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  1. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Post dated June 29, 1907 and came across an advertainment for Chutues Park Galveston, Tex...on Seawall Boulevard. Now open for the summer with all new and pleasing attractions. The greatest amusement resort on the Southern coast. You'll find these in the park- the famous Katzenjammer Castle: One continuous scream of laughter. The Palace of Wonders. Presenting the latest hand-colored imported animated reproduction's of the beautiful Fairy tales. The Parisian Illusions Theater. In which the world's famous SunGard's present the latest European sensation, "Aga, or the Floating Princes." The Fun Factory. Sixty laughs in one minute- don't miss it. The Famous Mystic Chutes. As 1100-foot science boat ride through underground tunnel and science regions. You pass through the Black Canyon and Royal Gorge of the Rocky Mountains, Fairyland, etc. A $15,000 attraction. The Caragraph of Tours of the World. The finest ever presented in the South- 500-mile ride for a dime. Armand's Novel Battle of the World and the City of Yesterday. This is the attraction that created such a big sen action at St. Louis World's Fair, where the admission was 50c. Now you see it for 10c. See it. You'll like it; everybody does. Hooligan's Crazy House. WHAT IS WHAT? Do you see what? Well, just guess awhile and guess again. The Great Delta Baseball Game. The only one in the South The Arctic Refreshment Parlor. The finest ice cream and soda resort in Texas for children, ladies, and gentlemen. Another ad from July 2, 1908: Some Attractions at Chutes Park: Happyland. Chutes Park on the Beach Vaudeville, Pictures, Songs, Music, Refreshments. Open All Day. Herrle, Brick, & Hubbard The G.T. Theater. The popular Play House Moving pictures, Vaudeville, Illustrated songs. Prof. Leo Beers, Musical Director All for Five Cents, includes a Glass of Cold Spring Water For the Best Ice Cream and Soda Water on the beach go to. Jamison's Parlors Next to Snug Harbor Hotel. We use Willis & Sullivan's Cream
  2. Greetings. Wondering if anyone is aware of a link to an aerial of the old South Main Drive In near Stella Link and what is now Willowbend? Or any other old photos of it for that matter. Thanks in advance, Neil
  3. I couldn't find any information about it. Here is the picture and caption from that monorail site: http://www.monorails.org/webpix/1956.jpg Now my question is what was "Arrowhead Park"? Was this an amusement park? I couldn't find it on a map of Houston from the mid-1950s.
  4. Hello all, I'm looking for information regarding a 1950s restaurant that was located in the Texas Medical Center. The restaurant is called Peter Pan Dude Ranch located at 6504 South Main St. Does anyone have any photographs of the restaurant? Perhaps there is some postcards, or matchbooks of this place? Is anyone old enough to have ate here that can share some stories and memories? Thanks in advance.
  5. Does anyone remember there being a bungee jump right off the west loop ? It seems it was just south of 59. For those of you that do remember it, does anyone have pictures they can post?
  6. I found a rare, obscure 1940s amusement park! I've never seen it discussed on the internet or in the library archives before! I was searching around Twitter for Playland Park. A Twitter account that documents Houston history posted some Playland Park memories and (wrongfully) included a Speer Park flyer in the post body. At first thought I thought Speer Park was just a rebranding of Playland Park, but it appears it's a whole different amusement park! Anyone know about this park? I wonder why it's never spoken about? Maybe Playland Park overshadowed the smaller park? I just don't know why this park didn't have any daily/weekly newspaper articles and advertisements. No press whatsoever! The park was located in the opposite direction of Sivils' Drive-In Restaurant At 8001 South Main St. and Prince's Hamburgers Drive-In Restaurant At 8101 South Main St. The developer, owner, and manager was Sim L. Speer. "Houston's Permanent Family Playgound - Cool Speer Park" In the April 10, 1943 edition of Billboard Magazine, there was a listing of all the Texas amusement parks: Galveston- Beach Amusement Park Sam Serio, Manager. Has eight rides, six concession games. Houston- Playland Amusement Park John E. Williams - Secy. On South Main St. Houston- Speer Park Sim L. Speer - Owner. Has 10 rides, 20 concession games. Houston- Sylvan Beach Park E.L. Crain, Owner / H.W. Dahse, Manager. Has five rides, four concession games. Another Billboard Magazine article from the early 1940s: Houston, April 11 - Speer Park, under management of Sim L. Speer, opened its season yesterday, with all special low prices for kids under 12 to be in effect thruout season, Fridays thru Sundays. Park has 10 rides and 20 concession games. Billboard article about a day in Houston visiting Playland Park and Speer Park: 1940s ground water report specifying the location of Speer Park that was 5-3/4 miles southwest of the Houston courthouse. Here's a 1955 aerial image of the South Main/Old Spanish Trail "Y" Split. The two drive-in restaurants are located in the center, off of South Main. I'm not sure which side Speer Park was on. The amusement park might have been dismantled and demolished by the time of the photograph? I'll have to look at Google Earth Desktop a bit later to see the 1944 images. Maybe you can see the park with Google Earth. Can anyone spot the park?
  7. Awesome!! Found a never-heard-before Amusement Park/Amusement Center in Houston! (Well, just outside of Houston.) I was reading the newspaper The Daily Sun (Goose Creek, Tex.) dated August 28, 1945 and came across a business advertisement for Sam Houston Amusement Center on Wallisville Rd. So cool!! Anyone have memories of this place? Or know anything about it? Dance To The Music of Grady Hester and His Boys Wednesday, August 29 and Sunday, September 2 At East Harris County's Finest Dancing Place Sam Houston Amusement Center 3 Miles East of Highlands On the Wallisville Road Dancing Every Wednesday- Saturday Sunday
  8. I had forgotten about the Pla-Mor arcade downtown until you mentioned it. It was on Dallas, between Main and Fannin, across from where Sakowitz would eventually be built. I went there many times as a youngster in the mid-40's. As I remember, it was open-air, on the ground floor of some type of structure that may have been a parking garage. Where did you go to school while living at Playland? You and I are the same age. I am the "gentleman" you mentioned in your first post who was buying a Coke when that horrible accident occurred at Playland in 1959.
  9. Never heard of this theme park until today. Looks like the theme for this amusement park is Asian culture. https://www.luckyland-houston.com/ Unique Asian Cultural Experience When Emperors Riled China, Back Thousands of Year Ago. Over 3 Acres of Family Fun. Attractions/Rides/Amusements: 3D Gallery Goat Garden Guan Yin Guan Yu Happy Buddha Koi Fish Life-Size Shaolin Kungfu Sculpture Garden Lucky Cat Lucky Fountain Lucky Pelican Lucky Village Panda Village Rick Shaw Riding Robot Artwork The Replica of Great Wall of China Terracotta Army Replica Yin Yang
  10. Can anyone tell me where I can find pictures of old amusement parks? I was looking for Hanna-Barbera Land, Fame City, and Games People Play. There has got to be pictures somewhere. Also I was curious about pictures of teen hang outs around Humble. For example, Fun Factory, Golf and Games, and 2 movie theaters that are no longer there. Thanks for any help anyone has to offer!!!!!
  11. I don't know if anyone still reads this, but I will give it a shot. I am not old enough to remember playland park, or most of these places, but I do know about the kiddie park with the "tired old ponies" that was over by Braeswood. Kiddie Wonderland was off S. Main and Kirby. I think the actual location was 7800 S. Main, if my memory is correct. In the 80's and early 90's there was a carousel, a train that went around the park, a boat ride, airplane ride, car ride (had all the bases covered), a petting zoo, and the ring on the side for the ponies, who were actually more ornery than tired. There was also one donkey named Jack who pulled a wagon. My favorite horse was Tippy, a brown and white shetland pony who always refused to trot. In about 1989, the carousel got smaller. This is because they sold the one they had to the Texas Renaissance Festival. TRF still uses this carousel, though the horses have been replaced. Kiddie Wonderland had this cute multicolored wooden fence around the front and a little shack where you bought tickets for the rides. Often, 2 adorable little girls could be seen "working" the ticket booth. That place held great memories for me. If anyone is looking for pictures of the place, I have some. I would have to scan them in because they are in a photo album right now, but I can do so easily. Just send me a note and let me know.
  12. Hi all, Here is a web site that has pictures of the old Sea-Arama Marineworld Park At 91st St. & Seawall Blvd. It has lots of pictures: www.seaarama.zoomshare.com/ check it out!
  13. I just came across the attached ad in an old 1947 paper. Looking at its location and description, I have no recollection of it at all, and I thought I was pretty well informed about all the recreation facilities in the South Main area in the '40's - 60's timeframe. Its address puts it right inside the intersection of South Main and OST. The ad says, ..."behind Price's Restaurant.", but I think it should have been Prince's Drive-In, which was near that location. Looking at blurry 1953 Historic Aerials and Google Earth views in that location show something that might have been it.
  14. Does anyone know where the old Houston neighborhood known as Luna Park was/is? (In the mid-20s). Was it a neighborhood or a park? Alternatively, has Houston Ave. always been known as that? Or did there used to be another Houston Ave.? I have 2 references, one to Luna Park the other to an address on Houston Ave., but I don't know if it's the same place being referenced. If so then it's basically between Downtown and Woodland Heights, north of Washington Ave. I'm new at this and I have no idea where to go to find this sort of info. Thanks.
  15. Does anyone in this forum have any information about Highland Park Lake in Houston? I've come across old postcard images of Highland Park Lake in Houston, Tex. but can find no reference to it today. I suspect Highland Park is now Woodland Park because the area was once named Highland Park Heights. But I can't find a lake anywhere near it on old city maps. The lake must have been of some importance in that postcards were made of it. I've also found a reference to a swimming pool at Woodland Park yet no pool exists today. Can anyone here shed some light on this elusive Highland Park Lake? The attached images are old postcards of Highland Park Lake in Houston Texas.
  16. Does anyone know where the park in the picture below was? it says Colonial Park Houston Texas. I know there is a Colonial Park in West U (Bellaire) but I found out that area was outside of the Houston City limits until some time around the 1940's, this picture looks like way before that time frame so It can't be that park or am I missing something. http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t118/Vago_Pachuquero/1012398_1397846847134865_884869356_n_zps168be647.jpg
  17. I remember going to Playland Park in Houston in the 1950s as a kid,fond memories!. My step-dad operated the motor boats,my brother and I would operate all of the lock levers to let boats out and in,that wouldn't have happened these days!. Please share your memories. We lived on the old Chocolate Bayou Road,and now I've heard it is "Cullen Blvd." We were close to Pearland,8 miles south of Holmes Rd.,near the Brazoria/Harris county line. What is out there now??. I remember there were cemeteries around us and not much else!. Thanks, Ron Hoover Denver Co.
  18. I was browsing the 1930 Houston Chronology and noticed a The Houston Chronicle article that was transcribed onto the document. I couldn't find anything else about this place. I wonder if the proposal did not go through? Or if the name was changed? I did see a Lakeside Park in Smithville, Texas in 1909. Probably not the same though. Aug. 24, 1930 Lakeside Park will be the name of Houston's new $250,000 amusement park and playground.
  19. I discovered an old downtown amusement mark, or hall, called Dreamland. This advertisement is dated April 14, 1914: Dreamland. First of the dancing competition for a grand prize of $50. July 12, 1919: Benefit at Dreamland. A big benefit entertainment for the Boys' Truant Home will be held at the Dreamland Hall, Milam and Prairie, Wednesday night, July 16 - Adv..
  20. That big hill at 610/59 was definitely a waterslide at one point. My brother's girlfriend (at the time) worked there, so I'd rike my bike over & she'd let me ride for free. I was trying really hard to remember when that was, but I know that I was either nearly out of elementary or just starting junior high - so that would put it around '80-'82 ?
  21. I was browsing the newspaper The Union Review dated May 7, 1920 and came across a social dance article that had the dance at Joyland Park, 22nd and Boulevard, Galveston. Attention! May Fest Social Dance Do you know that the Woman’s International Union Label League No. 142 is giving a dance at Joyland Park, 22nd and Boulevard, Friday, May 7, Gents 50c – Ladies 25c. Music by Schelewa’s Orchestra sure, I’ll be there. Will you? Arrangement Committee – Mrs. T.J. Moore, chairman; Mrs. Saliba, Mrs. Flake, Mrs. Boening, Mrs. Thomas. The Union Review dated Friday, May 13, 1921: Joyland Park “The Center of The Beach Activities” Offers For Your Diversion and Pastime, the--- “Garden of Tokio” Dance On a Floor Par Excellence to the Latest “Hits” Rendered by Schelewa’s Superb Orchestra. For A Real Joy Ride The “Dodge ‘Em and Derby Can’t Be Beat. Don’t Miss a Booth, Each One Has Something To Interest You. Joyland Park “Where Every Minute is a “Joy Minute”. The Daily Tribune dated February 21, 1927: North Alert To Texas Gulf Coast Beach Development Is Depended On Advertising Fund. The Texas gulf coast is in on the eve of a great development era, J.E. Stratford, manager of Joyland Park and the Garden of Tokio, declared last night. He returned from a several week’s visit to Northern and Eastern points.
  22. Anyone remember Electric park in galveston? Any info on it? i heard they had a good wooden coaster.
  23. I was reading the newspaper The Houston Post dated October 11, 1906 and came across an article about Giggling Park. Closed with Fun-Makers. Patterson-Brainerd Company has been Secured. Elaborate Plan for “Giggling Park.” The fun makers for this year’s Carnival have been secured- the Patterson-Brainerd Carnival Company, one of the best aggregations on the road. Representatives of the company will be here today, and the papers will be signed up this afternoon. This company carries a large drove of trained animals and has other features essential to a carnival, with a full corps of well organized “spielers.” Giggling, Charley will be there and all the silver-tongued songster, while the stadium will have many new features that has never been exhibited in Houston before. The association is congratulating itself upon securing this company. “Giggling Park” Plan. The plans for “Giggling Park,” which were yesterday submitted by Scholl Bros., have been accepted. In appearance it will be the most magnificent that has ever inclosed a carnival in Houston. The color scheme will be that of the Carnival colors. In the center will be a grand entrance, composed of a large semi-circle arch twenty feet wide and neatly decorated with vari-colored electric bulbs, flaked on either side with small minarets, allows room for two ticket offices which will facilitate the handling of the crowds. Over the arch will be placed the name plate and other suitable decorations. The terminal of this center is composed of a tier of electric lights in different colors, and above this will be the flagpole and streamers. Ove the minarets will be a lattice, balls and flagpoles with electric lights. Each side of these minarets will be wings extending out to the curb on each side. Throughout the whole will be an innumerable electric lights and elaborate decorations. Those who have witnessed the design pronounce it the most elaborate that the Carnival has ever presented, and the Messrs. School Bros. deserve much credit rot heir artistic work. The Houston Post dated October 23, 1906: Giggling Park Site. Will be federal square- the work will begin Thursday. Council Yesterday Granted Permission to Close Potions of Surrounding Streets and Sidewalks. Work on the Giggling Park for the No-Tsu-Oh Carnival will be started Thursday. It will be the Federal square site, the same as the Carnival grounds last year. The association yesterday secured permission from the city council to close a portion of the streets surrounding the square, and this will give ample room for the amusements and will hold a large crowd of fun seekers. The entrance to this inclosure will be artistic. The plan of Architect Scholl was accepted some days ago. It will be a high arch with ticket offices on either side, with pillars and pedestals, and the whole will be decorated with hundreds of electric globes. This entrance will be at the intersection of Capital avenue and San Jacinto. This site is the most convenient for the Carnival that could be se secured and the association closed the deal with the government officials for it some time ago. The Houston Post dated November 13, 1906: Giggling Park and Revellers. Fun and Merrymaking Runs Riot on Carpet of Vari-Colored Confetti. The park is the Objective Point for a Stream of Humanity- Here the Spieler Holds Full Sway- The Shows are Many and Interesting- All of them are clean, and Were Well Patronized last Night. Upon a carpet of confetti, the Carnival revellers giggle, while the vari-colored particulars fill the air, the eyes, the nose, ears, and the mouth- mirth is running riot in the city of No-Tsu-Oh. When Mayor Rice turned over the keys of the city to King Nettoc yesterday morning and resigned the city to his keeping for a week, the first act of the monarch was to unlock the giggles and chase away care; he put a hobble on rowdyism and issues a decree that each and every one of his subjects who shall enter the gates of his favoured city shall have a good time until the close of the festivities Saturday night. Maun street from Franklin avenue to Capitol and down Capitol to Giggling Park and the whole park was one swarming mases of joyous humanity yesterday afternoon and until a late hour last night. It was the largest crowed that ever thronged the streets on the first day of a No-Tsu-Oh Carnival, and it is the best natured and most ordered crowded. A lady’s or gentleman’s costume is complete in his or her hair, hat, even eyebrows and shoulders, be not bespangled with confetti. Everyone who entered the city last night was out in full garb.
  24. I was browsing the newspaper The Houston Daily Post dated March 31, 1896 and came across a historic park located in The Heights. Coombs' Park, Harry Clifford, Mgr. 3-Sensations-3 Three Thousand Dollar Engagement 1- The Diving Hors. 2- Dr. Carver. Great Rifle Shot. 3- The Clown Horse. Commencing April 1, Five Days Only Admission - - - - - Fifty Cents. April 6, 1896: At Coombs' Park Thousands Delighted! Every promise fulfilled! Great Success of Carver .. and his .. Diving Horses Re-engaged for Five Days, Commencing Wednesday and Finishing on Sunday at 3 p.m. Daily. At Popular Prices: Adults .... 25 cents Children .... 15 cents Great Pigeon Shooting Match on Sunday, Carver to kill ninety live birds out of one hundred. If ninety-five birds are killed he is to received $100, and $10 for each additional bird. Dr. Carver's record is 153 birds at thirty yards rise. November 29, 1895: Bicycle Races. There was considerable sprinkling of people out at Coombs’ park to witness the races this afternoon, in spite of considerable sprinkling of rain. The track was heavy but the sport was good all the same, in spite of the slow time made. Following are the summaries: First race, one mile, novice, first prize, bamboo fishing pole; second prize, umbrella stand-- Second race, mile and one-quarter, for class-a riders-- Third race, one mile match between professionals-- Fourth race, one-half mile, for boys under 15-- A City of Houston map dated 1895 that I found online that outlines Coombs Park. The below link from Houstorian has more in-depth details if anyone wants to read more about Coombs Park. https://houstorian.wordpress.com/2007/11/02/coombs-park-and-heights-natatorium/
  25. Oh yeah - the swimming pool/baths, too. In 1917 there was an entry for Bismark Park that reads "see Eden Park" -- I can't find anything about a Bismark Park from prior years (maybe it was just a short-lived name) but also not much more about Eden Park except for an ice cream and ice cream cone manufacturer (Eden Park Say-So Cone Factory - high grade ice cream and ice cream cones, 314 Dallas Ave.). Also, the shooting gallery was the Amos Williams Shooting Gallery and the hamburger stand was run by someone named Charles Kennedy.
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