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    • I think that our crappy grid continues to be tested periodically during the hot summer months, it makes better sense for them to lay-off the lighting for a while.  I think if I were managing the building, I'd do the same thing.  I bet they light up again in the fall.   
    • I’m pretty sure the number was actually 86% beef, and the other 14% was water and spices. Cocoa powder is traditionally added to mole sauces in Mexican cuisine, which is why they would be using this as an ingredient. If it were for color, they would be using Caramel Color, which is basically a small amount of almost-burnt sugar. I am not trying to advocate Taco Bell as a health restaurant, but your post is nothing more than uneducated fear-mongering. Taco Bell has long been one of the only major fast food chains offering suitable options for a vegan diet. If you ignore all the stuff targeted to stoners and look at some of their fresher offerings from the Cantina menu, they have some reasonably balanced options (health-wise). People try to act like the occasional unhealthy meal will be completely detrimental to your health, but it really won’t make a difference for most people who aren’t athletes or adhering to a very specific diet. There’s a limit to how “healthy” your diet can really be, and as long as you’re eating a nice variety with relatively balanced macronutrients, you’re already receiving about 90% of the beneficial effects from a healthy diet. That other 10% can only be achieved through strict adherence to something like a vegan or ketogenic diet.   Fast food gets a bad reputation, but some of the most famous, highly regarded Michelin Star chefs have admitted to their love for fast food. If these people, who have elevated modern cuisine into a well-respected art form, are still able to enjoy fast food despite their years of culinary training and highly developed palate, I think it’s kinda silly to act like this type of food is somehow beneath you.   I understand your health concerns, but fast food exists for convenience, and of all the major fast food restaurants, Taco Bell is one of the healthiest at the lowest price point. They’re one of the only potentially healthy options for busy people living in poverty who don’t have the time/money for anything better. Maybe cut them a little slack
    • Anybody know why Wells Fargo and Chase Towers have not had there decorative lighting on for the last few months? Seems like ever since people got ticked off that the lights were on downtown during the freeze they decided to not light them back up. Sad seeing our skyline at night and our two tallest are dark. 
    • nice. I'll have to set up a team building exercise when this opens.
    • Soil samples being taken at the private park. The rig is hard to see, but it's behind the gazebo.  
    • Vapor barrier installed and forms re-installed.  
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