recent additions of Glass Wall, Thai Spice, etc. Your thoughts.
  5. I've seen this bar/club mentioned on this site, in the "Montrose" section. Lynn Hornaday was one of the owners of the bar, and I worked with Lynn at a downtown stockbrokerage house, during the period when she and Marion were getting the bar up and running. I moved to Australia early 80's and had lost contact with Lynn long before that. Does anyone know Lynn's whereabouts? Is she still in Houston? She was from South Texas originally, if memory serves me correctly. Thanks! Mick
  6. I was reading back issues of University of Houston's The EXtra magazine which was dated June 16, 1948. I came across this local business listing for a cocktail lounge called Congo Jungle Cocktail Lounge which was located at 5704 Almeda Rd. LY-9235. Looks like a year later in 1949 the lounge was renamed to Abe and Johnny Jamil's Congo Jungle Cocktail Lounge. I thought Abe Jamail owned another club in Southwest Houston. Was it in Midtown on South Main or on Buffalo Speedway? Does anyone remember this place? Any memories or stories? June 16, 1948. October 19, 1949. Here's some history from Fieldtripper: http://www.fieldtripper.com/c/6NDyb1a79qM/the-congo-jungle Located at 5704 Almeda Road, the Congo Jungle was one of Houston’s hot nightspots between 1946 and 1962. It featured live music every night and a jungle motif complete with palm trees and waitresses outfitted in leopard print dresses. Abe Jamail, Texas’s most highly decorated World War II veteran, owned and operated the club along with his brother, John.
  7. My Table has this to say: "We hear that Sonoma Retail Wine Bar and Restaurant will be opening a second location in The Heights at 801 Studewood. The new location will have a casual neighborhood vibe, much like Sonoma’s Richmond location. Owners Farrah Fatouretchi and Dr. Kevin Lisman have some unique design features planned for the new project and report that it will have a larger kitchen and an increased focus on food. The planned opening is April 2012." I've been there once and it was OK, but I have to admit that 13 Celsius has set the standard really high for wine bars (just as Catalina has for coffee). Still, i have no complaints about a local wine bar if they use proper stemware (see, i am spoiled).
  8. Does anyone know what happened to a bar that was in existence in Houston in the late 1970s and early 1980s called Gabs? There was also an oyster bar called Gabs 2. I would love to hear from someone who remembers either of them.
  9. New Irish bar / Restaurant in lower 5th ward (East Bayou District) Location: http://www.har.com/3502-melva-st/sale_58204662
  10. My little block is blowing up! http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2011/10/washed-out-property-gets-restaurant/
  11. Bizjournal article "Cynthia Phearse, who has worked as manager of the Gallant Knight for 23 years, says developers have been snapping up land in the area at a quick pace in recent months. She points out that a Wendy's restaurant across the street has already been demolished, while a nearby florist shop has also been purchased for redevelopment. The Gallant Knight building is scheduled to be razed in two weeks. " The link is for paid subscribers only but the gist is the owner is getting $750,000 and is tired. A bank building will go up instead. No indication of how large of a building they're talking about. Locals talked about how investors have been putting pressure on some of the mom & pops around there to sell. The son of the owner plans to open a new Gallant Knight in the same area within a year.
  12. West Alabama location scheduled for demo after March 2nd. Searching for link. . .
  13. The par 3 course between Stella Link and Main, Willowbend was the southern boundary, was called South Main Golf Club. When I moved to Houston in '68 it was not a par three course but had 4's and 5's also. (I lived two houses off Stella Link on hole 2). It went as far north as the old apartments on O'Meara on the north. There is a bar called Sammy's Fifth Hole at Stella Link and Bellfort where the fifth hole ended.
  14. New to Houston and looking for great restaurants that a single guy with a limited budget should check out. I'm not a good cook and fast food is getting old. I'm in Meyerland. Thanks!
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