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  1. CURRENT VERSION: v0.5 - Beta by: Luminare Hello Everyone, I'm proud to reintroduce the HAIF Development Map and Spreadsheet, as PROJECT ASTROPOLIS. This thread will be the new home for updates, improvements, announcements, and discussions about both the Project Astropolis Map and Spreadsheet. Previously due to COVID, and other circumstances pertaining to my work, I had to take an extended hiatus from both the forum, and this project. After a nice break from putting the original map and spreadsheet together, I decided to give the project a reboot, and st
  2. I am looking for suggestions on the best books, coffe table and/or history, of Houston and Houston architecture. I’ve searched but I would like some educated suggestions. Thanks.
  3. TJones


    There are lots of venues to have a fine Craft Beer here in the Houston Metro Area. Some Old buildings have been repurposed into fine drinking establishments or eateries and have found new life. Lots of new exciting people moving here everyday. What are some of your favorite wateringholes that you have found with weird or exciting architecture to behold and be in awe of as you imbibe your local or national favorites ? Feel free to list names and addresses of these places and WHY they are so awesome to you. Don't forget to tell us what your poison is as well....be it a craft cocktail they make o
  4. Guest

    AERIAL FUTURES: The Next Frontier

    A public event will be held to kick off World Space Week at AIA Houston on the evening of Thursday, Oct 4 as part of the AERIAL FUTURES: The Next Frontier think tank taking place in Houston between Oct 4-5, 2018. Expanding Houston’s reputation as Space City, USA, Ellington Airport’s conversion into the Houston Spaceport will reiterate the city’s role as a front-runner in the space race of the 21st Century. As the most urban-centered commercial spaceport to date – Houston Spaceport is within a 15-minute drive of the central business district – this development will serve as a detonator in
  5. This is a question that has been stumping my networks of photographers and architects, literally, around the world. It finally ocurred to me that houstonarchitecture.com has a forum and a very knowledgeable readship that has always answered every question I have ever posed. Here it is in a nutshell, "This photo was taken in 1914 at 22 rue Saint-Sauveur in the 2nd Arrondissement in Paris, France. This structure no longer exists but it was part of what was known as "the old Paris". What I would like to ask someone, anyone to do is to look at this photo and notice the doorway that is to the left
  6. Hey everyone. Still working on my Graduate Thesis and need some input via interview/survey. Tried posting this on r/Houston to get more people involved, but the subreddit sucks because anytime I post it auto removes it classifying it as spam! (seriously?) So thought I post this in a more reliable place...here. Since I'm not able to travel back home to conduct this survey/interview with people from the area I'm researching I was wondering if people within this community could possibly help. I would greatly appreciate it! You don't have to answer all the
  7. Howdy everyone! I'm about to begin my thesis project here in Germany this next semester, but I need some help. I've chosen a site in Houston because I wanted to do something related to home and an issue that is very important to the city (highways). Here is where the site is going to be located: Yes, I'm putting the project over the highway. This project will also take into account the proposed reroute and redesign of the highway. I need help with photos of the surrounding area and of the site from multiple angles at vario
  8. Hello everyone, I would like to ask the community if anyone on this forum is in need of some help with any projects in the Architecture field or Design field. The type of work I'm looking for is contract work/freelance not hourly for reasons with timezones of course, so I would be working remotely from Germany. I'm seeking ways to help finance my stay here in Germany while I continue to finish my Masters. I'm able to do all varieties of design and architecture work. I've worked on architecture projects from the Schematic Phase, to Design Documentation, to Construction D
  9. Dwell Magazine is coming to Houston on September 9th and 10th and bringing the Monogram Modern Home to you! The Monogram Modern Home is a 600 square foot prefab designed by dwell, built by Method homes and outfitted with luxury Monogram Appliances. We are touring the home around the country stopping in six cities, and Houston is our next stop. Please join us for a day full of complimentary continuing education units, culinary tastings and product demonstrations in the home. Location: Houston Antiques Art Design Show Date: September 9th | 9:30am - 4:30pm and Septembe
  10. until
    Diverse Architecture, Inspired Remodeling & Fun Gardens Highlight the Garden Oaks 2016 Home & Garden Tour Explore the diverse architectural styles of Garden Oaks – one of Houston's most unique neighborhoods – along narrow, tree-lined lanes and beautiful gardens. The 2016 Garden Oaks Home & Garden Tour (GOHT) will showcase an eclectic variety of architecture and interior styles, from stunning contemporary designs and a rare “Century-built” home, to original Garden Oaks homes reborn with inspired remodeling ideas. Among the highlights, an Asian-inspired home using
  11. until
    Diverse Architecture, Inspired Remodeling & Fun Gardens Highlight the Garden Oaks 2016 Home & Garden Tour Explore the diverse architectural styles of Garden Oaks – one of Houston's most unique neighborhoods – along narrow, tree-lined lanes and beautiful gardens. The 2016 Garden Oaks Home & Garden Tour (GOHT) will showcase an eclectic variety of architecture and interior styles, from stunning contemporary designs and a rare “Century-built” home, to original Garden Oaks homes reborn with inspired remodeling ideas. Among the highlights, an Asian-inspired home using a traditi
  12. I saw this book at Barnes & Noble yesterday: http://www.amazon.com/Lost-Houston-William-Dylan-Powell/dp/1910496758/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458481972&sr=8-1&keywords=lost+houston
  13. Hello All, My name is Jasonand I am new to this group and am happy I finally found what looks to be a group that appreciates Houston and its architecture! Ihave been photographing Houston for years and have been quite obssesed with some of the buildings and architecture in our great city. Please leave any critiques or comments you wish on any of my work, it is all appreciated!!! More of my current work can be seen at http://www.roeckerphotography.com/#!/index/G0000inRtIh8lEJI
  14. While looking through arch daily the other day I saw that they posted a great article on available architecture lectures. Some very old and some very new. One I found particularly interesting was this Architecture Now series. A treasure trove of interviews with some of the great architects from the late modernist and early post-modernist period are in this series from Robert Venturi, to Frank Gehry, Richard Meier, and even Philip Johnson. I would recommend for any one curious about some of these great architects to go watch these. This one posted below is of Philip Johnson and is probably the
  15. The Architecture of Happiness Alain De Botton 2008 - Vintage International On the Book itself: $18.00 Amazon: 10.44 with prime service some as low as $10 First of all, I'm incredibly shocked that my post is the first book post in 3 years! Anyway, the book. The Architecture of Happiness is a 267 page journey through incredible storytelling and probably the single best description of architecture I have ever read and I don't believe I will ever find a single book to replace it. Botton is not only clever, but utilizes a fantastic array of vocabulary as he dissects both the profession and ar
  16. Hello, I am currently conducting a small project that involves capturing black & white photos of Houston's historic buildings. I am specifically looking for buildings from the the earliest 1800's to the early 1900's. I have a good collection going and looking for suggestions on other interesting buildings for the collection. Here is a link to the portfolio (work in progress): http://stuartpartridge.smugmug.com/Historic-Houston-BW All the best, Stuart
  17. Hi guys, my 13 year old nephew recently became interested in modern architecture. He asked me if I could help him try to find completions for his age group in the Houston area. Anything you guys know about?
  18. c1880's VIictorian Gingerbread Gothic style corbel brackets, 14 1/2 inches by 14 inches by 1 3/4 inches thick, sold in pairs. Item may still have original nails (square) and faded paint. Sold in pairs.
  19. I have a variety of salvaged doors for sale, up to 45 inches wide and 9 feet tall. Victorian doors, including a couple of pocket doors, as well as doors from houses from the 1920's -1950's.
  20. Beautiful Mid Century Modern doors salvaged from The Houston Club in downtown Houston are perfect for any Mid Century home restoration. I have 4 of these solid, heavy 36 inch wide doors. A bargain at $250 each. Vintage Galveston Antiques 1708 23rd, Galveston
  21. Hey, I just came across this idea that sounds really cool in theory, but I'm wondering if you experts out there would know if it's actually technically possible. Chameleon House: http://marblar.com/challenge/earthhack-sustainable-homes/idea/978 Homes are built with colour changing tiles respective to heat. They are black when it's cold and white when it's hot. This saves money on heating and air conditioning. It seems a bit extreme, but what do you guys think? Do you know of any materials that would work as colour-changing tiles?
  22. I need help learning revit and maya, does anyone know these programs? I'm not hard to teach, I kind of just do my own thing and when I get stuck then you know....help HELPP
  23. Hello all! I'm hoping I can hunt down some secret tips from all you HAIF folks. I've recently undertaken a personal photography project of seeking out unique views of downtown Houston. I'm most interested in elevated views and have high hopes to find some ways of accessing some rooftops in Houston and would love any insider tips! Here is an example of what I've been able to capture so far: http://petermolick.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Houston/G0000YreO9HEiDeA/I00000.6FAJoB85I/C0000XeWuFFt6iGM Please let me know what you think and share if you'd like - THANKS! *I realiz
  24. With permission, a friend is allowing me to share these with HAIF. She just returned from Portugal and Spain. She took several really good shots of architecture and architectural details.
  25. Louis Curtiss was an early 20th-century architect based in Kansas City who had various designs transformed into homes and commercial buildings throughout the Midwest. A few of his designs became reality here in Texas: Tarrant County Courthouse (Ft. Worth), four depots for the Santa Fe Railway--two of which survive at Post and Snyder TX), and the Casa Ricardo hotel in Kingsville TX. Here's an interesting blog about the Casa Ricardo and the urns which once graced the hotel grounds: http://kcmodern.blog...%20S.%20Curtiss
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