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Found 14 results

  1. The astrodome is starting to become old and non used i think it should be just destroyed
  2. I keep on seeing this Knight Road Loopnet listing so I decided to look on Google Satellite to see the industrial campus. I never knew this was here to be honest. I guess Stream Realty, or Stream Industrial is handling the leasing? Looks to be a total of 9 buildings situated between Knight Road & Almeda Road. I also see all that forest land. Some day that will be developed! Loopnet listing: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/9051-9087-Knight-Rd-Houston-TX/11737768/
  3. While browsing old issues of The Rice Thresher dated January 27, 1984 I noticed a business ad for The Dome Theater & Club at 2525 Murworth Dr. 666-9846. The business listing reads: Dance to Calypso, Soca & Reggae. Island Weekend A Johnny Nash production featuring the Yard Band International Drinks 4 for 1, 5-8 pm Friday and Saturday. Has anyone ever been here during the 1980s? Share your memories and stories! Was this club by the same people who started Dome Shadows Night Club at 9218 Buffalo Speedway?
  4. Interesting dome shaped gas station at the Kirby & Main intersection. Found this on the A Field Guide to Gas Stations in Texas book. https://www.thc.texas.gov/public/upload/preserve/survey/highway/TxDOT Field Guide to Gas Stations in TX 2016.pdf
  5. I was browsing an old neighborhood newspaper called Southwestern Times. The issue is dated June 7, 1945. Here's a unique business. A bicycle rental company across from the new stadium. Very cool find!! Anyone remember this place?
  6. Sept. 23, 2004, 1:03AM The 'Eighth Wonder of the World' may be resurrected as a 1,000-room convention hotel and entertainment complex New life for an old Dome By BILL MURPHY and BILL HENSEL Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle Kevin Fujii / Chronicle DORMANT: Renovation of the Reliant Astrodome would cost about $400 million. In a major shift, the company looking to redevelop the Reliant Astrodome has shelved plans to turn it into a space theme park and is instead looking to convert it into primarily a large convention hotel. The new plan still calls for some rides, possibly even of the space variety, other entertainment, restaurants, a cineplex and retail stores. But much of the area would be taken up by as many as 1,000 hotel rooms that would serve, in part, those attending conventions at nearby Reliant Center, said Willie Loston, executive director of the Harris County Sports and Convention Corp. "Part of our interest in this concept would be to increase the use of Reliant Center," he said Wednesday. "That would not be at the expense of the George R. Brown (Convention Center). We're trying to attract business to Houston that doesn't come here now." If the plan becomes a reality, Houston, which never had a convention hotel until the Hilton Americas opened next to the George R. Brown late last year, would have two as early as 2008. The city owns the Hilton and the George R. Brown. In the coming months, Astrodome Redevelopment Co., the company seeking to find another life for the former "Eighth Wonder of the World," will conduct detailed studies of whether the facility would be profitable, company President Scott Hanson said. If the studies conclude that it will be feasible, the company has lenders in place willing to finance what is expected to be a $400 million transformation, Hanson said. The sports and convention corporation, which oversees the Reliant Park complex, and Commissioners Court would have to approve the project. Without spelling out exactly what the company envisions, Hanson did disclose that the facility's amusement park component would have several themes, including space. There would be no rides that require rails. Many of the hotel rooms would overlook a striking interior that includes the amusement park features, retail stores and restaurants, said Bruce Broberg, an engineer at architectural giant URS, which is working on the project. Motorists on Loop 610 who eye the scruffy stadium daily would view an exterior that was cleaned, restored and spruced up with new elements to give it a distinguished appearance, Broberg said. Inside and out, "it will have a world-class appearance," Hanson said. Hilton Americas would remain the biggest hotel in the city, with 1,200 rooms, but the proposed hotel could become the second largest. Astrodome Redevelopment was created specifically to redevelop the stadium. Among the companies involved are Oceaneering International Inc., URS, theme park developer NBGS International and Falcon's Treehouse, a Florida-based design firm. Early stages The company initially proposed dividing the Astrodome's interior into quadrants, each with rides and attractions intended to let visitors experience the sights and sensations of space travel. The plan also called for retail stores and a hotel, but a much smaller hotel than the one now planned. That initial plan was among seven proposals submitted to the sports and convention corporation when it solicited ideas on what to do with the mostly idle facility. Hanson said it was too early to say whether the company would ask the county to help pay for the project and ask for tax relief. Loston said, "There are many things that could derail this." Hanson said the proposed hotel would draw new business to Reliant Center, not take it away from the downtown George R. Brown-Hilton Americas. As head of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, Jordy Tollett tries to attract conventions to the George R. Brown. But he said he does not oppose converting the Astrodome into a convention hotel because it would simply mean more hotel revenue for the region. He declined to say whether the proposed hotel would decrease business at the Hilton Americas. John Keeling, a senior vice president at PKF Consulting, which provides services to the hotel and tourism industries, said the city and the county need to study whether two convention centers with nearby hotels could be profitable and not turn into cut-throat competitors. "There are not very many successful examples of that around the country," he said. In cities where they have been successful, usually one convention area is downtown and the other is at the airport, he said. "The reason for having it at the airport is for the fly-in, fly-out convention," Keeling said. Similar projects successful PKF Consulting provides services to the hospitality, real estate and tourism industries. Astrodome Redevelopment's idea, he said, sounds similar to a project that was done outside Dallas, where a 1,500-room hotel with an indoor theme park was built. "In general, what it sounds like they are trying to do is like the Gaylord Texan hotel in Grapevine," Keeling said. "That is an entertainment-driven convention hotel." The Gaylord Texan overlooks Lake Grapevine and features a 25,000-square-foot spa and fitness center. Guests also can use the adjacent 18-hole Cowboys Golf Club. Similar hotel projects also have been done in Nashville and Orlando.
  7. I've now read the entire thread and Tory Gattis's linked article. A few thoughts about the Astrodome as HQ2. First, to cut to the chase, it's not going to happen. Rodeo and NFL/Texans would veto in a nanosecond. The only way Amazon would get that building is if they purchase both RODEOHOUSTON and the Houston Texans. Then there's the complicating factor that the property is owned by Harris County, so the city can't actually submit a proposal to Amazon without full county partnership. City and county are getting along well, but I would be stunned to see that happening by October 19, two weeks from now. There's also another stakeholder now, the Texas Historical Commission, which has to issue a permit for any modification to the Astrodome. While my reading of the tea leaves leads me to believe THC is going to be very forgiving in their approval of modifications, I would guess that the scope and scale of modifications required to enable HQ2 are outside THC's red lines. For several years now Astrodome Tomorrow has been advocating the building of new, multilevel structures inside the Dome, around the perimeter of the main floor. Such vertical construction is NOT part of the $105 M project now in the design stage, but we believe (partly by reading tea leaves) that the FOUNDATION PIERS and other structures needed to support such development in the future ARE being designed into the current project. We have appealed to all the decision makers and the Kirksey architects to do so. It would be tragically short-sighted if they don't, because that additional floor footage is needed if the Dome is to produce floor-lease revenue sufficient to pay for its upkeep over the long term. The old Astroworld property would be a better fit in some ways. Plusses are access to transit (red line terminus and park/ride across the street, straight shot down Bellfort to Hobby), property size and near-core location, adjacent expansion property. But there are issues. First there's no existing campus of buildings to occupy by 2018, and also there is some occasional street flooding in that immediate neighborhood. Having Amazon across the freeway would be a great assist to success of the kind of Astrodome/NRG Stadium Park redevelopment we have proposed. -- Chris Alexander for Astrodome Tomorrow
  8. I wonder is anyone has ever considering making a movie of his life. There are so many fun and intriguing elements. The Dome, the eccentric private suites out in right field, bringing baseball to Houston, Astroworld, buying the Ringling Brothers Circus, the Celestial Suites, his controversial stint as mayor of Houston in the '50's, his whimsical home on Galveston Bay ("Huckster House"), larger than life personality, the split with R.E. Bob Smith, his financial collapse and health problems, final moment in the spotlight when he came out in his wheelchair to be honored at the Dome, etc... I may be biased being a Houstonian, but I think there's a great movie there.
  9. And the '60's are very hot at the moment! Producers? I am available as a consultant! Huckster House, 811 Bayridge Rd. Still there, I believe
  10. I remember staying here with my family as a kid when we would come to Houston to go to Astroworld and the Dome. It was located at 2100 South Braeswood at Greebriar, and I don't recall seeing it in quite a while. Anyone know what happened to it?
  11. I was browsing around in a 1970s Texas almanac, and I found this for the "Astrodomain". I thought that it referred to Astroworld, Astrodome, and surrounding hotels, and I was right. I don't know what the weird characters are on the bottom, though. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2511/3955787514_1655b2cc39_b.jpg
  12. There's a rendering of the interior in the print edition.
  13. I saw a commercial about "the world's largest indoor theme park" (or something like that) in the Astrodome. Got a bit excited until they said it would open in June, so I knew it couldn't be anything big or we would have heard about it long ago. Turns out it's a summer thing (June & July). Probably a bunch of rinky-dink, gypsy run carnival rides. However it got me thinking, do you think maybe they're testing the waters for something more grand and permanent?
  14. HAIF, Does anyone recall when the Houston Astrodome had a race track in the 1960s and 1970s? I guess the address would have been 8400 Kirby Drive? I'm looking for information. Does HAIF know about this trace track/speedway? Thanks. Astro Grand Prix in the Astrodome.
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