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    • I love Ta Hua dumpling. Just found a dumpling place named Dumpling King on Westheimer, serving dumpling, dipping ginger sauce and its menu exactly like the old Ta Hua on Post Oak. Not sure its relationship with Ta Hua
    • The building was imploded yesterday. Here's an Instagram video of the demolition.    
    • From the city of Houston planning commission agenda on the variance request for River Oaks Green:   Specific Variance is being sought and extent of variance:   To allow a 9.5 foot building line along the west side of Buffalo Speedway to allow for architectural features, overhangs, and cantilevered habitable building area.   (1b) Strict application would make this project infeasible due to the existence of unusual physical characteristics that affect the property in question, or would create an impractical development or one otherwise contrary to sound public policy; The subject site is a ± 16.8-acre tract bounded by Mercer Street on the west, West Alabama Street on the north, and Buffalo Speedway on the east. The subject site was formerly home to the ExxonMobil Research Center and is undergoing a complete redevelopment to create a new mixed-use development including residential units. The preceding plat dedicated approximately 10 feet to the West Alabama Street right of way. West Alabama is a designate Major Collector with an ultimate width of 70 feet, and Buffalo Speedway is a designated Major Thoroughfare with a sufficient width right of way of 100 feet at this location. The proposed redevelopment will be divided into two phases and eight different parcels. Phase I (see Site Phasing diagram included in Variance Package A) will include a mixed-use retail/office building and a mixed-use retail/multi-family residential building. Phase I also includes parcels three and four which remain under conceptual development. The proposed development will be a pedestrian oriented mixed-use commercial center with significant landscaping and green space including plazas. The proposed redevelopment contemplates transforming West Alabama Street and Buffalo Speedway into an aesthetically pleasing pedestrian realm to serve and enhance the commercial and residential uses. The redevelopment will establish a minimum pedestrian realm of 20 feet along West Alabama Street and a variable width pedestrian realm along Buffalo Speedway (a minimum 20-foot pedestrian realm along the Buffalo Speedway frontage will be provided). A minimum 8-foot sidewalk will be provided along both the west side of Buffalo Speedway and the south side of West Alabama Street in keeping with the pending Walkable Places and updated Transit-Oriented Development Standards. The proposed sidewalks will be variable width due to landscape buffers and tree wells along both rights-of-way. The landscape buffers provided will be a minimum of 7-feet wide to accommodate both new and existing landscaping, and to create a pedestrian environment that is more comfortable for pedestrians walking along both Buffalo Speedway and West Alabama Street. Additionally, ornamental planting wells will be created on the west side of the 8-foot sidewalk along Buffalo Speedway, as well as on the south side of the 8-foot sidewalk along West Alabama. The contemplated uses for the first floors of both the initial buildings will be commercial retail uses allowing for engagement and activity at the street level to create a meaningful pedestrian experience for both residents/users of the site and pedestrians traveling along both Buffalo Speedway and West Alabama Street.  
    • The conceptual landscape plan of the  River Oaks Green plat in the city of Houston planning commission agenda. This is The RO, part of the former Exxon campus at 3120 Buffalo Speedway:  
    • There is also this map and site plan on River Oaks Green in the city of Houston planning commission agenda. This is part of the former Exxon campus on Buffalo Speedway:  
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