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    • I had no idea that air conditioning dated back to the 1920s. I honestly thought it was introduced sometime in the 1940s or early 1950s. 
    • I didn't know it's taken that long. The Atchafalaya Basin bridges didn't take this long to be built, seems like this project should've been completed at least a year ago. 
    • Since Amtrak might be increasing service to Houston and we all now this city needs a better train station, with Post HTX being located close by, it lead me to an obvious idea:  I’d like to see the Amtrak station moved to PostHTX, which would be a nicer location (compared to under a freeway overpass) and could still use the existing heavy rail tracks. Since the loading dock is being transformed into covered patio spaces, convert the loading dock area behind Post HTX into a European style train shed that can support Amtrak operations and connect directly to the food hall/shopping and collaborative areas of Post HTX, adding a new audience to help support Post HTX growth and success. This provides vendors at Post HTX with more sales opportunities in the form of train travelers and gives the city better gateway to welcome train travelers to and from Downtown. And if the city eventually uses the existing heavy rail tracks for commuter rail, this could be the station connection to downtown. Think Denver’s Union Station. 
    • I wasn't sure where to put this, but I found this thread, so hey, may as well resurrect it. The East End Farmers Market, which takes up residence on the Esplanade on Sundays is transitioning over to a daily market format. They appear to have received some TIRZ funding that will allow them to put in some infrastructure to support a daily market such as shipping containers modified to be shops as well as utility hookups. Based on the announcement, seems like Chocolate Wasted and the Buñuelo Lady will take up permanent residence on the Esplanade, and the rest will be artisans/shops. Announcement here: https://fb.watch/4T6M7WAv3N/ I suppose with all the new apartments and townhomes opening up, makes sense.
    • Current Amtrak shack is located across the 45 overpass from PostHTX.  I’d like to see the station moved to PostHTX. Would be a nicer location. Since the loading dock is being transformed into covered patio spaces, I could envision a large European style shed over the tracks being built in the back of the Post Office to support Amtrak operations and link to the food hall/shopping and office areas of Post HTX.  
    • No. The concert venue is in the northeast corner (purple area in sight plans for level 1 & 2) taking up both levels. This has been in the plans for a while.  It’s been illustrated in past renders and the HBJ article makes note of the fact that negotiations between Lovett and LiveNation have been ongoing since 2018. Lovett has made no secret about Day For Night’s influence on the project, as well as using Printworks London & Kraftwerk Berlin as inspirations for the venue design. What this news coupled with the ZCA Bayou Place renders suggest to me Bayou Place Music Center’s days are numbered and won’t be part of future redevelopment plans.     
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