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    • Rumor has it that they're building a new location in Highland Village. The Autry Park location is dead.
    • Work has started on installing a fence around the property. 3 of the sides so far.
    • I used to visit a similar place, and it's OK.  Not bad.  Useful, more than anything.  And since it was tied to a financial institution, it had a larger number of day traders, and a smaller number of homeless people than the average Starbucks. The one I used to go to was tied to a bank called Orange, which I think was based in The Netherlands. 
    • That makes sense.  I'll make the change. For anyone reading this, citing Google Maps for neighborhood names and boundaries is the least convincing argument you can make.  Google Maps is notoriously unreliable when it comes to these sorts of things.  It's tragic that real-world people use Google as an authority for anything, let alone geography.  One example among many: As Google Maps Renames Neighborhoods, Residents Fume. Keep up the good fight.  Real estate agents are the worst at this sort of thing.  I used to live in a Chicago neighborhood called "West Loop."  When it became trendy, real estate agents started selling new condos in the ghetto five miles away and labeling them "West Loop" to inflate prices, lure in investors from outside the city, and rook suburbanites who don't know any better.  Lots of newspaper articles about angry people who found out they paid $600,000 for a three-room apartment they thought was in the West Loop, but was actually only worth $200,000 because it was in the ghetto. I'd like to think that, too.  But it's hard to keep an eye on a city as large as Houston.  So I appreciate people like you who bring things like this to my attention. All neighborhood positions are currently fluid.  I'm still re-organizing things a bit at a time.  It'll be a while longer before I'm done messing around. Thanks for bringing this up.  I only get to your end of the world to buy pottery, load up on Chinese food, and to visit the tree museum.  I hope to visit more often once the weather improves and I get more free time.
    • Just noticed that the previous East End subforum has been renamed. I’ve got to take issue with how it is listed now. By putting “EaDo” in parentheses immediately after the East End, it suggests that it is an alternate name for the entire East End. In reality, the area known as EaDo and the area known as the East End overlap little, if at all. Look at the Google Maps borders for each neighborhood, and the territory of each respective management district.  I think a better name for the subforum would be “EaDo, the East End, and East Houston.”  For the record, I have no issue with the name EaDo, but we in the East End have been fighting the reckless application of that name to the entire East End by developers and real estate agents over the last 10 years. As users and members of this forum, I’d like to think we are more in tune with the borders of the various neighborhoods/areas of this city than the average individual and could be a bit more careful in not contributing to a further blurring of those lines. (Also, it seems like the East End forum is constantly being moved further down the list, but I guess that’s a separate issue)
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